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Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Digest:

Hey yall, guess u'v bin havn a gud week, anyways to start off, hia is a vid dedicated to the true city dat neva sleeps..LAGOS; its a record by Storm Records allstar:Sasha, Jazzman,GT,Nkiru n Dare.''Eko ile'' i love Gt's part ...he sounds so cute!

Nigerian Average Joe:
A new international reality show is beckoning ladies to stake their lucks for a whooping prize of $250,000.That is not all,The winner will also have the chance to consider a marriage offer from a US-based Nigerian eye specialist, Joseph Imafidon who initiated the show.Dude "Truly" wants to get a wife through the reality show.D working title of d show is: Marry an Average Joe.D concept of d show is apparently based loosely on a scripture from the Bible; Genesis 24:3-52.
Twenty-three participants from all over the world will take part in the reality show that and they will b taken round the quarters of notable figures in Britain.
Now for the truly mad stuff:To participate in d show,hia r d requirements:
Must b a female
Btw the ages of 20-40
Must pay N5000(entry fee)to any UBA branch.
U can also contact dem if u in yankee:8057054926
So pple; r u looking 4 husband?or 250,000 dollars?or both?or a chance to be on Tv?Then sign up at The Website.
The "Average Joe" is quite guud looking,so i dont get all this wahala to find wife.Lemme tell u guys a lil bit more bout him too,He spent $20,000 in d last 18months tryin 2 find d "ONE"! I trust some gals,collect d man money n carry go,which kain marry...who wants 2 get married at 20...who knws ryt?
Anyone seen Flavour of love??...dis is goin 2 b d remix...with a twist as its a Christain reality show!!!i'd pay 2 watch dis show...fo real!!!

Video Of The Day:Eldee I'm Leaving
Just gotta luvv tha Don,his lyrics are tight and this video is hot in all its simplicity...if there's anything you've noticed in any Eldee Vid,it's that there neva is too much going on...Anyways,too much talkn...enjoy the video!

Teww Teww Mad!

The United States Department of State again warned American citizens against travelling to Nigeria following further kidnappings of expatriates,recent car bombings in the city of Port Harcourt and the aviation safety situation in the country.It states further that American citizens should depart from and defer non-essential travel to Delta,Bayelsa and Rivers states it said.

Oh no!The actress Taiwo Akinwande Hassanat also known as "Wumi" was sentenced to three years imprisonment with the option to pay a N1 million fine yesterday afternoon following her pleading guilty to trafficking in cocaine.

Singapore's not going to be reviewing the death sentence for the 21 year old Nigerian Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi who was caught importing over 700 grammes of diamorphine into Singapore in 2004.The Prime Minister said all factors were carefully considered but the amount of illegal drugs brought in by Mr Tochi amounts to more than 48,000 doses of heroin on the streets - enough to destroy many lives and families,so they are still going to go ahead and hang him.

Jelani Aliyu(a native of Nigeria)has designed a state-of-the-art electric car called "Chevy Volt" which is being hailed an "American Revolution",at the world`s largest automaker(General Motors) plant in Detroit.In a statement released by GM,it states that the car was developed by its lead designer "a soft spoken native of Nigeria and 1994 alumni of CCS, Jelani Aliyu after a 10-month marathon sprint to bring the Volt to reality".Good work oh jare!!!

Another Nigerian does us proud;-)Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has been nominated for the prestigious American National Book Critics Circle Award,an American award that honours the best critic-reviewed book of the year.Adichie is one of five finalists for the fiction category of the 33rd annual Awards announced on January 20 in New York City.She is nominated for her novel,'Half of a Yellow Sun,' set during the Nigeria-Biafra war and published in Nigeria by Farafina.

Plenty Nonsense By Trybesmen
We luvv funny things we do,funny pple,funny situations,funny songs...So it's only right that we feature this video today...it's Trybesmen with Plenty Nonsense!Sing with us...Hin get many many things wey no suppose to happen for this lyf...plenty plenty things...hiss...plenty plenty nonsense!!!(My God,we r razz!)

On d oda side of the world:
Irreplaceable by beyonce was/is a huge hit, so it was only a matta of time b4 remixes start poppin frm err one.Anyways, Ne-yo wrote d song n d link below is his version..check it out...
Ne-yo irreplaceable.



Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:28 PM


Guaranteed to perform..nice post...It would be hilatious following the "Marry an Average Joe"..good luck to all sha...
Have a FAB weekend.
By Blogger Dimples, at 1/26/2007
look at eldee in the plenty nonsense video, money is truly good.i will also love to watch ths average joe, he looks fine
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/26/2007
I loved the first video "Eko Ile"

I prefer Neyo's irreplaceable to Beyonce's...They play that song so much on the radio that sometimes I don't listen to radio on my way to work anymore...

Have a wonderful weekend girl.

Interesting post as usual.
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/27/2007
You girls are doing a great job,hope you are being paid for it?LOL...Where do u get your up-to-date news from?Nice work!
By Anonymous Linda, at 1/27/2007
Is the guy in that picture meant to sybolise the 'average' Nigerian bloke? The producers have got to be kidding.

I love 'Plenty Plenty Nonsense', its the story of some of the happenings here.

Well done, Vixen, and keep blogging, you're a major source of info.
By Blogger laspapi, at 1/27/2007
You shd see me cracking up after listening to "plenty nonsense!!!"

I loved the post! *winks*
By Blogger Jaycee, at 1/27/2007
i love the "plenty nonsense" video. i've always loved the song, but had never seen the video. thanks for that.
I'm sure there would be loads of girls ready to marry the guy. If the spent $20,000 trying to get one , how much will he now spend when he has one?
But why the guy has to spend that much money to find a wife is beyond me...... maybe he has one very big comma that he is hiding..
By Blogger tiwalade, at 1/28/2007
love the song eko ile the vid is okay
the bachelor is cute oh....me likey lol =)
By Anonymous reen, at 1/29/2007
@Dimples--i agree wiv u about the average show being hilarious...want to see if there wuld be any crazy 9ja gurls amongst the contestants...cursing in sum 9ja tongue!
@Anon--yes oh im sure KB,Eldee and co wuld be cringing every tyme they see that vid!
@Nilla--Eko Ile is a track...luv dat city;-)I'm so fed up of all the remixes of "irreplaceable" dat has cum out...Papoose,sum british guy,i culd go on!
@Linda--thank you oh,u can direct your "tithe" our way,we'll appreciate it;-)
@Laspapi--the guy pictured is the actual "Average Joe"...he must be under enormous pressure to get married;-)yeah agree wiv u,as hilarious as d "plenty nonsense" song is,it does mirror real-world situations...and thank you oh!
@Jaycee--i can neva get tired of this video!thanx!
@Chainreader--u just seeing the vid?dont worry i'll hook u up wiv any oda ones u want...for a SMALL fee;-)
@Tiwalade--that was my sentiment exactly...if he has to resort to such drastic measures...there must be sumthin he is not letting on...cos on d surface he's got it all...guud career,based abroad,not into fradulent activities,quite guudlooking...waitn 2 c how this unfolds!
@Reen---Do u want 2 be hooked up with dude?;-)he's loaded!hope u had a great weekend?
WHAT!! where have I been...lol @ must be female in the criteria...guess it's a good reminder...will also feature a link to this, thanks naijavixen
By Blogger Mona, at 2/01/2007
The issue with the Average Joe guy is that he is looking for the PERFECT wife. I have read all about him on: www.genesis244.com
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/08/2008
Actually the correct website for the average joe show is: www.genesis243.com
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/08/2008

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