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Monday, December 11, 2006

New Week:

OOh,its Monday, for some its back to work, for some its back to the lecture room! Just to give the ladies a piece of eye candy,here is a pic that has bin goin arnd 4 a while now, i neva thot the day wld come wen i wld c a picture of p square and basically have to look 4 and pick my bottom jaw from the floor... the pic was on their newly refurbished website a mnth ago...tho the site is down again, seriously naija artists need to start paying 4 their sites, ahn ahn! anyways,i mean.... look at those bodies...my my my!getting their overly grown n sexy on..with the oil drippin from their bodies...mmmmmm! oh snap!


Yesterday marked the 1st anniversary of the Sosoliso air-mishap that happened on the 10th of Dec 2005 at the Port Harcourt Airport, Omagwa, Rivers State.The aircraft, a DC-9-32 with registration number 5N-BFD on a scheduled flight, which was to have left at 10 am, was delayed until 1.26pm when it took off from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.In the belly of the massive plane were 108 passengers and crew.Majority of the occupants (60) were students of Jesuit Loyola College in Abuja who were already on Christmas vacation and were heading home to celebrate the yuletide with beloved family members and friends...
Lets take tyme out to remember the deceased and the families left behind...

They go by the name 'De Indispensables', and they bin gettin heavy play on them naija channels hia. Believe it or not u can get this single frm HMV! brap!!!

I'm pratically in luv with TI,n did u hear that guy in the begining sayin my baby's catchphrase razz-ly 'ai ai'. moving on wots up with the Yung Joc's Going Down dance?.... overall its nt a bad song at all!

Rumor has it that Actress INIOBONG EDO(ini Edo) and koko master D'banj are indeed an item.City pple magazine was the first to write about it after she was spotted at one of his shows and were cozying up lata on! Dj Abass also confirmed it on his show saying the two have been seen together several times afterwards, though both are still denyin the rumors...hmmm wat a combination if this is actually true...anyways remember its still a rumor n no be me talk am oh, cos i no c dem with my own eye!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:15 AM


I watched the nigerian movie awards and d'banj snuggled up to her when she was been interviewed..uhm!What are all those scary things at p-squares' feet?Loving the 6-PACKS!!!!!
By Anonymous K.M, at 12/11/2006
nice pictures all over the blog.
By Blogger laspapi, at 12/12/2006
I agree with Laspapi :-)
By Blogger Nilla, at 12/12/2006
Who oiled those dudes? dang! photoshop can work wonders eh!

Nice pictures you got on there, and blog as well!! thanks for dropping by!!
lol @ naija dude...i knw the oil is pratically drippin....lol.....johnson baby oil more like it....@ km lol, i think those r the statues they won at nigeria music awards...5 of them.
laspapi n nilla...thnx..we dey try lol
Wow Vixen...I'm really feeling the vibe of your blog. You keep hitting us with the most updated info...I luv it! I added you to my links, so I'll be dropping by often. Looking forward to joining you on your crazy ride.
By Blogger Bola, at 12/13/2006
raging homosexuals! they ain't oiled for no girls, they oiled up for men.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/14/2006
@anon,i dnt think they r homosexuals, even if ther r..so what....dey still look hot :)
can sum1 scream HATER!!!!! 2 d anonymous goat who called 'em gay. u kno if dey were, ur ass wld be among d 1st in line 2 f**K em SO SHUT D HELL UP.
By Anonymous spicee, at 12/26/2006

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