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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Parties Happening In Nigeria!

Seems lyk Naija is the place to be this December!!!I've got a couple of flyers below detailing location,contact info and everything else you need to know if you're definitely going to be tearing up the dancefloor in 9j this festive season...with the season officially starting on the 2nd of December!Dont say we dont treat you guud!(you have to buy ur damn tickets urself tho!)

This promises to be the biggest Xmas party this year in Lagos!Held in untra trendy Saga VIII, I sure hope itz that guud!

Next up is another "Big" party,this tyme in The Vault....Party tyme is definitely here!

Then its on to the silverbird galleria...watch a film,head down to a party...who knew club hopping could be so convenient?;-)

Then it's "The Blue Rave" @ Club Towers...Dress code : Grown,Sexy and Blue...free entry for ladies...wuld lyk to see how this one turns out!!!

Loadsa parties be happening in Saga Viii this year,as long as they dont turn the club to another "1145"...it's the pre-xmas party this tyme...on the 21/12/06...be there!

J.D.D Entertainment in conjunction with Prime Entertainment presents the FIRST official party of christmas. This event is all about your Entourage and Milieu and is a strictly grown and sexy event. Come and mingle with the who is who of the young Nigerian society today and party with a few celebrities. It will be an event like never seen before.
35a Adetokunbo Ademola St.
Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel: Famaks 0805 853 2363

Merry Christmas in advance Ya'll...!
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Obiwon's "Onyinye" Video

I personally luvv this guy, Dami is still undecided,but I bet you would all like this video. It features Francesca from the most recent Big Brother Nigeria...Have fun!

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Nigerians Out & About: Naija Fashion Show

Second day of the Nigerians Out and About Series...and this tyme it's the Nigerian Fashion Show. Check out the downright luvly and also weird outfits modelled on the day. Let your focus not be only on the models...but on the fashionistas in the front row...Big Things!...cant wait to go back soon and get my 9j fashion on!


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sports Illustrated - Oluchi

OLUCHI gettin ha sexy on.... in the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE, earlier this year...
shes so gorgeous...and ha story is just a big opportunity that happens rarely.....so proud shes african....so proud shes NIGERIAN!!!!!


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Nigerians Out & About:Tony Tetuila's Party

First in my series of Nigerians Out and about...Nigerians are doing big things back home,throwin parties more outrageous than here...comedy showcases,open mic nights...you get my drift...these are a selection of pictures from Tony Tetuila's recent bday bash...enjoy!


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Monday, November 27, 2006

Next Naija Movie Star:Winner Emerges!

Reality tv madness seems to have taken Naija by storm as well with the recent "Next Movie Star" show in the country. I'm usually not a fan of reality tv but anything that promises to improve the standards and general quality of Naija films gets my vote!!!I've been watchn snippets of it on the web and i have to say i was impressed by most of the contestants...excellent articulation and all!!!The show ended last weekend with one lucky winner walking away with a brand new Kia Rio, N200,000 cash prize, three movie contracts and other mouth-watering prizes!

" Edo State-born Portia Yamahan, last weekend emerged the winner of this year’s edition of Next Movie Star. Portia, who trailed law graduate Barbara early in the show, suddenly shot to the top in the on-line voting system and held on tightly until she was announced winner by the panel of judges.
Closely following on her heels was Plateau State-born Chuwang Pam Kevin who emerged as the first runner-up while Barbara Okojie emerged second runner-up.
The month-long show was full of fun and pomp. On hand to announce the winners were bigwigs in Nollywood. Madu .C. Chikwendu and Fidelis Duker, president of Directors Guild of Nigeria, whose presence added colour to the tension soaked atmosphere.
It was however, not a win-win affair. Other housemates who won awards in other categories also went away with attractive prizes. Each winner in the different categories won a brand new Haier Thermocool DVD player. For the winners, the journey towards stardom has just taken off. In a chat with Showbiznow, Portia said she is determined to get to the top in Nollywood.
The organizer of the show, Sola Fajobi, said he was happy the show was successful. Tracing the history of the show, he said the idea started in Ghana in 2004. It, however, did not kick off until a year later in Nigeria."Source
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Six Foot Plus "E Don Do Me" Video

Hey, got a video from Six Foot Plus...well i suppose his name says everything,no need to describe him!..."E don do me"...I don't seem to have much to say about this video;-)but he's okay,not bad looking,the video is okay too...oh well,watch it for urselves!!!!!

