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Friday, February 01, 2008

WEEKEND DIGEST:Ikechukwu, D'banj,wind am well) Wande coal et al

Hey Guys,

Know this is late,but compliments of the season ya'll!!! Lyk a bad dream, the original blog got caught in some Blogger technical ish, so we got this one instead! Hopefully, word will get round and people will get to know of this one, so pls if u can...spread the word and spread the love...lol!
So yeah, back to basics...

New Video Alert!!!
Wind Am Well - Ikechukwu Feat. Don Jazzy & D'Banj

Dang! This video just got put up today, see how much we love you guys!!! Awwww, D'banj! i like!

Random News Of The Day:
Scholarship Awards for Virgin Girls!
Okay, this has gotta be one of the funniest articles i'v come across in ages as in 4 real...I was just doing the regular reading about naija affairs wen i saw this headline...Scholarship Awards for Virgin Girls! It is quite long so I have cut it down, but to read it in full, click HERE

Below are just some quotes from the article:

"Girls who have not lost their virginity are to be given scholarships up to university level. It has become extremely difficult to find young women and girls who are virgins in a society with poor moral values and unbridled promiscuity. Seeking to find some kind of solution to what has been termed “a moral question,” Madam Adunni Adediran, CEO/Editor-in-Chief, Fragile Feet Magazine, says
“But alas, it is time we rekindle and rediscover the old spiritual injunction, African culture and values where young and old spinsters are expected to keep their bodies sacrosanct for their would-be spouses.A culture where virginity is seen as a pride and celebrated with funfare on the eve of wedding."

According to her, it is a shame to both the lady and her parents, if it were discovered that she had been deflowered before the wedding night. All virgin girls are expected at the celebration in Ekemode Memorial Hospital and Women’s Infirmary, 3B, Bode Thomas Road, Surulere, Lagos, on 24th January, 2008 at 10 a.m. Rewards include scholarships for deserving virgin girls, certificates of virtue, and other gifts including gold jewelries, visit to interesting places.Other benefits are availability of young bachelors who would desire them because of the purity, and to stop vices such as sex before marriage, ”To be eligible to participate, females between the ages of 15 to 30 years or over and are still pure without a canal knowledge of any man are to pay a token fee of N2,000 at any Oceanic Bank.

But if a girl is being disvirgined by her husband, it’s a pride for the family, and respect for the family members.”Adediran disclosed the name of the NGO promoting this project as “Just For You Media,” and that certificate of virtue will be issued for successful participants.

As in seriously, WTF a certificate of virtue??????!!! if someone shld use the word DEFLOWERED one more time i will seriously go crazy...i dnt know, maybe im just the only one who actually finds it funny or i just have a weird sense of humour..lol, But i wonder how they r goin to get the proof that these girls are virgins..infact i will find it rather humiliating, what happened to giving scholarships to students who deserve it cos of their grades et al? and im sorry, i just like to face reality...we r talkin bout a country where some mothers want the bride to be pregnant b4 marriage to show they r not barren b4 dey marry their sons...oh well, and yes they are serious about the virgins ages 30! pHEEEW!

And on a sidenote, Dayo from NaijaSounds & Naija-Times sent this link over NaijaTimesMagazine . Check out Pg 3 for a NaijaVixen Big-up ;-)

Amplyfyd Crew -- Wetin Man Go Do:

Hmmm effizzy...I cant SHOUT! I can't even whisper...btw, i was just wondering what happened to the girl in the group...cos i didnt peep ha there...oh well,lol!!!

SauceKid-Yebariba RMX:


Snake GIRL:
Nokulunga Buthelezi, is an amazing contortionist that has been wowing everyone she appeared on a UK morning show like 2weeks ago. The 18 year old Nokulunga comes from South Africa and mane some things u r born with...this is one of those talents!

This dude ryt here, pushed himself thru a TENNIS RACKET!!



Few weeks after the release of their anticipated album, CV, Mo Hits Records are set to shoot the video of “Ololufe” by Wande Coal. A traveling date has not been fixed yet but according to a source, the video will be shot in film format by DJ Tee in South Africa and edited in Nigeria . The project we gathered, will also serve as a medium to sell ‘Wande Coal’ as an artiste whose debut album may be dropping before the end of this year from Mo Hits...We ♥ us Wande Coal, but i just hope that the video does the song justice sha!!!

2Face Idibia recently recorded a track titled “So Proud” featuring Jamaican stars Chakka Demus and Pliers in California and you guys can expect to hear it on the airwaves soon. 2Face has recorded some songs for his next album which is still untitled but expected to drop later this year.

And thats it for today, many thanks people, have yourselves a great weekend!

