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Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend Digest

Video Alert:
Dunno if dis is a nu vid, but dis is the first time im c-ing it.anyways its Rugged Man ft Faze....luv Faze n d collabo is nt bad!!!..ch-ch-check it out!!lol (dere is delay n d sound)

Most of ya'll myt hav heard about or even seen d vid b4...Olori Oko by Infinity,apparently naija is feelin it! d African vibe is definately on point,its got all d 3 major languages n very artistic too...luvs it....

Naija comedy awards:
I have always loved the naija comedy scene, remember the Lil Post we did about it?
Anyways seems like they kip gettin more attention!

If u wanna attend,call: 08023911191 for more enquiries.


Okay seriously,it's about tyme we put this here...It's OYA by TRYBESMEN...all of them!!!This was the video that had all the members featured b4 the band split up(or sum members left,either way we'll neva knw)But what we do know is that we appreciate guud music and props to them for this track...Oya,Baraje!!!

..make sweat comot!

News Corner:
This by far is one of d news i'v heard dis year dat got me soooo angry, a "pastor" raped n impregnated a 13yr old girl.The girl n ha mentally ill mother were stayin ova nyt at d church 4 "special prayers" when the "pastor" lured ha on d pretence of wantin 2 send ha on errands arnd 2am...d girl said..."the pastor did it, he forced me into doing it and now that I am pregnant, he is denying, God will expose him.”...Bastard Paedophile!!!

Interview with Empress Njamah:

I knw most interviews can b quite long bt i'll shorten dis...i just found it interesting...she sounds like someone i wld like 2 interview....shes nt holdin bk too much n sounds lyk fun, shes so confident about haself n ha sexuality...she also addressed d whole dbanj rumor!!!

Last year you seemed to be quiet,what happened?
I did a lot of travelling out of the country because I’m working on something, I will let you know when it is done. And I did a lot of MCs job.I did bridal make-up as well.I was travelling locally for a lot of that.I was also working with some people for interior decoration and that wasn’t quiet for me.

You told me about two years ago that you were going to act with Patti Boulaye,what happened to that dream?
There were some scenes she told us to take out because she won’t be able to do them but if we do, the script will lose its beauty.The script has a lot to do with African traditions.That was where we had problems and we thought of using Joke Silva for it and everybody is still waiting.I think next time I’ll just keep things to myself and that is why I’m not disclosing what I’m working on now.

Some many things have been written about you, which of them have been the most unfounded and embarrassing rumour?
When they called me a kleptomaniac,that was depressing.It was not encouraging anymore.I cried everyday and papers were writing all kind of stories. Colleagues were even asking me to sue the papers.But how many people will you sue?!

Why did you not complete your academic programme at Ogun State University?
The school alone was stress, the environment was stress,the transport and hostel were stressful.Even from the name you would know, I tried but I couldn’t cope.Going to school was with bikes, not that I’m above bikes but it is one means of transport that I do not encourage.I was famous and I needed to live up to standard; getting cabs that would come and take me for the stage rehearsals was costing much. And I’m very choosy with my kind of food, the most popular food there was amala, which of course I love, but it is not an everyday food.The environment was also stressful, there are people always coming to ask for money and all those funny boys wanting you to join this and that.You can imagine the amount of "carry over's" that I had.I also lost my grand mum and a whole lot of other things.I later lost my father and it was not easy.

People say you are sexy, do you believe that?
I know I’m sexy;I've got a complexion that you can’t buy, a radiant one for that matter.I have sexy beautiful eyes, I have wonderful eyes and an African sculptured face and a beautiful shape.I love my command of movement; I’m beautiful and sexy.

People say you can turn an impotent man "on" when you dance, how true?
I’ve always seen acting as "plenty in one".I love music; I mean all kind of music that has to do with beat.I love dancing as well and I even thought of going to a dancing school to learn but I can’t learn what I have already.I love people to see me dance and know that this girl is good.

What about doing something to men?
Well, not intentionally!It depends on how well they can take it. All I know is that I’m good; I can even say I’m better than Beyonce because I did not go to music school.

I’m sure you would have had a lot of guys following you from clubs.
It is good to admire what you like; a lot of them even buy me drinks but not to the extent of "let’s go or come to my house tomorrow"!.

So a guy cannot toast you again.
Why would you like me for my dance?You don’t know me!.

People say D’banj dumped Ini Edo for you, how true?
He is like a brother to me, we are very close.We are like family; if I’m dating him I won’t hide it.If I am proud of something I would flaunt it.I’m not a dodgy person.We are not dating.I was even with Ini Edo when I saw it(the article in the paper).

On a final note, when was the first time you had sex?
Right you are throwing it at me, you are not even asking if I’ve had?.

I know everybody cannot be a virgin like me...
Tell that to the marines.I don’t think that should be on paper.

Please try and enlighten people like us.
I started late,it was my early 20s.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever done in bed?
Okay, it is taking charge.

What part of the process did you take charge of?
The whole process, everything!.

LOL,d interviewer was nt even beatin arnd d bush...str8 2 d point...i lyk!!Frm d way she answered d question, i'm guessin ini n dbanj r still kickin it!!!!

Fashion World:
Over few years now, Nigerian women have always paid special attention 2 fashion.This 2007, the trend continues but with more sophisticated outfits and accessories.
Though the year has just begun, it is expected to present exquisite designs that would make women trendy and classy. These fabulous designs, it is believed, would come more in African prints, i guess Ankara aint goin no wia in a while....Mrs. Nkechi Nwosu, a fashion designer, says: " This year is going to be another interesting one for Nigerian women who are fashion conscious and power dressers. We are prepared to give them more sophisticated and trendy designs, especially in African prints." The designs will also come with accessories, like hats, neck pieces, foot wears and bags, all made from African fabrics. Trimmings, like flowers, patches, beads and roses, in new designs, will also be used for these designs.