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Interview With R.M.D!!!

Hiyah, sorry i'm just putting up a post now...my weekend was busy!how was yours tho? Got another interview for your "perusal"(ooh,big words!)If you are a fan of Richard Mofe Damijo,you're going to luvv this...myt seem a bit lengthy,but the guy sure is interesting...Enjoy!!!

RMD finished his call, unfolded his tall frame from his chair and headed in my direction. He clasped my hand and gave me a bear hug.
“How you dey? Wetin dey happen?”
I repeated the threat I had issued him earlier in the day. “The fact that you missed our original appointment will be part of the story” I warned.
RMD unleashed one of his famous billion-watt smiles.
“I am really sorry, I had a voice-over session at the studio, a bit of an emergency” he again apologized.
I thawed somewhat.
“How was your trip to London”? I inquired
“Fine, I go receive award for the place” he answered.
I wagged a warning finger.
“The interview has started and you are still speaking pidgin to me”!
His eyes narrowed. A sudden realization that his friend was also, for the moment at least, his inquisitor.
He swiveled his chair around and retrieved the award from the mantelpiece.
“I was in the UK to receive an Award” he repeated, this time in Queen’s English.
There were about three mobile phones on his desk. One of them rang, interrupting our conversation.
He looked inquiringly at me.
“Go ahead, no problem” I assured.
“What role do you enjoy most, family man, businessman, actor, lawyer, or teacher ?” I asked when he finished the phone call.
RMD paused for a few moments to reflect.
“I enjoy the role of being a family man the most, although I don’t see my life in those compartments. There is a seamless flow and I just be those things I am, everything complements the other” he mused.
I decided to reverse the question and so I asked RMD what was his toughest role in his career as an actor.
“Toughest role?” he repeated.
“Maybe Ozzidi. However, I love challenges and cutting-edge roles, so the tougher the better” he laughed.
Right, so what would he regard as his career defining role?
“Segun Kadiri in Checkmate” he responded without hesitation. “It was a role I was given the freedom to develop the character, so I incorporated things like the feet on desk, scratching under the eye and so on” . His face glowed from the memories. “Up till today, some people still call me Segun Kadiri” .
Having achieved so much, what else would RMD love to do? I wondered.
“I would love to be able to paint” he answered without hesitation. “I collect and curate artworks but I can’t paint at all”. He shook his head despairingly at his fate.
What else?
“To play the saxophone”
I shot him a sharp glance.
“You want to compete with Lagbaja?”
RMD roared with laughter
“No! It’s just something I would love to do”
How about singing then? Any future plans to release a CD?
RMD shook his head.
“I can sing folk songs, but you know what, Gbenga? I can’t sing in English. I would love to voice-over an animated movie but singing?” His voice trailed off as he reflected on the question. “OGD All-stars is the farthest I can go” he concluded.
So, which singers does RMD like?
“My tastes are wide and varied, from Tunji Oyelana & The Benders, LadySmith Black Mambazo, Frank Sinatra and of course Fela”.
What? No rappers?
RMD grimaced.
“Somehow, I have not connected with rap music. Well, maybe Tupac, but really, I am not a rap fan at all”. Another call comes in. RMD answers and speaks sharply to the person. “Please don’t call this line again, this is my wife’s number. Next time call my own”. He ended the conversation, a look of exasperation on his handsome features.
“who be dat?” I ask
He waved his hand dismissively.
“Don’t worry jare, lets continue”. He made an effort to gather himself
I decided to restore his good mood.
“How is Jumobi?”
A broad smile spread across his face.
“My wife and children are fine”. A quizzical look at me.
“When was the last time you spoke to her”?
I paused for some moments
“E don tay small” I confessed.
RMD grinned.
“Make sure you call her soon, so you don’t enter her black book” he warned.
How does she cope with all the women swarming around her husband?
“She does not have to cope with anything. Marriage is all about trust and she knows I am responsible enough to steer clear of any situation that could undermine our marriage” RMD declared emphatically.
“How about the stories about you and Stella Damasus?” I prodded.
A fierce scowl showed on his face.
“That was a very annoying and irresponsible write-up by one of the soft-sell magazines”.
RMD glared at me.
“Totally untrue” he declared.
Oh-Oh. Time to change track…
I flipped my notes, trying to avoid his eyes.
Which actors remind RMD of himself?
A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.
“Well…..” he paused reflectively. “Maybe not totally, but I see flashes in Desmond Elliot, Ramsey Noah and I like a young man called Nonso. He is an actor in need of a good director”.
Anybody else?
“Teju Babyface. He is an actor in waiting” RMD said.
“How about me? Don’t I remind you of you? ” Tarila, a short, slim movie director who was listening to the interview interjected.
We all laughed heartily.
“You must be kidding” RMD finally answered, his voice still quavering with mirth.
An aide knocked and enters the office. RMD looked at me and shrugged apologetically.
I used the intermission to check through my notes and spotted a question I had nearly missed out.
“How involved are you with MEE foundation ?” I asked after the aide left.
RMD swiveled around in his chair and retrieved a fat manuscript from a side desk.
“This is her book, Centrespread, which I am working with some other guys to develop into a 13-part series. We are looking for sponsors at the moment”.
Still keeping MEE’s memories alive eh? Does Jumobi mind ?
“Not at all” he assured.
“What pet name does Jumobi call you? I teased
“Sweetie”, he smiled broadly.
Ok, enough of that..
Does a skilled and consummate actor like RMD ever suffer from nerves or stage fright?
“Oh yes. I get butterflies in my stomach and my adrenalin levels go crazy. But it is a good thing because it means I am fired up and primed to give my best. Infact, I would be scared if I was not scared” he laughed.
I sensed that even though RMD was enjoying himself, pressing matters required his urgent attention. So, I decided to bring our conversation to a close.
“Final question, Richard, ten years from now, how do you see yourself?”
He clasped his hands together and closed his eyes for a few moments.
“I hope to be retired and a very rich actor, so that I can devote time to charities and empowering young people. I have a passion for young people, maybe because I had children in my own youth”.
I sought clarification
“Retired from acting?”
He shook his head
“No, I meant retired from business. I will always be an actor!”.

