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Monday, February 25, 2008

Nigeria Model Awards 2008 & Nneka Hurley, Timaya

Y'ello peoples, Howz it going? Gotta dash off somewhere terribly important, but just wanna drop this...enjoy!!!

Ikechukwu--Naija Boy

Okay Ikechukwu had his fun with "Wind am well" but he gets serious on this track, what do you think of his latest offering though???


Nigeria Model Awards 2008

Last year's winner Blessing Bassey with North American Cabin Crew

The search for Nigeria’s next Supermodel has started with the Nigeria Model Awards 2008. There will be zonal screenings in Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Benin, Calabar and Lagos with 20 girls selected to compete for the Nigeria Model Awards 2008.The head judge of NMA is the chief scout of Ford Models who flies into Lagos from his New York base a few days before the final event.The winner represents Nigeria at the Ford Supermodel Contest in New York where she stands the opportunity of winning a modeling contract worth $250,000,$150,000 or $100,000.

Bisi Sowemimo winner 2004

Hilda Nevoh winner 2005

Ifeoma Yolanda Jones winner 2006

Blessing Bassey winner 2007

Past winners of the NMA include Bisi Sowemimo in 2004, Hilda Nevoh in 2005, Ifeoma Yolanda Jones, 2006 and Blessing Bassey who just returned from New York where she participated at the Ford Supermodel Contest in January.


Well, if u know me well, u'll know that i am a total bag junkie...as in i looooove bags, clutches, wallets, purses...well u get the drift and that brings me to this uber-cool chic and her handbags et al.

Nneka Hurley

She is a 28 year old graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and recent student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She currently resides in New Jersey and she started ‘Nneka Hurley Handbags‘ in 2005.

Well, i dont know for sure if she is from Nigeria or even of Nigerian Descent but from her name, i will conclude that she is and if she aint...who cares..ha bags are FAB!

Celebs here and there bin rockin ha bags and clutches too

Nneka recently (last weekend) showcased bags from her Spring Collection titled "Arm Candy". and below are some of the collection!
free image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image host


She makes every little thing on her bags by hands!
and a portion of proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer

For more info and other sturvs check out: BagsByNneka

****Photo Credits of Nnneka: Concreteloop****
GT(The Guitar Man)--Truly

Now i have found my "feel-good" song 4 now, his voice is so subtle and thats sum deep yoruba ryt there! There's English parts too, so dont be put off by that...but the girl's belt threw the outfit off, wulda bin nice otherwise.
Timaya: Timaya
oh well wat can i say....i really love this song and i will not let the video put me off! ''Timaya hot lyk fya eh''

Bye y'all,
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hu-ASA,Banky W, X-project,Chikezie

Hey hey guys, hows ur week goin?
This year is running fast! Febuary is gone already, mane where is the year goin????
Damn! this is how old age creeps on pple!

The actress was a victim of a robbery sometime last week!
Narrating how the incident happened, Uche said, “ I don’t understand o. I drove into my compound and the next thing I saw were some people who pointed gun at my head and ordered me out. We were coming back from Abuja where we went to do a movie. They made away with the car and every other thing inside it.

It was as if I was the target. The robbery started and ended with me. Nobody else was attacked. People say maybe the robbers were sent, but who am I? Why would somebody want to attack ordinary Uche? It is still shocking but I am gradually getting over the incident.”

The Real me show:
A new Television Reality show known as ‘Real me show’ is about to debut Nigeria soon.The show aims at portraying the real lives of Nollywood stars and gives the viewing public the opportunity to see how these stars live behind the screen for 21 days. Sounds like a celebrity Big Brother to me...
The runner up would be entitled to a sum of N2 million, while the star prize winner would walk away with N10 million and a brand new SUV Jeep to go with it.

As released to the press in Naij, stars to feature in this programme includes Genevieve Nnaji, Stella Damasus, Uche Jumbo, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Emeka Ike, Ramsey Noah and a host of others
However i think the names of the celebrities are just bin used as a stint to gather publicity cos Stella Damasus is sure not happy about it and she had this to say
''I was shocked to have read it in the papers that I would be part of a certain Real Me Show put together by one Chidi Nwokeabia. Honestly, I stand to be corrected if I am wrong, I think before a thing like this comes up, the characters involved should be notified or informed first before going out publicizing the show. I have not been contacted for any show of that nature and seeing my name in the list of participants baffled me. Things have to be done the way it should be done; nobody can just wake up and put me in a show I know nothing about. The industry really needs to be sanitised thoroughly”

X Project ft Konga: Lori Ile
Remember the Tumba guys??

mane i cant lie,i just so love the beat and it makes me wanna move...my legs, my hands, my head...somewhere sha..lol


MBGN is set to have its first ever screening in the UK, so if u are at least 5'7'' tall and between 18-25 years then click the above to download a form and give it a shot in reppin Nigeria at the next Miss World Contest.

