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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hu-ASA,Banky W, X-project,Chikezie

Hey hey guys, hows ur week goin?
This year is running fast! Febuary is gone already, mane where is the year goin????
Damn! this is how old age creeps on pple!

The actress was a victim of a robbery sometime last week!
Narrating how the incident happened, Uche said, “ I don’t understand o. I drove into my compound and the next thing I saw were some people who pointed gun at my head and ordered me out. We were coming back from Abuja where we went to do a movie. They made away with the car and every other thing inside it.

It was as if I was the target. The robbery started and ended with me. Nobody else was attacked. People say maybe the robbers were sent, but who am I? Why would somebody want to attack ordinary Uche? It is still shocking but I am gradually getting over the incident.”

The Real me show:
A new Television Reality show known as ‘Real me show’ is about to debut Nigeria soon.The show aims at portraying the real lives of Nollywood stars and gives the viewing public the opportunity to see how these stars live behind the screen for 21 days. Sounds like a celebrity Big Brother to me...
The runner up would be entitled to a sum of N2 million, while the star prize winner would walk away with N10 million and a brand new SUV Jeep to go with it.

As released to the press in Naij, stars to feature in this programme includes Genevieve Nnaji, Stella Damasus, Uche Jumbo, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Emeka Ike, Ramsey Noah and a host of others
However i think the names of the celebrities are just bin used as a stint to gather publicity cos Stella Damasus is sure not happy about it and she had this to say
''I was shocked to have read it in the papers that I would be part of a certain Real Me Show put together by one Chidi Nwokeabia. Honestly, I stand to be corrected if I am wrong, I think before a thing like this comes up, the characters involved should be notified or informed first before going out publicizing the show. I have not been contacted for any show of that nature and seeing my name in the list of participants baffled me. Things have to be done the way it should be done; nobody can just wake up and put me in a show I know nothing about. The industry really needs to be sanitised thoroughly”

X Project ft Konga: Lori Ile
Remember the Tumba guys??

mane i cant lie,i just so love the beat and it makes me wanna move...my legs, my hands, my head...somewhere sha..lol


MBGN is set to have its first ever screening in the UK, so if u are at least 5'7'' tall and between 18-25 years then click the above to download a form and give it a shot in reppin Nigeria at the next Miss World Contest.

Date: March 1st 2008

Venue: Express Holiday Inn, 196 High Street, Stratford


Banky W: Work you out ft Sauce kid
I totally just love this song, esp Sauce kid's rap, dat dude is just razz, m truly convinced..lol


There has bin so much rave about this event since late last year and the time is truly near.Anyways, just incase u havnt heard bout it;the members of the Howard University African Students Association, are having two big events later this month.

1.) Howard University African Students’ Association (HU-ASA) will be hosting its first African Business Conference from February 29- March 1, 2008 in conjunction with the Howard University Business School. The aim of the conference is to highlight business and career opportunities in African countries. The conference website is HERE
2.) Howard University African Students’ Association (HU-ASA) will be hosting its 5TH Annual Fashion Show. The show is tagged Mi Nyan Ntsee "The Return". The show is on Friday, February 29 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, at the Cramton Auditorium on Howard University Campus, Washington, DC.

The evening will be spent takin u back to the REAL AFRICA. The Designers featuring in the show include Deola Sagoe, Obsidian, David, Idia Designs, Simply for you, Knaf Couture, Lshandi.
The show is also Part of DC FASHION WEEK
Tickets: Available at Cramton box office & Ticket Master)click here
General Public: $15, Asa Members: $13

ooh! cant wait...C u there!
****Thanks Adeolu***


Like i said , i watch Tv ALOT! and that includes Reality Tv
bin watchin the Auditions of the American Idol(AI)and while i watched the clip below, i thot Randy was sayin 'jacuzzi' and all sorts like 'Cheesey ' 'Chakeasy''till his name was written on the thingy! u know now...m like yea hes Naija..lol
Chikezie is 22yrs, an American of Nigerian Descent!(rolls eyes)lol, he can actually sing and hes made it to the TOP 24! so he will be takin it to the stage!

