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Monday, March 26, 2007

Update:Nigeria's Next Top Model

Update : The "Stars on the Runway" show has been postponed yet again,check the new flyer below for the new date and more details...it better be worth all this postponing oh!!!

To answer the questions about the show,we have got the official press release from Blueprint Events who are the organisers of the shows,more e-flyers and more promo pictures to feast your eyes on.So far it looks like a well-organised show with proper photoshoots being conducted to pick the shortlisted girls for the grand finale on April 27th.

Thanks to Sandra Walbert-Powers @ BluePrint Events and Charlotte Kibbles Photography for the pictures and press release!
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com
(2 enlarge, click on the flyers..4 where n wen n otha lil details)
Their Official Press Release:
"Blueprint Events and Show Production begins their search for the 2007 Nigerian Next Top Model which would end in a grande finale before a live audience of 2000 ticket holders and millions (across Europe and Africa) of satellite viewers."
"This event is a new hybrid contest.A fantastic and viable platform designed to find top models that will be worthy ambassadors of the most thriving, successful and vibrant black community in the world today – Nigeria.
It supports the wider rebranding efforts currently underway as the country positions itself in deed, actions and interactions as the ‘Heart of Africa’.

A radical departure from previously conceived notions of ethnic minority modelling and pageant competitions, it is a pacesetter and it injects much needed quality, vibrancy, professionalism and va-va-voom showmanship into proceedings!
It is a show that tells it as it is – that indeed good things can and do come out of Africa! Nigeria especially!
This competition is open to any aspiring or experienced Nigerian model that is still looking for that big break/platform from which she can take off."

"What we are looking for is not just facial beauty, we look for stage presence, performance, grace, carriage, eloquence and intelligence.
Top Model is about diversity, exoticism, beauty, intelligence, pride and glamour.
It is about redefining African and ethnic beauty.
We identify talents and position them for great things. We realise dreams and make tangible promised benefits.
Through our efforts we renegotiate a new identity of the African as urban yet cosmopolitan; and in so doing, secure Africa a place on the world's fashion map"
--Sandra-Walberta Powers – Event Convenor and Creative Director of Blueprint Events.

The Winner Gets:
•Worldwide recognition as the Nigerian Top Model 2007 and featured on TV, Radio and Print advertising campaigns and fashion promotional campaigns and events.
•Featured in prominent ethnic and mainstream UK magazines.
•The opportunity to be showcased as the ‘Face of New Nigeria’ as part of the ongoing ‘Heart of Africa’ rebranding campaign
•Opportunity to take part aboard the CATWALK THE WORLD Charity Fashion Event in Johannesburg South Africa

•Sessions with award winning professional photographers in order that enviable professional model portfolios can be put together
•A cash prize of £1000
•Wardrobe maintenance for the year
•A working holiday trip to Nigeria as part of the worldwide exposure campaign to work aboard UNICEF projects in Nigeria with young children
•Free spa weekend
•Editorial spread and photo shoot courtesy of the very excellent Diamond Touch Magazine and top class couturier
•Make up sessions with a leading makeup artist to the stars - MINK Cosmetics
•Several styling sessions with award winning hair stylists.
•Free nail and body care maintenance for the whole year courtesy of Harriet Stein – Beauty Inn – London
•Plus many other prizes.

More info about "Blueprint Events":

"A creative event management company that specialises in large scale quality productions and events. Our vision is to create a promotional platform that celebrates our unique urban identity, and our way of life.
We are ably experienced in attaining and exceeding the needs and expectations of clients and patrons alike with our keen eye for detail, professional demeanour and strong work ethic.

We are quietly nurturing a solid reputation to fortify what is already a very strong and dynamic presence in the world of events, entertainment and fashion promotion through this current project.
Together with the help of our valued sponsors and partners, we aim to provide a platform and a service which all are proud to be associated with.
A platform, which works for our sponsors commercially and assists in their commercial sustainability.
Build it and they will come - this is the challenge we have set ourselves.
If we can meet our obligations to sponsors, models, the greater Nigerian public and designers by building a world-class shell or platform from which they can operate, then the designers will deliver what only they are capable of delivering - the genius within, the creativity. The models will transform on and off stage – morphing and changing forms as befits the multitude of roles that they have to undertake. The audience and public in attendance will feel pride and satisfaction for a job well done.

