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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grace Shannan .....

Hey everyone,howz d week going? Week's going okay,mad revision,cant wait for the weekend to come but even then it's still just more revision...anyways,on to the post...

This fantastic designer uses fabrics such as lace to make cocktail dresses, evening wear,bridesmaid dresses and even for the Bridal Party designs.The name "Grace Shannan" is an amalgamation (yes,big words in use here...lol) of both her's and her daughter's names and the label captures the essence of style, sophistication and elegance which is what she set out to achieve.

But Grace didnt start out as a fashion designer, she actually graduated with an MSc in Information Systems Management and a BSc in Business Information Systems, but she always knew her talent and dreams were in fashion designing and then proceeded to teach herself everything she now knows about designing!

The Grace Shannan woman knows she has style, class and of course 'Grace'. There is no doubt, her collections are just Fan-ta-bu-lous!!! Click the WEBSITE to view more fabulous designs,contact designer and order your own Grace Shannan outfit!

*pic is copyrighted, permission is to be granted by the artist;Oladele*
Actually he's not new on the block,It's been 3 years since he stepped out onto the Naija music scene as DEL, a member of the hiphop group Da Trybe so if u knew DA TRYBE back then u'll probably recognize him. but now he goes by the name OLADELE. The new album entitled 'RAZZ IS THE NEW COOL' drops on May 25th. Make sure y'all show him sum Naija luv by copin the Album and also check out his PAGE 4 now.
(i luv the naija boy tune...esp d lyrics)

(Eldee,KB and Freestyle reppin Da trybes in dis vid) this is one of the first videos from Dare-Art-Alade.He's got some new songs out...CLICK HERE.

Aaaaaaand congratulations 2 Nollywood sensation and AMAA best actress award winner,Chioma Chukwuka who recently gave birth 2 a baby boy!

* As seen in d above picture...she was heavily preggers @ the AMAA awards, last March*
  • Also to Desmond Elliott, whose wife delivered a set of twin boys 2weeks ago. They have being named Denzel and Desmond.
  • Nollywood beauty ' Stella Damasus- Aboderin', has checked into the blog-villa..click here

Take care guys and have a great day!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:21 AM


OMG those dresses are very fab, and i rememb del,da trybe was the best,off to check the links
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/09/2007
lovely dresses.. welldone jare my sweetheart for bringing them on.

Congrats to Chioma and Desmond.
Tnx for the 411 on Stella
By Blogger SET, at 5/09/2007
I adore those outfits by Grace,was a bit tired of seeing ankara everywhere.Congrats to Desmond,so he has 4 children now abi?
By Anonymous Ronke, at 5/09/2007
some of d dresses are cool!
is it not weird that desomnd elliot named one twin after him!if it was a single birth fine...he should have looked for another D name...
I want those outfits. They are gorgeous.
As for Oladele, he better be worth it o!
Chioma Chukwuka? She is one of my fave actresses, that woman can cryyyyyyy. I'm sure she just cries on demand.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Nice!!!@Grace Shannan, very nice.

Del i good,i love the oyinlomo song.

And congrats to new mommy Chioma, we thank God.

Enjoy the rest of your week.
By Anonymous Omosewa, at 5/10/2007
Not a huge fan of lace but the potential to have stunning designs is there and the ones by this Grace lady are hot....Very nice
By Blogger Uzo, at 5/10/2007
Nice designs.. very nice indeed.
But I just have to say most of our naija people are let down by their websites.

It seems they've just employed someone who says.. hey I can do flash, i'll build your website.

the website does nothing to enhance or even showcase her assets. It's formulaic, definitely from a template and of course doesn't put the audience needs into consideration, it feels dark and small, like walking down a back alley, as opposed to what the dresses seem to be saying which is bright, fresh... daring even.

A good dress/clothes designer should chose a webdeigner who can represent her ideas online.
By Blogger Soul, at 5/10/2007
never heard of her but I love the dresses.what's up with the 2nd model?scary!nice post as usually nj
Thanks 9ja Vixen for sharing these info...I love Grace's designs because it is something I can wear...
Is it really Stella blogging or someone else?
By Blogger 9ja Opeke, at 5/10/2007
african designers are doing a great job . It has been an explosion. great job as always vixen!
Nice dresses by the designer but I am not feeling some of those models at all.......why now???
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 5/10/2007
nv i luv u and ur blog!

chioma chukwuka beta lose that weight fast o(lol)..jokes.
im so happy 4 her
By Blogger Im A Babe, at 5/12/2007
I love the dresses cos they are simple and stylish, especially the 3rd one from the top and the 3rd one from the bottom.

