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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ozakii - Ngozi Uchea, Lil Miss Jocelyn,

Blogging and updates bin really slow this week.mane work is taking most of my time,anyways lets get to it:

Guud to always see Nigerians doing big things...This time it's Ngozi Uchea who is chief designer @ OZAKII London- an accessory & womenswear label committed to making the best bespoke and exclusive products with a flair for the original...Okay! All products are hand made in their studios in Little Venice,London. Ngozi studied at both the Royal College of Art and London College of Fashion,with two degrees to her name-a bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Technology and a Masters in Fashion and Mixed Media. To find out more about Ngozi and the OZAKII collection, click Here

Below are a couple pictures showcasing the OZAKII Collection...Enjoy!!!


Lil' Miss Jocelyn
If you live in the U.K,chances are you've already seen this brilliant Nigerian's(yes,Jocelyn Jee Essien)Comedy show on BBC3..If you havent, I've got a series of short clips showcasing 9ja spoofs...you've got the 9ja driver(I dont got tyme!), Mr & Mrs Omuokpopopo(did i spell it ryt?)amongst a host of others....have fun watchn these videos...you'll be grabbing your seats for support...


Bus peeps:
This clip features the divine Colin Salmon(Alien vs Predator)...my future hubby,the voice!!!Hav u ever seen any1 "rap" 'Olde English Literature' so well?;-)

Mr & Mrs Omuokpopopo:

Loooong tyme:

This is really really 4ny: click d link below to listen to jeff shuman's prank call as a local African man callin an estate agent.....

Since dis is the last weekend of the year 2006!! make sure y'all live it up, anyways back at u in 2007!!!
Much much love!!!!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jobs In Nigeria, Jay-Z in 9ja, Bantu Ft. Ayuba, Estella

Hey happy Boxn Day ya'll!How was ur Xmas?Rockn the presents yet?I'm headn out to the shops for the sales....none of dat 5am ish for me tho...i luvv my sleep 2 2 much!!!Anyway,yep,2006 is drawing to its close...so it's dat tyme of the year..makn new year resolutions!...top of my list is to stop swearing(it's only when im worked up,i swear!!!)...God help me!So back to Business...

Thinking of going back to 9ja to work?Or you there already and looking for a job?or you...oh forget it!Do you want a job?If so, there's a wonderful website dedicated to careers in our great country...from Oil and Gas vacancies to Telecommunications and even vacancies through Recruitment Agencies(yeah,I dont know if u should trust agencies in 9j,you wont get all your money!)Have a look round and goodluck!!!



I know most of you have already seen these pictures cos they have been flyn round the web for some tyme now(@ anonymous especially...this "old news" is on purpose oh!), but it never fails to make me smile...JayZ being turbanned in Ilorin...oh yes,it's that tyme again...when we claim a "Star" is "Nigerian";-)lol...free us oh...But Jay was in town to launch his "Water for Life" Project...B was reportedly around but for some reason she wasnt conferred with a title...maybe cos they arent married but whatever sha...Enjoy!!!

Uhm Jay-Z, would some of these attires be making the cut for the 2007 Rocawear line? I can just see people,celebs and non-celebs alike,rockn the turban @ leisure...GREAT IMAGE!!!

Fuji Satisfaction-Bantu feat Ayuba
Adé Bantu combines Afrobeat, Afro Funk, Hiphop , Fuji Music, Dancehall and reggae in this video.He won the 2005 Kora Award for Best Group Africa & West Africa,Founder of Afro-German Group "Brothers Keepers" of which RuleClean is a member.Enjoy this video with "fuji maestro" Ayuba!!!

Absolutely luvv the beat aswell!Fun tymes...!!!

Estella Couture Fashion Show

For d fashion pple in d house,most of this outfits if not all,r beautiful...

UPDATE: Our thots go out to the families of the 200+ people who are dead as a result of the oil explosion that happened today @ Abule Egba,Lagos. The victims can not be identified as yet,and the search is on for more injured victims.In total,over 2000 people have died this year as a result of oil related problems.May God grant all the people concerned the fortitude to bear the loss, Amen.

