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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Hello everyone...I know we promised regular blogging...which will start on Friday but we had to put up party details for those of us who have just finished examz and are planning to go buckwild or those who just want to have fun...lol!!! Seriously though,these parties could last you till the ending of June and beyond...They are also the most hyped-hottest Nigerian organised parties happening in this zone(We've also got the Nigerian Re-union Parties happening in Canada,US & London)...so get ur Calenders out and start marking the dates ASAP...lol!

REPLAY...a foreplay to da summer!

Hosted by ADE, IKE, SSBEY
Date : Friday, June 8 @ 10:00pm - 6:00am
Location: PRANA BAR Mansions,Suffolk Street,Birmingham
Contact : ADE-07985215459,IKE-07984809511,SSBEY-07950990467
DJ : Dj Bayo & Dj Sparrow
*this is not a plug, but with Dj Bayo, u r sure 2 have a good tym*

IMPULSE...putting Bristol back on the map!

Hosted by 10pages mag,Press Play,Bristol/Bath ACS,Corpor8 thugs, G.CluB, Magnum.
Date : Saturday, June 9 @ 10:00pm - 5:00am
Location: Fuchsia Bar,Unit C,Nelson St,Bristol,BS1 2JT
Contact : 07908652122,07737774396,07904839545,07926981901,muyiwa_23@yahoo.com
Entry Fee : £10,V.I.P £20
DJ : Dj Sparrow & Dj Caise

NIGERIAN CARNIVAL UK...Cultural celebration and exhibition!

Hosted by Afrikan Image
Date : Saturday, June 9 @ 10:00am - Sunday June 10 @ 8:00pm
Location: Burgess Park,Albany road,Old Kent road
Contact : 0793123873,info@nigeriancarnival.com, www.nigeriancarnival.com
Look out for : Market & corporate stands,traditional dances,popular Nigerian artistes (MR.SOLEK,CHiiDO,CHOCOLATE BLONDE,B.O.B,RAGAREMI & more)
Entry Fee : FREE!!!

GLAMOROUS...if you'd rather sparkle than blend in...!!!

Hosted by Ij Obikwor,Dee Sijuade & Nasa Obigwe
Date : Sunday, June 10 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: SOUND,Leicester sq.,London
Contacts :Ij-07946339106,Dee-07852639859,Nasa-07908824003,dimy986@hotmail.com
Look Out For : free bottles of Veuve Clicquot,free jugs of cocktails,free finger foods and dessert (VIP) & Canisters of laughing gas...this shuld be fun,have your camera at the ready!!!
DJ : Dj-Xclusive...
DressCode : Glam & Sexy..

FETISH...What's Urs?!!!

Hosted by : Lola E.,Isoken O.,Temi A.,Bridget E.
Date : Monday, June 11 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: CLUB 49,49 Greek Street,Soho
Look Out For : Papparazzi @ the entrance,30% off MOET drinks,Shisha,Belly Dancer
DJ : DJ X-Clusive
DressCode : Smart/Casual,Sexy as u dare...Fetish gear optional!
Entry fee : £10 b4 11, VIP £30
Contact : BRIDGET-07855386643,ISOKEN-07899052508,LOLA-07894459105,TEMI-07904305841

"All UK/African Campus Link Up 2007"

Date : Friday June 15 @ 10pm - 5am
UNIS : UEL,SouthBank,Greenwich,Buckingham,Middlessex,Metropolitan,Cardiff,Bristol,Birmingham & beyond!
Location : Ntyce,38 wellington St,London,SE18
Look out for : 50 Giveaway Beauty Care Hampers for 50 Lucky Ladies courtesy of RADIANT GLOW,100 mix cds from Dj Abass & 1st Choice KC,10 copies of HipHop World Magazine(Special Edition),Celebrity V.I.P hosting for 5 couples!
DJs : KC,Abass,Kryxx,Femi Model & MC Jazzy P
Entry Fee : £10 (Ladies FREE with invite b4 midnite)
Info/Guest List: 07956 374473,07940 312814
Website : www.djabass.com www.1stchoicekc.com

UNLEASHED(Island Party)...Reading is back on track!!!

Hosted by Reading ACS
Date : Friday, June 15 @ 10:30pm - 3:00am

Location: Island Bar,Pipers Island,Caversham Bridge,Berkshire,RG4 8AH
DJs : Dj Caise,Dj Sparrow,Dj Xclusive,Dj Shawty
Contacts : 07908682661,07881900230,07960953140,atilary2003@yahoo.com

CANDY...Decadent,luxurious,unpretentious...its sexy/sweet!!!