Have a wonderful weekend.
By Blogger Nilla, at 5/12/2007
im so happy 4 her
wow.. i love it when women excel.. congratulations to her.

i like the dressess.. kinda cool.. paticulary for formal functions..
I absolutely luv the mini dress with a hoodie.i want one

Have a great week! And thanks, i'm much better now:D
By Anonymous Omosewa, at 5/14/2007
I like the green halter dress...
How was the champagne party?
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/14/2007
Wow! What lovely designs she's got!!! I wonder if they are available to the general public as yet... Honestly, I can see some of those pieces adorning the windows of some stores on the West End! Girl, seriously the revision thing isn't easy o!!! Good luck in your papers!
By Blogger Awoof, at 5/15/2007
the hoodie outfit is beyond gorgeous(i will beat a chick for that.. lol).. congrats to desmond and chioma... great writeup vix
Update now, vixens! BTW, i'm still waiting on my long-deserved prize o. I never forget o. ;) lol
By Anonymous wienna, at 5/16/2007

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By Blogger laspapi, at 5/17/2007
I'm loving your new template ... very boudoir chic!

I also like what Grace Shannen is doing ... funnily enough, I'm just having a dress made out of yellow lace, hopefully it'll turn out well!

By the way, my friend is launching her amazing label 'Zebra' soon in Lagos so you should feature her sometime!
By Blogger Vickii, at 5/18/2007
@Anon-- Thank you,thank you...His tracks are guud,so do check his myspace page!
@ExcitedJade-- My sis,thank u oh!
@Ugo Daniels-- It will be guud to see what Stella blogs about.
@SET-- Lol,thank u for checking on us!
@Ronke-- I agree oh,but guud to see pple embracing our culture fashion wise! Lol,yes Desmond na real baba now with 4 pikins ;-)
@Pink-satin-- Yeah,especially the green outfit!Lol,you cant say he's let fame get to his head ;-)...
@Naija Sapphire-- Me and you both oh!,she's also got a myspace so u can mail her aswell.Lol @ Chioma,she's up there with the Fab Hilda Dokubo on crying levels!@Omosewa--Thank you,Oyinlomo is a guud track,and Grace is doing well for herself!We thank God for the new Mummies and Daddies ;-)
@Uzo-- She makes them look so wearable and thats the great thing bout her designs...Thank you!
@Soul-- Thanks for the constructive criticism,i'll pass them across to Grace...Glad you liked the designs too ;-)
@Linda Ikeji-- she's an up and upcoming designer but she's bout to blow up big...thanks!!!
@9ja Opeke-- Thanks oh babes,her designs are sooo cool, It really is Stella blogging,hopefully she'll be consistent with it,wuld love to read her posts.
@Confused Naija Girl-- Thank you so much sis,they are really doing big things oh!
@Mimi-- Lol...2nd one shey? But their poses were cool sha!
@Im A Babe-- Thank you...i luv you too!!! I wanna see if Chioma's gonna cry more than b4 now ;-)
@Nilla-- I know what you mean,not too much detail and very wearable. Have a wonderful weekend!
@Diary of a G-- Thank you!
@Ijeoma obu iheoma-- Thank you,you know! Guud to hear and read bout success stories!
@racquelle-cutie-- The Hoodie myt not be the most appropriate but its soooo CUTE!!!
@Omosewa-- Lol,sorry..we have now!!!
@Simply Gorgeous-- We are mos def on the same wavelength!!!
@Anonymous-- We missed it oh...boo! After exams dont worry!
@Awoof-- At the moment you have to contact Grace directly to order,but she'll be looking into getting them into stores hopefully. I tell you,after my exam i dont want to see another book for months!!!Goodluck with yours too!
@OWNB-- Thank you babes!!!The hoodie outfit is just too cute!
@Wienna said-- No vex,we have now!How are you doing? Dont worry, we are looking for a worthy prize nd we'll let you know ;-)
@Laspapi-- You have done it again! Great work,Naija bloggers will be a part of a great history. I have put the link up now 'Papi!!!
@Vickii--Thank you,u've put how we feel in words!!! Uhm,very interested in Zebra...off to ur blog now!
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/04/2010

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