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Monday, December 25, 2006


Hey, from the bottom of our hearts we just want 2 wish EVERY ONE a merry Christmas, have fun n do not 4get JESUS is really the reason 4 christmas
here is a fantastic song n video 'CHINWE IKE' u dnt have to understand Ibo to knw wat dis song is all about...its just simply amazing and nain cld hav fitted 2day's purpose more...so from us to u.....MERRY XMAS!!!!!

n ooh let us knw wat u gt 4 xmas...
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Weekend Digest

Thank God its FRIDAY!!!! 3 more days 2 kissmass!!lol


Raise Da Roof-Jazzman Olofin feat. Ayuba
This video is it!!!Abeg,lie and say u dont start dancing or atleast start tapping ur feet,clicking ur fingers...when you hear this song!oh okay,you dont?just me then?oh...anyway,Enjoy!!!


Though Sasha has bin arnd 4 a while now,ha album is said to be in completion stage,Storm Records is proud to announce that Sasha’s Album will be released in February 2007 with her first videos breaking ground in Xmas 2006, Sasha has just completed the first part of the promotional roll out for her Album and in the days and weeks ahead... (FYI: Storm Records is like the Def jam of Naija)she'd be hitting up Friends of the disabled charity on the 23rd of December.(Adeniji Adele, Lagos)

Seven persons, including one masquerade, were yesterday sentenced to death by hanging before an Ikeja High Court Judge, Justice Benedicta Shitta-Bay, for conspiring and murdering, a Muslim cleric in Epe in 2003.The accused persons who pleaded not guilty of the charge were discovered to have conspired to murder the cleric, Alfa Bello Akodo, while they were celebrating Oro festival in Epe.According to Lagos State Ministry of Justice, who is the prosecutor, the accused persons were said to have engaged the Muslim cleric for refusing to give them money.

Psquare - Last nite
Shako mo- Remedies
Last nite was from their 1st album which didnt do too well compared to d latest one (Get Squared) the album is actually nt bad aswell... n yall knw Remedies was like the 1st group with mega hits back in d day, d rap on this song is just teew mad!

Aww,there's just sumthin about baby pics that make us go all "googoo gaagaa"(i presume that's baby talk?)Here are the latest baby pictures from this fabulous family...uhm,wat baby cousin to hook this cute baby wiv?

Leading Nigerian designer Deola Sagoe with frontline supermodel Alek Wek at the THISDAY Style weekend , that went down last weekend,where Wek showcased Deola’s designs above amongst others...

Have a nice weekend guys!!!!!


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NAIJA: SPOTLIGHT - Michael Ezuruonye!!!

Name: Michael Ezuruonye
This guy is actually hella talented in what he does n he can be cute, though his roles seems to always be a very bad tempered boyfriend or husband, who manhandles his girl....(gosh he plays it so well my mama hates him..lol) but he did a movie earlier this year,Dakore,Ini Edo,MonaLisa Chinda,Jim Iyke (this is d best jim iyke has eva looked, trust me...clean cut, he was lookin yum) were casted along, its called 'GAMES MEN PLAY' apparently its a copy of sum American movie...but since i havnt seen the American version, it is a very good movie....u can watch the movie online at onlinenigeria 4 FREE,all u have to do is register,heres the LINK ?(YUP, expect some issues on this site atimes, but they tried...its free...

Anyways hia is a lil bio bout him:

The beginning:
Right from primary school, Michael showed a keen interest in the world of television. He worked behind the camera writing scripts on clapper board television.
A good friend of movie producer Jeta Amata, Michael has always been involved in some capacity in the world of Arts and Theater despite having studied Accounting.
The big break:
He was buying fuel at a gas station when he was spotted by Ruke Amata of the Amata Dynasty and this happy coincidence set him on tracks to pursue his most cherished dream of becoming an actor.
The rise to fame:
Popularly nicknamed Fair Mike, the handsome actor quickly proved his talent and capabilities to convince some of the most influential decision makers in Nollywood, namely director Aquilla Njamah and producer Emem Isong to give him a chance. Director Dickson Iroegbu gave him his big break in the movie "Broken Marriage."
His shot 2 fame is d quickest ever observed in the history of Nollywood by any standards, male and female alike.His story is sometimes likened to the fairy tale Cinderella.
To give credit where credit is due, Michael gives accolades to the people who gave him his break and believed in him when he still had everything to prove, namely Aquilla Njamah, Emem Isong, Gabriel Moses and Dickson Iroegbu.
He is ever grateful to the public home and abroad who adopted him instantly and made him the fastest rising star in the Nollywood sky.And last but not least, his eternal gratitude goes to his loving mother for standing by him all the way.

