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Monday, January 15, 2007

Gina,Random Pictures & News

Hiyah,...It's that dreaded day again...(said with a snarl),"Monday"...Ohwell,nuffin we can do to change that fact,so we've gotta get on...Lyk u culd ever get tired of comedy...Here's a clip of Gina Yashere(have we established the fact that she's nigerian?we have?okay lets move on!)performing her sell out show at the Hackney Empire in London...She's cool!(Euphemisms,Euphemisms...)

Gina Yashere at the Hackney Empire

You lyk,You lyk?

Nigerians Out and About

Pictures from recent events back home,I swear P-square should be given a "Party Animals" award...everywhere i turn,them dudes are there...oh yeah and let's not forget D'banj too...well you can say they are dedicated,and the fun-loving types you would definitely want at your buffdai party(Dami,na heavy hint be this oh,abeg!)...Boys,do your thing!

RMD...even with grey hair,we still luv you!


Omobaba(the "GQ" Comedian)!!!

Nigerian "Blackstreet Boyz"(I joke,I joke,I kid,I kid!)

Peter Okoye

Paul Okoye

We love Basketmouth,we really do...he's funny,does entertaining cameos in music videos...but even he wouldnt "understand" this picture!!!

Na wa oh!

Oh yeah,and for the serious stuff...News from over the weekend.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA)has destroyed an Indian hemp depot in Katsina,Katsina state,in the Tudun Yanlihidda area of the town to be precise.Six suspects including a woman were arrested.More than 200 kg of dried weeds suspected to be cannabis were seized during the raid.
Okay i dont do dope,but they found a dope depot and decided the wisest thing was to burn it?what will we put in our hair cream now????

Remember the news about not voting and not getting your salary in Abia state?Well,this time it's the turn of Lagos state to start with all the "foolywang". Governor Bola Tinubu has implored Lagosians to ensure that they were registered in the ongoing voters registration.He stressed that any eligible voter who failed to produce his or her voter's card would not be able to enjoy the social services provided by the Lagos State government.These include free education and free healthcare services he said.
Politics in 9ja is turning into comedy!

The Federal Government has made anti-retroviral drugs(ARVs) and child delivery services in all government hospitals for pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS virus Free.This is a step in the right direction for the government,as these services are usually unaffordable,and for them to actually make this free...Kudos to them.

Here's to a wonderful week everyone!!!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 9:38 AM


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By Blogger qibao233, at 1/15/2007
hey aima nd dami this is quite good, i like ur blogs for the laughs i get, u have to keep it up. dont worry, would find you sponsors, then we can share profits in a ratio of 40:30:30, nd obviously the 40 is mine.... lol.
By Anonymous bunmi, at 1/15/2007
Ur blog is fly as ever! and I love Tinubu for that as well....No voter's card, no owo ilu...Yes oh! Jeun soke jare!!!!!!!11
By Blogger Naijadude, at 1/16/2007
Nice one and lovin the playlist girl.

It's nice to see that our govt are still doing some good things!! Healthwise and all that.

Meanwhile that is reallll foolywang - where is the free edu and healthcare....things that dont even work! More greas to their elbows.

Lol @ weed in Katsina lol! NDLEA weren't very smart here.....I'm sure ppl were still getting high from the flames whilst it was being burned.

Nice pics :o) Gina Yashere is Nigerian, did u know?

p.s. Check out my blog for the M word xxxx
By Blogger Mona, at 1/16/2007
lol @ politics in naija turning into comedy.....

Have a wonderful week too!
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/17/2007
ha ha ha....basket mouth looks so funny
By Anonymous dolapo, at 1/17/2007
that basket mouth's picture is frightening! good for scaring naughty little children. did you notice his eyes were going in different directions? hahahahhaahha

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