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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Updated: Exclusive Interview : SASHA


For all you Fashion minded peeps;-) who wanted to know more about Sasha's Line, it's called ECLECTIC and she started almost 5 years ago.She basically designs clothes for the "lady with an edge",her clothes are available by booking only and anyone can reach her via myspace HERE. She's looking to have stores all over Nigeria in the next 2 years, God willing so keep her in your prayers y'all!!!

Hey guyz...whatz REALLY guud?Sorry we have been M.I.A for a while...just sturvs to do,pple to see,places to see,Parties to RAWK...you know how we do!!!!
Anyway,unto today's post....We have got for you an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of Naija's best female artistes...It's SASHA...naija's own Hip-Hop Queen!!!


You all know she doesnt really need any introduction but for those who dont know, just a few facts about this talented,beautiful,intelligent(She is studying Law...hin no easy oh abeg!!!)...do i really need to go on?!?!?!
Real name: Antonia Yetunde Alabi
Birthday : 21st of May
Education: Currently at the University of Lagos, Akoka (Unilag).
Discovered: @ Unilag's 'Girls Nite Out' annual talent hunt.
Fun fact : She is also a fashion designer with her own line 'Eclectic'.

Now on with the INTERVIEW!!!ENJOY!!!

Naija Vixen:
Hey watz guud Sasha?And why "Sasha"?Is there a little history behind your stage name?

Sasha:Well strange as it seems there is! I'd been rapping with a group of family friends for a while and everyone had a stage name except me, one afternoon i was trying to get some sleep then i started hearing a voice whisper sasha repeatedly and i finally got up to write it down ,I discovered recently that its actually a nickname for one of my names 'Alexzandra' which is a very strong and positive name so i believe the name SASHA is a vision i've been charged to actualise.

Naija Vixen: Tell us about the new album which is coming out soon,and whatz the history behind the title?

Sasha: My new album , which is actually my debut album contrary to popular views is titled FIRST LADY, the concept behind this is simple. Sasha as a brand is generally concerned with female empowerment and speaking for my generation, i believe strongly in being a positive influence to my generation and beyond , I have never been afraid to express my views on the ills of the society no matter who is listening, i represent the Strong. Black and female members of this society, FIRST LADY epitomises what i'm about , because when you think about the most influential woman in any state or country the name instantly comes to mind.My album is a blend of different genres of music, on it i explore jazz , r and B , dancehall and basically seek to establish my musical versitility while sharing my experiences over the past few years.

Naija Vixen: Why has your album taken so long to drop?

Sasha: It would be normal to assume that switching labels had something to do with it , but i basically believe that everything happens for a reason, i have been managing my career in tow with my law degree and it hasn't been easy, so i believe the timing has just never been perfect, this is my first album and i'd rather do it right or not do it at all.

NV: What kind of genres are covered in the album?is it all party jams,or are there some slow flows there as well?

Sasha:It is definitely not a party album, as much as i love to dance i take my social responsibility very seriously and I believe that when the dancing stops this generation needs music that they can sit down and learn something positive from, i hope this album will be able to achieve that and entertain it's listeners at the same time!Not to say that there are no songs you can dance to but i'd like to think it's a reasonable blend..lol!

NV: Are your songs going 2 be available on the internet?Like itunes or any other online music stores?

Sasha:Definitely, we are looking into all avenues to ensure that my music is availabe to all my fans who have been wonderfully patient....{bow}

NV: Your last single "Emi le gan" was well received,got massive airplay but was poorly promoted.Why was that?

Sasha: Hahaha, brilliant question, well the truth is , it was not promoted at all! I did the television and radio distribution myslef and it was only a single, seeing as my album is still not out that explains why it was not on sale, so Emi le gan was merely a media release at best, but i thank everyone who made it popular all the same!

NV: What's going to be different this time to make sure that it gets well promoted?

Sasha: I will be releasing an album into the market and not just the media.LOL

NV: Now speaking of "Emi le gan",that song killed it big time and is still rocking the air waves,did you expect it to blow up that big?

