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Friday, January 05, 2007


Its d 1st weekend of the new year n i am damn sure, some of u r still in d holiday mode while sum r bk to the hustlin of life!!How are the new year resolutions going so far?Dont worry i broke all mine within a couple of hours!!!

First things first,the VIDEO THROWBACK!Damn can you remember when you first heard this song?It's a damn shame they both decided to go their separate ways..yes,we are talking about MAINTAIN...Olu & Tolu(and their ever present former producer,Big Bamo)
So here is the remix of "Wifey" featuring JJC Crew...Enjoy!

Movie Alert:
A nu movie entitled 'IRAPADA'meanin REDEMPTION is due to be out soon, it set to be yet anotha ''BLOCKBUSTER'', m nt gonna hype it cos i havnt seen it yet...it features Kunle Afolayan( can u remember d guy called 'ARESEJABATA' from 'SAWOROIDE'??YUP!!dats d guy), Angela Phillips, Jotham Ayuba( i hav no idea if hes related to AYUBA himself).
click hia 2 check out the website
The movie was shot both in the western n Nothern part of Nigeria;therefore these zones will influence the language,costumes,songs and settings of the movie, but with appeal cuttin across all languages and culture........

Out And About:Rhythm Unplugged
Pictures of Celebs spotted at the recent Rhythm Unplugged event in 9ja showcasing comedy,dance and music.Pictures courtesy of PureFoto.Enjoy...

Jazzman Olofin

KeKe and D1


P-Square( i c dem still rockn their camo outfits)

Sandra Achums and Stella Damasus

"Emeka Enyiocha...lookin kinda buff!!!

Rugged man

A new report has come out in Nigeria stating that about 80 million Nigerians,which make up 60% of the whole population still do not have access to electricity supply despite efforts being made by the Federal Government to improve the power sector.

Less than two weeks after oil pipeline fire claimed over 298 lives in the Abule Egba area of Lagos State, another burst pipeline has been identified in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Finally,we are gettn debt free(not as individuals,just the country..sort ur own out!)So far Nigeria has paid off $1.4 billion of the debt,and President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that Nigeria would exit the London Club of creditors by March when it would pay the final tranche of about $900 million to the club and the country would thereafter become debt free!

Daddy Showkey don hit guud tymes oh!!!The Galala dance creator has started to get monetary rewards for his "contribution to Nigeria"(admit it,Galala was part of ur childhood!).He has been endorsed for all Bernard Longe-led Transcorp’s campaigns,and with the way stars are starting to get big bucks from endorsements in 9ja,he's finally hit the guud tymes!!!Remember us sha,dat na our own!


If u knw me well, u knw i love Sasha,since Eve is my fav female rapper n they kinda hav d same type of style, dat makes ha my naija eve. this is d 1st song we heard frm ha..but ha album is set 2 b released any moment frm nw.
Maintain's Alo was also anotha anthem wen it came out, most pple dat knew d song , knew all d lyricsssss.....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone..!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 12:15 AM


Happy new year to you dear, i'm back

Thanks for the vid

Imagine I was at rhythm unplugged but I got there late so my vip seat had audied...I didnt get to see any of those stars, couldnt be bothered to stand at the back in the sand so I left lol.

Irapada - sounds good, thanks for the info!

This remix is not bad oh - wifey
By Blogger Mona, at 1/05/2007
The Irapada link didn't go through when i clicked on it.
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/08/2007
@Mona-Happy new year gurl,so u were at the Rhythm Unplugged do?How was it now?Why didnt u harass d person who took ur seat?;-)
@Nilla-oops,i'll sort out the webpage now for you!!!

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