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Friday, April 27, 2007


Heyy!!!This week has been hectic...loadsa studying to be done and deadlines to meet...hopefully,we are gonna get a chance to let our hair down at the Naija Next Top Model Show tonight!We have blogged about it at length...you can even say to death...so hopefully tonight...the show will live up to it's hype!!!

Event We Are Mos-Def Hitting!!!:

So for those who have been hiding under a rock and dont know anything bout the show,the contestants,the prizes and whatnot...you can get a refresher course HERE and HERE and HERE!!!....so if anyone's interested in attending the show,check out the details below the flyer!!!

Time? 7PM--2AM
DJS? BLACKNIGHTS.(Knightflow on BenTV)
Performing? 2FACE,KAS,DA FOLS,and loads more
Tickets £30/VIP £50
To buy tickets,call 07958217814, 07765194361, 07932570919



...all the way up in Birmingham is the hotly anticipated "Ignition Pt 2"...so if you are around that area...be sure to check this out!!!

Video Throwback:
B O B: Naija Anthem
We posted this video a while back! mane say woteva u wanna say but dis vid hillarious. 'so help me God...kilewi' lol

News Corner:
Okay,by now,everyone knows what went down in Naija regarding elections...rigging... bloodshed,and general displeasure at the way the polls were handled...and now a coalition of 17 civil society organisations across the country and the African Democratic Congress (ADC) have called for cancellation of the recently conducted general elections, threatening to begin a nationwide protest on May 1 if their wish is not done...we know who the incoming president is (you could even say we all knew before the elections...lol) so we are going to move on to happier news...

Can we rave enough about Calabar? CalabarGal...you have to adopt us oh abeg!!!
The $36 million Monorail project formally started on Tuesday and is the first of it's kind in the whole of Africa.Mr Donald Duke said the project was conceived to take care of the anticipated traffic increase in the state capital as a result of the Tinapa Business Resort.He said the project would be completed in 18 months and when completed,passengers would be ferried directly from the Airport to the Tinapa Business Resort on a modern rail transportation system, a distance of 12.9 kilometers.
Men,who ever takes over from Donald Duke,has some shoes to fill!!!

News From D Other Side Of D World:
I cant hate,this chick has FAB legs and is in SHAPE!!!n dis vid is very arty. Chick has def come a long way from d days of 'pon de replay' i just luv wen artists re-invent themselves...luv the rain matrix she did...ooh n ha nu black n cropped-short hair is another FABulousity!!!

You can stay under my umbrella...ella...ella...hey...hey....I luv this tune!It had to grow on me tho...the chorus sounds really Naija-ish...lol!

Random Ish of Day:
OMG...the crazy things we get in the mail!!!I dont even need to speak on this...just click to enlarge and read this abeg...It's a "Booty Call Agreement"!!!...hilarious nonsense!!!

Click HERE to read Sebah Tubman's passionate plea 4 help in Africa. Remember it is the little things dat make a difference......do sumthn positive!

On that note...have a good weekend!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 12:21 PM


I am first! Lol. Meanwhile, sad sad I am not coming for the NNTM thing! shame! i hope it rawks!!! and dont sleep when u get bak o,i will be patiently waiting here to hear gist!!

and umb-e-re-lla. e-lla, e-lla, eh, eh, eh. Heard the song this afternoon o, I fell in love!! The girl is just 19 o, covergirl et al...God dey! lol. let me go finish my 5000 worded essay! shio.
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 4/27/2007
oh well!mimi beat me to it..bur i am 2nd...heyyyyyyyyyy!
lol at the booty call agreement...have a great weekend
Nice!!! I cant wait to see pictures from the Nigerian next top model thing.

Donald Duke is the man!!!!!!

Lmao@ the bootycallagreement. The last rule is hilarious, lmao.

Have a great weekend!
By Anonymous Omosewa, at 4/27/2007
Was going for NNTM 2nite...but men after a whole day of working..is that really what i want to finish my evening with???And knowing BEN Tv they will possibly air the whole freaking thing in a couple of weeks....is it 2-face i want to see??abeg...u know it's going to be "African Queen" all nite.

LOL @ the bootycallagreement..sending it to peeps at work now 4 a laugh.
By Blogger Dimples, at 4/27/2007
Cant believe this is my first time on your blog....Fabulous. I loved the interview with Yemi - the man behind Kosibah.
By Blogger Uzo, at 4/27/2007
That naija anthem video, Im still tryna decide what I think about it. lol.. I need to forward you some event happening at ur end next week.. they sound like fun..
@ NV thank you for the post and mine being incorated in it.
I wish Nigeria the best in terms of the is Elections. People have died and it needs to stop now.
Love Rihanna's video, this song will grow on me because it is catchy.
By Blogger SET, at 4/27/2007
Thanks for all the stuff as usual dear love the BOB video, I've emailed ur post round :o)
By Blogger Mona, at 4/27/2007
That agreement is mad oh ;o)
By Blogger Mona, at 4/27/2007

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