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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hey guys!!!Today is extensively dedicated to all up and comin artists either tryin to break grounds or signed to independent labels or unsigned and tryna do dier own thing!

Profile: Born to an Igbo family, she was raised in DC. she is a gifted poet with real passion for Africa.Over 40 years , her father assisted nearly a whole village in migration from Imo state to America. This inspired Madarocka's drive 2 motivate young American;s 2 explore d sands of the Motherland.She is a graduate of Fine Arts,she holds a reputation as an innovator of African hairstyles....(as u can c,frm d pic...truly do love d hair).Alongside with ha brother,they started S.O.U.R.C.E. Clique, which was a family group of brothers and sisters who shared a vision with crafting musi.c, they have shared stages with hip-hop stars such as;Nas,Lil kim, Busta Rhymes, Junior maffia,Genuwine,black eyed peas,Wutan-clan......shes is currently workin on a new project in d US with Osinachi....she also plans to release ha debut album very soon!!
*she also won Best Hip-Hop Artist Male/Female @ the Nigeria Entertainment Awards which was held in London, late last year*
Video: Love me ft Asha

Real Name:Adetunji Ogunkeye.
He is a young singer and songwriter, who was born in lagos, Nigeria. He wasnt born into a family of musicians neither did he grow up around musicians, he just loves to sing. Despite his love for music, education came first. it was later in college and just b4 he began university that he started taking music more seriously by penning down his own lyrics. He has since been performing at talent shows at every opportunity he gets and booming his confidence on stage while compiling his self-titled album.
To find out more about him and check out his website.
preview his song: dont wanna hurt u

Real Name:Adeyemi Tiamiyu.
hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State.Howeva, he was born in South London. Rapping on the playgrounds of Immaculate Park High School a stint in the music industry was simply a dream. In a bid to pursue his musical career Path relocated to New York in 1998 for two years soaking up the Hip Hop culture. The icing on the cake to his style came after a visit to Lagos in 2004 where he was captivated by the emerging hip hop scene and the diverse delivery. After meeting Jiff, co-founder of Trueheadz Musical Entertainment who has produced a number of Nigerian and UK acts such as Paragon,Ty, Cashino and Davina.Path’s playground dream finally came to fruition.. “My aim is more than mere commercial success it’s about laying a foundation for my present and future brothers and sisters doing Naija music so we can all be more powerful in all areas of society”. Citing Fela,Nas,Sting and LL Cool J in his list of favourite entertainers, Path has returned to his rap starting block with the release of his debut single ‘No Rush’ , a record which blends Pidgin, Yoruba and English. The debut album Total Package, is set for release lata in the year. Tracks like the witty ‘Follow me’ and conscious ‘Dami’ prove Path is able to provide social commentary without losing musical fluidity on his songs
Video: No Rush

To be honest,i really dont knw much bout him but hes a Nigerian based in d Uk and his song 'Eko Akete', was produced by JJC and featuring guest vocals by S.O. Simple of 419 squad!

make sure u guys check his myspace profile, he has a song i kinda dig,its called true 9ja!

He was born in Germany but raised in Nigeria but currently resides in America, Fishe is a profoundly gifted and outspoken lyricist and can be rightfully said to transcend continental boundaries.
Bred in Warri, where incessant gunfire and explosions are an almost everyday occurrence, Fishe` recalls miming the words to rap songs as a kid before turning introspective as a young teenager, creatively penning down words at a furious clip about the misery he'd constantly witness on the streets around him from arson and murder to thievery and constant tribal hostilities. Using his wits not only to stay alive, Fishe` developed a knack for catching the action of whatever he saws within his rhymes.
He moved to d U.S in d middle of 2004 from Nigeria and within a year came up with the self- release of his debut E.P Moment of Truth mostly produced by Swedish based production outfit IMA Music Group and within months thereafter secured a one year deal with Californian based indie label, Random Records Inc/BeatDown productions.
His music is undoubtedly original, devoid of any pretence, explicitly blunt and poignant and can sometimes be constructively critical and apolitical. With beats highly syncopated, stripped down and organic, the result is an in-your-face brand of hip hop that sounds like no other but possesses the heart and muscle of the best MCs out there.
With an instantly identifiable accent Fishe` possesses the strength and tenacity to make a huge impact in the American hip hop scene with his phenomenal rhyme ethic. (4 real, hes truly a lyricist addressing real issues)
Website: fishe.us
Audio:u can click here to preview n hear the songs off his album.
Video:where i'm from


Her real name is Ekpereamaka Iroh. Born in d mid 80s. Niffer got into music in her Primary school days. Few years later while she was a student in secondary school her teacher encouraged her to take her musical career seriously. She heeded the advice and recorded her first single though not for commercial purpose in 1998 entitled ‘This Thing Called Love’ but felt she had to concentrate on her academics.Niffer currently whose style of Music is rhythm and blues has 13 songs in her kitty including a duet with wave making Nigger Raw entitled Me and My Girls’, ‘Aba Onitsha Lagos’ (reproduced by OJB Jezreel), ‘Help the kids’, ‘Lets go Party’.Niffer’s musical career is exclusively bankrolled by her elder brother a DJ popularly known in Switzerland as Iroko.Niffer intends to release her debut which will have only eight tracks soon.She is an undergraduate student of Abia State University where is studying English and Literary Studies.

