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Friday, June 29, 2007

Who Is Ruling Nigeria...Yar'Adua or OBJ???

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Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has emerged as the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), displacing former Works Minister, Chief Tony Anenih who only three days ago got the nod of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to continue in office as BOT chairman.

I got the above headline in my news feed yesterday and I just smiled and thought to myself that Obasanjo is trying to take care of himself in his old age and how sad that there was a "coup" in PDP. Upon reading the article a little bit further, the smile started to slip as the implication of OBJ's "little" action carried a weightier problem for us Nigerians --- Obasanjo has found the perfect way to serve his "Third Term" as the nation's president!!!

How I'm sure you will ask? It is no longer news that Yar'Adua and OBJ have fallen out a bit over the fact that OBJ had a list of people he wanted on Yardy's cabinet which Yardy promptly turned down. Chief Anenih AKA "Mr. Fix It", held the position of chairman for the past few years and had already been announced as the chairman on Monday by the party secretary Chief Ojo Madueke after been given a nod from the National Executive Committee; but in a bizarre twist on Wednesday at a meeting where Anenih was noticeably absent but which was attended by OBJ,Yardy,V.P Goodluck,Senate President David Mark,House of Reps Speaker Mrs. Etteh,former Senate President Anyim Pius Anyim,Senator Onyeabor Obi and former Deputy Senate President Ibrahim Mantu... Basically enough people to appoint a King or in this case a Chairman...OBJ was appointed Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Now seeing as PDP is the ruling party and the Board of Trustees are usually involved in important decisions that affect the ruling of the nation albeit "undercover" and most importantly, handling funds -- Having OBJ as the Chairman is as good as having him as President of Nigeria --and we all know that wise adage "He who holds the purse strings, holds the power" and the Board of Trustees are holding plenty.

But what is most shocking is the fact that OBJ must have been planning this for a while as an amendment that gave him the leeway to run for this position was added to the party's constitution before he handed over power on May 29 this year. Now I'm not going to pretend to know the real happenings in the corridors of power, but after OBJ's desire to serve for a third term was shut down by the legislative, he then nominated Yardy as his candidate and must have thought he had found a malleable figurehead through whom he could accomplish all the "unfinished business" he kept harping on about in his bid to prove that he was/is the only indidvidual who could save Nigeria. But even this has proved elusive as Yardy has been keeping quiet about everything from his cabinet to his mandate...and only time will tell if his "wait-and-see" approach will be what the nation needs. Seeing that OBJ famously ignored IBB when he became President and everyone thought he would be IBB's puppet,could this prove to be a case of "what-goes-around-comes-around?"

But then again, this is just my opinion...might not count for toffee or maybe this issue might not be that important in the grand scheme of things at the moment...but then again; whats your opinion???


Protest For The Treatment Of Nigerian In Spain:

Concerned Nigerians in the U.K will be delivering a lettersigned by over 3,000 Nigerians to protest against the treatment meted out to Osamuyi Aikpitanhi to the Spanish Embassy in London this FRIDAY the 29th of June 2007.
The address of the embassy is: Embassy of Spain, 39 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8SB.
Tel: 020 7235 5555 - Fax: 020 7259 5392
Nearest Underground Tube station: Knightsbridge, Victoria, Hyde Park Corner
MORE INFO: Anne Mordi - 07984947777
Uche Nworah: info@uchenworah.com +44 7985280210
Click here for more information

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sasha's Vid Stills, Face of Festac, Eve Rocking Lace???

Heyy guys, hows it going? Anyways, straight 2 d post.....

Pictures from SASHA's Video Shoot:

Pictures from the recent video shoot of Sasha's new video "Adara"...The video features cameos from fellow label mates...Naeto C & Ikechukwu...The shoot was styled by Chalya Shagaya.

Click to watch the Adara Video!

