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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Special Event.....Stars On The Runaway

STARS ON THE RUNWAY is a fashion show with a difference, featuring celebrities and stars from Nigeria, Africa, Europe and the USA on the runway wearing and exhibiting creations from the best of Nigerian designers to raise money for charity.

This event is scheduled to be held in Lagos on the 17th of February 2007. Celebrities from the world of entertainment, sports and media, regardless of size and structure, will be invited to model in 5 categories; Players' Ball, Divine Divas, Movers & Shakers, Peculiar Pairs and Celebrity Couples. 12 top Nigerian designers from around the world will design pieces specifically for the celebrities to wear on the night.

The theme of this momentous event, as the name suggests, is to showcase the best of Nigerian design and fashion, coupled with the parade of stars, plus first class entertainment and effective networking by some of the stars on the runway all for a good cause.Stars On The Runway is the brainchild of popular TV personality Ronke Apampa, and is produced by R70 World,the company also produces television specials at Fashion Weeks all around the world for broadcast on stations in the UK, USA and Nigeria.
It actually does sound interesting...12designers....60 celebrities....1 runway...HOTNESS!!

Zulezoo(of Kerewa Fame)Drama!
I had no idea, that KEREWA was banned in Nigeria till i came across this video. i love that song, you can check the video, which i posted last month... i am quite shocked cos personally i do not think there is anything wrong with that song. So its alright to play them swearing, disrespecting kind of song on radio in Nigeria n then two guys talking about ....person wey enter mummy room come be wahala...na wa oh..
anyways this is their answer to the whole situation....

Comic Relief: did u hear the guy say:' banding as in BANNING'.... ok i have issues!!!!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 9:23 AM


Well the initiative does sound good and pretty nice of Nigerians. but then you'd hear that the gate fee for the so-called charity event will send the poor ppl to early grave!

Nigerians kill you to make you good!
I'm supposed to be going home around that time next year, so maybe I'll be able to catch the show.

As for the video, that's HILARIOUS. I loved it!!! I had never seen it before.

Vixen, your blog is off the hook. I'm starting to look forward to it everyday. Keep it up
By Blogger Bola, at 12/14/2006
@ Naija Vixen,
Dearie you don't have issues oh! I heard the "banding" too..LOL.
Anyways i'm just seeing these guys for the first time. They aren't bad, and they are funny.
By Blogger Nilla, at 12/15/2006

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