Profile: N.A.I.R.A doesnt just mean the currency, in dis case its acronyms 4 ''Nigerian American I'm Representing Africa". Naira is a new form of soul, "Urban- Soul". Her style displays her lyrical skills as a rapper and melodic soulfulness as a singer. Though a Nigerian but based in Atlanta. This new urban sensation is making a huge buzz on an international scale. She said "Listening to my music is like picking from a bag of jelly beans, because I have so many different flavors you're bound to feel at least one of them." This artist is no stranger to the studio or the stage. Naira is full of charisma and energy,not to mention spontaneity along with a vocal element of surprise that has garnered her airplay worldwide including Accra, Ghana and United Kingdom to name a few. She has performed in not only Atlanta, but also Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Houston, TX, and soon to hit the tour scene globally. She's graced the stage with 2Face Idibia, El Dee of the Trybesmen, Amplifyd Crew, Rukus, Godwon, Jarvis, and countless others in venues such as The annual Sweet Auburn Festival, BlackArts Fest, Miss Nigeria, Miss Africa, and various headlining events.
WEBSITE: iamnaira.com
4 u guys in America, u can actually request 4 ha songs on ur local radio stations

A naija chic (Cindy Ugochi) talkin bout growin up with ha uncle bk in 9j, its actually kinda funny.

Also talkin bout d craziness of MYSPACE:

Thats all folks! hav a supa-nice day!


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Monday, January 29, 2007

Nollywood Stars and News

Hiyah,Hiyah...how was the weekend?Ours was cool,chilling and the works...I swear the year is going fast...It's almost February!Anyway,Moving on:

Bai Bureh Goes To War:
Some Nigerian movie stars were recently in Sierra Leone to commence shooting on a Sierra Leonean film titled "Bai Bureh Goes To War".Among the Nollywood stars starring in the film are Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde,Zack Orji,Hanks Anuku and Olu Jacobs.During their stay,they visited President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah who gave them quite the welcome by taking them around top sites in the country,"meet and greets" wiv top officials and the general VIP treatment.The script which was written by Abu Noah portrays the traditional and cultural values of the northern Temne ethnic group and the conflicts between local rulers and the British colonial leaders.Olu Jacobs in his remarks to President Kabbah, predicted that the proposed film was going to be a landmark in the sub region.Seems lyk every African country wants a piece of "Nollywood" oh....Oh well some pictures from the visit to see the Sierra Leonean President!

Omotola Ekeinde

Hanks Anuku and Shan George

Olu Jacobs

Group Picture

Rita Dominic

Zack Orji,Omotola Ekeinde and Genevieve Nnaji


Naija pple no dey fear anymore sef!!!A 9ja dude was arrested over the weekend in Makkah(Mecca)Islam's holiest city for flogging pornographic materials and using kids to sell the porno dvds.The guy had already been deported once,but everly,he hustled himself back in illegally!!!He has been sentenced to two years in prison and 6,000 lashes on conviction commission of the first offence.
6000 "lashes"?my guy abeg escape to ur country oh,no be by force!

My pple r shaming me wiv all these criminal activities!A Nigerian man was sentenced to 34 months in prison for stealing the identities of online gamblers registered with BetonSports.Lanre Elekede,32 is the lead defendant in the case in which he pleaded guilty to stealing the identity of at least 175 individuals.
Now this one i'm wishing they would beat!Carry d money to 9ja,throw big Owambe party and be called "Big Island Boy based in London"...so now you know how some of them live!

If you've EVER wanted to fly interstate at nyt in 9ja,then this piece of news is for you.The first 24-hour full radar coverage of Lagos and Abuja was completed last Wednesday,meaning that all aircraft flying on that axis(Lagos to Abuja)would be monitored while scheduled night flights between Lagos and Abuja are now possible.
Uhn,even in daylight,we are still scared to fly...instead of them to use that money to buy new planes...!

I luv Chiido,he's cute wiv his lisp and all;-)and we luv party jamz...and Shady Blue is gorgeous,dont worry u cant miss her...she's always got sumn blue on;-),and watch out for a fab dancer who in my opinion doesnt appear enuff,and...we culd go on and on,but we'll leave you to watch the video!

Fun tymes,here's to a guud week!!!
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Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Digest:

Hey yall, guess u'v bin havn a gud week, anyways to start off, hia is a vid dedicated to the true city dat neva sleeps..LAGOS; its a record by Storm Records allstar:Sasha, Jazzman,GT,Nkiru n Dare.''Eko ile'' i love Gt's part ...he sounds so cute!

Nigerian Average Joe:
A new international reality show is beckoning ladies to stake their lucks for a whooping prize of $250,000.That is not all,The winner will also have the chance to consider a marriage offer from a US-based Nigerian eye specialist, Joseph Imafidon who initiated the show.Dude "Truly" wants to get a wife through the reality show.D working title of d show is: Marry an Average Joe.D concept of d show is apparently based loosely on a scripture from the Bible; Genesis 24:3-52.
Twenty-three participants from all over the world will take part in the reality show that and they will b taken round the quarters of notable figures in Britain.
Now for the truly mad stuff:To participate in d show,hia r d requirements:
Must b a female
Btw the ages of 20-40
Must pay N5000(entry fee)to any UBA branch.
U can also contact dem if u in yankee:8057054926
So pple; r u looking 4 husband?or 250,000 dollars?or both?or a chance to be on Tv?Then sign up at The Website.
The "Average Joe" is quite guud looking,so i dont get all this wahala to find wife.Lemme tell u guys a lil bit more bout him too,He spent $20,000 in d last 18months tryin 2 find d "ONE"! I trust some gals,collect d man money n carry go,which kain marry...who wants 2 get married at 20...who knws ryt?
Anyone seen Flavour of love??...dis is goin 2 b d remix...with a twist as its a Christain reality show!!!i'd pay 2 watch dis show...fo real!!!

