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Friday, January 12, 2007


Yeah,it's everyone's favorite day of the week..I swear TV is threatening to keep me home...so much to watch...very luvvn relationship my TV and I have...post for another day!So yeah,first things first...

Oh NaijaDude,we've got the pic on the side now...when's the payment coming thru in the post?;-)We aint playin'!!!

Nu Video Alert!!!

Another wonderful animated video from the "Weird One"...this tune is absolutely banging,but then again we luvv her!This has got to be my fave Weird Mc song so far..check it out!

Our President(OBJ now,who else?)said yesterday that the nation needs to curtail it's population growth rate to ensure that the national economy growth increases it's speed to atleast double every eight to nine years.The population growth rate has risen to 3.2% since the last census and in other to enjoy the "growth of our national economy" we need to get that value down to 2%.He also said to bear in mind that high rates of poverty generally correlate with large households.
Una don hear,in order 4 "we" all to enjoy,give birth to only 2 kids,maximum!!!


Tony luvvs him some Ghanaians lyk crazy...It's VIP and they are the sh*t!I know we keep layn into Tony,but dude brings out the razzness in us..the guud one we mean;-) I dare you not to dance!

Five people were charged yesterday for possessing explosives illegally at a Federal High Court in Lagos.They were also accused of conspiring among themselves to buy explosives and transport it through an aircraft.According to the charge sheet the accused persons were attempting to check in explosives into an Abuja bound passenger aircraft D3 200 at the Domestic Wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.
There we were saying that Nigerians luvv lyf 2 much to dabble in terrorism...i shake my head in bewilderment...

Everyone's jumping on the animated video wagon...here's a 20 second clip of 2face's video,For Instance...Luukn guud so far..cant wait to see the rest of it!

The Federal Government yesterday began payment of retirement benefits to 1,033 former Biafran police officers who were granted amnesty by President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2002.This pension payment has come 40 years after they were disengaged from the Nigeria Police due to the country's civil war fought between 1967 and 1970.President Obasanjo had earlier approved the sum of N72bn for payment of pensioners including the ex-Biafran police officers who were supposed to have been paid before the end of last year.

At last we'll be able to go back to the guud old days and spend KOBO!No i'm not running mad,CBN are re-introducing certain Naira currency back into circulation: new N5,N20 and N50 notes while 50k, N1 and N2 are to come in form of coins!!!The new currency notes are expected to be smaller in size and with a plastic texture,and the coins come in smaller sizes are lightweight and portable to carry.I'm so excited,but hey chill,hold up..what exactly can you buy for N2 in 9ja these days???

If you've ever wondered what Funny man Ali Baba's real name was(well,only if you were ever intrigued) it's...wait for it...Alleluya Atuyota Akporobomeriere...Busybodies,i didnt say anything oh!

Lagos state has rejected the census figures alloted to the state oh!(I knew it,how can there be more people in Kano than in Lagos?)Out of the 140 million Nigerians,they want us to believe that there are only 9,013,634 people in Lagos?And they said that there are atleast 4.2 million houses in the state...atleast 5 people will be in 1 house..pple calculate it now!!!Dont 4get under bridge too oh!Lailai,they cant cheat us out of the budget!!Kano has 9,383,684 people according to the census figures.

A lil bit of dancing never hurt anyone and is guud fun actually,but...alryt abeg stop....rap na by force?;-)Now,na Igbedu!!!

From now on, there wld b no more downloads due to the fact that i dont wanna infringe anybody's copyright n hav them suing my ass...in WILL SMITH's words "dont download go out n buy the records"
U can get most of the songs on itunes or aol music....cmon ya'll lets all support them,they need that Range Rover!!!

Have a gud weekend,BYE!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 7:54 AM


Tuface's video is supposed to be animated eh? I would believe so...

Ooh thanks for giving me the break oh and featuring me at the end of the day ! Ha! I will have to give thanks...
But check ur email though...LOL
By Blogger Naijadude, at 1/12/2007
You are doing a good job promoting Nigerian artists. Well done
By Anonymous n9ja, at 1/12/2007
Nice post.....

NAIJADUDE ehn !!!! on the sidebar of this blog with all the stars....lol
It's all good.

Meanwhile Nigerians having 2 kids ke!! They are kidding right??!!
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/12/2007
I love this blog!! Have a good weekend...and hmmm this Naija news, it is strange sha....all sounds very dodgy, only Naija news will sound dodgy lol...nice one mami

p.s. like ppl will really have only 2 kids
By Blogger Mona, at 1/12/2007
Nice blog..rather informative

Have a FAB weekend!!
By Blogger Dimples, at 1/12/2007
@dimples n n9ja....thanks n have a gr8 wknd too....
@mona n nilla ...imagine, yea ryt 2 kids indeed!!
naijadude...ha ha ha ....waitin 4 d payment oh!.lol
That song is GREAT without the video!....

I love this blog still....

Hey wait oh! I go send the credit card information as soon as u post my GQ pic,"under license" though, on that case my manager needs to be contacted. LOL
By Blogger Naijadude, at 1/16/2007
ooooooohhhh...now I wanna see the full tuface video. Geez...reading ur blog just gave me a taste of only half the slice of cake...

...but I want the full cake (*sighs*)...lolll...nice one naijavixen!
By Blogger Jaycee, at 1/16/2007

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