And a group picture of the "Storm" Artistes:

Loving their collective swagger!
*This pictures r copyrighted, pls seek permission from artiste or myself b4 posting*


Random Video Of D Day:

Seriously... pple! Anyway this video right here is meant to teach some pple "How To Pick Up Nigerian Women" ... Toothpick in mouth?Check...Borrowed car?Check...I could go on...but you guys should watch it!!!


Face of Festac:

After like how many years, the new site is on...Check here


Yea m one of those people, i like to claim everythin that seems African-ish or Nigerian ish :
Ok here is a pic of Eve...i like to believe this fabric...is some kinda lace or is it just me?..lol!It does look lyk a Grace Shannon creation sha...;-) But Eve looks guud anyways!


Banky W:Umbrella rmx

Oh my Gosh yea...i hav 2 give it 2 BANKY, i mean this dude is doing his thing, and all.. i love Rihanna's Umbrella, but just wen i was gettin tired of it, This dude brings the Remix...a 9ja version 'EBUTTEMETA'...MEta Eta Eta Ey Ey...oh luvs it! heres the link...
and show him some love on his Page! n here goes the lyrics aswell..click

And dont 4get to check out the Blogville idol...here

Sorry if dis post is rushed, kinda in a rush myself.....have a fab week!!!!!

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Friday, June 22, 2007


Hey y'all,
Lol...this summer has just bin really hectic..got loads and loads of things to do and cover, its just real crazy and KINDA forgot bout our baby, we are gonna take good care of him/her from now on...Okay,b4 we spout further ish...here's this weekend's post...!

The Missing Goat Meat:

OHMYGOODNESS!!! This is mad funny,it's a film created in the States paying homage to Nollywood...apparently it is a dark comedy looking at America through the eyes of Nigerian Immigrants...Uhmmm!!! Click TheMissingGoatMeat to visit the website and check out fun stuffs lyk the cast,script and downloads.

Video of the Day:Alaye-Mind My Creps

He was the dude that rapped in P-Square's "Temptation Remix" Video...Think the song is actually quite good,hopefully we'll see how the industry treats him. Have a listen and tell us what you think!

New Video Alert:Mode 9-Formidable

Another stronh tune from the formidable rapper...yeah,pun very much intended!


It's been over 4 years since he stepped out onto the music scene when he featured on Da Trybe's smash hit "Oya" back in 2003. He also released singles such as "Lagos Life" "No shakin" and "Maximum Shi Shi" which got a lot of airplay and were even featured on various mixtapes and compilation albums but his Debut album "Razz Is The New Cool" Album is now set to drop on the 29th of June and it promises to be nothing short of a classic and features hit singles such as "Oyinlomo", "You Like It" and "Spray Me Money"! Collabos include - eLDee,Keno, Sauce KiD,Trafic,Zara,Tk and DJ Dee Money. Producers on the album include eLDee, KiD Konnect--Nominated for best producer of the year for the track "Spray Me Money"--,SolEternity,Tk and Chinomso.YOU CAN NOW PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM and download the singles "Oyinlomo", "You Like It" and "Spray Me Money" @ D Truspot Store AND GET IT FOR ONLY $.799 (US & CANADA) and 5.99 pounds (UK & INTL).
**all pics r copyrighted,pls seek permission from artist b4 use**
You can also visit his MYSPACE page to listen to the singles from the album...Yes it's official,Razz IS the new cool...so get with it!!! (special thanx 2 OlAdELe)

Random News:
Newcastle and Nigeria striker Obafemi Martins escaped uninjured after being shot at while driving in Lagos.The Magpies striker was attacked by masked gunmen on Monday night, hours after he returned home from Nigeria's Nations Cup qualifier against Niger.The 22-year-old escaped unhurt but a friend was injured after his Mercedes was sprayed with bullets."For a moment I thought I was going to die as they kept shooting at my car indiscriminately," said Martins.


See Zaina getting her "RnB Video" grind on...lol...looks lyk the video is going to be cool...cant wait!!!

Femi Kuti On Tour:

The Afro-Beat musician will be on a nationwide tour of the States from the 30th of June till the 3rd of August and you can check his Myspace HERE to check out exact dates and cities he'll be performing at...Everybody loves Femi it seems...show him love!!!