Video Of The Day:Eldee I'm Leaving
Just gotta luvv tha Don,his lyrics are tight and this video is hot in all its simplicity...if there's anything you've noticed in any Eldee Vid,it's that there neva is too much going on...Anyways,too much talkn...enjoy the video!

Teww Teww Mad!

The United States Department of State again warned American citizens against travelling to Nigeria following further kidnappings of expatriates,recent car bombings in the city of Port Harcourt and the aviation safety situation in the country.It states further that American citizens should depart from and defer non-essential travel to Delta,Bayelsa and Rivers states it said.

Oh no!The actress Taiwo Akinwande Hassanat also known as "Wumi" was sentenced to three years imprisonment with the option to pay a N1 million fine yesterday afternoon following her pleading guilty to trafficking in cocaine.

Singapore's not going to be reviewing the death sentence for the 21 year old Nigerian Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi who was caught importing over 700 grammes of diamorphine into Singapore in 2004.The Prime Minister said all factors were carefully considered but the amount of illegal drugs brought in by Mr Tochi amounts to more than 48,000 doses of heroin on the streets - enough to destroy many lives and families,so they are still going to go ahead and hang him.

Jelani Aliyu(a native of Nigeria)has designed a state-of-the-art electric car called "Chevy Volt" which is being hailed an "American Revolution",at the world`s largest automaker(General Motors) plant in Detroit.In a statement released by GM,it states that the car was developed by its lead designer "a soft spoken native of Nigeria and 1994 alumni of CCS, Jelani Aliyu after a 10-month marathon sprint to bring the Volt to reality".Good work oh jare!!!

Another Nigerian does us proud;-)Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has been nominated for the prestigious American National Book Critics Circle Award,an American award that honours the best critic-reviewed book of the year.Adichie is one of five finalists for the fiction category of the 33rd annual Awards announced on January 20 in New York City.She is nominated for her novel,'Half of a Yellow Sun,' set during the Nigeria-Biafra war and published in Nigeria by Farafina.

Plenty Nonsense By Trybesmen
We luvv funny things we do,funny pple,funny situations,funny songs...So it's only right that we feature this video today...it's Trybesmen with Plenty Nonsense!Sing with us...Hin get many many things wey no suppose to happen for this lyf...plenty plenty things...hiss...plenty plenty nonsense!!!(My God,we r razz!)

On d oda side of the world:
Irreplaceable by beyonce was/is a huge hit, so it was only a matta of time b4 remixes start poppin frm err one.Anyways, Ne-yo wrote d song n d link below is his version..check it out...
Ne-yo irreplaceable.



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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cupid's Ball,Music News & Battle of the Stars.


Do u have 10grand 2 blow?R u in 9j?N r u free on feb 9th?..ok we present 2 u all; Showbiz Couple Tunde and Wunmi Obe (TWO) lol, d duo r set to present "Cupid’s Ball" come 6 p.m. on February 9, 2007, at the Grand Ball Room of Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos!There is so much hype bout it,and if you get all tingly at the thot of VAL'S DAY...uhnnn,the pressies!
The highlight of Cupid’s Ball would be the "Blind Date" segment when TWO play cupid by randomly withdrawing previously placed names, one each from two boxes (His and Her).At least, three lucky couples would emerge and win a dinner for two on Val’s Day at an upscale restaurant in Lagos.
A Band called DÈja Vu, featuring TWO, will also feature live as well as guest artistes, which include Segun Obe,Soul E,burning hot female rapper, Bouqui,plus sweet voiced crooner and ex-Lagbaja vocalist Ego Ogbaro.Comedians would not be left out as two of the country’s finest would be on hand to leave everyone in stitches.
A lingerie fashion show will also feature Mrs. Sumbo Shobowale’s female lingerie and underwearUnderstatements line.An elaborate 3course buffet dinner with drinks of every kind, including champagne, await every paying guest.The duo whose latest video "Mo Gbo Mo Ya" is receiving thumbs up from Nigerians!!(yet 2 hear d song or c d video,Tunde Obe used 2 b so 'hawt'!D last time i saw dem on Bisi Olatilo; they still looked very much in love...awww!

Keep you updated on more info!

People people see RuggedMan getting his celebrity on oh!!!!I luvv this picture!!!

Musical news:
D'banj relocates permanently 2 Nigeria
The Zaria-born "Kokomaster" D'banj has finally decided to moved permanently to Nigeria,after a very successful 2006 which brought us such hits as "Tongolo remix" which had us questioning what the "Koko" really meant,"Why me" and "RunDown" which is garnering a very high amount of airplay in and around 9ja.He has started living the high life now,with the arrival of his BMW 530T sedan and now he "supposedly" is moving from his Lateef Jakande Starlight Estate abode to an undisclosed highbrow estate located in Victoria Island.D'Banj's popularity knows no bounds as he got himself endorsement deals,most notably with Nutricima and made some money from PDP for the use of his trademark "What is the KoKo?" for their campaign advertisement and is virtually on the bill of every major concert in Nigeria...altho sounds lyk the jokes on them(PDP),dont they know what the "KOKO" means?!! PDP but y??

Plantashun Boiz 2 reform
Fans of the group "Plantashun Boiz" might be happy to know the group myt get back together!!!Even though they all went their separate ways and released material,sum were more successful than the others.This decision culd be as a result of pressure from notable people to re-group as just a month ago the trio(2Face,Black Face and Face)performed at the Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort where Governor Donald Duke and his wife Onari were guests of honour.Tochukwu Joe the owner of T-Joe Entertainmenthas secured the deal to bankroll the production of the group and this proves that Kennis Music is not behind the regrouping.Apparently each member has already been paid an advance of N10 million by T-Joe and would be paid more once the album is released.So far both 2face and Blackface have confirmed this.

