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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NAIJA: SPOTLIGHT - Michael Ezuruonye!!!

Name: Michael Ezuruonye
This guy is actually hella talented in what he does n he can be cute, though his roles seems to always be a very bad tempered boyfriend or husband, who manhandles his girl....(gosh he plays it so well my mama hates him..lol) but he did a movie earlier this year,Dakore,Ini Edo,MonaLisa Chinda,Jim Iyke (this is d best jim iyke has eva looked, trust me...clean cut, he was lookin yum) were casted along, its called 'GAMES MEN PLAY' apparently its a copy of sum American movie...but since i havnt seen the American version, it is a very good movie....u can watch the movie online at onlinenigeria 4 FREE,all u have to do is register,heres the LINK ?(YUP, expect some issues on this site atimes, but they tried...its free...

Anyways hia is a lil bio bout him:

The beginning:
Right from primary school, Michael showed a keen interest in the world of television. He worked behind the camera writing scripts on clapper board television.
A good friend of movie producer Jeta Amata, Michael has always been involved in some capacity in the world of Arts and Theater despite having studied Accounting.
The big break:
He was buying fuel at a gas station when he was spotted by Ruke Amata of the Amata Dynasty and this happy coincidence set him on tracks to pursue his most cherished dream of becoming an actor.
The rise to fame:
Popularly nicknamed Fair Mike, the handsome actor quickly proved his talent and capabilities to convince some of the most influential decision makers in Nollywood, namely director Aquilla Njamah and producer Emem Isong to give him a chance. Director Dickson Iroegbu gave him his big break in the movie "Broken Marriage."
His shot 2 fame is d quickest ever observed in the history of Nollywood by any standards, male and female alike.His story is sometimes likened to the fairy tale Cinderella.
To give credit where credit is due, Michael gives accolades to the people who gave him his break and believed in him when he still had everything to prove, namely Aquilla Njamah, Emem Isong, Gabriel Moses and Dickson Iroegbu.
He is ever grateful to the public home and abroad who adopted him instantly and made him the fastest rising star in the Nollywood sky.And last but not least, his eternal gratitude goes to his loving mother for standing by him all the way.

Talking of Nollywood,some title of naija movies are just so bizzare..some dont even have nothin 2 do wit the movie, can u imagine an ''Action movie' called ARSENAL????or ORANGE GROOVE..nuffin to do with oranges or grooves...how does that work out, mayb 'm d one missin out sumthn!


M so lovin the whole Naija stand up comedy, dey r beginnin 2 get sum recognition, doin their thing, here is a clip from 'Basket mouth' hes one of my favorite, mayb wen i knw how 2 upload 2 youtube i'd put up sum funnier ones

He is talkin about naija movies here:


The past 3yrs has bin a steppin stone 4 artists, more n more younger pple r comin thru n doin their own thing, in return,diff awards has bin created...NIGERIA MUSIC AWARDS, CHANNEL O AWARDS,KORA MUSIC AWARDS......and r even recognized outside Africa.P-square n 2face have both bin nominated 4 acts at the Europe MTV awards n MOBOS!!....n its just beginning!!!Guudluck to all our music artistes!!!


Star actor Jim Iyke,was involved in an auto crash along airport road in Wuse area of Abuja on Monday.He and two other occupants of the car are now in the hospital.The actor was driving a BMW car with registration number "J1" when he ran into another vehicle.He is now in the Emergency Ward of the National Hospital Abuja where he is currently receiving treatment.Jim Iyke was said to have travelled to Abuja for the second leg of a fund raising for his foundation scheduled for this week end.

Get well soon oh Jim!

Liz Benson is now an Evangelist oh!The Nollywood star who is now known as Evang Liz Benson was at Jesus Campaigners Ministries(JCM)when it celebrated its seventh anniversary.She was guest speaker at the occasion and is currently making waves in her calling as a campaigner for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.In her sermon, entitled Supernatural intervention,Evang Benson charged believers to play life’s role diligently saying the love of God never fails and there is no situation he cannot address according to His will.She said:“Whatever you are going through,put up a smile,don’t despair,maintain an unshaken faith because all is well.Jesus Christ paid the prize on the cross in Calvary,so no shaking.Noting that “there are times when we look at certain situations,we think it is all over for us but God can make things to change at any given time,she remarked:“It doesn’t matter how long you have been down, God will lift you up when you get your acts right.”

Goodluck wiv that retirement plan Liz oh!Big things!

Kanayo O Kanayo goes back to school!K.O.K, Best Actor of 2006 African Movies Academy Award (AMAA),has returned to the University of Lagos (UNILAG),for further studies.Entertainment Cafe gathered that the star actor,who recently graduated from the Philosophy department of the school has secured admission to pursue a Law programme,full time.A source also disclosed that Kanayo was formerly an evening student of the school and has been admitted into 200 level at the institution’s Faculty of Law.With his admission into the school,he is now regarded as a ‘learned friend’ of RMD and Funke Akindele,his acting colleagues who recently graduated from the same faculty

Str8 into 2nd year?Only 9ja,only 9ja!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 11:31 AM


i have been a silent reader of your blog, i just wanted you to no you were doing a great job girl!!!!
LOVE YOUR BLOG MISSY! its awesome! keep it up. i'm definately bookmarking it :)
By Blogger Onada, at 12/20/2006
On Kanayo....who said it's only in Naija you can get into your second year in Uni?
A fist degree from a related course will get you a 2nd year entrance into another course in most countries. Better believe in Naija standards....Getting better by the days.
You're ding fine though i must confess...Try catching up with time. Your stories gt a little late atimes.
By Anonymous curious, at 12/21/2006
Are we kidding someone? Liz Benson now an evengelist, I think its time I become a Rev. Father oh!...

Lovely blog and gossip as usual hun!
@ NaijaVixen,

Great stuff as usual. Those videos got me grinning from ear to ear..LOL
You're a real entertainment reporter :-)
By Blogger Nilla, at 12/22/2006
@confused girl n onada, thank u guys...kip comin!!! @nilla thnx, dose videos r so hillarious u nid 2 c d full on vcd!!@ anonymous...i knw u can get in2 2nd yr with degree in related course i just wrote it dat way ..cos its more fun!!n i dnt live in Nigeria so i cnt gt d news immediately...thnx y'all
@naijadude...thnx babe, yes oh shes now an Evangelist...dats gud tho....

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