Yea, its almost comin to an end in bout a week; u can listen to todays performance on the site and the genre is 'ROCK' shld be interestin ryt?,so click here and make sure yall check it out and vote!..big ups 2 Pinkpeke and all the remaining 8 contestants..

From the Otha side:
The name of the song says it all yea...'Ursh and Kells realised they messing with the same girl',but then there is a twist at the end...lol...personally i reallly really do love this song, and the video is kinda cool, oh well...check it out:

D'Banj on Tour: Not???

I got this in the post today: i dont know how authentic it is..but howeva here it goes

Hey whats good people no long thing! I'm scheduled to be in the UK next week for shows in london, manchester and dublin and was really looking forward to it but, the promoters haven't sorted out their end of the deal so i'm really sorry i won't be coming through. Once again i apologise and hope to see you guys in the near future no long thing.

it is supposedly from Dbanj regarding his upcomin performances 4 d upcomin week!!!!!

Thats all folks, Thanx 4 d constant love and support...have a fantabulous weekend......


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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogville Idol &TOSA CoLLeCtioN &THISDAY fEsTiVaL..

Hey wots up guys, hope u guys r good? anyways 2 d post......

So yes it started yday but today 4 me cos m in the Uk n i got to listen to it this morning!, and i have 2 give kudos to Pink satin and Opeke 4 d whole set up and organising and stuvvs...nd Ugo...i rily do luv those Logos...dey r so nice! Ok,movin on to the competition itself... Dang! Blogiville definately has talentss written all ova it...luvin it already....but yall shld go listen and vote...n leave comments and constructive critisisms...since m also on the judgin panel u can hear my voice on it lata on 'arrrrrrgh' wen i decided 2 judge i thot we were goin 2 write it down...but damn snapvine...lol! anyways its all bout the contestants so go check it out and remember 2 vote! d results will be announced by our own 'Ryan Secreast"...Cheetara on Thursday! luvin it already...sorry m just so hyped..lol!* u dont have to be a blogger 2 vote..so click here......


The Tosa collection is a movement aimed at enlightening everybody about the richness of the African culture. It is a harmonic blend of urban chic and African couture. The brains behind this collection is Osato Ikponmwonba. We all have bit of mother Africa in us, the Tosa Collection (TC) is his gift of representing and expressing that aspect of a dynamic heritage. You do not have to be African to wear this it. His dream is to put a positive spot light on Africa. TC is open to both men and women and they promise to give you hit after hit of top notch designs each and every season. TC is fresh, new, and young and would be appreciated by lovers of art, because that what this is, African art.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

**Click on Pictures 2 enlarge**
The website will launch in the next 3weeks and the whole movement shld be in force by ending of June....also thier first appearance will be at the Nigerian Reunion in Houston..so make sure yall check it out! ...paran pa pa pa m luvin it!(yea i know..pretty lame)lol

The Japanese government has donated the sum of N1.16 billion to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for polio eradication, routine immunization, prevention of malaria and other child survival programmes in Nigeria.

Wanna hear D'banj sing about his luv 4 'That Booty?...lol...click here


Following the success and turn out of the 1st Thisday Festival,They are gearing up 4 the 2nd one which is set to take place on July 14th & 15th 2007.The festival is going to last two days, just lyk d last one.There will also be a fashion show with the likes of Alek Wek and Naomi Campbell.Artistes already confirmed for the show include:John Legend,Shakira,Rihanna,Ne-yo,Kelly Rowland,Omarion and UB-40...Tickets for the two-day event will go on sale at all branches of GTBank on June 14. The classic ticket will cost N10,000 per day, while the VIP ticket will go for N25,000 per day. Tickets for the exclusive but limited state box will go for N50,000 per day. I shall kip u posted on anything I hear/see regarding this....

Mo is the only black contestant on the currently runnin Cycle II. Shes Nigerian...ha full name is 'Morayo'. U can follow ha journey on the show on ha weekly blog n u can also check out ha portfolio..