Talking of Nollywood,some title of naija movies are just so bizzare..some dont even have nothin 2 do wit the movie, can u imagine an ''Action movie' called ARSENAL????or ORANGE GROOVE..nuffin to do with oranges or grooves...how does that work out, mayb 'm d one missin out sumthn!


M so lovin the whole Naija stand up comedy, dey r beginnin 2 get sum recognition, doin their thing, here is a clip from 'Basket mouth' hes one of my favorite, mayb wen i knw how 2 upload 2 youtube i'd put up sum funnier ones

He is talkin about naija movies here:


The past 3yrs has bin a steppin stone 4 artists, more n more younger pple r comin thru n doin their own thing, in return,diff awards has bin created...NIGERIA MUSIC AWARDS, CHANNEL O AWARDS,KORA MUSIC AWARDS......and r even recognized outside Africa.P-square n 2face have both bin nominated 4 acts at the Europe MTV awards n MOBOS!!....n its just beginning!!!Guudluck to all our music artistes!!!


Star actor Jim Iyke,was involved in an auto crash along airport road in Wuse area of Abuja on Monday.He and two other occupants of the car are now in the hospital.The actor was driving a BMW car with registration number "J1" when he ran into another vehicle.He is now in the Emergency Ward of the National Hospital Abuja where he is currently receiving treatment.Jim Iyke was said to have travelled to Abuja for the second leg of a fund raising for his foundation scheduled for this week end.

Get well soon oh Jim!

Liz Benson is now an Evangelist oh!The Nollywood star who is now known as Evang Liz Benson was at Jesus Campaigners Ministries(JCM)when it celebrated its seventh anniversary.She was guest speaker at the occasion and is currently making waves in her calling as a campaigner for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.In her sermon, entitled Supernatural intervention,Evang Benson charged believers to play life’s role diligently saying the love of God never fails and there is no situation he cannot address according to His will.She said:“Whatever you are going through,put up a smile,don’t despair,maintain an unshaken faith because all is well.Jesus Christ paid the prize on the cross in Calvary,so no shaking.Noting that “there are times when we look at certain situations,we think it is all over for us but God can make things to change at any given time,she remarked:“It doesn’t matter how long you have been down, God will lift you up when you get your acts right.”

Goodluck wiv that retirement plan Liz oh!Big things!

Kanayo O Kanayo goes back to school!K.O.K, Best Actor of 2006 African Movies Academy Award (AMAA),has returned to the University of Lagos (UNILAG),for further studies.Entertainment Cafe gathered that the star actor,who recently graduated from the Philosophy department of the school has secured admission to pursue a Law programme,full time.A source also disclosed that Kanayo was formerly an evening student of the school and has been admitted into 200 level at the institution’s Faculty of Law.With his admission into the school,he is now regarded as a ‘learned friend’ of RMD and Funke Akindele,his acting colleagues who recently graduated from the same faculty

Str8 into 2nd year?Only 9ja,only 9ja!


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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sing your hearts out...

Hey wots up beautiful pple, hope u guys had a good wkend?? had a nice one...nd ooh i'm so glad LEONA won x-factor, dang!! that girl can SING.....it was kinda obvious she was gonna win tho...bin rooting 4 ha since lyk day1, i hope they market ha well n nt just disappear like those other ones.....anyways hia is a vid of ha soundin amazing while fightin bac tears n singin a 'moment like this'

Anyways, in the mode of singin reality shows.....