According to the CEO of Exclusive Wardrobe, Josephine Ijie, there will be more interesting designs and colours in fabrics, like woodin and batik. She says: " 2007 will see a lot of changes in the fashion world and there will be more interesting designs and colour combination in fabrics, like woodin and batik for women."...its bin a minute since i saw batik stuvvs, so quite interesting.....i luv wat u can make with these materials....casual,chic,sexy....

pics:city pple magazine.

Ha ha, i luv 2 claim naija artists...i am truly one of dem....Aima is strongly against d fact dat Nas is naija tho...but which eva way...hes half naija..lol! anyhoo...someone gav me dis link on wikipedia...guess who's Nigerian.???..obviously just by blood...Chamillionaire!!sum1 told me b4...jst cldnt b bothered!!!
"After his parents, a Muslim father from Oyo State, Nigeria and a Christian mother from the United States, separated in his early teenage years, Chamillionaire settled into a notoriously dangerous inner-city neighborhood in North Houston called Acres Homes, which he elaborated upon during an interview with Houston's 104.9 KPTY on October 3. Rap and other forms of secular music, which his parents had highly opposed in their household, became very appealing to the young Hakeem Seriki"
i rest my case!!

Told yall about Zeal's hair....finally remembered 2 put it up,anyways..hia it is..

Once again, hav a gr8 wknd!!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 11:58 AM


why does shifi look like that?and is that an adire jacket zeal is wearin?...ha ha.d hair is truly wierd? i absolutely lov that olori oko at first i thought it was oko as in husband but now i know it is farm!!! lol
hav a nice weekend.
By Anonymous dolapo, at 1/19/2007
have a nice weekend too dear. Now i am obsessed with your blog and facebook LOL
By Blogger omo naija, at 1/19/2007
I can't believe this is my first time on your blog, I've just been here and I love it!I'm going off to try and absorb all your past posts!

Zeal is suffering from some serious hair malfunction!He used to be fine and although he's still fine, the hair makes him look like shite!
By Blogger tiwalade, at 1/20/2007
Is it only me or some Nigerian guys metrosexual look is totally unacceptable? If Zeal had been in America, the story na for another day!.....

Ehn nice blog as usual jare, keep them interviews coming eh

Have a lovely week!
By Blogger Naijadude, at 1/22/2007
@Dolapo--Gurl i agree wiv u bout shifi,my crush on him has DIED!And Zeal's jacket isnt bad at all,shame we cant say the same for his hair!
@Omo naija--thanx oh,how waz ur wknd?just jumped on d facebook wagon and it is addictive!
@Tiwalade--Thank you,thank you!and Styl-plus need to dole out sum money for a stylist if they cant style themselves!
@NaijaDude-It's not only u jare,their problem is too much tv and no reality;-)have a luvly week too!!!
Nice one mami!! Loving this post today

By Blogger Mona, at 1/22/2007
OMG! That Olori oko song is so good....the first time I heard it was in a Naija movie and I kept wondering who sang it, but of course there were no credits at the end of the movie so....Thanks girl, you just made my day.
By Blogger RJ, at 1/23/2007
Actually, Nas is not Nigerian.

''Olu Dara (born Charles Jones III in Louisville, Mississippi[1] in 1941) is a trumpeter, cornetist, guitarist and singer. He first became known as a jazz musician, playing alongside avant-garde musicians such as David Murray and Henry Threadgill.

His first album under his own name, 1998's In the World: From Natchez to New York, revealed another aspect of his musical personality: the leader and singer of a band immersed in African-American tradition, playing an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, and storytelling, with tinges of funk, African popular music and reggae. His second album Neighborhoods, with guest appearances by Dr John and Cassandra Wilson, followed in a similar vein.

Rapper Nas (Nasir Jones) is Dara's son. He encouraged his father to record the music he was playing with his band, and guested on a track on "In the World". Dara played the cornet on the track "Life's A Bitch" from Nas's debut album Illmatic in 1994. In 2004, his vocals and trumpet were featured on Nas's single "Bridging the Gap", from his album Street's Disciple.

He was given the name "Olu Dara" by a Yoruba priest when he returned to America. He has traveled throughout Africa and Europe.

Mr. Dara is also an accomplished playwright and actor, staging "Blues Rooms" to strong acclaim in New York City and Fairfax, VA during the 1990's''
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/27/2007
@Mona--thanx hun!
@Rj--thanx...luvn Olori Oko so bad,i went and "Copped" dat disc;-)they got to buy that Range Rover
@Anon--THANK YOU!!!Iv bin telln anyone who would listen that Nas' pop's just adopted that name...Dami wouldnt believe it,sumthin about needn a fyne celeb to rep 9j...i suppose with Chamillionaire on our team...altho none of them are doing anything for 9ja!Thanx for stopping by!
So we HAVE to claim Chamillionaire? I shouldn't talk about of of God's creations, but haba the dude's face looks sour as hell, like someone soaked it in lemon juice :(
By Blogger Kpakpando, at 2/05/2007
Just watched the trybesmen video and I DEMAND a trybesmen reunion!! LOL, like its up to me to decide
By Anonymous Aimie, at 3/01/2007
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