Luv dese picturessss...

Thats all folks...much much much much love!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, June 08, 2007


Hey wots up guys, deres really nain much happenin in d naija scene ryt now that we can blog about, so this post is/myt be really short! :-( lol anyhoo here it goes...

A female legislator was for the first time in Nigeria's political history, made the Speaker of the House of Representatives.Mrs Patricia Olubunmi Etteh 54 years old(PDP, Osun) was unanimously elected Speaker shortly after inauguration of the House.Speaker Etteh is to be assisted by 35-year-old Babangida Nguroje (PDP, Taraba) who was also elected unanimously as deputy speaker.

What a fantastic year it has been for our very own Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie! She won the prestigious "Britain's Orange Prize for Fiction by Women" therefore becoming the first African and the youngest author to take the award in its 12-year history!

Chimamanda won the prize for "Half of a Yellow Sun," which is a book set during the Nigeria-Biafra conflict of the 1960s.While collecting the award at the London ceremony she said, "I can only tell you how profoundly happy I am,now I have to go and make a phone call to Nigeria". She gets the $60,000 prize which is awarded for a novel by a woman published in English. "Yellow Sun" was also a finalist earlier this year for the National Book Critics Circle fiction prize.

"Probing season" has started! Three former governors (James Ibori-Delta state,Jolly Nyame-Taraba state & Peter Odili-Rivers state) were made to appear before the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) investigative panel which is investigating how the former governors handled public funds in their respective states during their tenures, on Wednesday.

Comedy Corner:
I cant stress enough that Youtube is the very ish! What do you get when you put a guy singing bout missing SUYA the very way MALLAM will make it and a microphone? Pure comedy...you couldnt make this stuff up!!!

..."If heaven to you means nothing but suya making mallams...then this right up your street"
WARNING---This video is liable to induce bouts of homesickness and pitiful cries of "I miss mallam on Awolowo Av."....LOL!

For those of us still finding it hard to come off the West African Idols high... There is this new "show" in town,well BloGville to be precise...lol from the stables or should i say minds of Pink-Satin & 9ja-Opeke ...It's Blogville Idols!!! Basically,contestants (Bloggers in Naija can't contest but can vote) record a song that will be chosen for them into a snapvine player --installed on the Blogville Idols Page-- using their mobile phones.The calls are FREE thanks to Snapvine.com
The competition starts on JUNE 11 2007 and the official blog Blogville Pop Idol is now up & running and you should check in there to register your interest and check for rules and regulations. And oh yeah,we are the "Simon Cowell" of this competition (Part of the judging team)...so start bribing...cough,cough...begging us this instant if you have previously offended us!!!

Yup! ha nu video and first single off the upcomin album. i love love this video, though d 'youtube' version is not that clear and i think its kinda slow somewhere along the track...but hey m luvn it....n shes rily reppin 'STORM RECORDS' all ova the vid..cameos from IKECHUKWU n Naeto C

Check ha Myspace Page n show ha sum luv......

Wanna win $5000 for writing a killer Essay?

To celebrate African Milestones,Western Union are running a competition for the best essay on "what independence means to you". Click on image above for more details,rules and regulations.

And Finally....

Video Of The Day:Sky B--Im Calling

Okay,i heard this song before seeing the video and it has one of those annoying choruses that get stuck in your head...then the video hit and I cant suffer seeing this travesty alone...you people have to see it! The dancing....oh the dancing! You know all them moves some peeps used to do,convinced that they were killing it???Yeah those ones...Enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Hello everyone...I know we promised regular blogging...which will start on Friday but we had to put up party details for those of us who have just finished examz and are planning to go buckwild or those who just want to have fun...lol!!! Seriously though,these parties could last you till the ending of June and beyond...They are also the most hyped-hottest Nigerian organised parties happening in this zone(We've also got the Nigerian Re-union Parties happening in Canada,US & London)...so get ur Calenders out and start marking the dates ASAP...lol!