Guess what??...its our own show, its tymes like this i miss naija,IDOLS WEST AFRICA is open to anybody btw the ages of 18 and 30 (as @ 1 January 2007), who are residents of the West African countries of - Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Saint Helena, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

"Four auditions will be held for IDOLS WEST AFRICA and West African entrants should note that these auditions will be held at the following venues – on January 6 in Lagos (The Ibru Victoria Gardens), on January 15 in Abuja (Sheraton Hotel), on January 20 in Accra (venue to be confirmed) and on January 26 in Calabar (Cultural Centre). These are audition registration days and entrants may be asked to return for an audition in the days that follow. However failure to register for auditions on the given dates means no later entry will be allowed.
Further would-be entrants should not have an existing recording contract of any kind. During the audition phase, entrants can sing from a wide spectrum of music including Traditional, Western, English, Nigerian, African, Pop, Reggae, R’nB and rock, though Idols entrants should be aware that the show is looking for a pop star.
Anyone who meets these criteria can attend open auditions at one of four venues and are advised to arrive at the venue early because auditions operate on a “first come, first seen” basis with the first 1500 entrants guaranteed an audition. Also make sure to bring an identity document or passport with you to the audition to verify your details."

Importantly, contestants should remember that they get one chance to perform, one chance to make an impression, one chance to succeed...just teww teww mad! so if u hav a good voice(good is enuff!) give it a try u neva knw,may b i'ld b puttin u up as the winner and next big thing...n pple screamin ur name...hmmm,obviously i'd b rooting 4 naija contestants, i wld love 4 a girl to win cos we honestly do not hav a female naija-based Artiste(actually i wld say vocalist, cos WEIRD MC stands out 2 me n i luv SASHA--but they r rappers)who proper stands out(no disrespect 2 all y'all doin ur thing!)


For some weird reason, i like this video...the lyrics are so "simple" to learn(all you need to know is 'shake body'..lol)but the dancing is just WOAH!...yeah,yeah it's an old video but it still makes me wanna dance everytyme!!!

See I told You..play it again!!!

And ooh yeah,there was a post last week bout Chinedu Ikedieze , it actually turns out to b true n hia is a pic of the bride 2 be(Nkechi Munonye)........

In ha own words she said "My love for my heartrob is unconditional. We share almost everything in common, we were born same year, same month, same day and most likely same hour,so you can see that this union is made in heaven". guud to see "true luv oh" The weddin is set 2 hold either lata dis yr or early nxt yr!

12 survive Inferno
No fewer than 12 people, including children at the weekend escaped death in Lagos, when their residence, a two-storey building of six flats was gutted by fire.
The inferno, according to an eye witness, started at the early hours of Friday, destroying properties worth millions of naira at Block 3, Phase One, Lateef Jakande Housing Estate, Adeniji Adele road of the Lagos Island.
The occupants said over N500,000 cash alongside valuable properties were razed by the fire that occurred at about 2.30a.m.
Although no life was lost, minor injuries were sustained by occupants of the topmost floor.
Residents said they were not able to take out valuables as they were pre-occupied with saving lives.(ThisDay)
We hope the injured recover ASAP, Have a guud day ya'll!!!
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Friday, December 15, 2006


What day is it????...its Friday, obviously this is my favorite day of the week; cos its time to get lazy....lol only that i'v really had nain much to do this week, anyways......
Have u heard d female version of omoge mi-p square?Here it is...'BOBO MI'Listen here

PLANTASHUN BOIZ---Baby dont you know...

If u r a girl, n neva liked this song wen it came out,u were not "Hip"! i mean this song was just teww teww mad!. i remember in High School, how we'd b jammin it on the tape playa(dnt ask me y i use that name) every saturday mornin, n those lyrics..."look into my eyes and tell me wetin u c...i c hunger, desire only if u can quench this fire, u look me n i loose my self control oh" i still hav the cd...that was a proper naija album....call me razz!!

Below r 2 nu videos from Lagbaja.I love lagbaja n i heard behind all dat mask is a fine man...

I love EGO, i neva knew she could sing ha ass out till i heard 'neva far away'


The folks @ THISDAY are really doin big things! First they had the music festival with them jay z,ciara and all barely 2mnths ago and now they are having their second THISDAY style weekend, this tyme to officially launch "THISDAY STYLE:THE MAGAZINE"...hmm real nice, anyways top models: Alek Wek, Oluchi Onweagba and Yasmin Warsame arrived yday to showcase new collections from Deola Sagoe, Anna Getanah, Xuly Bet, Tiffany Amber, Ere Hart, Ijeru Coker, Dakova and the best of African fashion and style. Other models like Solange Boccovi, Kamara Madoussou George Badie, Hawa and other top models from Africa, will also perform on the catwalk.