Gotta luv this guy,gotta luv him!!!
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Friday, November 24, 2006


This is the nu Weird Mc video, dnt think its like new new, but its the latest one anyways, i love when she said ' if u ready to PAR-TAY and if u wanna get NU-TTAY'....love the song, love ha as welll cos she's weird...i guess.. there were guest stars in it from SASHA to JAZZMAN n does that look like TONY TETUILA...who else wears that horrible blonde hair anyways????


2face,Sound Sultan, Faze ft Wyclef - Proud to be African

D'Banj - why me

i love dis D'banj's song, d first time i heard it was with Aima, n we cldnt stop laffing,in d'banj's words "she said koko master,come test am". i just think d guy is so funny....no long thing!

This video is one HOT MESS...yes i said it, i mean, it just looks so confused! the fact that i hate the video doesnt mean i dont love the song...i can even remember wia i was wen i heard this song, and i love Styl-Plus anyways,.....D CAPO(the rapper) is so good, personally this is like one of the best rap i have heard in naija, as in he was flowing without yarning dust..lol. anyways Olufunmi is like a classic.. so enjoy!


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Also, Star mega jam presents, LL COOL J AND AKON featuring our Naija artists aswell, p square, wierd mc, rugged man , dbanj,mode nine...the list continues
Gate fee: =N= 1000 AND =N=5,000 FOR VIP.
* THE AGE RESTRICTION IS 18+*...so get ur sexy on!

Loads of excitement, tons of celebs in the house and Africas No.1 disc jockey DJ Jimmy Jatt blessing all with the best of Hip Hop, r&b, Urban and Naija vibes. Exclusive V.I.P lounges and open mic sessions in select venues. Dress for the cameras...one more thing ladies leave your men at HOME ( apparently)

December, 2 2006 at KOKO DOME,Cocoa House Premises, Dugbe,IBADAN,Cost:1,500 NAIRA

December, 9 2006 at OCTAGON @ THE DOME, N-Glory Center, Plot 423, Cadastral Zone,Central Business District, FCT Abuja,Cost: =N=2,500 - =N=5,000

December, 13 2006 at ILLUSIONS, PORT HARCOURT,
Cost: =N=2,000 - =N=5,000

December, 23 2006 at HEXAGON, 2A, Golf Course Road, G.R.A, Benin City, Edo State., BENIN,
Cost: =N=1,500 - =N=5,000

December, 26 2006 at PLANET ONE,PLANET 1, 3, Mobolaji Bank - Anthony Way, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos., LAGOS,
Cost: =N=3,000 - =N=5,00

For general enquiries send an email to djo@soundsofnigeria.com or call +44 (0) 7871261893
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CAPTION THIS - Uche Iwuji!!!!