Date: March 1st 2008

Venue: Express Holiday Inn, 196 High Street, Stratford


Banky W: Work you out ft Sauce kid
I totally just love this song, esp Sauce kid's rap, dat dude is just razz, m truly convinced..lol


There has bin so much rave about this event since late last year and the time is truly near.Anyways, just incase u havnt heard bout it;the members of the Howard University African Students Association, are having two big events later this month.

1.) Howard University African Students’ Association (HU-ASA) will be hosting its first African Business Conference from February 29- March 1, 2008 in conjunction with the Howard University Business School. The aim of the conference is to highlight business and career opportunities in African countries. The conference website is HERE
2.) Howard University African Students’ Association (HU-ASA) will be hosting its 5TH Annual Fashion Show. The show is tagged Mi Nyan Ntsee "The Return". The show is on Friday, February 29 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, at the Cramton Auditorium on Howard University Campus, Washington, DC.

The evening will be spent takin u back to the REAL AFRICA. The Designers featuring in the show include Deola Sagoe, Obsidian, David, Idia Designs, Simply for you, Knaf Couture, Lshandi.
The show is also Part of DC FASHION WEEK
Tickets: Available at Cramton box office & Ticket Master)click here
General Public: $15, Asa Members: $13

ooh! cant wait...C u there!
****Thanks Adeolu***


Like i said , i watch Tv ALOT! and that includes Reality Tv
bin watchin the Auditions of the American Idol(AI)and while i watched the clip below, i thot Randy was sayin 'jacuzzi' and all sorts like 'Cheesey ' 'Chakeasy''till his name was written on the thingy! u know now...m like yea hes Naija..lol
Chikezie is 22yrs, an American of Nigerian Descent!(rolls eyes)lol, he can actually sing and hes made it to the TOP 24! so he will be takin it to the stage!

Have a good weekend...
Naija Vixen
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Amplifyd Crew, ASA, Riz

Hello peoples, hope u all had a gud weekend?
really didnt get up to much but the weather was good tho...i cant believe i was just talkin bout the weather....i hate weather talks; i think its wen u dnt have anything to say that u start rantin about the weather, anyways b4 i go any further on rambling.....
First and foremost, i just want to thank "blogger team" as in seriously when all hope was lost, they were able to help and fix back this site! Seriously cant express the joy of havin this site back...
Dont really have much today, just a tidbits from here and there, so lets get to it :-)

Amplifyd Crew: Wetin Man Go Do??
Okay, the Video is finally here.
What is wrong with it??: the video is damn-long as in Michael Jackson's You Rock my World kinda stuvvs; i almost cldnt watch it thru.
Whats right about it??: The Effizy of course and the CNN ish is almost believable, Muyo is such a cutie too...

I'm personally not feelin the song itself...cant get past the beat! If u like the song tho, download here.

Naija Record Label Orangootan Signs Idols Stars :

Orangootan, the music label that's home to Naija stars Ashionye, Fadabasi, Ohun, Timmy Chris and Peace Josef, has just secured a sub-licensing deal with Pan African Entertainment for two of the Idols West Africa Top 10 contestants, namely Mercy and Uche.Carl Raccah, CEO of Orangootan, said, 'Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of singing talents and Mercy and Uche are two of the best!" Asked for a glimpse of the musical direction the label had in mind for the artists, Carl said to expect 'Christian Inspirational' from Mercy and 'Afro Soul' from Uche.Sam Mbelu, the spokesperson for Pan African Limited (one of the companies that helped facilitate Idols West Africa) said, 'It is encouraging to work with an entertainment outfit like Orangootan; the company really understands the music business and we hope to partner with them again on future projects."

Though 'The idols is back this year...its not coming to Naija West Africa! The new season of Idols will head to Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe early in 2008 and it is also open to citizens of Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Reunion, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia and Swaziland.

Asa: I shot the Sherriff
m diggin on Asa, and its good to see dat loads of pple are feelin ha too! If u dont have ha cd, seriously, u need to cop dat disc...its a great buy and truly amazingly worth it! She did a live performance with Katie Melua late last yr,they are both on the British label Dramatico Entertainment.

Download: Asa: Fire on the Mountain

Valentine Shiznit:
M sure u must have come across this flyer by now, or heard something about this event( if u live in this zones)oh well...just in case, i'll still put it up

Date:Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 6:00pm-3.00am
Location:Marriot Hotel,Grosvenor Square , Park Lane.
London, United Kingdom
Free drinks and Free Canape-all complimentary with your ticket
Fashion Show:
featured designers::::Aghogoh Sowho : Soul Boutique
Dumebi Agbakova: Dakou
Toju Foyehkunoren Twins
Music Performance::::Mario(let me love u dude)lol
Get ur Tickets:Modupe Johnson:07957968735
Ikenna Ordor:07984809511

Riz:Flex ft Sauce kid:

Its a sample of the Ol' Shabba Ranks song;Flex, but i'll actually choose this version any day(and still kick back wit the old skool one). i posted a video a while back,but the Original Video is out....ch-che-check it out!