REPLAY...a foreplay to da summer!

Hosted by ADE, IKE, SSBEY
Date : Friday, June 8 @ 10:00pm - 6:00am
Location: PRANA BAR Mansions,Suffolk Street,Birmingham
Contact : ADE-07985215459,IKE-07984809511,SSBEY-07950990467
DJ : Dj Bayo & Dj Sparrow
*this is not a plug, but with Dj Bayo, u r sure 2 have a good tym*

IMPULSE...putting Bristol back on the map!

Hosted by 10pages mag,Press Play,Bristol/Bath ACS,Corpor8 thugs, G.CluB, Magnum.
Date : Saturday, June 9 @ 10:00pm - 5:00am
Location: Fuchsia Bar,Unit C,Nelson St,Bristol,BS1 2JT
Contact : 07908652122,07737774396,07904839545,07926981901,muyiwa_23@yahoo.com
Entry Fee : £10,V.I.P £20
DJ : Dj Sparrow & Dj Caise

NIGERIAN CARNIVAL UK...Cultural celebration and exhibition!

Hosted by Afrikan Image
Date : Saturday, June 9 @ 10:00am - Sunday June 10 @ 8:00pm
Location: Burgess Park,Albany road,Old Kent road
Contact : 0793123873,info@nigeriancarnival.com, www.nigeriancarnival.com
Look out for : Market & corporate stands,traditional dances,popular Nigerian artistes (MR.SOLEK,CHiiDO,CHOCOLATE BLONDE,B.O.B,RAGAREMI & more)
Entry Fee : FREE!!!

GLAMOROUS...if you'd rather sparkle than blend in...!!!

Hosted by Ij Obikwor,Dee Sijuade & Nasa Obigwe
Date : Sunday, June 10 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: SOUND,Leicester sq.,London
Contacts :Ij-07946339106,Dee-07852639859,Nasa-07908824003,dimy986@hotmail.com
Look Out For : free bottles of Veuve Clicquot,free jugs of cocktails,free finger foods and dessert (VIP) & Canisters of laughing gas...this shuld be fun,have your camera at the ready!!!
DJ : Dj-Xclusive...
DressCode : Glam & Sexy..

FETISH...What's Urs?!!!

Hosted by : Lola E.,Isoken O.,Temi A.,Bridget E.
Date : Monday, June 11 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: CLUB 49,49 Greek Street,Soho
Look Out For : Papparazzi @ the entrance,30% off MOET drinks,Shisha,Belly Dancer
DJ : DJ X-Clusive
DressCode : Smart/Casual,Sexy as u dare...Fetish gear optional!
Entry fee : £10 b4 11, VIP £30
Contact : BRIDGET-07855386643,ISOKEN-07899052508,LOLA-07894459105,TEMI-07904305841

"All UK/African Campus Link Up 2007"

Date : Friday June 15 @ 10pm - 5am
UNIS : UEL,SouthBank,Greenwich,Buckingham,Middlessex,Metropolitan,Cardiff,Bristol,Birmingham & beyond!
Location : Ntyce,38 wellington St,London,SE18
Look out for : 50 Giveaway Beauty Care Hampers for 50 Lucky Ladies courtesy of RADIANT GLOW,100 mix cds from Dj Abass & 1st Choice KC,10 copies of HipHop World Magazine(Special Edition),Celebrity V.I.P hosting for 5 couples!
DJs : KC,Abass,Kryxx,Femi Model & MC Jazzy P
Entry Fee : £10 (Ladies FREE with invite b4 midnite)
Info/Guest List: 07956 374473,07940 312814
Website : www.djabass.com www.1stchoicekc.com

UNLEASHED(Island Party)...Reading is back on track!!!

Hosted by Reading ACS
Date : Friday, June 15 @ 10:30pm - 3:00am

Location: Island Bar,Pipers Island,Caversham Bridge,Berkshire,RG4 8AH
DJs : Dj Caise,Dj Sparrow,Dj Xclusive,Dj Shawty
Contacts : 07908682661,07881900230,07960953140,atilary2003@yahoo.com

CANDY...Decadent,luxurious,unpretentious...its sexy/sweet!!!