Videos Of The Day
Today's videos of the day is a battle between two "Nollywood" heavyweights... Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola "Omosexy" Ekeinde!Okay,just so you know there is no "acknowledged" beef between these stars that we know of oh...so dont start nuthin!We are going to put up a video each for both stars for you to compare and contrast...even though you may argue that both are wack but bear in mind that both of them are not singers and Genevieve only did that album because her "Ghanaian fans" wanted her to;-) but...May the best woman win!

Dance--Omosexy feat Ruggedman

No more---Genevieve

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend Digest

Video Alert:
Dunno if dis is a nu vid, but dis is the first time im c-ing it.anyways its Rugged Man ft Faze....luv Faze n d collabo is nt bad!!!..ch-ch-check it out!!lol (dere is delay n d sound)

Most of ya'll myt hav heard about or even seen d vid b4...Olori Oko by Infinity,apparently naija is feelin it! d African vibe is definately on point,its got all d 3 major languages n very artistic too...luvs it....

Naija comedy awards:
I have always loved the naija comedy scene, remember the Lil Post we did about it?
Anyways seems like they kip gettin more attention!

If u wanna attend,call: 08023911191 for more enquiries.


Okay seriously,it's about tyme we put this here...It's OYA by TRYBESMEN...all of them!!!This was the video that had all the members featured b4 the band split up(or sum members left,either way we'll neva knw)But what we do know is that we appreciate guud music and props to them for this track...Oya,Baraje!!!

..make sweat comot!

News Corner:
This by far is one of d news i'v heard dis year dat got me soooo angry, a "pastor" raped n impregnated a 13yr old girl.The girl n ha mentally ill mother were stayin ova nyt at d church 4 "special prayers" when the "pastor" lured ha on d pretence of wantin 2 send ha on errands arnd 2am...d girl said..."the pastor did it, he forced me into doing it and now that I am pregnant, he is denying, God will expose him.”...Bastard Paedophile!!!

Interview with Empress Njamah:

I knw most interviews can b quite long bt i'll shorten dis...i just found it interesting...she sounds like someone i wld like 2 interview....shes nt holdin bk too much n sounds lyk fun, shes so confident about haself n ha sexuality...she also addressed d whole dbanj rumor!!!

Last year you seemed to be quiet,what happened?
I did a lot of travelling out of the country because I’m working on something, I will let you know when it is done. And I did a lot of MCs job.I did bridal make-up as well.I was travelling locally for a lot of that.I was also working with some people for interior decoration and that wasn’t quiet for me.

You told me about two years ago that you were going to act with Patti Boulaye,what happened to that dream?
There were some scenes she told us to take out because she won’t be able to do them but if we do, the script will lose its beauty.The script has a lot to do with African traditions.That was where we had problems and we thought of using Joke Silva for it and everybody is still waiting.I think next time I’ll just keep things to myself and that is why I’m not disclosing what I’m working on now.

Some many things have been written about you, which of them have been the most unfounded and embarrassing rumour?
When they called me a kleptomaniac,that was depressing.It was not encouraging anymore.I cried everyday and papers were writing all kind of stories. Colleagues were even asking me to sue the papers.But how many people will you sue?!

Why did you not complete your academic programme at Ogun State University?
The school alone was stress, the environment was stress,the transport and hostel were stressful.Even from the name you would know, I tried but I couldn’t cope.Going to school was with bikes, not that I’m above bikes but it is one means of transport that I do not encourage.I was famous and I needed to live up to standard; getting cabs that would come and take me for the stage rehearsals was costing much. And I’m very choosy with my kind of food, the most popular food there was amala, which of course I love, but it is not an everyday food.The environment was also stressful, there are people always coming to ask for money and all those funny boys wanting you to join this and that.You can imagine the amount of "carry over's" that I had.I also lost my grand mum and a whole lot of other things.I later lost my father and it was not easy.

People say you are sexy, do you believe that?
I know I’m sexy;I've got a complexion that you can’t buy, a radiant one for that matter.I have sexy beautiful eyes, I have wonderful eyes and an African sculptured face and a beautiful shape.I love my command of movement; I’m beautiful and sexy.

People say you can turn an impotent man "on" when you dance, how true?
I’ve always seen acting as "plenty in one".I love music; I mean all kind of music that has to do with beat.I love dancing as well and I even thought of going to a dancing school to learn but I can’t learn what I have already.I love people to see me dance and know that this girl is good.

What about doing something to men?
Well, not intentionally!It depends on how well they can take it. All I know is that I’m good; I can even say I’m better than Beyonce because I did not go to music school.

I’m sure you would have had a lot of guys following you from clubs.
It is good to admire what you like; a lot of them even buy me drinks but not to the extent of "let’s go or come to my house tomorrow"!.

So a guy cannot toast you again.
Why would you like me for my dance?You don’t know me!.

People say D’banj dumped Ini Edo for you, how true?
He is like a brother to me, we are very close.We are like family; if I’m dating him I won’t hide it.If I am proud of something I would flaunt it.I’m not a dodgy person.We are not dating.I was even with Ini Edo when I saw it(the article in the paper).

On a final note, when was the first time you had sex?
Right you are throwing it at me, you are not even asking if I’ve had?.

I know everybody cannot be a virgin like me...
Tell that to the marines.I don’t think that should be on paper.

Please try and enlighten people like us.
I started late,it was my early 20s.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever done in bed?
Okay, it is taking charge.

What part of the process did you take charge of?
The whole process, everything!.

LOL,d interviewer was nt even beatin arnd d bush...str8 2 d point...i lyk!!Frm d way she answered d question, i'm guessin ini n dbanj r still kickin it!!!!

