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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Yes,yet another profile and this tyme if you've happened to see the film "The Last King of Scotland" starring Forest Whitaker,Kerry Washington,James McAvoy...Then you would have also seen the actor who we are doing this profile on,David Oyelowo.
By now,i'm sure you know that we just unashamedly lyk claiming "9ja Stars" even if we dont know that they've ever been to their homeland!;-)

David Oyelowo was born on the 1st of April,1976 to Nigerian Parents.He is a British actor,born in Oxford,Oxfordshire,England and married to actress Jessica Oyelowo and has one child from the union.Oyelowo is a highly respected theatre actor and was trained at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art(LAMDA)were his tuition fees were paid by the Director Nicholas Hytner who directed the world wide hit "Miss Saigon" and the controversial "Jerry Springer:The Opera".
His best known theatrical role was his performance as King Henry VI in the Royal Shakespeare Company's 2001 productions of Shakespeare's trilogy of plays about the king,part of its season This England:The Histories.This was one of his most controversial roles as he was the first black actor ever to play the role of an English monarch in what was then said to be a major landmark for colour-blind role casting,so in other words you could say he was a pioneer;-)Needless to say,the casting choice was initially criticised by some in the media but then Oyelowo's performance was critically acclaimed and later won the Ian Charleson Award for outstanding performance by a young actor in a classical theatre role later that year.
He had previously appeared in Antony and Cleopatra(1999)for the RSC(Royal Shakespeare Company) alongside Guy Henry,Frances de la Tour and Alan Bates.In 2005 he appeared in a production of Prometheus Bound[citation needed], and as of 2006 is working on his own theatre company in Brighton.He is soon to appear as Adrian Lester's screen brother in Kenneth Branagh's film of "As You Like It".Oyelowo is best known for playing agent Danny Hunter in the British TV drama series Spooks(known in North America as MI5).
Oyelowo's next appearance will be a film which will explore aspects of poverty, race,inequality and class in Britain today.Written and directed by Dominic Savage, the film is being likened to a British version of the Oscar-winning film "Crash".Its working title was "The London Project" but it has now been entitled "Born Equal" and will appear on BBC 1 on 17th December 2006.He appears alongside Nikki Amuka-Bird as a couple fleeing persecution in Nigeria.
He finally appears to have got his big break so far in The Last King of Scotland in which he appears as Dr Junju alongside Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin.
Wishing him all the best,because he is a wonderful actor!

Lil Miss Jocelyn
We luvv us sum "Lil Miss Jocelyn!This clip features sum of her many characters who would have you laffn out loud..dont play this at work oh abeg!!!

Last of the "Tempted to Watch" P-Square videos...it's "Say your Love" which i have to say was one of the best songs on their album along with "Temptation".And i have to say i'm impressed by all their videos so far. So kick back and Enjoy the twins in action!

Guud Uhn?

And in another crazy politics/comedy related news,the Catholic Church in Nsukka, Enugu State has directed its members to take the forthcoming elections very serious and warned that adult members who do not possess the voters card would not be allowed to take Holy Communion in the Church.!!!
I'm luvvn all this craziness,i really am!!But seriously,9ja pple,let's rock the vote!Just think of all the slogans we can get from these fiascos:
Vote or get sick
Vote or be illiterate
Vote or be broke
Vote or go to hell...
Possiblities are endless!!!

Gunmen killed 12 people including four community chiefs in an attack on a commercial boat in the remote creeks of the Niger Delta local police said yesterday.Western oil companies evacuated staff from three oilfields in the area accounting for about 60,000 barrels per day of production but company spokesmen said they could not confirm if output had stopped.
We just hope the Niger-Delta crisis is resolved soon,all these hostage taking and death situation is getting worse everyday

A 32-minute documentary on Nigeria titled,"Alaoma:Land of Beauty and Splendour", produced by Gabriel Adeiza Otonoku a Nigerian television producer of the Rediscover Nigeria series has won this year's Harambee Documentary Award in Rome,Italy.The award presentation ceremony titled "Communicate Africa: Second Edition" was attended by many eminent government and literary authorities, including the mayor of Rome, Walter Vetroni.
9ja peeps doing us proud!

Former Germany boss Berti Vogts has agreed to coach Nigeria, according to the chairperson of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) Sani Lulu.Lulu said the 60-year-old Vogts has signed an agreement to coach the Super Eagles,and he was chosen as he was best suited for the job.
I dont understand our need to have "oyinbo" dudes coachn our team,shelln out big bucks when there are fellow nigerians who would do the job better...na wa o!

A dispute over missing money from a science and technology fund has turned into a full-blown battle for the Nigerian presidency.Atiku Abubakar the vice president and 2007 presidential candidate has claimed that the Petroleum Technology Development Fund(PTDF)was being misspent.
I lyk how money goes "missing" in Naija!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 3:00 PM


Oooh, I'm first? Yay!

Girl, thanks for stopping by my page to wish me a happy birthday.

I'm really loving that video. I love the song too; I have the album here.

psquare,you'v got 2 atleast like them, but i really do hate them wen they speak, one of them dont know if its is taye or kehinde(lol) behaves proudly in interviews...d ones i have seen sha.
By Anonymous dolapo, at 1/17/2007
the video is not bad. not bad at all.
oh, and i forgot to say, that david guy is too yummy! why are all the cute guys married? grrrrrr!
i love the p-square vid...they are hot! the lil miss jocelyn vid isnt workin tho :-( she's too funny
By Anonymous reen, at 1/18/2007
Couldn't watch the Jocelyn video..

That "Say your Love" song is one of my favorite songs...

Yet to see "The Last King of Scotland". When I do, I'll watch out for David Oyelowo.
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/18/2007
Haven't seen the movie yet, didn't it just win an award? I need to go see it thoug, there has been so much buzz about it.

Now how come naija artists are all shooting videos in the UK/US? I'm sure there are perfectly good places in naija to do them - I saw some ridiculous new video from tuface shot here in the US, it was ridiculous 'cos it made no damn sence and the song matter(what he was singing about) in no way relates to the typical Nigerian. So i'm thinking who the heck was the song/video made for?

Missing money? LOL! tell me about it.

By Blogger RJ, at 1/18/2007
David is a top guy. Unlike his untrained Nollywood counterparts he is in a different league. And still unsung
By Anonymous n9ja, at 1/18/2007
Nice one gurl

....This Naija sha, everyone blaming everyone...see Atikku has claimed now that PTDF bla bla bla na wa oh....might this be because he is in so much hot water?

Good on Naija as per the new coach but is he any good or like u say is this another money-laundering (let's get an oyinbo to do it) scheme?

Congrats to Gabriel Otonoku ????

Love Ms. Jocelyn and nice vid by p-square

Wooooh this David Oyelowo is hot - I'm going to watch that Last King of Scotland now because of him! I mean I was gonna go watch it b4 anyway but more motivation men!
By Blogger Mona, at 1/19/2007

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