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:37 PM


I was wondering what had happened to your old site? There was gibberish on it the last time I visited.

But welcome back sha, we are glad to have you back.
LOLOLOL@ certificate of virtue, they will use d 2k to get recharge cards, lollol@eligible bachelors wld be present,infact was that article a joke, hehehe.

About to watch the vids...thx

lovely weekend!
By Blogger Omosewa, at 2/02/2008
Yeah, 'deflowered' is right up there with 'moist' for me.
Some words just aren't cool at all.
By Blogger La Reine, at 2/02/2008
happy new year too vixen. been ages, been busy.
By Blogger c0dec, at 2/03/2008
Certifcate of virtue: I think womankind has just been regressed about a good fifty years.
So, what happens to those girls that have been sexually abused? broken their hymen from sports?
So sex is now something to be penalised for?
Some people are amazing sha? first it was HIV test to graduate, now it is certificate of an unbroken hymen that they have to pay to qualify for? Is the heiffer imagining that a doctor's report cannot be falsified or someone is going to stick their fingers up the chicks to verify? and if so, what do we call those females then...
Lol, 2008 crock of bull....
LOL at the post
esp virgin scholarship I can just imagine how they "verify" the validity of the virginitis
D wind am well video is very good
was impressed
the efize in amplyfied video
aah! they better deliver oh. it was kinda funny too sha.
ps u know i couldnt pass up on commenting abt amplyfied! :D

ps do you have dbanjs song anaconda
abeg send it to my email
thanks babe and happy new year!
By Anonymous omo naija, at 2/05/2008
i am like so like disappointed in both y'all!

here i am, the last to know...

By Anonymous ~Mimi~, at 2/05/2008
@Indigenous Productions--
Thanks for the warm welcome, we are back with the old addy, yay!

Sigh, it wasnt a joke oh! You too!

La Reine--
LMAO! Ewww, moist!

You have been awol for a looonnnggg tyme! How are you tho?

Lol, yes oh...we are going to need more foolishness to beat this ryt here!

@Omo Naija--
YOU!!! Are you going to update any more ni? Lol,we are still waiting for the amplyfied vid sef ni o! Will try sending the anaconda song later, be guud sis!

@~Mimi~ said...
You this babe, i have no words...you owe me messages! D said you threatened me too,lol...!
Certificate of virtue, shouldnt guys get something too? this is the joke of the year.Walai people don craze finish!
NV i have missed u o!!.
ok let me go read d rest of d post.
By Blogger Paris, at 2/09/2008
What the freak! certificate of virtue!!! Those people are going crazy! First, it was you get arrested if you dress "scandalously" now this. Pls somebody stop them before it goes any further! I mean are we living in 21st century or is Nigeria stuck in the 1800's???

Aside from the seious ridiculousness of the matter, it is actually very funny! Imagine you get a prize of available young bachelors..LMAO! Talk about patriachal society!

They should shoot all the people that came up with the idea, seriously!
By Blogger tiwalade, at 2/10/2008
lol! I just watched the videos.."oluwadiddy" lol!
That amplyfied crew video is like 007 ah ah!the sound effects and all..oga!
By Blogger tiwalade, at 2/10/2008
that snake girl is scary!!
By Blogger Tiger Tem, at 2/11/2008
The first time I saw this post, I didn't get to watch the Ikechukwu video, because i saw scholarship for 'virgins' and lost focus. lol! I won't go there, other than to say that it is very good to encourage young girls to remain virgins.
But, certificate of virginity? Na how them go take find that one? Okay, let me stop as tears are falling down my face.

And, I am loving the Ikechukwu song! The video is wonderful, the beat is excellent, and the lyrics were great. So inspiring. Except, I was kind of tired of seeing girls winding on walls. Still, I'd give the song and video an A. Thanks for sharing this Ms. vixen.
You know in 9ja now, men get away with everything....i want to actually see if they get pple to come up!

Lol, dont worry, is it nigerians? They'll still find sumthin to top this up!

Lmao!!! Babes, you are crazy!! I can actually see Amplyfyd crew outshining Daniel Craig in the bond movies too!

Tiger Tem--
Tell me about it! I couldnt watch her entire act!

Its good to encourage young girls AND boys to stay virgins, but couldnt they find a better scheme to do this by? The Wind am well song is going to be my official summer-is-here-roll-down-the-car-windows song!
hi there!!
im a namibian big 9ja fan...so crazy about nigerian artists. from dbanj, ikechukwu, 2face u name it.. where can i buy these cds? i cant be home all day waiting to see these guys on MTVBase, i want to hear the tracks in the car.. whereeva..bootycall, and wind em well is wat i really need now, very urgent. 100%9ja.GET ME AT: myspace/proudlynamibian

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