Fashion World:
Over few years now, Nigerian women have always paid special attention 2 fashion.This 2007, the trend continues but with more sophisticated outfits and accessories.
Though the year has just begun, it is expected to present exquisite designs that would make women trendy and classy. These fabulous designs, it is believed, would come more in African prints, i guess Ankara aint goin no wia in a while....Mrs. Nkechi Nwosu, a fashion designer, says: " This year is going to be another interesting one for Nigerian women who are fashion conscious and power dressers. We are prepared to give them more sophisticated and trendy designs, especially in African prints." The designs will also come with accessories, like hats, neck pieces, foot wears and bags, all made from African fabrics. Trimmings, like flowers, patches, beads and roses, in new designs, will also be used for these designs.

According to the CEO of Exclusive Wardrobe, Josephine Ijie, there will be more interesting designs and colours in fabrics, like woodin and batik. She says: " 2007 will see a lot of changes in the fashion world and there will be more interesting designs and colour combination in fabrics, like woodin and batik for women."...its bin a minute since i saw batik stuvvs, so quite interesting.....i luv wat u can make with these materials....casual,chic,sexy....

pics:city pple magazine.

Ha ha, i luv 2 claim naija artists...i am truly one of dem....Aima is strongly against d fact dat Nas is naija tho...but which eva way...hes half naija..lol! anyhoo...someone gav me dis link on wikipedia...guess who's Nigerian.???..obviously just by blood...Chamillionaire!!sum1 told me b4...jst cldnt b bothered!!!
"After his parents, a Muslim father from Oyo State, Nigeria and a Christian mother from the United States, separated in his early teenage years, Chamillionaire settled into a notoriously dangerous inner-city neighborhood in North Houston called Acres Homes, which he elaborated upon during an interview with Houston's 104.9 KPTY on October 3. Rap and other forms of secular music, which his parents had highly opposed in their household, became very appealing to the young Hakeem Seriki"
i rest my case!!

Told yall about Zeal's hair....finally remembered 2 put it up,anyways..hia it is..

Once again, hav a gr8 wknd!!!!


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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Yes,yet another profile and this tyme if you've happened to see the film "The Last King of Scotland" starring Forest Whitaker,Kerry Washington,James McAvoy...Then you would have also seen the actor who we are doing this profile on,David Oyelowo.
By now,i'm sure you know that we just unashamedly lyk claiming "9ja Stars" even if we dont know that they've ever been to their homeland!;-)

David Oyelowo was born on the 1st of April,1976 to Nigerian Parents.He is a British actor,born in Oxford,Oxfordshire,England and married to actress Jessica Oyelowo and has one child from the union.Oyelowo is a highly respected theatre actor and was trained at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art(LAMDA)were his tuition fees were paid by the Director Nicholas Hytner who directed the world wide hit "Miss Saigon" and the controversial "Jerry Springer:The Opera".
His best known theatrical role was his performance as King Henry VI in the Royal Shakespeare Company's 2001 productions of Shakespeare's trilogy of plays about the king,part of its season This England:The Histories.This was one of his most controversial roles as he was the first black actor ever to play the role of an English monarch in what was then said to be a major landmark for colour-blind role casting,so in other words you could say he was a pioneer;-)Needless to say,the casting choice was initially criticised by some in the media but then Oyelowo's performance was critically acclaimed and later won the Ian Charleson Award for outstanding performance by a young actor in a classical theatre role later that year.
He had previously appeared in Antony and Cleopatra(1999)for the RSC(Royal Shakespeare Company) alongside Guy Henry,Frances de la Tour and Alan Bates.In 2005 he appeared in a production of Prometheus Bound[citation needed], and as of 2006 is working on his own theatre company in Brighton.He is soon to appear as Adrian Lester's screen brother in Kenneth Branagh's film of "As You Like It".Oyelowo is best known for playing agent Danny Hunter in the British TV drama series Spooks(known in North America as MI5).
Oyelowo's next appearance will be a film which will explore aspects of poverty, race,inequality and class in Britain today.Written and directed by Dominic Savage, the film is being likened to a British version of the Oscar-winning film "Crash".Its working title was "The London Project" but it has now been entitled "Born Equal" and will appear on BBC 1 on 17th December 2006.He appears alongside Nikki Amuka-Bird as a couple fleeing persecution in Nigeria.
He finally appears to have got his big break so far in The Last King of Scotland in which he appears as Dr Junju alongside Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin.
Wishing him all the best,because he is a wonderful actor!

Lil Miss Jocelyn
We luvv us sum "Lil Miss Jocelyn!This clip features sum of her many characters who would have you laffn out loud..dont play this at work oh abeg!!!

Last of the "Tempted to Watch" P-Square videos...it's "Say your Love" which i have to say was one of the best songs on their album along with "Temptation".And i have to say i'm impressed by all their videos so far. So kick back and Enjoy the twins in action!

Guud Uhn?

And in another crazy politics/comedy related news,the Catholic Church in Nsukka, Enugu State has directed its members to take the forthcoming elections very serious and warned that adult members who do not possess the voters card would not be allowed to take Holy Communion in the Church.!!!
I'm luvvn all this craziness,i really am!!But seriously,9ja pple,let's rock the vote!Just think of all the slogans we can get from these fiascos:
Vote or get sick
Vote or be illiterate
Vote or be broke
Vote or go to hell...
Possiblities are endless!!!

