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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hey guys!!!Today is extensively dedicated to all up and comin artists either tryin to break grounds or signed to independent labels or unsigned and tryna do dier own thing!

Profile: Born to an Igbo family, she was raised in DC. she is a gifted poet with real passion for Africa.Over 40 years , her father assisted nearly a whole village in migration from Imo state to America. This inspired Madarocka's drive 2 motivate young American;s 2 explore d sands of the Motherland.She is a graduate of Fine Arts,she holds a reputation as an innovator of African hairstyles....(as u can c,frm d pic...truly do love d hair).Alongside with ha brother,they started S.O.U.R.C.E. Clique, which was a family group of brothers and sisters who shared a vision with crafting musi.c, they have shared stages with hip-hop stars such as;Nas,Lil kim, Busta Rhymes, Junior maffia,Genuwine,black eyed peas,Wutan-clan......shes is currently workin on a new project in d US with Osinachi....she also plans to release ha debut album very soon!!
*she also won Best Hip-Hop Artist Male/Female @ the Nigeria Entertainment Awards which was held in London, late last year*
Video: Love me ft Asha

Real Name:Adetunji Ogunkeye.
He is a young singer and songwriter, who was born in lagos, Nigeria. He wasnt born into a family of musicians neither did he grow up around musicians, he just loves to sing. Despite his love for music, education came first. it was later in college and just b4 he began university that he started taking music more seriously by penning down his own lyrics. He has since been performing at talent shows at every opportunity he gets and booming his confidence on stage while compiling his self-titled album.
To find out more about him and check out his website.
preview his song: dont wanna hurt u

Real Name:Adeyemi Tiamiyu.
hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State.Howeva, he was born in South London. Rapping on the playgrounds of Immaculate Park High School a stint in the music industry was simply a dream. In a bid to pursue his musical career Path relocated to New York in 1998 for two years soaking up the Hip Hop culture. The icing on the cake to his style came after a visit to Lagos in 2004 where he was captivated by the emerging hip hop scene and the diverse delivery. After meeting Jiff, co-founder of Trueheadz Musical Entertainment who has produced a number of Nigerian and UK acts such as Paragon,Ty, Cashino and Davina.Path’s playground dream finally came to fruition.. “My aim is more than mere commercial success it’s about laying a foundation for my present and future brothers and sisters doing Naija music so we can all be more powerful in all areas of society”. Citing Fela,Nas,Sting and LL Cool J in his list of favourite entertainers, Path has returned to his rap starting block with the release of his debut single ‘No Rush’ , a record which blends Pidgin, Yoruba and English. The debut album Total Package, is set for release lata in the year. Tracks like the witty ‘Follow me’ and conscious ‘Dami’ prove Path is able to provide social commentary without losing musical fluidity on his songs
Video: No Rush

To be honest,i really dont knw much bout him but hes a Nigerian based in d Uk and his song 'Eko Akete', was produced by JJC and featuring guest vocals by S.O. Simple of 419 squad!

make sure u guys check his myspace profile, he has a song i kinda dig,its called true 9ja!

He was born in Germany but raised in Nigeria but currently resides in America, Fishe is a profoundly gifted and outspoken lyricist and can be rightfully said to transcend continental boundaries.
Bred in Warri, where incessant gunfire and explosions are an almost everyday occurrence, Fishe` recalls miming the words to rap songs as a kid before turning introspective as a young teenager, creatively penning down words at a furious clip about the misery he'd constantly witness on the streets around him from arson and murder to thievery and constant tribal hostilities. Using his wits not only to stay alive, Fishe` developed a knack for catching the action of whatever he saws within his rhymes.
He moved to d U.S in d middle of 2004 from Nigeria and within a year came up with the self- release of his debut E.P Moment of Truth mostly produced by Swedish based production outfit IMA Music Group and within months thereafter secured a one year deal with Californian based indie label, Random Records Inc/BeatDown productions.
His music is undoubtedly original, devoid of any pretence, explicitly blunt and poignant and can sometimes be constructively critical and apolitical. With beats highly syncopated, stripped down and organic, the result is an in-your-face brand of hip hop that sounds like no other but possesses the heart and muscle of the best MCs out there.
With an instantly identifiable accent Fishe` possesses the strength and tenacity to make a huge impact in the American hip hop scene with his phenomenal rhyme ethic. (4 real, hes truly a lyricist addressing real issues)
Website: fishe.us
Audio:u can click here to preview n hear the songs off his album.
Video:where i'm from


