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Monday, February 11, 2008

Amplifyd Crew, ASA, Riz

Hello peoples, hope u all had a gud weekend?
really didnt get up to much but the weather was good tho...i cant believe i was just talkin bout the weather....i hate weather talks; i think its wen u dnt have anything to say that u start rantin about the weather, anyways b4 i go any further on rambling.....
First and foremost, i just want to thank "blogger team" as in seriously when all hope was lost, they were able to help and fix back this site! Seriously cant express the joy of havin this site back...
Dont really have much today, just a tidbits from here and there, so lets get to it :-)

Amplifyd Crew: Wetin Man Go Do??
Okay, the Video is finally here.
What is wrong with it??: the video is damn-long as in Michael Jackson's You Rock my World kinda stuvvs; i almost cldnt watch it thru.
Whats right about it??: The Effizy of course and the CNN ish is almost believable, Muyo is such a cutie too...

I'm personally not feelin the song itself...cant get past the beat! If u like the song tho, download here.

Naija Record Label Orangootan Signs Idols Stars :

Orangootan, the music label that's home to Naija stars Ashionye, Fadabasi, Ohun, Timmy Chris and Peace Josef, has just secured a sub-licensing deal with Pan African Entertainment for two of the Idols West Africa Top 10 contestants, namely Mercy and Uche.Carl Raccah, CEO of Orangootan, said, 'Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of singing talents and Mercy and Uche are two of the best!" Asked for a glimpse of the musical direction the label had in mind for the artists, Carl said to expect 'Christian Inspirational' from Mercy and 'Afro Soul' from Uche.Sam Mbelu, the spokesperson for Pan African Limited (one of the companies that helped facilitate Idols West Africa) said, 'It is encouraging to work with an entertainment outfit like Orangootan; the company really understands the music business and we hope to partner with them again on future projects."

Though 'The idols is back this year...its not coming to Naija West Africa! The new season of Idols will head to Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe early in 2008 and it is also open to citizens of Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Reunion, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia and Swaziland.

Asa: I shot the Sherriff
m diggin on Asa, and its good to see dat loads of pple are feelin ha too! If u dont have ha cd, seriously, u need to cop dat disc...its a great buy and truly amazingly worth it! She did a live performance with Katie Melua late last yr,they are both on the British label Dramatico Entertainment.

Download: Asa: Fire on the Mountain

Valentine Shiznit:
M sure u must have come across this flyer by now, or heard something about this event( if u live in this zones)oh well...just in case, i'll still put it up

Date:Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 6:00pm-3.00am
Location:Marriot Hotel,Grosvenor Square , Park Lane.
London, United Kingdom
Free drinks and Free Canape-all complimentary with your ticket
Fashion Show:
featured designers::::Aghogoh Sowho : Soul Boutique
Dumebi Agbakova: Dakou
Toju Foyehkunoren Twins
Music Performance::::Mario(let me love u dude)lol
Get ur Tickets:Modupe Johnson:07957968735
Ikenna Ordor:07984809511

Riz:Flex ft Sauce kid:

Its a sample of the Ol' Shabba Ranks song;Flex, but i'll actually choose this version any day(and still kick back wit the old skool one). i posted a video a while back,but the Original Video is out....ch-che-check it out!

Like wot u see or hear?...u can sample some songs from his Album 'Raitchere'---(Tuface's way of sayin 'Right here' in dat song of his) lol...i crack myself up sometimes...anyways check out his SITE too.

I am so ova the moon about the whole Writer's Guild ish, finally the strike is ova and we can get back to watching real bad ass shows like Heroes, The Game and all. i watch pratically every show there is out there (bad ass or wack ass, am in)so this past 3mnths has bin some kind of toture.I'm just patiently waiting for the writers to get back to work and make me smile again..!