Like wot u see or hear?...u can sample some songs from his Album 'Raitchere'---(Tuface's way of sayin 'Right here' in dat song of his) lol...i crack myself up sometimes...anyways check out his SITE too.

I am so ova the moon about the whole Writer's Guild ish, finally the strike is ova and we can get back to watching real bad ass shows like Heroes, The Game and all. i watch pratically every show there is out there (bad ass or wack ass, am in)so this past 3mnths has bin some kind of toture.I'm just patiently waiting for the writers to get back to work and make me smile again..!

Anyhoo guys, have a good week ahead
Its Naija!
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Friday, February 08, 2008

NAYO , Nigeria's Next Super Model 2008, HipHopWorld Awards

Nayo's Album Release Date!

Nayo of "African Girl" fame has finally revealed a date for the album "Desert Storm" release -- March 10th 2008. For more information on Nayo, free downloads and exclusive access, check out her website here MY WEBSITE or her myspace NAYO


Shan George's reality show:

Serial life and star actress, Shan George has bared her mind on her new project, a tourism based reality TV show Trifled T.36 which aim is to empower the youths by exposing them to the cultural diversity in Nigeria.The star actress who started this at a press briefing recently, said the TV reality show has been taken to and their level as participants are required to send texts to a certain number where they can emerge as lucky candidates to participate at the event.She disclosed that contestants from every state of the nation will tour all the states and Abuja in eight weeks and their mission will be to acquaint themselves with the culture, beliefs, values and the general way of life of the Nigerian people.The screen diva disclosed that at the expiration of the visit to the six geo-political zones, contestants would undergo same tests and any two score lowest will be evicted.The show being organised by shandel productions, Shan George’s outfit will start in Lagos and end in Abuja with grand finale after a complete tour of the six geopolitical zones.However, it is not certain for how when the show will roll tape but it will definitely not be too long.


Nigeria's Next Super Model 2008:

No, this is soooo not the ill fated April,2007 version that occured in England ;-) this one already had the maiden edition last year back in Nigeria that proved a success and now they are looking for contestants for the 2008 show.
Pics of the 2007 contestants

So if you are interested in taking part or know anyone who would be interested, check out the WEBSITE for more info or alternatively, click here for the Application Form and submit the completed form to House of J'ola, 5A, Adeyemi Lawson, Off Queensdrive, Ikoyi, Lagos


FAZE: Need Somebody

Yep yep i know, these are not new videos...but Faze is such a massive talent, if only he couple that with commercial success...shame about that Platashun Boiz reform too. So these bids are here ---just cos i love Faze!

Faze:Luvn u everyday

I'm definately luvn dude's effort on his videos and all,his vids r really killin it, saw d KpoKpodi Kpo one as well...me likey!


Music Candids:

Eldee is re-releasing his album in NIGERIA this summer...reception should be hot!

Fishe on the mic -- he opened for the YingYang twins in Montana, Us...a 15000 strong crowd!

JazzMan Olofin -- The album cover is hawt!

...btw i heard hes no longer with Storm Records, alongside with Dare Art Alade: i guessed as much since i havnt seen anyone of them in all dem storm cameos and stuff! oh well....

"What I can tell you is that the music industry is going through some reshuffle. These guys are like my younger brothers. And we're not going to start fighting anyone in the media. We've invested in these guys and I can tell you that we've not made returns. Jazzman still owes us two albums and his contract is still binding. In principle, Dare owes us two albums too''--- Obi Asika

Caption This!

This pic gets me everytyme! Jazzman is performing with his dancers and he's got Richard Branson on Stage shaking what his mama gave him...lmao!!!



HiphopWorld Awards is bi-zack!, which is one of Nigeria’s biggest music awards.This is going to be the third edition of the prestigious award. its been gathered that the recipient for this year’s Artiste of the Year award will walk away with brand new SUV jeep.
apparently, they are going all out. The artiste of the year award went to Paul Play Dairo last year, who got an all round business class trip to Europe. The nominees are already out, and my favourite vocalist is a nominee for the Next Rated Category...Wande Coal, i hope he wins alongside with the dope Lyricist M.I known for the 'Crowd Mentality' song...his oda songs are even madder!..lol . Wande is also up for Best Male Vocalist alongside 9ice...whose vocals are just teew mad! The HiphopWorld Awards 2008 is scheduled for
March 2008!. cant wait!