Gunmen killed 12 people including four community chiefs in an attack on a commercial boat in the remote creeks of the Niger Delta local police said yesterday.Western oil companies evacuated staff from three oilfields in the area accounting for about 60,000 barrels per day of production but company spokesmen said they could not confirm if output had stopped.
We just hope the Niger-Delta crisis is resolved soon,all these hostage taking and death situation is getting worse everyday

A 32-minute documentary on Nigeria titled,"Alaoma:Land of Beauty and Splendour", produced by Gabriel Adeiza Otonoku a Nigerian television producer of the Rediscover Nigeria series has won this year's Harambee Documentary Award in Rome,Italy.The award presentation ceremony titled "Communicate Africa: Second Edition" was attended by many eminent government and literary authorities, including the mayor of Rome, Walter Vetroni.
9ja peeps doing us proud!

Former Germany boss Berti Vogts has agreed to coach Nigeria, according to the chairperson of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) Sani Lulu.Lulu said the 60-year-old Vogts has signed an agreement to coach the Super Eagles,and he was chosen as he was best suited for the job.
I dont understand our need to have "oyinbo" dudes coachn our team,shelln out big bucks when there are fellow nigerians who would do the job better...na wa o!

A dispute over missing money from a science and technology fund has turned into a full-blown battle for the Nigerian presidency.Atiku Abubakar the vice president and 2007 presidential candidate has claimed that the Petroleum Technology Development Fund(PTDF)was being misspent.
I lyk how money goes "missing" in Naija!


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Monday, January 15, 2007

Gina,Random Pictures & News

Hiyah,...It's that dreaded day again...(said with a snarl),"Monday"...Ohwell,nuffin we can do to change that fact,so we've gotta get on...Lyk u culd ever get tired of comedy...Here's a clip of Gina Yashere(have we established the fact that she's nigerian?we have?okay lets move on!)performing her sell out show at the Hackney Empire in London...She's cool!(Euphemisms,Euphemisms...)

Gina Yashere at the Hackney Empire

You lyk,You lyk?

Nigerians Out and About

Pictures from recent events back home,I swear P-square should be given a "Party Animals" award...everywhere i turn,them dudes are there...oh yeah and let's not forget D'banj too...well you can say they are dedicated,and the fun-loving types you would definitely want at your buffdai party(Dami,na heavy hint be this oh,abeg!)...Boys,do your thing!

RMD...even with grey hair,we still luv you!


Omobaba(the "GQ" Comedian)!!!

Nigerian "Blackstreet Boyz"(I joke,I joke,I kid,I kid!)

Peter Okoye

Paul Okoye

We love Basketmouth,we really do...he's funny,does entertaining cameos in music videos...but even he wouldnt "understand" this picture!!!

Na wa oh!

Oh yeah,and for the serious stuff...News from over the weekend.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA)has destroyed an Indian hemp depot in Katsina,Katsina state,in the Tudun Yanlihidda area of the town to be precise.Six suspects including a woman were arrested.More than 200 kg of dried weeds suspected to be cannabis were seized during the raid.
Okay i dont do dope,but they found a dope depot and decided the wisest thing was to burn it?what will we put in our hair cream now????

Remember the news about not voting and not getting your salary in Abia state?Well,this time it's the turn of Lagos state to start with all the "foolywang". Governor Bola Tinubu has implored Lagosians to ensure that they were registered in the ongoing voters registration.He stressed that any eligible voter who failed to produce his or her voter's card would not be able to enjoy the social services provided by the Lagos State government.These include free education and free healthcare services he said.
Politics in 9ja is turning into comedy!

The Federal Government has made anti-retroviral drugs(ARVs) and child delivery services in all government hospitals for pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS virus Free.This is a step in the right direction for the government,as these services are usually unaffordable,and for them to actually make this free...Kudos to them.

Here's to a wonderful week everyone!!!
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Friday, January 12, 2007


Yeah,it's everyone's favorite day of the week..I swear TV is threatening to keep me home...so much to watch...very luvvn relationship my TV and I have...post for another day!So yeah,first things first...

Oh NaijaDude,we've got the pic on the side now...when's the payment coming thru in the post?;-)We aint playin'!!!

Nu Video Alert!!!

Another wonderful animated video from the "Weird One"...this tune is absolutely banging,but then again we luvv her!This has got to be my fave Weird Mc song so far..check it out!

Our President(OBJ now,who else?)said yesterday that the nation needs to curtail it's population growth rate to ensure that the national economy growth increases it's speed to atleast double every eight to nine years.The population growth rate has risen to 3.2% since the last census and in other to enjoy the "growth of our national economy" we need to get that value down to 2%.He also said to bear in mind that high rates of poverty generally correlate with large households.
Una don hear,in order 4 "we" all to enjoy,give birth to only 2 kids,maximum!!!


Tony luvvs him some Ghanaians lyk crazy...It's VIP and they are the sh*t!I know we keep layn into Tony,but dude brings out the razzness in us..the guud one we mean;-) I dare you not to dance!

Five people were charged yesterday for possessing explosives illegally at a Federal High Court in Lagos.They were also accused of conspiring among themselves to buy explosives and transport it through an aircraft.According to the charge sheet the accused persons were attempting to check in explosives into an Abuja bound passenger aircraft D3 200 at the Domestic Wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.
There we were saying that Nigerians luvv lyf 2 much to dabble in terrorism...i shake my head in bewilderment...

Everyone's jumping on the animated video wagon...here's a 20 second clip of 2face's video,For Instance...Luukn guud so far..cant wait to see the rest of it!

The Federal Government yesterday began payment of retirement benefits to 1,033 former Biafran police officers who were granted amnesty by President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2002.This pension payment has come 40 years after they were disengaged from the Nigeria Police due to the country's civil war fought between 1967 and 1970.President Obasanjo had earlier approved the sum of N72bn for payment of pensioners including the ex-Biafran police officers who were supposed to have been paid before the end of last year.