Have a good weekend...
Naija Vixen
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 12:41 AM


wrra hell blogger just ate up my comment!! grrh!

yeah first!!!
why give celebs money arent they already rich. HISS niaj is messed up.
I am going to Howard (party school!) for med school this year TRES EXCITED!!!
hopefully i wont party and 4 get school oh!
I dont no there was a naija boy on AI maybe i will start watching now.
By Anonymous omo naija, at 2/22/2008
lmao @ stella!
i mean wat d hell?? when will niaja change?? if it is here in d states men d kind of suing...inshort no comment. the whole thing sounded fishy when i saw genevieve's name on it cos i was like yea right!

erm watelse was news worthy?? oh! the howard show, i mean damn d flyer is all over facebook so how does one escape it but still aint goin sha...

uche jumbo!..aww im so sorry abt d incident o!! me i like that girl o!! ha! robbery in naija..when will it become a thing of the past??

oh the chikezie guy..goodluck on the idol thing but wats up with the naija descent crap?? these folks need 2 get it 2gether jare. d guy is a proper naija guy that happens 2 be living in inglewood california.
i dont watch that show or that much shows 4 that matter but im rooting 4 him tho but he better be claiming naija fast if not he can 4get getting naija votes.

NV r u on facebook??
By Blogger Paris, at 2/22/2008
lol i never knew about the naija guy, funny enough i saw him on the show but didnt concentrate on his name.he's alright sha
i'm also going to the HU-ASA!omo mehn cant wait its going to be crazy. is there a video for Tumba?
By Anonymous Sola, at 2/22/2008
Yeah i saw that naija guy on AI...they kept callin him CHIKEEZY......lol
Hes got some good talent boi...am proud...lol
By Blogger Girlie, at 2/22/2008
Yeah i saw that naija guy on AI...they kept callin him CHIKEEZY......lol
Hes got some good talent boi...am proud...lol
By Blogger Girlie, at 2/22/2008
omo naija--
Homegirl, blogger does loadsa annoying things,sorry jare! You are going to Howard for Med Skl? If you dont read, atleast we know your "excuses" now,lol...Chikieze is soooo cuddly cute!

Lol, men the celeb "line-up" gave the whole thing away oh, lyk Gene will have 21 days to sit and not do anything??? C'mon, go to the Howard show now! If only to try and see how many pple you can "link" to facebook ;-) Uche's attack was really sad, just thank God that she has life. Chikezie can sing oh, vote for him abeg! Yep in Fcbk, click the link on the top right hand corner of the page.

Trust us to quickly claim a nigerian,lol...yeah he's alryt, yeah there's a video for tumba on youtube, here's the link actually http://youtube.com/watch?v=eyvYoRXHeZ4 ,enjoy!

I want him to go far in the competition, he's soo adorable, i just want to give him a hug! hmmmm...lol
I like the Lori le song, never got to listening to it, its kinda noisy sha, but fun, hehehe

Okay, i cracked up at Paula and Randy, Chikizzzy Eazzy, lmaooo
By Anonymous Omosewa, at 2/24/2008
i luv ur blog!! lol
u kno u're one of our inspirations lol
anyway...i luv dat banky and saucekid's song..dat was sick!!!!
and reality show in 9ja?!
na wa for 9ja and copy copy sha
before i read d names..i already knew..genevieve will be there..
but it better be cool sha..

pizz hout!

Pencil and Biro ;)
Randy,paula get on my nerves for messing folks names up ;-)

i figured he was Nigerian,thanks for confirming!

Lol @ noisy! How else would we know it was 9ja peeps??? I kept wondering what sort of name "Chikizzzy Eazzy" was till dude walked it,lol!

Biro and Pencil--
Wow, thank you! High praise indeed! Your name is the shit ;-)

Lol, you know them...Paula is my fave wreck of all...no problems!
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