Sasha: Well yes and no, i hear, i dream with giants but i do everything i do expecting the very best , nonetheless i was completely overwhelmed by the extent to which it propelled my career, that song is indeed the foundation for what i am today and i'd like to say at this point that nobody should be afraid to dream big because if you believe in yourself the actualisation of those dreams will be a handsome surprise.

NV: Are there any collaborations on this album?

Sasha: Yes there are , i'll name two my second single 'Not tonite' featuring my label mate Naeto-c, and the first rap song i ever wrote 'Let me go' featuring mulit-talent ASA

NV: Apart from you,Weird Mc,Kemistry and Bouquie,naija female rappers are lyk a rarity...so which female rappers do you think are doing well now?

Sasha: Well i don't know that many apart from the ones you've already mentioned but i think Blaise is extremely talented and i'm sure we'll all be hearing a lot more about her pretty soon.

NV: Why do you think it's difficult for women to break into the rap game?

Sasha: i dont think it's difficult, women just have to be more decisive and aggressive about what they want, the industry is still not equally represented by the nigerian Female so there is ample room for any talented rap artist and singer alike.

NV: So what do u bring to the table?Whatz unique about you?

Sasha:I believe there's still a lot my fans are yet to be acquainted with, i love to entertain, and the message in my music is definitely different from anything we have out there,i could go on and on but if i have to pick one, i'd settle for the subject matter of my music, which is depth no matter what i write i always maintain that anybody listening should be able to single out atleast one thing that they can either relate to or learn from.

NV: Have you ever gone out and danced to your own music?Be honest...LOL!

Sasha: Shamelessly yes, but i must confess it's kinda weird when i'm not performing it...lol!

NV: Now you've been doing this for years,no-one can say you're new to this,you used to rap in high school apparently,so what's the one thing you've learned so much?

Sasha: i have learned that there's only one thing that keeps an artiste in the picture, consistency, honesty in your music and by that i mean a true represntation of yorself and dedicated hardwork.

NV: List 5 songs you are jammin to right now?
1.30 something - Jay z
2. Hollywood - Jay z and Beyonce
3. The entire Banky Wellington album
4. Upgrade u Beyonce ft Jay z
5. The entire tuface album

NV: Weirdest fan experience or fan mail?
Sasha:Too many to choose from! Does a marriage proposal count?LOL

NV: Is there anything else you'd like your fans to know?

Sasha:That i appreciate their patience and by the special Grace of God , FIRST LADY will drop this year and it will not be a dissappointment.

NV: Now some word association...I'll say a word and you have to say the first thing
that comes to your mind...play fair!!!

Naija- babes ...lol
Eldee -the Don
Music -is the food of love..play on{shakespeare}lol
Love -is blind
Storm records-all day, everyday
Tha Trybe- La famille

NV: Thank you sooo much for your time...you are my personal greatest!!!;-)
Sasha: Thank you......

Make sure u guys look out 4 her album...droppin real soon!,but to get a sneak peek to her songs, check out her page here
All thanks to Sasha.....
(All pictures with the NV logo copyrights of Sasha n Naija vixen...pls do not distribute without permission)

Anyway as a tribute to Sasha and to showcase her talent,we are putting up the video that garnered loads of publicity and accolades for this talented young lady... It's "Emi Le Gan"!

Please it would be REALLY lovely if you guyz click on the comment link underneath this post and drop a comment...you know...let us know how we did,if there was any questions we left out,any suggestions,basically anything you wanna say at all...feel free!!!

Have a great day ya'll!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:30 AM


I love the interview a good insight well done NV :)..

I actually like Sasha and I think her music is ok she is humble and i like that ..I heard her tracks on Myspace sometime back and I liked alot!!...

One thing you never asked Babes sorry.. is that you said she is also a Designer i would have loved to know more about that side of her how she got into that, where we can get her designs from Yada Yada Yada...

That dont take away from the interview it was Fabby!!..

Thanks B always NO1

Ciao sweets..xx
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 2/28/2007
Will be back to read later.
Is this your first interview?
If it is congrats.

