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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ozakii - Ngozi Uchea, Lil Miss Jocelyn,

Blogging and updates bin really slow this week.mane work is taking most of my time,anyways lets get to it:

Guud to always see Nigerians doing big things...This time it's Ngozi Uchea who is chief designer @ OZAKII London- an accessory & womenswear label committed to making the best bespoke and exclusive products with a flair for the original...Okay! All products are hand made in their studios in Little Venice,London. Ngozi studied at both the Royal College of Art and London College of Fashion,with two degrees to her name-a bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Technology and a Masters in Fashion and Mixed Media. To find out more about Ngozi and the OZAKII collection, click Here

Below are a couple pictures showcasing the OZAKII Collection...Enjoy!!!


Lil' Miss Jocelyn
If you live in the U.K,chances are you've already seen this brilliant Nigerian's(yes,Jocelyn Jee Essien)Comedy show on BBC3..If you havent, I've got a series of short clips showcasing 9ja spoofs...you've got the 9ja driver(I dont got tyme!), Mr & Mrs Omuokpopopo(did i spell it ryt?)amongst a host of others....have fun watchn these videos...you'll be grabbing your seats for support...


Bus peeps:
This clip features the divine Colin Salmon(Alien vs Predator)...my future hubby,the voice!!!Hav u ever seen any1 "rap" 'Olde English Literature' so well?;-)

Mr & Mrs Omuokpopopo:

Loooong tyme:

This is really really 4ny: click d link below to listen to jeff shuman's prank call as a local African man callin an estate agent.....

Since dis is the last weekend of the year 2006!! make sure y'all live it up, anyways back at u in 2007!!!
Much much love!!!!

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 2:30 PM


Have A Happy New Year NaijaVixen
I'm lovin Ngozi's stuff...very fab!
Jocelyn Jee is toooooo funny!

Anyway, lookin forward to seeing more from you in the New Year.

One Luv
Those bags are cool.

Those videos were hilarious...but i thought the 3rd video (Mr & Mrs Omuokpopopo) was kinda gross!.

Happy New Year in Advance girl!
By Blogger Nilla, at 12/30/2006
thnx girls!!!
u might wanna keep your hands of that salmon guy. he's spoken for!

by me,of course.

can someone spell hot?

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