Nollywood actress UCHE IWUJI was spotted at the maiden edition of Nollywood Entertainment Limited (NEL) a 4-day academy award/film exhibition, in the Uk a month ago.
I mean this chick is a fine girl, when i first saw d picture i actually thot she was at a costume party or an award show for face painting or sumthn. the make up is just screaming WRONG WRONG WRONG, less is always more and nicer;-), her blusher is too red...black pple dont turn red wen they blush in d first place, so its just real nice wen u put a lil bit, and the vampire eye makeup shes got goin on?...ah ah nah...just not ryt. i wonder when our Naija celebs will start hiring personal stylists,make up artists and whatnot?. anyways, im not trying to be mean, just sayin how it is.......wot about u?
And ooooh if u havnt bin to naija lately, tattoos are like the "in thing" now, at least that was how it was wen i went 4 summer!...You can have permanent ones done at the Silverbird Galleria and other places...just sayn;-)
Anyways have a fabulous weekend, 'm just goin to be chilling all through this weekend nain much to do i guess...but u might neva know!!!.xxxxx


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Its anoda Baby boi! for Seal and Heidi!!

Seal, 43 and Heidi Klum,33, welcomed their baby boy on Wednesday. seal whose full name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel posted the ffng message:

''Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel
To our children, a brother

To our parents, a grandson

To my wife and I, a son

To our family, a blessing.

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel was born on 11/22/06 at 17:01 weighing 8 lbs 11 ounces. He is healthy, beautiful and looks just like his mother'.

This is the couple's second child together. Klum's daughter, Leni, 2, is from a previous relationship. The couple also have a one-year-old son named Henry.

This is so strange, like u all knw SEAL is a brazilian of NAIJA heritage, he also named his first son OLUMIDE, but he named this one TAIWO....without a kehinde, i dnt know if i'm wrong oh, but is Taiwo not meant for like twins or sumthn??.maybe he just likes the name or maybe anybody can be called Taiwo...anyways wish them well.....n i love HEIDI..shes goofy..but HOOOOOT!


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Weekend Partying!

Yeah,I know it's only thursday...But my weekend officially starts tonyt!...got a couple of events happening this weekend for you guyz to check out...or sumthin anyway...;-)

Kinky at Sin every Friday continues to grow and grow; taking friday night clubbing right to the edge of debouchery! funky drummers to take you on a journey to the sounds of DIRTY FUNKY SEXY electro house!! with dj's like Femi b (pacha) and the boys from FUNKANISM/ Normski + other gsts > and in the ball room...Roger montana and HB from soul 2 soul provide the best selection of across the board RnB/House and other eclectic beats for the eye candy girls & can can girls to jump around to... > we have half naked men! half naked women and lots of absolutely crazy anitcs to keep you rocking til 5am!!!ONLY ONE RESTRICTION...dress sexy and be there b4 2am or you'll be left outside!!SIN Website!

Then it's on to Ministry of Sound for the regular HipHop nyt with a twist...Where WestWood returns to the Ministry for another night of classic joints.
Ministry Of Sound
10.00pm till 4.00am
Ticket Price
Ladies free Guys £8

Then it's on to one of the best clubs for HipHop,Funk and R&B with PLAN B,Brixton 2mow from 7pm-5am,Free b4 11pm,£6 b4 12am ,£8 after 12am...Fidgit presents Joe Ransom.More details @ PLAN-B!

Dont miss out Fridays in NYT, the coolest party and greatest tunes - Expect the best in Commercial R&B,Hip Hop,Funky House & Party Classics! 10pm - 10:30 Free / 10:30 - 2am £8More Info @ NYT!