This genius or talent exists in abundance in and it is our vision to expose as many designers as possible as well as the new generation young models coming through the ranks who deserve the opportunity and exposure."

It's always good to see people working for the greater good of our people and for that Blue print Events get our votes anyday!!!

Video Of The Day:
Mad Melons and Mountain Black - "Black Na God O"

Say what you will,but you gotta luv the video and song...make up ur mind bout it tho!!!

Hav a great day!!!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 9:23 AM


Hello Vixen, how u dey and hope u gate-crashed a lot of parries.;) Could u pls confirm whether d Stars on D Runway show still went ahead yesterday cos i was hearing otherwise from someone else.

As for d song/video, it's alright.
By Anonymous wienna, at 3/26/2007
BTW, i'm first on d throne today. :)
By Anonymous wienna, at 3/26/2007
Wow NV loving your blog men as in really, don't worry soon gonna get tips for that logo thingie...are u on gmail cos we can chat there?

Meanwhile didn't hear about this nigeriantopmodel thing oh, I will put it on my blog and direct others here :o)

Cheers bebe
By Blogger Mona, at 3/26/2007
Thx Lady, I rely on you and Bellanaija and the other blogspot for news from Nigeria.
By Blogger SET, at 3/26/2007
That video, make i talk true, i no get!!!
@Wienna--Your prize?uhmmm...what do you want the most?(abeg keep it under budget oh!)No the show has been postponed now till June/July...apparently loads more sponsors hav been jumping on the back so they are still planning and all that.we'll keep you posted!
@Mona--cheers babes,no gmail oh...but when you ready let me know 'k?no probs at all!
@Set--thank you very much!
@Chainreader--Lmao!i lyk ur honesty abeg jo!
If u dey serious sha, i'd say any high street voucher, prefarably Evans abeg.;) Meeen, u're making me blush now o, i've never won anything in my life b4. :D

@Stars on D Runway show, i hope d postponement is worth it as well? I just hope they show d whole thing on OBE when d time comes sha.
By Anonymous wienna, at 3/26/2007
NNTM? are they paying tyra any royalties? anyways my beef with many models is the extraness... must you look like town masquerade in the name of being a model?
By Blogger Kpakpando, at 3/26/2007
@Wienna---you just know you dont need to buy tikt oh...it's still gonna be shown on BenTv or OBE for true!
@Kpakpando---Lmao oh,but lets also blame the directors and photographers of sum fashion shoots too!
Hey Babe..Luvin it as usual The girls and the pics look good.. But is it a real franchise from ANTM???? I hear one babe Eloho in Nigeria is trying to get the real Franchise is this true???
I know say you go know now..lol

Na wow for stars on the runway why is Ronke disapointing me now i had high hopes i have been waiting for the show since fah!..

Ciao Hun..xxx
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 3/27/2007
the NNTM pictures actually look good. i got to see Britains Top Model and was very dissapointed. The whole show was tacky.. and the lady tryna be like Tyra irritating.
i dont like da first pics of fa naija nxt top model girls but 2nd 1 is really nice ,u see da naija top models unlike their american counterparts(that mostly look under fed and hungry) have nice figures though they are slim
I like some of the designs of the bridal designer. However, I will say it again I know Naija has more fine babes than these ones. But I will save my judgement.
Abujababe---as far as i know,this event hasnt got the Next top model franchise,but i'll be speaking to Sandra soon,and i'll ask her...but as for the Eloho own,didnt know oh,babes...keep me informed oh!;-) Me sef tire for the Stars on d runway thing oh,it berra b guud!
Toni Payne---I agree,the British version wasnt the best,so i hope this one (NNTM) turns out okay... how hav you bin oh?;-)
@Racquelle-cutie---You know!thats d shape we are all trying to attain oh!
@Simply Gorgeous---Yes,naija babes are fyne,but you know how fyne gurls are shy and what not ;-)will be cool to see how the show pans out...will put up pics then.
I agree those pics are not that impressive
I love your blog! I had no idea that there was a Nigeria's Next Top Model...they are all flawless!

Love it!
you can see videos of the girls being interviewed here
By Anonymous toks, at 4/20/2007

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