At last we'll be able to go back to the guud old days and spend KOBO!No i'm not running mad,CBN are re-introducing certain Naira currency back into circulation: new N5,N20 and N50 notes while 50k, N1 and N2 are to come in form of coins!!!The new currency notes are expected to be smaller in size and with a plastic texture,and the coins come in smaller sizes are lightweight and portable to carry.I'm so excited,but hey chill,hold up..what exactly can you buy for N2 in 9ja these days???

If you've ever wondered what Funny man Ali Baba's real name was(well,only if you were ever intrigued) it's...wait for it...Alleluya Atuyota Akporobomeriere...Busybodies,i didnt say anything oh!

Lagos state has rejected the census figures alloted to the state oh!(I knew it,how can there be more people in Kano than in Lagos?)Out of the 140 million Nigerians,they want us to believe that there are only 9,013,634 people in Lagos?And they said that there are atleast 4.2 million houses in the state...atleast 5 people will be in 1 house..pple calculate it now!!!Dont 4get under bridge too oh!Lailai,they cant cheat us out of the budget!!Kano has 9,383,684 people according to the census figures.

A lil bit of dancing never hurt anyone and is guud fun actually,but...alryt abeg stop....rap na by force?;-)Now,na Igbedu!!!

From now on, there wld b no more downloads due to the fact that i dont wanna infringe anybody's copyright n hav them suing my ass...in WILL SMITH's words "dont download go out n buy the records"
U can get most of the songs on itunes or aol music....cmon ya'll lets all support them,they need that Range Rover!!!

Have a gud weekend,BYE!!!


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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


...Yeah,no it is not a mistake,you didnt stumble here by typing the wrong address...you are on the right site!!!The "green" was giving us a migraine(and im sure a couple of you guyz too,admit it!)so we decided to go with this theme...

Okay that all said and done...howz the week going so far?Still afraid to look at your bank statements?..Muttering to self..."shouldnt have gone to that sale..."


Yeah,once again we claim a star!This tyme it's US based Jeweller Chris Aire(He's said to be Nigerian but raised in Benin..which frankly is guud for us claimers!!!) who's got us wishing we could whip out our cards and go diamond and red gold crazy!!!He graduated in 1996 from California State University where he studied acting and directing,did a lil bit of music and then went on to study at the Gemological Institute of America when he realised he wanted to be a jeweller,worked for some of America's largest jewelry manufacturers,founded 2 Awesome International®,the exclusive jewelry and fine accessories company in Los Angeles...Basically,Aire has become one of Hollywood's most sought-after jewel makers!

Some of his designs have appeared in films such as "Bad Boys II","Any Given Sunday","Cat Woman","Are We There Yet",Academy Award winning "Training Day" and on TV shows such as "Entertainment Tonight","The Tonight Show with Jay Leno","Jimmy Kimmel Live","Extra and E!", "VH1" and "The Best Damn Sports Show".Let's not forget award shows and in the daily lives of his clients which include Eminem,50 Cent,Justin Timberlake,Gary Payton,Lebron James,Allen Iverson,Lindsay Lohan,Madonna,Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie...Phew!!

A few pictures showing some of the above mentioned celebrities wearing his designs...

Okay,now more pics of what can be found in his collection...But be warned his things are on the pricey side with $13.5 million bracelets and the likes!But you'll find the odd thing for less than $1000,even $250!!!

$2500 Sand Dollar Cufflinks

$6500 Black and White Diamond Cross Pendant

$7500 "The Black Watch"

$13.5 Million Diamond Bracelet

$19,500 Red Gold dog Tag

$290 Dog Tag


$350 Mini Tri Tag

You were warned,but you've got to admit his stuff are beautiful tho, Check out the rest of his collection and more! Guud to see our "peeps" doing guud!!!

Yeah,more dancing from the Tiv indigenes,Zulezoo,still cant believe there are guyz who can "wyne" more than me...beginning of beef oh!...Enjoy...It's NECESSARY!

Night of a 1000 laffs
A short clip from Opa Williams "Nyt of a 1000 laffs"...the comedians are sick!I've got the entire collection from Vol. 1 and still havent gotten tired from watchn them...well here you go,more comedy in ur lives..dont thank us!!!

Take care and have a guud one!


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Monday, January 08, 2007

News,Celeb Sightings and 2Shotz Video!

News Corner

Somber news to start with,THISDAY witnessed yet another sad event when an early morning fire on Saturday razed the fourth floor of it's corporate offices in Lagos. Coincidentally on this floor(The Penthouse)is where the offices of the chairman Mr Nduka Obaigbena are located.Bearing in mind that just a couple of weeks ago,the newspaper’s Editorial Board chairman Mr Godwin Agbroko was murdered on his way from work.The cause of the fire is still said to be unknown.
This is such sad news,as this is one publication that strives to paint the nation in a better light to others.Hopefully,things will work out great for them.

Another air disaster could have been witnessed on Saturday,if the pilot of a light plane(Beechcraft)which belongs to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture(IITA)Ibadan,hadnt aborted take-off after a bird was said to have hit one of the engines of the aircraft at the Ibadan airport.No lives were lost,neither was anyone injured.The Ibadan airport has been shut following the incident.
Na wa for all the birds in 9ja that are causing mishap!

Nigeria's aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode has accused two UK airlines of treating Nigerian passengers with the "utmost contempt".He said British Airways and Virgin Atlantic could face "major sanctions" over alleged maltreatment of Nigerians on their flights.But British Airways says it is "very distressed" by the comments and shortly after released a statement,"We will be visiting the minister personally next week to address his concerns."
Na una sabi,just make the queues at Heathrow and Gatwick disappear!