Two young men in their 20s are on their way to a five-year jail term for allegedly getting involved in homosexuality.Ogadi Edobi and Uche Ukebi were arrested by policemen attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja after a report was made to the police.With sugar coated words like ‘I love you’ and freebies such as chin-chin, biscuits, La Casera drink, yoghurt, among others, Ukebi, 27, found in Ogadi a willing heart.The cat was let out of the bag when Ogadi allegedly stole his master’s N685,000 and handed it over to Ukebi.
...uhm arrested by Anti-robbery squad??c'mon,Nigerians now!Surely there are more things that the police can concern themselves with?lyk fraud,actual "robbery" and all?...i just cant understand d fact that they want to make 'homesexuality'a criminal offence, its simply infringing human rights.....cos its a way of life, i chose to be a xtain; u chose to b a muslim...its a way of life....

RAMPAGING robbers yesterday stormed seven banks in two different parts of Lagos leaving in their trail the death of no fewer than 23 pple with others injured. The number of casualties is the highest recorded so far in a day.One of the robbery incidents in which 16 pple lost their lives took place at the popular Alaba Int'l market along the Lagos-Badagry expressway at about 6am.Eye witnesses reported that over 50 robbers stormed five banks (names withheld)in the area in an unmarked commercial bus and another Toyota Camry car. The bandits, armed with sophisticated weapons, reportedly engaged over a hundred policemen who came to intercept them in one of the longest shoot- outs in recent times.


mane its Nnena, gotta love that girl on ANTM(America's next top model)Nnenna spotted at the Sagittarian Affair with Danielle Evans.They both look nice.

Songs 'm feelin at the mo'
i knw i said its 80% naija stuvvs, bt we neva actually put otha stuvvs, but hia r some otha songs m loving:
Danity Kane-Ride 4 u
Kirk Franklin-Imagine me
I love love ciara,and dis song is no exception, the video is just teew mad. if u watched MTB3...u'd grow to love Danity kane...so i do love them n dis song is amazing. Imagine me is an inspirational song that lifts my spirit everytime.....

Just last week i told u guys that D'banj and Ini Edo were dating or sumthn, ryt now apparently D'banj has moved ova to Empress Njammah, and apparently Ini Edo n Empress r like really really close friends...mane once again na Rumor..

Like i said last week, there are goin to b xmas giveaways, mainly cds by naija artists...all u have to do is send an email to naijavixen@hotmail.com, with the subject: 'FREEBIES',and we'd pick randomly and announce on xmas day
(due 2 some reasons, only entrants from uk are allowed,u want to know y?.....because we Nigerians thats y, nxt yr wld probably be different, so kip the mail coming)

Ya'll have a luvly weekend now!!!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Special Event.....Stars On The Runaway

STARS ON THE RUNWAY is a fashion show with a difference, featuring celebrities and stars from Nigeria, Africa, Europe and the USA on the runway wearing and exhibiting creations from the best of Nigerian designers to raise money for charity.

This event is scheduled to be held in Lagos on the 17th of February 2007. Celebrities from the world of entertainment, sports and media, regardless of size and structure, will be invited to model in 5 categories; Players' Ball, Divine Divas, Movers & Shakers, Peculiar Pairs and Celebrity Couples. 12 top Nigerian designers from around the world will design pieces specifically for the celebrities to wear on the night.

The theme of this momentous event, as the name suggests, is to showcase the best of Nigerian design and fashion, coupled with the parade of stars, plus first class entertainment and effective networking by some of the stars on the runway all for a good cause.Stars On The Runway is the brainchild of popular TV personality Ronke Apampa, and is produced by R70 World,the company also produces television specials at Fashion Weeks all around the world for broadcast on stations in the UK, USA and Nigeria.
It actually does sound interesting...12designers....60 celebrities....1 runway...HOTNESS!!