That's all i can come up with at the mo',if you guyz know of any clubbing events in or out of london this weekend let me know as well...but i'll keep you guyz informed if anything comes up!Be guud!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dare Art-Alade's Escalade Video!!!

I know this is not an altogether new video, but i just luvv Dare to bits...and the video is guud aktually;-) I keep raving about the video to friends who havent seen it and i think it would definitely live up to the hype i've been giving it...lol...if not im in BIG trouble!Check out the "spoken word" part of the vid when he's telling the gurl he CAN spend, but he hasnt GOT any money...PRICELESS!Oh, just watch it for yourselves!!!

Escalade By Dare Art Alade

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weird MC Interview!

Hey again, It's interview time again...! And this tyme we've got excerpts from a recent one-on-one with none other than Weird Mc aka The Rappatainer! She requires no introduction, being one of the biggest Nigerian Female Artistes who manages to blend Western and African lyrics and beats so seamlessly...But enuff of the "hero-worship", read on urselves!!!

REAL NAME?: Adeshola Idowu
HOBBIES/INTERESTS?: I like reading and i'm a movie addict
STAGE NAME?: Rappatainer /Weird MC

What has been the greatest challenge so far in your career?
My first greatest challenge was to change the way nigerians perceived hiphop music in general when i dropped my first album pple were not really receptive to hiphop in nigeria i took it upon myself to make a change let pple see that that there was nothing to fear sometimes promoters even shied away from booking me until Benson n Hedges picked me up then came the awards and accolades. i think another challenge is right now in the sense that i've been away for a while n i'm sort of staking a claim again how this new joint is received remains to be seen although i know god is on my side but it will be nice to see what happens.

Who or what is the major influence in your Creativity as an Artist?
My major influences musically are Fela Kuti, Missy, miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie and Lagbaja. The major things which inflence me creative wise are things which go on around me, terms pple use, my life experiences.

Why and What made you decide to be an artiste?
I remember seeing concerts on tv i was blown away by the way the artistes were able to hold thousands of pple together with words with their songs with their intense stagecraft i was in awe. i was like damn i want to do this. then i discovered this beautiful thing called hiphop it was decided, the freedom which came with it the attitude,the energy. another thing was that i didn't want to do what everybody was doing our parents have this thing about go be a doctor, lawyer,teacher or a nurse i wanted more than that i wanted to take a risk.

Do you enjoy what you do?
Yes i love what i do i love bringing new songs to life, i love performing on stage that's like paradise for me that's my own perfect vacation it's like i'm in my own world in my own space by myself i just let down my guard n let loose. having said that i resent the politics and the bullshit in the business.

What is your motto?
Let sleeping dogs lie..live n let live

What are you goals as a Songwriter and Performer?
I'd like to create classics which pple could relate to long after i'm gone you know pencil evergreen songs that's why i love Bob Marley..fela Kuti those guys wrote tight stuff the other day i was listening to some stuff by Ray Charles it was like fresh dew

Do you have a favorite among your songs?
To be honest i love all my songs cuz they touch upon different things "Da Way We Blo" and "Ijoya" will make u bounce in da club "African Woman" a song i wrote with 2face idibia and blackface will make u think and u will go on a trip if ur a woman. "TIRENI" a gospel track shows a different side of me i think it's a song which will surprise a lot of people "Palava" i love cuz i recreated a fela kuti classic and femi kuti collaborated with me on it.

What support do you receive from receive/received so far from your peers?Yes artistes like Femi Kuti,Alariwo of Africa,Pupa Tee, Kween,Lagbaja,King Sunny Ade,Shina Peters,Aladin Sani, Dede Mabiaku JJC/ 419 Squad, KWAM 1 have always been so supportive, i got stuck once before i mounted the stage at my first benson and hedges appearance in Kano nigeria 5mins before going on we discovered there was no guitar i almost freaked out shina peters came to my aid he had about 3 guitars so he gave us one to use. I went down to Ghana at some point on a promotional tour King sunny Ade picked up the tab for my travel and accommodation expenses i'd never forget that. When i was recording my interpretation of fela kuti's classic song "When trouble sleep" i invited Femi Kuti to feature alongside me on the song he came down to the studio and did his thing no ego no hang ups. The most recent support i got was from Dede Mabiaku during the All African Games in Abuja he fought on my behalf to secure reasonable hotel accommodation i was deeply touched other so called big artistes will simply mind their business but he went to war with the organisers.