Samuel Akinbode Sadela Nigeria's oldest preacher at 107 said he derived his strength from God after marrying a 30-year woman.He said "The Lord is my strength.I am very strong and energetic" after the wedding in Lagos.Sadela who is the founder of Gospel Apostolic Church has been on the pulpit for 75 years,has been married twice previously.

TuFace has voted to take up the challenge of supporting the less privileged in society by setting up a Non Governmental Organization.The NGO known as Innocent Dibia Foundation is conceived to among other things assist indigent patients access quality health care irrespective of their ethnic or religious background.TuFace who made this known in Abuja when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Medical Director of the National Hospital Dr Segun Ajuwon said that modalities have been set in motion to fast track release of funds from his organizations to support indigent members of society who require immediate medical attention but are incapable of bearing the cost.
Good on you 2face,good on you!!

And in the circus that is the build-up to the General Elections,things are threatening to get even more crazy as in Abia state,the Secretary to the State Government,Chief Ralph Egbu announced at the weekend that evidence of voter-registration has become additional qualification for receipt of workers' salary in the state...which means,"you dont vote,you dont get paid!!!".Apparently only 293,219 people out of an expected 1.5 million qualified residents of the state had registered to vote.
Goodluck with that one ya'll!

Celebrity Sightings
Here are a few pictures from an event that Tee A organized(Tee A's Show!)in Abuja which showcased stars lyk Weird MC,VIP,Tony Tetuila,Katung and Ebuka from the recent Big Brother Nigeria amongst a host of others...

Joy,Tee A,Meg,Juliet,Ola

The gurls with Ebuka from BBN

Meg,Katung(the winner of BBN),Ola,Ebuka

Click here to see pictures of Ola getting her model on for Vanity Models London.
OLA and OLA2

2Shotz "Carry Am Go"
2shotz,2shotz!Dude shot to fame when he was in Trybesmen,many of us remember him as the crazy one in the "Oya" video all decked out in Ibo trad and with all the "Igboetic" hailings...Dude has held his own since then,making his name known for his lyrics and comedic acts.His most recent album "Pirated Copy" was given this title when 2shotz took his album to the dealers and realised that the album had already been pirated b4 it's official release!Apparently tho,he's raking it now,since he had the "Alaba Dudes" market his album...the main peeps in piracy!I guess u culd say "how to catch a thief?lol...anyway,less talk,more fun...enjoy the video!

Fun tymes!

ASIDE:Please disregard any posts you have read about Dare Art-Alade's nuptials.More info later.

Have a blessed week ya'll!!!!
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Friday, January 05, 2007


Its d 1st weekend of the new year n i am damn sure, some of u r still in d holiday mode while sum r bk to the hustlin of life!!How are the new year resolutions going so far?Dont worry i broke all mine within a couple of hours!!!

First things first,the VIDEO THROWBACK!Damn can you remember when you first heard this song?It's a damn shame they both decided to go their separate ways..yes,we are talking about MAINTAIN...Olu & Tolu(and their ever present former producer,Big Bamo)
So here is the remix of "Wifey" featuring JJC Crew...Enjoy!

Movie Alert:
A nu movie entitled 'IRAPADA'meanin REDEMPTION is due to be out soon, it set to be yet anotha ''BLOCKBUSTER'', m nt gonna hype it cos i havnt seen it yet...it features Kunle Afolayan( can u remember d guy called 'ARESEJABATA' from 'SAWOROIDE'??YUP!!dats d guy), Angela Phillips, Jotham Ayuba( i hav no idea if hes related to AYUBA himself).
click hia 2 check out the website
The movie was shot both in the western n Nothern part of Nigeria;therefore these zones will influence the language,costumes,songs and settings of the movie, but with appeal cuttin across all languages and culture........

Out And About:Rhythm Unplugged
Pictures of Celebs spotted at the recent Rhythm Unplugged event in 9ja showcasing comedy,dance and music.Pictures courtesy of PureFoto.Enjoy...

Jazzman Olofin

KeKe and D1


P-Square( i c dem still rockn their camo outfits)

Sandra Achums and Stella Damasus

"Emeka Enyiocha...lookin kinda buff!!!

Rugged man

A new report has come out in Nigeria stating that about 80 million Nigerians,which make up 60% of the whole population still do not have access to electricity supply despite efforts being made by the Federal Government to improve the power sector.

Less than two weeks after oil pipeline fire claimed over 298 lives in the Abule Egba area of Lagos State, another burst pipeline has been identified in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Finally,we are gettn debt free(not as individuals,just the country..sort ur own out!)So far Nigeria has paid off $1.4 billion of the debt,and President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that Nigeria would exit the London Club of creditors by March when it would pay the final tranche of about $900 million to the club and the country would thereafter become debt free!

Daddy Showkey don hit guud tymes oh!!!The Galala dance creator has started to get monetary rewards for his "contribution to Nigeria"(admit it,Galala was part of ur childhood!).He has been endorsed for all Bernard Longe-led Transcorp’s campaigns,and with the way stars are starting to get big bucks from endorsements in 9ja,he's finally hit the guud tymes!!!Remember us sha,dat na our own!


If u knw me well, u knw i love Sasha,since Eve is my fav female rapper n they kinda hav d same type of style, dat makes ha my naija eve. this is d 1st song we heard frm ha..but ha album is set 2 b released any moment frm nw.
Maintain's Alo was also anotha anthem wen it came out, most pple dat knew d song , knew all d lyricsssss.....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone..!!!


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