Zulezoo(of Kerewa Fame)Drama!
I had no idea, that KEREWA was banned in Nigeria till i came across this video. i love that song, you can check the video, which i posted last month... i am quite shocked cos personally i do not think there is anything wrong with that song. So its alright to play them swearing, disrespecting kind of song on radio in Nigeria n then two guys talking about ....person wey enter mummy room come be wahala...na wa oh..
anyways this is their answer to the whole situation....

Comic Relief: did u hear the guy say:' banding as in BANNING'.... ok i have issues!!!!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Clubs in Abuja,Port Harcourt...

Very late post,but something very very weird happened to us today...tell you guyz about it some other tyme!Okay,found a couple more clubs in other cities...so yeah,if you in any of these cities, go party!

Blakes Excellency Resorts-Ahmadu Bello Way, Area 11, Garki
British Council Roof Top-Plot 2935, IBB Way, Maitama,Abuja
Dome-Cadastral Zone,Central Area,Abuja.
Elephant Bar-Sheraton Hotel,Abuja
Excellency-Wuse Zone 2,Abuja.
Fellows-Wuse Zone 2,Abuja.
Hilton Pool Bar-Transcorp Hilton, Aguiyi Ironsi Way, Wuse 2, Abuja
Le Meridien Hotel-Plot 903,Tafawa Balewa Way,Abuja
Point NiteClub-Aminu Kano Crescent,Wuse Zone 2
Safari NightClub-Transcorp Hilton,Aguiyi Ironsi Way,Wuse 2,Abuja

Port Harcourt
Barracuda-Perekule Close,G.R.A P.H
Bootleggers-Olu Obasanjo Rd,P.H
T's Place-Amadi Flat,P.H
Morella-Amadi Flat,P.H
Tsahara-Trans Amadi Rd,P.H
Nightbox-Perekule close,G.R.A. P.H
Charlie's-G.R.A. Jnction Aba Rd,P.H
Blue Elephant-G.R.A. P.H
Blue Club-G.R.A. Phase 2 P.H
Illusions Night Club-Orazi,P.H
Dan-Esther,Bodaniels Hotel-Rumuplumeni,P.H
Grendale's nite club-Presidential Hotel,P.H
Le Meridien Ogeyi Place-P.H

Spring Fellows Nite club-Zik Avenue,Uwani,Enugu
Caves Nite club-New Haven,Enugu

Kakanfo Inn-1 Nihinlola Street,Off Mobil Petrol Station,Ring Road,Ibadan
Cotton Club-Old Bodija

I know there used to be Plat'num on Awolowo Avenue,Old Bodija,Ibadan...not sure if it's still there tho...


Okay,here's what it is..Guinness hosted a party..bunch of celebs and non-celebs there...Looked lyk fun...whateva!!!Just playn tho...Let's play "Spot a Celeb"...!


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Soul E Baba & Clubs in Lagos!!!

For acute lovers of Soul E Baba lyk myself, this is a real treat (okay mayb not as guud as what u REALLY want 4 xmas!) but really,this guy is guud! A student of the Lagos State University,he had to get his parents approval to sing,got into the studio to record his first major work entitled “Soul E Baba Dey Here.” and the rest is ...

"His effort was crowned when his debut video featured prominently on MTV Base. The success of the video, without doubt, carved a niche for Soul E as the new face of the rising profile of Nigerian artistes.Aside his debut album, Soul E’s other major breakthrough remains the signing of an agreement with the hottest spot on the island, The Vault. The contract, which will run out in six months, would see Soul E perform at the club live every last Saturday of the month.The Vault has hosted some of Nigeria’s most exquisite events since it opened its doors for business. The long list includes MTV Base, Big Brother Nigeria, Channel O and Hip-Hop World Magazine among several others."(SunNewsOnline)
Enjoy the video!!!


I'm sad!,was meant to be in Lagos(I luvv that Town!!!) for the xmas period...but some things are annoyingly getting in the way...damn! Anyway,these are a list of clubs and their locations that i meant to go to(not at once!)..Hope someone finds this useful!!! Will put up club info tomorrow for clubs in Abuja...but i only know lyk 2 or 3 or 4...Port Harcourt,Ibadan,Enugu...anyone with additional info should hit me up!(And no i swear i havent been to all these clubs!!!)

