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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cupid's Ball,Music News & Battle of the Stars.


Do u have 10grand 2 blow?R u in 9j?N r u free on feb 9th?..ok we present 2 u all; Showbiz Couple Tunde and Wunmi Obe (TWO) lol, d duo r set to present "Cupid’s Ball" come 6 p.m. on February 9, 2007, at the Grand Ball Room of Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos!There is so much hype bout it,and if you get all tingly at the thot of VAL'S DAY...uhnnn,the pressies!
The highlight of Cupid’s Ball would be the "Blind Date" segment when TWO play cupid by randomly withdrawing previously placed names, one each from two boxes (His and Her).At least, three lucky couples would emerge and win a dinner for two on Val’s Day at an upscale restaurant in Lagos.
A Band called DÈja Vu, featuring TWO, will also feature live as well as guest artistes, which include Segun Obe,Soul E,burning hot female rapper, Bouqui,plus sweet voiced crooner and ex-Lagbaja vocalist Ego Ogbaro.Comedians would not be left out as two of the country’s finest would be on hand to leave everyone in stitches.
A lingerie fashion show will also feature Mrs. Sumbo Shobowale’s female lingerie and underwearUnderstatements line.An elaborate 3course buffet dinner with drinks of every kind, including champagne, await every paying guest.The duo whose latest video "Mo Gbo Mo Ya" is receiving thumbs up from Nigerians!!(yet 2 hear d song or c d video,Tunde Obe used 2 b so 'hawt'!D last time i saw dem on Bisi Olatilo; they still looked very much in love...awww!

Keep you updated on more info!

People people see RuggedMan getting his celebrity on oh!!!!I luvv this picture!!!

Musical news:
D'banj relocates permanently 2 Nigeria
The Zaria-born "Kokomaster" D'banj has finally decided to moved permanently to Nigeria,after a very successful 2006 which brought us such hits as "Tongolo remix" which had us questioning what the "Koko" really meant,"Why me" and "RunDown" which is garnering a very high amount of airplay in and around 9ja.He has started living the high life now,with the arrival of his BMW 530T sedan and now he "supposedly" is moving from his Lateef Jakande Starlight Estate abode to an undisclosed highbrow estate located in Victoria Island.D'Banj's popularity knows no bounds as he got himself endorsement deals,most notably with Nutricima and made some money from PDP for the use of his trademark "What is the KoKo?" for their campaign advertisement and is virtually on the bill of every major concert in Nigeria...altho sounds lyk the jokes on them(PDP),dont they know what the "KOKO" means?!! PDP but y??

Plantashun Boiz 2 reform
Fans of the group "Plantashun Boiz" might be happy to know the group myt get back together!!!Even though they all went their separate ways and released material,sum were more successful than the others.This decision culd be as a result of pressure from notable people to re-group as just a month ago the trio(2Face,Black Face and Face)performed at the Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort where Governor Donald Duke and his wife Onari were guests of honour.Tochukwu Joe the owner of T-Joe Entertainmenthas secured the deal to bankroll the production of the group and this proves that Kennis Music is not behind the regrouping.Apparently each member has already been paid an advance of N10 million by T-Joe and would be paid more once the album is released.So far both 2face and Blackface have confirmed this.

Videos Of The Day
Today's videos of the day is a battle between two "Nollywood" heavyweights... Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola "Omosexy" Ekeinde!Okay,just so you know there is no "acknowledged" beef between these stars that we know of oh...so dont start nuthin!We are going to put up a video each for both stars for you to compare and contrast...even though you may argue that both are wack but bear in mind that both of them are not singers and Genevieve only did that album because her "Ghanaian fans" wanted her to;-) but...May the best woman win!

Dance--Omosexy feat Ruggedman

No more---Genevieve

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 7:37 AM


hmmm....those 2 videos:

It's hard choosing.

will be back....maybe then I'd have made up my mind.
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/24/2007
Still can't make up my mind..

But I'll give best video to Genevieve, and best song to Omotola.

Genevieve's song is very aggresive I think
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/25/2007
omotola is definately better, her voice is just terrible. but both of them shuld stick 2 acting
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/25/2007

Omotola's voice is definitely terrible.

Glad for D Banj. Dont like his music tho.
Are u serious or are you kidding? Dbanj has finally moved to naija. ....he's such a good artist.l love his songs.
hey thanks for stopping by.
Cupid's ball sounds interesting. Is this the very first one? I'd like to know how turns out.
By Blogger Mari, at 1/25/2007
Whatever the song Geneive is singing, pls I need to go to the studio as well

@temmy tayo No ooo ..Omotola is sexy
By Blogger Naijadude, at 1/25/2007
omoSEXY all the way!!! genevieve messed it up by adding all that igbo... loves the message but um sorry not feeling it.

what does the koko mean? please enlighten us jjc's.
By Anonymous hotgyal, at 1/26/2007
They are both terrible, but Omotola's song is extremely messy. i can't believe rugged man, the king of yabbing nija singers put his voice on this track!
i just checked ur site coutesy vera . lovely lovely lovely ,! to the video --- omotola should just go and rest i dont even have to see the video --- saw one report calling her nigerian beyonce- bey what -- she was looking horribily razzzz in a jumpsuit hello i was counting flabs !!! she has no dress sense and always has a bad hair day , genevive is just the chick and multi talentented , the video might have loads of IGBO currents i still thing she has got loads of style , u can even compare the picturs on ur site .
can someone pls tell oluchi that we would appreciate it if she covers she b***bs yes we know she has done a JOB on them but i'm sure it would look better if covered and plssss tell agbani i love her looks here i mean she is just a diva ! can some pls assist in telling segun arinze to try and squint his eyes a bit it might just help !megalyn and shirly are just beauty queens lol ! i wish i could see shade adu's recent picture and plsssss the fineest male bloger has revealed his faceooo naija dude but i'm not sure if he want u to put that on this site you know why ??? i wish he was straight haba
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/26/2007
@Nilla--im wiv u on Gene's vid,d outfits r hot!!!altho d beat on omotola's track is hotter!
@Anon1..lol!...they both need to stick wiv d day job,dont worry Gene's confirmed it's never going to happen again!
@TemmyTayo--thanx for stoppn by,aww D'banj is alryt and harmless really!;-)
@YNC-yes oh,dude has moved back..more opportunities there,lots of parties EVERY week...we all knw dude luvvs a party!
@Mari--not a problem,thanx 2...this is d 1st Cupid's Ball,and it sounds lyk itz going to be IT...Tunde and Wunmi know how to do things well.
@NaijaDude---pls start singn oh.. steady income ryt there!just think of all d freebies and endorsements u'll get;-)!
@Hotgyal--aww,Gene was tryna "rep her hood"!!!The best thing woulda bin her vid AND omosexy's song, now dat i'll pay to see!
@Chainreader---thank you oh..we nigerians can change mouth!;-)but we still luv us sum ruggedman!
@Anon2--Thanx,thanx...swelling of head coming on!Omotola had beats but messed 'em up,but we luv both her and Gene(diplomacy..lol)Agbani is d chick!Will get a "covered" up pic of oluchi just for you;-)Naijadude paid us guud money to put this pic up...still waitn on payment NAIJADUDE!
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