Her real name is Ekpereamaka Iroh. Born in d mid 80s. Niffer got into music in her Primary school days. Few years later while she was a student in secondary school her teacher encouraged her to take her musical career seriously. She heeded the advice and recorded her first single though not for commercial purpose in 1998 entitled ‘This Thing Called Love’ but felt she had to concentrate on her academics.Niffer currently whose style of Music is rhythm and blues has 13 songs in her kitty including a duet with wave making Nigger Raw entitled Me and My Girls’, ‘Aba Onitsha Lagos’ (reproduced by OJB Jezreel), ‘Help the kids’, ‘Lets go Party’.Niffer’s musical career is exclusively bankrolled by her elder brother a DJ popularly known in Switzerland as Iroko.Niffer intends to release her debut which will have only eight tracks soon.She is an undergraduate student of Abia State University where is studying English and Literary Studies.

Profile: N.A.I.R.A doesnt just mean the currency, in dis case its acronyms 4 ''Nigerian American I'm Representing Africa". Naira is a new form of soul, "Urban- Soul". Her style displays her lyrical skills as a rapper and melodic soulfulness as a singer. Though a Nigerian but based in Atlanta. This new urban sensation is making a huge buzz on an international scale. She said "Listening to my music is like picking from a bag of jelly beans, because I have so many different flavors you're bound to feel at least one of them." This artist is no stranger to the studio or the stage. Naira is full of charisma and energy,not to mention spontaneity along with a vocal element of surprise that has garnered her airplay worldwide including Accra, Ghana and United Kingdom to name a few. She has performed in not only Atlanta, but also Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Houston, TX, and soon to hit the tour scene globally. She's graced the stage with 2Face Idibia, El Dee of the Trybesmen, Amplifyd Crew, Rukus, Godwon, Jarvis, and countless others in venues such as The annual Sweet Auburn Festival, BlackArts Fest, Miss Nigeria, Miss Africa, and various headlining events.
WEBSITE: iamnaira.com
4 u guys in America, u can actually request 4 ha songs on ur local radio stations

A naija chic (Cindy Ugochi) talkin bout growin up with ha uncle bk in 9j, its actually kinda funny.

Also talkin bout d craziness of MYSPACE:

Thats all folks! hav a supa-nice day!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:09 AM


Great work!
Let me check out some of these artists.
One even went to my sec. school...

Keep it up!
lol. relocated a whole village?!
no real message in madrocka's music but she's got sweet vixens in the video though.

a good way to test the quality of these songs is to listen without watching the video. n.a.i.r.a sounded nice but still missing that x-factor and originality.

nice digging but to be honest, apart from naira, i wasn't really impressed.
By Blogger c0dec, at 1/31/2007
I luv Fishe!his lyrics are good...that Tajie guy is goodlooking,but im not sold on his voice,but goodlooks hey!goodwork naijavixen!
By Anonymous jayjay, at 1/31/2007
Loving madarocka's(is that correct?)hair!And she sounds a little bit like lil kim.The "path" guy is not bad...really mellow song.When is part 2 coming up?you did good.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/31/2007
great blog! neva hrd of naira b4 tho bt 4rm wat i hear now, she's d newest big thing in naija.
By Blogger chidi, at 2/01/2007
Hiya this is great! I've never heard of these artists apart from Naira wow...I will link this on my next post xxx
By Blogger Mona, at 2/01/2007
Nice one...as always

A plug for my cousin -Kashmere the Iguana Man. He may soon be the next big thing...

Born in the UK, Parents from Onitsha & Mbaise. Keep an ear on him...
By Blogger Aba Boy, at 2/01/2007
I concur with Codec...I liked Naira.

Great post!
I know some upcoming people too and will let you know when they are ready...

Have a wonderful day missy!

Most of your links didn't go through though (Tajie, Ragga Remi and Naira).
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/01/2007
@Bellanaija--thanx,i wonder which one of d gurls it is?uhn,off 2 do some detective work
@Codec--yeah we know u luv ur vixens;-)
@JayJay--thanx,we luv Fishe too,and we agree wiv u bout Tajie!
@Anon--you caught the lil kim voice thingy!i luv her hair too!
@Chidi--thank you,luv ya blog too..catchy name(fya-dancer!)
@Mona--yeah they all doing their things,loads more unsigned or undiscovered talent.
@Ababoy--Thank you...i'll go research ur cousin now!
@Nilla--yeah u do that,let us knw wen u ready,sorted out d links now.thanx!

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