After Hours-8,Louise Farrakhan Crescent,Victoria Island.
After Nine-Lagos Island.
Africa Shrine-Pepple Street,Ikeja.
Atlantic Bar-14B,Adeola Hopewell,Victoria Island.
Boyles-6,Boyles Street,Onikan.
Bacchus-57 Awolowo Road,Ikoyi.
Club 1145-113A Awolowo Road,Falomo,Ikoyi.
Club 21-Wharf Road,Apapa.
Club Towers-Idowu Taylor Street,Victoria Island.
Dee Captains-33,Toyin Street,Ikeja.
Deals-23rd Road,Festac Town.
Green Lion-2,Adetokunbo Ademola,Victoria Island.
Hearts Exclusive-5th Avenue,Festac Town.
International Piano Bar-4 Odo Ogwu Close,Off Keffi Street,Ikoyi.
Jazzville-21,Majaro Street,Onike,Yaba.
Kay’s Place-11B,Akin Adesola,Victoria Island.
Koko’s-1,Ozumba Mbadiwe Street,Victoria Island.
Lincham Night Club-Old Ojo Road,Festac Town.
Murphis-27,Sanusi Fafunwa,Victoria Island.
Motherland-64,Opebi Road Ikeja.
Pyramid Club-2,Aboyade Cole,Victoria Island.
Pinto's-9,Opebi Road,Ikeja.
Saga VIII-35a Adetokunbo Ademola Str.,V.I
Sea Garden-26,Isaac John,Ikeja.
Sportshaq-7 Sapara Williams Street,Off Idowu Martins Street,V.I.
The Den-28,Isaac John,Ikeja.
The Pub-68,Marina Road,Apapa.
Thristle Bar-36,Marina Road,Apapa.
The Dome Mega Plaza-14,Idowu Martins,V.I.
The Terrace-Ikoyi Hotel,19,Kingsway Road.
The Vault-21a Idowu Martins Str,V.I
Zandu Club Ikoyi Hotel, 19, Kingsway Road.

MONA has more event info HERE

So does TaureanMinx,especially for getting around in LAGOS

There's a special dedicated website also WhereToGoInLagos detailing everything from shopping,clubs,eating out and accommodation.


Rumour has it that Chinedu Ikedieze(Also known as "AKI")is engaged!!! Apparently the star threw a lavish engagement party @ Q Club in Lagos with several Nollywood stars in attendance...if it's true...Congrats...but remember say na rumour i call am o!

Ehen, oga RMD has lashed out @ "amebos" that wont let him rest over his guud friendship with fellow star Stella Damasus.He said "She's my good friend,I've known her all my life"...Busy bodies,leave him alone oh...what does Jumobi think about all this?..but my safe word sha...NA RUMOR OH!!!

Have a wonderful day ya'll!!!


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Monday, December 11, 2006

New Week:

OOh,its Monday, for some its back to work, for some its back to the lecture room! Just to give the ladies a piece of eye candy,here is a pic that has bin goin arnd 4 a while now, i neva thot the day wld come wen i wld c a picture of p square and basically have to look 4 and pick my bottom jaw from the floor... the pic was on their newly refurbished website a mnth ago...tho the site is down again, seriously naija artists need to start paying 4 their sites, ahn ahn! anyways,i mean.... look at those bodies...my my my!getting their overly grown n sexy on..with the oil drippin from their bodies...mmmmmm! oh snap!


Yesterday marked the 1st anniversary of the Sosoliso air-mishap that happened on the 10th of Dec 2005 at the Port Harcourt Airport, Omagwa, Rivers State.The aircraft, a DC-9-32 with registration number 5N-BFD on a scheduled flight, which was to have left at 10 am, was delayed until 1.26pm when it took off from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.In the belly of the massive plane were 108 passengers and crew.Majority of the occupants (60) were students of Jesuit Loyola College in Abuja who were already on Christmas vacation and were heading home to celebrate the yuletide with beloved family members and friends...
Lets take tyme out to remember the deceased and the families left behind...

They go by the name 'De Indispensables', and they bin gettin heavy play on them naija channels hia. Believe it or not u can get this single frm HMV! brap!!!