Live on stage and in the studio with Tony Allen, Femi kuti, yinka davies,tuface, blackface, lagbaja, king sunny ade, blakky, osibisa, Afrocelts, shrine,jjc/419, kween, Alariwo, pupa tee and Aladin Sani.
What magazines have you been featured in?
God loads i'd just reel out the ones i can remember guardian,cyrstals,effects,voice,new nation, ovation, hiphop world, Vanguard, New Age, African Videos, Mondomix [paris], folk roots, City People,Ffame, Encomium, Today's Choice, global excellence, daily times, griots.net, womex, tribune,irohin, sunday guardian, metro, hackney timesPride and so on the list is endless and now on Naijalife Magazine.

Describe yourself?
I'm an introvert in a sense, shy, crazy in my own way.

What makes people want to work with you?
Most of the time i've been approached to do collabos after pple see me on stage i've found that i impact pple intensely after they come see me do my thing on stage. I also put out positive vibes especially when i'm doing my music so i guess pple see that n they think hey i wanna work with her.

So what makes you unique?
I think being myself makes me unique the way I do my thing the way i express myself maybe the way i bring it on when i'm performing.my sound makes me unique too i think.

What image do you think your music Conveys?
Musically i'm quite diverse so i think i put across different moods i've got songs with a political undertone in the same breath i've got tracks that will make u party till u drop then i take u someplace else by mellowing it down my songs depict that variety is the essence of life.

How do you describe your music to people?
I've never tried to pidgeon hole my sound i do music with a hiphop sensiblity but still i think i manage to transcend categorisation. I just tell people that i do music period.

What are your Immediate Music Career Goals?
To put out my new joint i had a good summer last year in terms of concert appearances i pray to god that i'm able to get more this year i'm also itching to get my hands on more awards. later in the year i'd like to set up a multimedia/recording facility in Nigeria. I have a homebased one in the u.k. already. In the next 1-2 yrs i'd love to have appeared in a couple of movies and do t.v. stuff. I love movies i also hope to nurture acts and put them out in the market place via my label imprint 0907 Entertainment.

How Do You Rate a Good Live Performance and how do you rate your live performance abilities?
The feedback is always glaring the way the crowd relates to you gives you an indication of how successful your outing is most of the time when i've had a good live performance people come to see me backstage ..fans..journalists...my live performance abilities i think are excellent i've always known how to work a crowd i do enough to win them over i spent time honing my craft it's like mathematics you've got to know when to step it up n slow it down sometimes you 've got to be "FULLON" no mistakes allowed.

Can you tell us a songwriting process in Details?
It could be a hook playing around in my head i just take it from there i don't really have a set formular for writing my material it could even be a phrase i just let my creative juice flow the song ijoya was born out of a bassline progression i kept humming the bassline n i took it from there my junior brother biodun came round the house n he started adding extra lyrics to my ideas n we just put it down at my home studio. later on i finished it up at JJC's studio BackBone Music.

What are your songs About?
My songs touch upon things which happen around me, certain attitudes which people have it could be doing stuff borne out of real life experiences. The song African Woman was written to address the disrespect we encounter as women.

Can you specify what themes they cover?
Spirituality, Fun, Social consciousness, High Energy, sometimes some tongue n cheek stuff.

Who was your first love?
I no remember that one o
Your Fave Food?
rice fried plantain n stock fish.
cocacola so they better give me an endorsement deal one day amen...i also love sweet palmwine
My space.. anywhere nice peaceful and sunny
i'm a cancerian in command
Yoruba/English.ijebu lingo?
Naija anyday i love yanky 2 sha
TV shows:
Sex in the city, mtv cribs
Jamie foxx, Tom Cruise, RMD, Emeka Ike, Will Smith.
Jungle Fever, Living in Bondage, Bangkok Hilton.
Greatest love of all
Charlize Theron
Tell us about your first kiss:
u guys r naughty
first date:
hmm it's been a while
first concert that wasn't yours:
Bobby Brown
first Song you wrote:
seriously i can't remember
First real relationship:
Are relationships real these days?
So what does the future hold for You?And What advice do you have for up and coming Music Artistes?
keep it real stay away from the bullshit there's alot of that in this business trust nobody when all is said and done it's everyman for himself. be yourself cuz pple can tell a phony a mile away