Click HERE for the long list of the NOMINEES and how to vote and stuff!

Ciao people, have a poppin' weekend!!



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Friday, February 01, 2008

WEEKEND DIGEST:Ikechukwu, D'banj,wind am well) Wande coal et al

Hey Guys,

Know this is late,but compliments of the season ya'll!!! Lyk a bad dream, the original blog got caught in some Blogger technical ish, so we got this one instead! Hopefully, word will get round and people will get to know of this one, so pls if u can...spread the word and spread the love...lol!
So yeah, back to basics...

New Video Alert!!!
Wind Am Well - Ikechukwu Feat. Don Jazzy & D'Banj

Dang! This video just got put up today, see how much we love you guys!!! Awwww, D'banj! i like!

Random News Of The Day:
Scholarship Awards for Virgin Girls!
Okay, this has gotta be one of the funniest articles i'v come across in ages as in 4 real...I was just doing the regular reading about naija affairs wen i saw this headline...Scholarship Awards for Virgin Girls! It is quite long so I have cut it down, but to read it in full, click HERE

Below are just some quotes from the article:

"Girls who have not lost their virginity are to be given scholarships up to university level. It has become extremely difficult to find young women and girls who are virgins in a society with poor moral values and unbridled promiscuity. Seeking to find some kind of solution to what has been termed “a moral question,” Madam Adunni Adediran, CEO/Editor-in-Chief, Fragile Feet Magazine, says
“But alas, it is time we rekindle and rediscover the old spiritual injunction, African culture and values where young and old spinsters are expected to keep their bodies sacrosanct for their would-be spouses.A culture where virginity is seen as a pride and celebrated with funfare on the eve of wedding."

According to her, it is a shame to both the lady and her parents, if it were discovered that she had been deflowered before the wedding night. All virgin girls are expected at the celebration in Ekemode Memorial Hospital and Women’s Infirmary, 3B, Bode Thomas Road, Surulere, Lagos, on 24th January, 2008 at 10 a.m. Rewards include scholarships for deserving virgin girls, certificates of virtue, and other gifts including gold jewelries, visit to interesting places.Other benefits are availability of young bachelors who would desire them because of the purity, and to stop vices such as sex before marriage, ”To be eligible to participate, females between the ages of 15 to 30 years or over and are still pure without a canal knowledge of any man are to pay a token fee of N2,000 at any Oceanic Bank.

But if a girl is being disvirgined by her husband, it’s a pride for the family, and respect for the family members.”Adediran disclosed the name of the NGO promoting this project as “Just For You Media,” and that certificate of virtue will be issued for successful participants.

As in seriously, WTF a certificate of virtue??????!!! if someone shld use the word DEFLOWERED one more time i will seriously go crazy...i dnt know, maybe im just the only one who actually finds it funny or i just have a weird sense of humour..lol, But i wonder how they r goin to get the proof that these girls are virgins..infact i will find it rather humiliating, what happened to giving scholarships to students who deserve it cos of their grades et al? and im sorry, i just like to face reality...we r talkin bout a country where some mothers want the bride to be pregnant b4 marriage to show they r not barren b4 dey marry their sons...oh well, and yes they are serious about the virgins ages 30! pHEEEW!

And on a sidenote, Dayo from NaijaSounds & Naija-Times sent this link over NaijaTimesMagazine . Check out Pg 3 for a NaijaVixen Big-up ;-)

Amplyfyd Crew -- Wetin Man Go Do:

Hmmm effizzy...I cant SHOUT! I can't even whisper...btw, i was just wondering what happened to the girl in the group...cos i didnt peep ha there...oh well,lol!!!

SauceKid-Yebariba RMX:


Snake GIRL:
Nokulunga Buthelezi, is an amazing contortionist that has been wowing everyone she appeared on a UK morning show like 2weeks ago. The 18 year old Nokulunga comes from South Africa and mane some things u r born with...this is one of those talents!

This dude ryt here, pushed himself thru a TENNIS RACKET!!



Few weeks after the release of their anticipated album, CV, Mo Hits Records are set to shoot the video of “Ololufe” by Wande Coal. A traveling date has not been fixed yet but according to a source, the video will be shot in film format by DJ Tee in South Africa and edited in Nigeria . The project we gathered, will also serve as a medium to sell ‘Wande Coal’ as an artiste whose debut album may be dropping before the end of this year from Mo Hits...We ♥ us Wande Coal, but i just hope that the video does the song justice sha!!!

2Face Idibia recently recorded a track titled “So Proud” featuring Jamaican stars Chakka Demus and Pliers in California and you guys can expect to hear it on the airwaves soon. 2Face has recorded some songs for his next album which is still untitled but expected to drop later this year.

And thats it for today, many thanks people, have yourselves a great weekend!

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