I'm pratically in luv with TI,n did u hear that guy in the begining sayin my baby's catchphrase razz-ly 'ai ai'. moving on wots up with the Yung Joc's Going Down dance?.... overall its nt a bad song at all!

Rumor has it that Actress INIOBONG EDO(ini Edo) and koko master D'banj are indeed an item.City pple magazine was the first to write about it after she was spotted at one of his shows and were cozying up lata on! Dj Abass also confirmed it on his show saying the two have been seen together several times afterwards, though both are still denyin the rumors...hmmm wat a combination if this is actually true...anyways remember its still a rumor n no be me talk am oh, cos i no c dem with my own eye!
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Friday, December 08, 2006


Yay, Thank God its friday! this week went by so fast.....anyways that means its time for new videos, video throwback, downloads n other random stuvvs!

To start with a big bang, its one of my Fav Naija artist, i LOVE Eldee back from wen he was in 9j heading trybesman with KB. Personally he stands out from the other rappers...he yearns sense, he also produced SASHA'S first single 'Emi le gan'and also directed the video!, and he's also an Architect.... can u smell talent? anyways his new ALBUM, RETURN OF THE KING is available on itunes,hia
Anyways, he has relocated to yankee 4 a while now,but just released a video for his song 'CHAMPION', and here is the video: u can c dem Banky,Naira, Keno and Amplifyd crew gettin their celebrity on...i seriously nid 2 b in one of them videos and show em how its done...lol! 4 real tho

to find out more about him,CLICK
nuff said?


I love this song,its from these guys called VIP, they are Ghanians. This song always gets me in the mood to move.Though i have absolutely no idea bout what the sayin'.

Styl plus:

Its really sad that none of omotola's songs entered any charts at all, it didnt even get air play...poor her!, acting is really ha calling...i love ha tho n d album...wateva! styl plus...their album is actually good as well, it has songs in different languages, from Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo!n zeal oh zeal oh zeal..i nid to find his pic, that brotha is on dreads now and only u can b d judge.(Both albums r available on itunes and like 99pence per song)

If you understand yoruba, u will really find this funny...its hillarious...


Nigerian actress Hassanat Taiwo Akinwande(WUNMI),appeared in court last week charged with drug trafficking.She was arrested in September by officials of the Nigerian National Drug Law Enforcement Agency while trying to get on board a London-bound Virgin Atlantic flight from Lagos. After a few days in detention,she had excreted 92 wraps of high-quality cocaine weighing in at 1.214 kg, according to the prosecution.

A gang of 30 daring armed robbers stormed the Bureaux de Change at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, in the early hours of Monday carting away currencies worth over N150 million.

President Olusegun Obasanjo publicly submitted himself for HIV/ AIDS screening at the eagle square in Abuja.Curiously, the result of his test was not made public. But he was counseled, even as he said he was determined to keep to his promise of fighting the spread of the dreaded disease, adding that Nigeria was the first African country to provide anti-retroviral therapy in the public sector.

The United States government has barred five Nigerian governors from entering the country with effect December 1.This follows a request by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC).

Three-time sports minister and one-time chairman of the Nigeria Football Association, Air Commodore Sampson Emeka Omeruah (rtd), is dead. Reports said the debonair air force officer, known in sports circles as 'the man with the magic wand' died in a London hospital yesterday afternoon after a brief illness, at the age of 63.God be with his family in this hard time (Amen)

* and there is going to be xmas freebies..in 2wks, i will put up more details about it this coming week, so watch this space*
Hav a Fantabu-lous weekend!!!!


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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Random Pics & Nigerian Cartoons!!!

Random pics mostly of 9ja celebs....luvv Soul E Baba!!!

2FACE getting his celebrity on!!!

Soul E Baba....Yeah!!!!

Benny Williams...Up-and-coming Artiste...Check out the "grillz"...lol!

P-Square!!!At a recent event...

Rugged-Man...Luvvd "Baraje"..wonder when he'll get a new song out...

Dancer at the same event...I want loads @ my Bash...

Usher....oh,i mean Peter.....

I luvv Cartoons...so finding 9ja onez is an absolute STEAL!!!enjoy!!!

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