Hosted by Toju,Annabel and Ronke B
Date : Monday, June 18 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: PUNK,14 Soho Street,Soho.
Contact : Toju 07956699404,Ronke 07852147268,Annabel 07787798174,foyeh@hotmail.com
Look Out For : unlimited variety of FREE CANDY,(VIP) CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN,Access all areas,Q-jump.
DressCode : Smart/Casual
Entry fee : £10 b4 11pm, VIP £30


Hosted by Escobar and IC ACS
Date : Wednesday, June 20 @ 10:00pm - 3:30am
Location : OPIUM BAR,1a Dean Street,London W1D 3RB
DJs : DJ X-clusive & DJ Caise.

DRESSCODE : Strictly Grown & Sexy.
Look Out For : (VIP)Private Waiters,Cocktails,Champagne Bars
Entry Fee : £10 before 11.30pm,call for VIP

SWEET ESCAPE...sweetest way to escape all the exam stress!!!

Hosted by Diddy Entertainments
Date : Saturday, June 23 @ 10:00pm - 4:00am
Location: The Livery,130 Wood street,London

Contact : Diddy-07985716173,Somto-07825548867,Lc-07927040994,info@diddyentertainments.com
DJ : Dj Kay
DressCode: Glam & Sexy.
Entry fee : £10 b4 11,VIP £40
Look Out For : Belly dancers,Mystery Celebs.

ALLURÉ...Fun,Glamour,Temptation,Attraction...the DEFINITION!

Hosted by Bunmi A,Aisha B,Benita O and Uche M
Date : Tuesday, June 26 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: Loom Bar,5 Clipstone St.,Off Great Portland Street.
DJ : DJ Caise!
Entry Fee : £10 b4 12.
Contact : Aisha-07706171861,Benita-0785502696,Bunmi-07889801232,Uche-07940972028

ROUGE...painting London RED!!!

Hosted by Chania Event Organisers
Date : Thursday, June 28 @ 9:00pm - 2:30am
Location: Loom Bar,5 Clipstone Street,off Great Portland Street
Contact : 07770433492,nessa_des@hotmail.com,kechiibe@hotmail.co.uk
DJ : Dj from BAR RUMBA & NAS After Party!!!
Entry Fee : FREE for ladies & £5 for Guys b4 10,£10 after

ANONYMOUS...because everyone wants a lil' something ANONYMOUS!

Hosted by Habiba G,Saudah D,Bisola A-O
Date : Thursday, June 28 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: RuMi BaR,531 King's Road,Chelsea,SW10 OTZ
Contacts : 07789076195,07877494639,07881900230
Look Out For : (VIP)Exclusivity,Q-jumping,Beautiful belly dancer.Free tequila shots for everybody
DJ : Dj Caise and Dj Sparrow
DressCode : Hotness please!
Entry Fee : £10 before 11.00pm,£30 VIP
"Why should everyone be ANONYMOUS??Because the thought of being anonymous or the element of not being identifiable,for your actions or anything else...is sexy beyond belief!"

Belle' Du Jour...No it's not a fairytale!!!

Hosted by Alexander Ogbechie,Bunmi Opzz,Chris Egbe,Amaka Achebe
Date : Wednesday, July 4 @ 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: The Playroom,10 Air Street,Piccadilly.W1B 5AB
DJs : DJ Caise & DJ Shawty!!!

DressCode : Grown & Sexy
Entry fee : £10 b4 11,VIP £40
Contact : 07904706973,07946269326,07725875952,07729563884
"De’ja’ la cre’me.....y'all know how we dooooo"!!!


Thats all 4 now, but I'm sure theres a whole bunch of more events coming up, we'll keep you updated and let us know bout any other events we may have left out...but 4 now lets get BuCKwiLD!!!HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! xxxx


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:17 PM


Dammieeeee luvvv!hmn ok lets keep this professional.......Heyyyyyyy naija vixen!! itz Blackanese vixen ere "miss opzz"...nice work on all d summer parties flyer n thingy!..enlightening peeps about all the summer gigs n where 2 be in London twn! Nice 1
By Anonymous XxBunmi-OpzzXx, at 6/06/2007
wow!good job wit this post...u must have put in a lot to do this...anywayz there are so many events this summer?which one would u be attending?
anywayz dami check out my page or miss okpeke's page on the upcoming blogville idol contest...Will u be interested?pls say yes!we just trying to spice up stuff on blogville....
aww i wish i was in jand damn enuff parties oh well
great work gurl

how about parties in yankes now???!!!
through creative investigation i think i no who you are ?? or i might be wrong :)
By Blogger omo naija, at 6/06/2007
Ok, dat does it. I've made up my mind. I'll be hitting this month. All these parry's no go pass me by. Tufiakwa! It's even sinful to imagine missing da whole lot. So, all yu England peeps, watchout for moi. I have a 'pad' around Thamesmead!