To find out more about Weird Mc, check out her website here WEIRD MC
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Mikel-Obi for Euro Footie Award

I know, I'm sorry, but it's always good to hear positive things about Nigerians, so I have to post this : Chelsea FC player and Nigerian John Mikel Obi has just been named as one of the running candidates for an award for the best young player in Europe."The Premio Golden Boy, a plebiscite run by the Italian newspaper Tuttosport since 2003, has named Obi Mikel among its finalists for the award, voted for by a poll of journalists’ from around Europe and to be announced before the end of the year."(ThisDay)
Obi Mikel is "officially" the only African among the list of finalists.Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho also appears to have finally embraced Mikel. Mourinho has read the riot act to the young Nigerian over discipline problems, but was happy to praise him for his second-half cameo in Saturday's 1-0 win over West Ham.Mikel is the reigning African Young Footballer of the Year replacing another Nigerian Obafemi Martins last year.
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Trailer For "Amazing Grace"!

It seems like Nollywood is already gettin closer...to making really good films! Just after seeing "30 days" starring Genevieve Nnaji and C.B.A amongst a host of other stars, and agreeing that Nollywood was taking a step in the right direction...there's a really fabulous(jury's still out on it tho!)film coming out soon...AMAZING GRACE...got the trailer here for you guys to watch...Have Fun!

Seems like Nollywood is already gettin closer...!
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Monday, November 20, 2006

African Queen Remix Video!

Hey ya'll how was your weekend???Mine was cool...went down to Canterbury for a friend's 21st...special shout out to Canterbury peeps!so yeah,got another video for ya'll to watch...it's "African Queen d remix"...The rapper is guud, you dont get to see him tho...since the video is a tribute to his idea of "African Queens" but again that's my opinion...let me know wat you think...Enjoy!

PS:comments would be appreciated...we would really lyk to know if we are doing guud,if there's anything else we need to start doing...All feedback is guud!!!Thanks to everyone who's been dropping luv tho!!!

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Bomb Blast Plot Foiled at Lagos Airport

The accident-prone aviation industry would today have witnessed yet another air-borne disaster after the fatal ADC crash, when a man, attempted to smuggle explosives into a Bellview airplane flying the Lagos-Abuja route.
A man whose name was given as Michael Dickson was arrested by security operatives on Saturday morning, when he brought some explosives to the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos and attempted to have them on board the aircraft.
The suspect's mission was to mix the explosives packaged in cylinders with luggages belonging to Bellview crew and disappear, but was spotted by officials of the airline and Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) security personnel who subsequently apprehended him.When interrogated, the suspect said the items in the cylinders were microphones and was asked to open them but refused.The 'cylinders' were forcefully opened by the security operatives who discovered that they contained explosives.The suspect confessed he was detailed by somebody (whose name was not given), to plant the explosives and disappear, adding that the alleged sponsor of the suspect who was to travel by road to Abuja the same day was already on the run.
The suspect has since been taken in the custody of SSS(State Security Service) operatives while a search is on for the alleged "sponsor".
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Friday, November 17, 2006

WORK IT GIRL...Oluchi!

The Victoria Secret Fashion show went down last night, apparently it was not the same without 'TYRA BANKS and HEIDI KLUM' since they stopped bin part of the victoria angels anyways, girlfriend OLUCHI was strutting her stuff on the runway....oooooooh .FAB!


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Its weekend time and pple spend it differently, for some its to kick back and relax, 4 some its to par-tay, 4 sum its sumthn else, well 4 my wkends i like to just cook my food in bulk and store it 4 d rest of the week( yea ryt) and also chill and relax n hav good time...anyways i will b experimenting on some snacks...naija style this wknd, so i decided 2 just drop sum recipes if anyone is interested at all....

puff puff
meat pies
sausage rolls
chin chin

Good luck...lol!

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Video Throwback....Kerewa..zule zoo!

na who dey 4 mummy's house..lol... oh my God, i have neva seen guys shake or twist or wateva it was they were doin like that b4 and nt look so gay....the first time i saw did video..i had 2 kip playing it ova...
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Naija Anthem...BOB...