Hosted by Toju,Annabel and Ronke B
Date : Monday, June 18 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: PUNK,14 Soho Street,Soho.
Contact : Toju 07956699404,Ronke 07852147268,Annabel 07787798174,foyeh@hotmail.com
Look Out For : unlimited variety of FREE CANDY,(VIP) CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN,Access all areas,Q-jump.
DressCode : Smart/Casual
Entry fee : £10 b4 11pm, VIP £30


Hosted by Escobar and IC ACS
Date : Wednesday, June 20 @ 10:00pm - 3:30am
Location : OPIUM BAR,1a Dean Street,London W1D 3RB
DJs : DJ X-clusive & DJ Caise.

DRESSCODE : Strictly Grown & Sexy.
Look Out For : (VIP)Private Waiters,Cocktails,Champagne Bars
Entry Fee : £10 before 11.30pm,call for VIP

SWEET ESCAPE...sweetest way to escape all the exam stress!!!

Hosted by Diddy Entertainments
Date : Saturday, June 23 @ 10:00pm - 4:00am
Location: The Livery,130 Wood street,London

Contact : Diddy-07985716173,Somto-07825548867,Lc-07927040994,info@diddyentertainments.com
DJ : Dj Kay
DressCode: Glam & Sexy.
Entry fee : £10 b4 11,VIP £40
Look Out For : Belly dancers,Mystery Celebs.

ALLURÉ...Fun,Glamour,Temptation,Attraction...the DEFINITION!

Hosted by Bunmi A,Aisha B,Benita O and Uche M
Date : Tuesday, June 26 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: Loom Bar,5 Clipstone St.,Off Great Portland Street.
DJ : DJ Caise!
Entry Fee : £10 b4 12.
Contact : Aisha-07706171861,Benita-0785502696,Bunmi-07889801232,Uche-07940972028

ROUGE...painting London RED!!!

Hosted by Chania Event Organisers
Date : Thursday, June 28 @ 9:00pm - 2:30am
Location: Loom Bar,5 Clipstone Street,off Great Portland Street
Contact : 07770433492,nessa_des@hotmail.com,kechiibe@hotmail.co.uk
DJ : Dj from BAR RUMBA & NAS After Party!!!
Entry Fee : FREE for ladies & £5 for Guys b4 10,£10 after

ANONYMOUS...because everyone wants a lil' something ANONYMOUS!

Hosted by Habiba G,Saudah D,Bisola A-O
Date : Thursday, June 28 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: RuMi BaR,531 King's Road,Chelsea,SW10 OTZ
Contacts : 07789076195,07877494639,07881900230
Look Out For : (VIP)Exclusivity,Q-jumping,Beautiful belly dancer.Free tequila shots for everybody
DJ : Dj Caise and Dj Sparrow
DressCode : Hotness please!
Entry Fee : £10 before 11.00pm,£30 VIP
"Why should everyone be ANONYMOUS??Because the thought of being anonymous or the element of not being identifiable,for your actions or anything else...is sexy beyond belief!"

Belle' Du Jour...No it's not a fairytale!!!

Hosted by Alexander Ogbechie,Bunmi Opzz,Chris Egbe,Amaka Achebe
Date : Wednesday, July 4 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: The Playroom,10 Air Street,Piccadilly.W1B 5AB
DJs : DJ Caise & DJ Shawty!!!

DressCode : Grown & Sexy
Entry fee : £10 b4 11,VIP £40
Contact : 07904706973,07946269326,07725875952,07729563884
"De’ja’ la cre’me.....y'all know how we dooooo"!!!


Thats all 4 now, but I'm sure theres a whole bunch of more events coming up, we'll keep you updated and let us know bout any other events we may have left out...but 4 now lets get BuCKwiLD!!!HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! xxxx


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