1luv...Naijavixen. Did yu get ma graffiti thingy on fcbk?lmao!
so na only english ppl sabi parry ehn? canadians nko? we no dey enjoy life?! i dont like this oh... cos na oppression.. abeg yarn me about that naija reunion.. where is it happening?! great post vix.. cant wait to read more stuff from u cos you rawwwkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
Enough parties to pick from-decisions!decisions!decisions!lol.
Parry Parry Parry Na Wow Oh!!
You Go wound oooh! ;)
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 6/06/2007
Nj, na wah oh... which one of these raves r u going to be at? i'll be at the Naija Carnival thingy,
hey ,tanx 4 showing interst for beign a judge abi town crier(lol)...so many pple have asked for that position sa...so we will decide and let u know..tanx tanx tanx for ur support

@everybody else check it out
VIXEN! lol... so ur going to be @ the naija carnival thing? maybe we'd jam there. meanwhile i dont know if you know me and are just keeping quiet about it oh (because i know you or at least one of you very well and the other person through pictures LMAO)
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 6/07/2007
vixen, u most definitely rawkkkkk!!!!!!! Like seriously all these paries?, and i'v also jst finishd my exams. So am i lucky or what? Like ugo said it will be sinful not to attend even jst1 of them. So i gats to crash the possible ones.......london sweet sometimes o no be small, lol!!
By Blogger chicala, at 6/07/2007
Bunmi Darl...;-) Thank you oh!Belle Du Jour should rawk!

@Pink-satin-- Yes oh,busybody na real work! Lol...I shall be attending most of them in Papa God's name...hee hee...if you were here now ehn! Re: Blogville Idol...okay i'll be a happy voter!

@Omo Naija--
Lol...your investigative skills are lyk mine oh...we are truly from the same "family"...;-)

@Ugo Daniels--
Dude,come oh...we will paint London all shades of all colours together...and stay in Thamesmead,the land of "let me park & whistle @ u" and oh so beautiful flats over looking the sea...!!! I got it oh,did you see mine?LOL

@Overwhelmed Naija Babe--
Ahn ahn,dont worry,party dey your endz oh! Check the reunion flyers...chance to see all them naija peeps you thot you'll never see again!Thanks babes!

Lol,you know!Decisions...bout outfits too...you never know where your pics will end up...!

@AbujaBabe-- Chai,Efrebo,Efrebo!!! OMG,im letting my razz side reign supreme! Thanks babes.

@ExcitedJade-- Lol...at most of them oh...well,until tikt money finishes...hee hee...you nnko? That carnival thing better rawk oh!

Lol...okay sum naija shakespeare sturvs..."The one who thou knoweth so well,doth knowest thou well well sef...lol" So we will not out each other shey??? ;-) Pics are terrible things...make us seem madder than we are...or the other way round??? :-(

Thank you oh jare...you rawk with me join too! Lol @ London sweet,yeah especially when the sun comes out to play...!
Damn! All these parties only in the UK? Can we on the other side get some of it? we like to party too, shoot! we even do it better than the english....;p
By Blogger RJ, at 6/07/2007
LMAO! so how come you never yarned anything? yeye girl! hiss!
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 6/07/2007
ok so 2 people know who i am... let it remain so!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao..or is it 3...
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 6/07/2007
OMG, i'm sure if 'the one who knowest me well well sef' knows then her other other counterpart (not dami LMAO!!) doth knowest me well too! this is getting funny.. abeg people no vex, na inside joke.
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 6/07/2007
OK so the official count is 4! I am done on ur page!
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 6/07/2007
@RJ...ehn,dont test us oh!!! There are loads of parties @ ur endz too oh,will get flyers out for you guyz later!
@~Mimi~...LMAO!!! R u scared??? No need oh...the other other counterpart is blissfully unaware...so only 3..i think...*wrinkles forehead in thot* Lyk ur avatar very much!
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oh i forgot to add u are simon cowell
really have put me to shame!!thought i knew about all the parties but mehn!!!ahh ahhhhn!!!gowsh!!youve finished babes!!!your moves are mad sha!!im def hitting about 7 of those parries so ill also be painting the town red greena nd any other colour i want men!!but not sure how thatll work out seeing as ill be drunk!!lol!
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