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Friday, December 15, 2006


What day is it????...its Friday, obviously this is my favorite day of the week; cos its time to get lazy....lol only that i'v really had nain much to do this week, anyways......
Have u heard d female version of omoge mi-p square?Here it is...'BOBO MI'Listen here

PLANTASHUN BOIZ---Baby dont you know...

If u r a girl, n neva liked this song wen it came out,u were not "Hip"! i mean this song was just teww teww mad!. i remember in High School, how we'd b jammin it on the tape playa(dnt ask me y i use that name) every saturday mornin, n those lyrics..."look into my eyes and tell me wetin u c...i c hunger, desire only if u can quench this fire, u look me n i loose my self control oh" i still hav the cd...that was a proper naija album....call me razz!!

Below r 2 nu videos from Lagbaja.I love lagbaja n i heard behind all dat mask is a fine man...

I love EGO, i neva knew she could sing ha ass out till i heard 'neva far away'


The folks @ THISDAY are really doin big things! First they had the music festival with them jay z,ciara and all barely 2mnths ago and now they are having their second THISDAY style weekend, this tyme to officially launch "THISDAY STYLE:THE MAGAZINE"...hmm real nice, anyways top models: Alek Wek, Oluchi Onweagba and Yasmin Warsame arrived yday to showcase new collections from Deola Sagoe, Anna Getanah, Xuly Bet, Tiffany Amber, Ere Hart, Ijeru Coker, Dakova and the best of African fashion and style. Other models like Solange Boccovi, Kamara Madoussou George Badie, Hawa and other top models from Africa, will also perform on the catwalk.

Two young men in their 20s are on their way to a five-year jail term for allegedly getting involved in homosexuality.Ogadi Edobi and Uche Ukebi were arrested by policemen attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja after a report was made to the police.With sugar coated words like ‘I love you’ and freebies such as chin-chin, biscuits, La Casera drink, yoghurt, among others, Ukebi, 27, found in Ogadi a willing heart.The cat was let out of the bag when Ogadi allegedly stole his master’s N685,000 and handed it over to Ukebi.
...uhm arrested by Anti-robbery squad??c'mon,Nigerians now!Surely there are more things that the police can concern themselves with?lyk fraud,actual "robbery" and all?...i just cant understand d fact that they want to make 'homesexuality'a criminal offence, its simply infringing human rights.....cos its a way of life, i chose to be a xtain; u chose to b a muslim...its a way of life....

RAMPAGING robbers yesterday stormed seven banks in two different parts of Lagos leaving in their trail the death of no fewer than 23 pple with others injured. The number of casualties is the highest recorded so far in a day.One of the robbery incidents in which 16 pple lost their lives took place at the popular Alaba Int'l market along the Lagos-Badagry expressway at about 6am.Eye witnesses reported that over 50 robbers stormed five banks (names withheld)in the area in an unmarked commercial bus and another Toyota Camry car. The bandits, armed with sophisticated weapons, reportedly engaged over a hundred policemen who came to intercept them in one of the longest shoot- outs in recent times.


mane its Nnena, gotta love that girl on ANTM(America's next top model)Nnenna spotted at the Sagittarian Affair with Danielle Evans.They both look nice.

Songs 'm feelin at the mo'
i knw i said its 80% naija stuvvs, bt we neva actually put otha stuvvs, but hia r some otha songs m loving:
Danity Kane-Ride 4 u
Kirk Franklin-Imagine me
I love love ciara,and dis song is no exception, the video is just teew mad. if u watched MTB3...u'd grow to love Danity kane...so i do love them n dis song is amazing. Imagine me is an inspirational song that lifts my spirit everytime.....

Just last week i told u guys that D'banj and Ini Edo were dating or sumthn, ryt now apparently D'banj has moved ova to Empress Njammah, and apparently Ini Edo n Empress r like really really close friends...mane once again na Rumor..

Like i said last week, there are goin to b xmas giveaways, mainly cds by naija artists...all u have to do is send an email to naijavixen@hotmail.com, with the subject: 'FREEBIES',and we'd pick randomly and announce on xmas day
(due 2 some reasons, only entrants from uk are allowed,u want to know y?.....because we Nigerians thats y, nxt yr wld probably be different, so kip the mail coming)

Ya'll have a luvly weekend now!!!

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:50 AM


Hey Vixen,
I'm so loving the videos you put up. I'm becoming addicted to your blog :-).
Have a great weekend too.
By Blogger Nilla, at 12/15/2006
where do you get all this info naija vixen!!?? damn you are doing a great job oh.
oh, do you have jist on tu face . i hears he has increased the population of naija by having like 5 baby mamas.
and do you have the link for d'bangs new song. why me??
Naija is just being ridiculous and pretentious as ever - who exactly ban their music? Is there like a censoring board? ‘Cos if there is, they aren’t doing a great job. I remember when Femi's "beng beng beng" came out and it was also banned ban it yet channel O & radio stations would play songs like p***y popping and the likes. I personally like ZuleZoo, those boys get me mesmerized when they move (ahh! good times).

Sorry, I didnt mean to comment under anonymity.

Agrhh! Why in the hell can't I make a comment with my name, why would it only make me publish as anonymous or other? is this only happening to me?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/15/2006
P.S. Why do those music files expire so fast? Its just been 7days...
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/15/2006
I love the one by the ego girl. naija vixen, the song is good. how u de? Stay loved. keep up the good work.
@nilla, thnx 4 always droppin by

@omo naija, apparently oh, 2face wants 2 increase the earth's population..lol, yea d last link 4 dbanj's why me is expired,so try this one:
your blog is so funny,LUVS it!!

@RJ:long time..he he he, its the web i upload from but i have tried a nu site(zshare) now wia d file stays 4 unlimited time unless its nt downloaded witin 10days r i decide to delete it myself.so which one of the songs do u want?, i will upload it n send d link 2 u

@yankeenaijachick: thnx babe
babe i'm really feeling ur blog this is my second time here but i'm definately a fan now continue doing a great work girl take care
hi...just stumbled across your blog and was hoping to see some hot naija vixens but i see it's all tabloid-ish in here. at least it's homely. nice.
By Blogger c0dec, at 12/17/2006

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