Anyhoo guys, have a good week ahead
Its Naija!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 12:16 AM


i really like that riz's song and thanks for the download gurl,was looking for the amplifyd record.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/12/2008
i truly despise that amplifyd's song. i couldnt even watch thru d whole vid. i mean if u r goin 2 copy, then copy right! how dare u mess up a song like stronger like that?? yes d vid was good quality but the song made my eardrums hurt.

now on to riz...can i just say i heart that song as in i listen 2 it everyday. thats how much i luv it...

now asa, there's been buzz over her lately, i just might check her out.
By Blogger Paris, at 2/12/2008
thanx! the riz song and video is hautte hautte hautte!

im not sure what paris is crying about...that amplified crew song is off the chains! and im sorry but the video is probably the best video out this year...not to mention the lads in the vid are kewties too! are they single :( :(
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/13/2008
both videos are noice, amplified ona na mini movie LOL still good tho
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/13/2008
I heard Asa is really good

I never liked Amplyfyd
I don't know why though.
By Blogger Olamild, at 2/13/2008
Ms. Vixen! How far nah? The Amplifyed song is long and unfortunately does not make me want to dance. Sorry guys!
As for the Flex song by Riz, it is based on Flex which was sung by Cobra, not Shabba. Sorry, just had to point that out. Don't believe me? Visit www.solomonsydelle.com. I put the Riz video up a few weeks ago and put up a link to the original version. It just reminds me of Lagos when i was much younger. Love the Riz version though I have listened to it only twice.

Okay babe, enjoy your Val's day, oh! And did i say that I'm glad you are back?

Oh, my, I'm so upset! So, I actually watched the Omigbono song/Amplifyed song all the way to the end. The version they play at the end of the clip which laces the African drum beat over the 'Stronger'/Daft Punk beat is so much better than the stuff they forced us to listen to for over 6 minutes.

Come on Amplifyed...re-release this video with the second version, only. I think it would be much better.

Ms. Vixen, can you get Shank's people to release his 'Julie' wideo? It is online in facebook but does not include an embeddable link. Quite frustrating. My niece is losing her mind, I said i'd ask you to help if you can.

Happy Vals day!
I feel Asa.Question for Orangootan: When is Timi's debut landing?
their music video trailer played in a naija TV station yesterday (a first i might add)
...not big on the song but that talk in naija circles is that this is channel o video of the year

give it up to amplifyd.....theyve truly stepped their game
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/15/2008
Darling....how are u?
so we're back.. FAB!!!!!!!!!! missed u tho. both y'all.

u guys should get back on there till i can get on msn jo. hiss
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 2/17/2008
I'm loving your flavour. Nice.
dang ive missed ur blog... so much up to catch up on
Anonymous said...
Thank you!

Paris said...
Lmao! Not one thing impressed you??? I lyk Riz's song, just wished they wulda done a beta vid, sumthin original...but ohwell! Asa's lovely, if we must compartmentalise her, (yeah we are using big word's now oh!) You could say she's a folk/neo-soul singer...but she's a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...
Thank you too, im not sure if any of the boys are single...they culd have girlfriends behind the scens :-(

Anonymous said...
Lol, you knw! The effizy alone sef!

Olamild said...
Have a listen to Asa, she's good, really good! Myt need to grow on you though ;-)

I dey oh, you sef how far? And cute pikin??? Thanks for the clear-up...I dont have to see Shabba whenever i hear the song now,lol... Thank you, i missed you too! Amplyfyd crew should have used the end version for the main song, ohwell...hope they take to criticism kindly! I knw ryt? Have to log on to facebook to watch the julie video everytyme! Im still tryn to find the vid elsewhere, will let you know if i have any success with that.

Thanks! Hope you had a great one???

africa entertainment and sports-
Asa's lovely, we'll have to wait for Timi, a while yet...

Really? I wonder what criteria Channel O are using to find their vids...:-) but the vid was cool.

Fine darling, fine...what about you??? Dont worry, we'll be back soon...when interesting stuff starts happening ;-)

Naija Chickito--
Thank you, love your blog!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe--
Missed you too, hope you had a great birthday?!?!?!
ahn ahn, does riz want to rape the poor girl?....lol...interesting info....luvin this.

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