I LUV my Naija pple...oh my God,i heard this song and my head was popping.. this is 4ny n i kinda like it..its from a trio...B O B( babyboy, oj and bayo) u can check more about them...click
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tony Tetuila's new vid

Well if any of you are die-hard fans of Mr. Tetuila, you'll most definitely luv this new song and vid. I luv the song but im still undecided about the video, but one thing i can say for now is that it definitely is better than "Fefenefe"...Enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Banky W - My Regret

Isnt it funny, i just put up a post yday bout Banky, and i just came across his FIRST video for MY REGRET. anyways the song is fab and the video is just an icing.....do u like it?


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Introducing NAYO

Hey wots up, i just came across this new artist, named 'NAYO' though her full name is Temitope Odunayo Abidoye, born in Lagos, Nigeria and singing from day one. At the young age of 10, Nayo began writing songs. After a childhood on many continents, Nayo relocated to the US to further her education at Pepperdine University in Southern California, where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a serious passion and drive to further her musical aspirations. She was quickly performing shows in Los Angeles and New York City to crowds that warmed to her easy stage presence and the calm cool of her music.The tragic and sudden loss of her father at the end of 2004 brought a move back to Nigeria, to regroup and reflect with her grieving family. In Nigeria, Nayo looked inward, feeling torn between the western reality that she had known and the hard and harsh realities of her nation, troubled with political and social ills of all kinds.She began to believe that the music was the way to give back to her people. Nayo returned and began collaborating with producers and songwriters from New York, Los Angeles and the UK, where her true love for music first began. With so much more to come, Nayo is her name and her voice speaks for generations of people and millions whose voices have not been heard!

here is a clip of her new video: 'AFRICAN GIRL'...she kinda reminds me of SADE, and i luv the video its very soulful...be d judge and click here to check ha website.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SpotLiGhT - Banky W!

I was supposed to do a weekend special, but i had a lot of things to do...it was my friend's bday n u knw how it is...Anyways,a quick shout out to NONNY.....Happy bday sis...luv u!!!!, the special weekend edition will start nxt friday...so look out.

Anyways, some of u might be aware about this guy called Banky,hes a young(just 24 yrs)....singer,engineer and educated brother, he resides in d States.i rily do love his song "my regret" i was jammin it for one of my friends and she cldnt believe it was a naija guy......i hope he gets props in naija...jst bcos d lyrics doesnt contain pidgin or igbo,yoruba,hausa doesnt mean he's nt our own,cos i actually notice that some people r just enemies of artists like him, i remember sum day i went on youtube to check out lagbaja's "never far away"...n u had some people sayin in their own words that its too "americanized"...wots even "americanized?"...'m sure if he had spit some yoruba slangs pple like that wldnt make that kind of comment.....anyways his first video for my regret is coming out soon,nd i will hit u up 1st with it...i cant even wait n he reminds me so much of Marques Houston...anyways if u havnt heard of him...listen to his songs:

my regret

ay mami

and u can check his web and cop his cd hia.. click


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'm sure y'all Nnenna, frm America's nxt top model, anyways she was spotted looking fabulous on the runway at the chocolate show in NYC!!,the dress is actually made of chocolate...yum yum
she was also at the launch of Eva (antm winner cycle 3)'s new show 'my model is better than yours' ..so proud shes still doing ha thing!
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The rubberband man!

TI, Bow Wow,Chris Brown and Ne-Yo are set to perform in Mzansi to join the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Dubbed as the 'Superstar Tour', the concert will take place at the Johannesburg Stadium on Friday 1 December (World Aids Day).

Tickets are now available at Computicket and Checkers/Shoprite stores at R350 per person from R190 - R420 for Golden Circle.

Prior to the concert there will be a fund raising gala dinner at the Lekgotla Restaurant, Mandela Square in Sandton on Monday 27 November. Proceeds from the dinner will be donated to three Aids organisations in Tembisa, Soweto and Alexandra.

Tickets for the gala dinner will be sold at R350 per person (discount for group tickets). The evening's performance line up will be announced at a later stage.

so if u knw somebody that knw somebody that know somebody who is in SA,let them knw...i luv TI like crazy, if i was in Nigeria, i'd probably fly 2 SA just 2 watch him....yeah ryt!!! anyways nuthn is too much 4 a good cause!!!
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