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Friday, December 22, 2006

Weekend Digest

Thank God its FRIDAY!!!! 3 more days 2 kissmass!!lol


Raise Da Roof-Jazzman Olofin feat. Ayuba
This video is it!!!Abeg,lie and say u dont start dancing or atleast start tapping ur feet,clicking ur fingers...when you hear this song!oh okay,you dont?just me then?oh...anyway,Enjoy!!!


Though Sasha has bin arnd 4 a while now,ha album is said to be in completion stage,Storm Records is proud to announce that Sasha’s Album will be released in February 2007 with her first videos breaking ground in Xmas 2006, Sasha has just completed the first part of the promotional roll out for her Album and in the days and weeks ahead... (FYI: Storm Records is like the Def jam of Naija)she'd be hitting up Friends of the disabled charity on the 23rd of December.(Adeniji Adele, Lagos)

Seven persons, including one masquerade, were yesterday sentenced to death by hanging before an Ikeja High Court Judge, Justice Benedicta Shitta-Bay, for conspiring and murdering, a Muslim cleric in Epe in 2003.The accused persons who pleaded not guilty of the charge were discovered to have conspired to murder the cleric, Alfa Bello Akodo, while they were celebrating Oro festival in Epe.According to Lagos State Ministry of Justice, who is the prosecutor, the accused persons were said to have engaged the Muslim cleric for refusing to give them money.

Psquare - Last nite
Shako mo- Remedies
Last nite was from their 1st album which didnt do too well compared to d latest one (Get Squared) the album is actually nt bad aswell... n yall knw Remedies was like the 1st group with mega hits back in d day, d rap on this song is just teew mad!

Aww,there's just sumthin about baby pics that make us go all "googoo gaagaa"(i presume that's baby talk?)Here are the latest baby pictures from this fabulous family...uhm,wat baby cousin to hook this cute baby wiv?

Leading Nigerian designer Deola Sagoe with frontline supermodel Alek Wek at the THISDAY Style weekend , that went down last weekend,where Wek showcased Deola’s designs above amongst others...

Have a nice weekend guys!!!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:40 PM


seal is so ugly can't stand dat man,he is Nigerian?...is it true?
your blog is continuosly looking good.merry christmas
By Anonymous Dolapo, at 12/22/2006
I absolutely love your blog.. do you have images from the this day show.. I have a lot of respect for DS. I absolutely adore her designs.
i really love your blog.i love raise da roof (shake dat thing ur mama gave u lol). well done girl and happy holidays!
By Blogger Funmi, at 12/23/2006
@Dolapo...lol,Seal is of Nigerian descent oh,born in brazil...atleast his children would be gorge on account of his wife!and thanx,happy holz 2 u 2!
@Tonipayne..thanx,welldone wiv all ur businesses..it's alwayz guud to see a Nigerian progressing...I'll get sum more ThisDay pics up 4 u..happy holz!
@Funmi...thank you gurl,luvn ur page aswell...Jazzman Olofin is it..Shake Sumthin is anoda club banger..happy holz!
gurl, i dont know who u r but ur blog is totall off d chains. its like a drug...1ce u get a taste, u cant let go off it. i absolutely luv how u tend to interact wit ur viewers. i swear sumtyms i feel as tho im talkin 2 u in person. nd ur hilarious 2....just lyk me(LOL)
By Anonymous spicee, at 12/26/2006

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