Later Missy!
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/28/2007
I like the Sasha song, we will also like to see interviews that deviate from the routine. Keep up the good work.
By Blogger Omodudu, at 2/28/2007
I was really hoping you'd ask her more about the fashion label. That's always sure to get my interest. Good interview. Keep it up.
first of all I wld like to say a big WELL DONE! to Naija Vixen. I stumbled upon this page sometime last year & I've being hooked ever since, u guys r really doing a good job, even though I'm not in naija I still get to 'feel' naija thru u guys, thanks a lot!

About the Sasha interview, it was good! I thot u wld hve asked bout the clothing line & maybe a few personal questions. I think fans like to feel very close to their stars, so when they knw personal stuff it jst makes them feel closer to the star. I'm not really a big fan of Sasha but I think she is good @ wat she does & peeps luv her, so its all gud!

I feel like I've written an epistle lol! I hope all this helps.

Keep up d gud work!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/28/2007
cul interview on sasha. i rilly like her. she came to my church once( sorry, i just had to let y'all know ;)..lol)I will definitely look out for her new album.
By Blogger tiwalade, at 2/28/2007
congrats girl!!! i am going to call that useless omonaija and tell her her blog BFF did an interview.
First time I have seen her video. shes good sha!!!
I love the interview. I know the name Sasha, but didn't know much about her. She seems cool.

Ok from now on we'll be looking forward to more interviews...lol

Take care!
By Blogger Nilla, at 3/01/2007
Nice blog NV....yeah Sasha is FAB....totally love her...met her a few weeks ago in Naija and she is the sweetest thing ever.

Well done NV..and keep up the good work!!!
By Blogger Dimples, at 3/01/2007
@AbujaBabe--thank you,thank you,she is very humble isnt she?! and fun to interview too!sorry about the lack of "fashion info" iv updated it for you now!;-)
@Nilla--yes babes,it is our first...thank you!!!
@Omodudu--will take that on board,thank you very much!
@Chainreader--Sowwee,we've put up the fashion info now,are we forgiven yet?;-)Thanx!
@Bisaro--lol,thanx it does help!and high praise from u,our heads are swelling;-)We've put up fashion info now,didnt think to put it up since we were interviewing her as a musician...but it sure got your interest...so it's up now!
@Tiwalade--thanx!and dont worry about telling us Sash was @ ur church,im lyk that too!!
@ConfusedNaijaGirl--Lol...thank you oh,im feeling guud!Sasha is good isnt she?;-)
@Nilla---Lol,thanx babes,will you let us interview you aswell?Yeah dont worry,more interviews coming your way!
@Dimples--thank you...Sasha is it!and it's guud to meet stars who are courteous to fans too...have a great week and thanx again!
Sasha is so humble and she truly does seem like a genuine person, those pictures are gorgeous by the way. very good job. well done
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/01/2007
hey! you should have also asked her about that video she had with tony tetula, it was a nice one. but for u girls, i give you a hi 5. keep it up
By Anonymous bunmisho, at 3/01/2007
By Blogger c0dec, at 3/02/2007
Sasha did ok 'n' am proud of her, but for a song this tight she performed a little to reserved, she should let it go 'n' express herself according by the song. Keep up da good job.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/12/2007
Men where have I been? NV you need to teach me how to inscribe your initials for copyright hehe - nice one....i have a lot to read on ur blog this wkend cos i've really missed out.
By Blogger Mona, at 3/13/2007
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ШР55П35ЭШ3Н вилка приб.б/кож. бРО.364.028ТУ ОТК СССР
PJ076 (2.50mm center pin) Есть
Разъем 220В (м) на кабель (AC-102) (10А) (K2417)
AMP 1-925370-3 разъем
Разъем RST20i5 96.051.4353.6
1-098, Разъем аудио 3.5мм "гн" стерео пластик на плату (зеленый)
Разъем 1х12 (м) для пайки на плату прямой угол (PBS-12R)
AMP 1-0925370-7 разъем

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