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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sing your hearts out...

Hey wots up beautiful pple, hope u guys had a good wkend?? had a nice one...nd ooh i'm so glad LEONA won x-factor, dang!! that girl can SING.....it was kinda obvious she was gonna win tho...bin rooting 4 ha since lyk day1, i hope they market ha well n nt just disappear like those other ones.....anyways hia is a vid of ha soundin amazing while fightin bac tears n singin a 'moment like this'

Anyways, in the mode of singin reality shows.....

Guess what??...its our own show, its tymes like this i miss naija,IDOLS WEST AFRICA is open to anybody btw the ages of 18 and 30 (as @ 1 January 2007), who are residents of the West African countries of - Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Saint Helena, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

"Four auditions will be held for IDOLS WEST AFRICA and West African entrants should note that these auditions will be held at the following venues – on January 6 in Lagos (The Ibru Victoria Gardens), on January 15 in Abuja (Sheraton Hotel), on January 20 in Accra (venue to be confirmed) and on January 26 in Calabar (Cultural Centre). These are audition registration days and entrants may be asked to return for an audition in the days that follow. However failure to register for auditions on the given dates means no later entry will be allowed.
Further would-be entrants should not have an existing recording contract of any kind. During the audition phase, entrants can sing from a wide spectrum of music including Traditional, Western, English, Nigerian, African, Pop, Reggae, R’nB and rock, though Idols entrants should be aware that the show is looking for a pop star.
Anyone who meets these criteria can attend open auditions at one of four venues and are advised to arrive at the venue early because auditions operate on a “first come, first seen” basis with the first 1500 entrants guaranteed an audition. Also make sure to bring an identity document or passport with you to the audition to verify your details."

Importantly, contestants should remember that they get one chance to perform, one chance to make an impression, one chance to succeed...just teww teww mad! so if u hav a good voice(good is enuff!) give it a try u neva knw,may b i'ld b puttin u up as the winner and next big thing...n pple screamin ur name...hmmm,obviously i'd b rooting 4 naija contestants, i wld love 4 a girl to win cos we honestly do not hav a female naija-based Artiste(actually i wld say vocalist, cos WEIRD MC stands out 2 me n i luv SASHA--but they r rappers)who proper stands out(no disrespect 2 all y'all doin ur thing!)


For some weird reason, i like this video...the lyrics are so "simple" to learn(all you need to know is 'shake body'..lol)but the dancing is just WOAH!...yeah,yeah it's an old video but it still makes me wanna dance everytyme!!!

See I told You..play it again!!!

And ooh yeah,there was a post last week bout Chinedu Ikedieze , it actually turns out to b true n hia is a pic of the bride 2 be(Nkechi Munonye)........

In ha own words she said "My love for my heartrob is unconditional. We share almost everything in common, we were born same year, same month, same day and most likely same hour,so you can see that this union is made in heaven". guud to see "true luv oh" The weddin is set 2 hold either lata dis yr or early nxt yr!

12 survive Inferno
No fewer than 12 people, including children at the weekend escaped death in Lagos, when their residence, a two-storey building of six flats was gutted by fire.
The inferno, according to an eye witness, started at the early hours of Friday, destroying properties worth millions of naira at Block 3, Phase One, Lateef Jakande Housing Estate, Adeniji Adele road of the Lagos Island.
The occupants said over N500,000 cash alongside valuable properties were razed by the fire that occurred at about 2.30a.m.
Although no life was lost, minor injuries were sustained by occupants of the topmost floor.
Residents said they were not able to take out valuables as they were pre-occupied with saving lives.(ThisDay)
We hope the injured recover ASAP, Have a guud day ya'll!!!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:47 AM


I'm begining to wonder what planet I'm in LOL..never seen the Chiido video before..I loved the dancing too!

Its good to know that people survived the inferno.

Have a good day too :-)
By Blogger Nilla, at 12/19/2006

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