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Friday, May 04, 2007


Music News:
Awesome Entertainment which is owned by Dominic Ajufor is set to launch 3 groups into the Naija music industry -- Spice Boys (really?),Black Soldiers and Too Smooth...
The Spice Boys are Bolaji Legbeti(Beejay) and Temitope Odeyemi(Top Most) and their album which will be released later this year is titled "Tested OK" and is a fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B...as for the name choice,the boys say they are putting "spice back into the game"...
Too Smooth are Oluwasegun Oladele Dawodu(Big Fish) and Diaime Udo Ekoriko(Small Fish) who believe that they will be a force to reckon with because of what they have.As Oluwasegun puts it "We will make our own way. What we say is real life. Our album should be out next month.
Bad Soldiers are the duo of Christian Kalu(Spiritual) and Leonard Ikpegbue(Donnie Man) who hope that their "Gospel tinged with Ragga" music will show that they fight against injustices and social vices in Africa.
What do you think?Do we really need more boybands in Nigeria or should they look into introducing more female bands?

Random Clip of the Day:
OMG!Adetunji aka Black Jesus aka Bombdiggity....is a celebrity oh!You can say he's got the cult following now with his "videos" flying round the net lyk watttt!!!Well,you heard him urselves in his first vids, he's gonna be a rapper by force! So if for sum strange reason lyk us,you think his antics are funny...you'll luv this!!!

The original version? click here..Someborri get this dude for my partyyyyyyy!!!!

Jewellery By Anne:
Just stumbled upon this fabulous Jewellery maker...been to the website and I just want everything off the collection!!!My favourite piece is the Adamma2 set...I know,they are even given Nigerian names!

There are hair-clips,necklaces,earrings and even all-jewelled purses featured in the collection,check out a few pictures below--








and the MFON SET!

You can visit the WEBSITE to view the rest of the collection or to check out how to order your custom made set.

Event We Hitting:

Date: Every Saturday
Time: 9pm- 3.30am.
Theme: Champagne Party
Venue: Hilton @ Paddington 146 Praed Street W2 1EE
R&B, Funky Soul, Naija Hiphop/R&B, Old School, Hip Hop, Ragga, Funky House and any request.
Free for ladies on Glist till 11.00 or Free all night with the members card
Glist closes @ 11pm.
For Guest list and table bookings 07951536726, 07810657420 07956802707
Be there!

Nigeria's Top Model:
Truth be told.....this whole fiasco is gettin tired...i guess there r two sides to a story ...u can read what Sandra said regarding the accusations made against her here...scroll down(personally i think they can handle this another way BUT whateva works 4 them ryt?)

Video Throwback:Wetin Dey-Ruff Rugged & Raw
I luv this song unconditionally! i had it as a ringtone, even with a video lyk this i still luuuuv it!

Random Ish of the Day:
You remember that piece of news that has been circulating for years saying that Tommy Hilfiger declared on Oprah that he makes his clothes for only White peeps?Well,it turns out it's not true as he has never appeared on Oprah's talkshow. Check out TMZ.com to read more about this.

n ooh yea! Naija Vixen is on facebook now:click on the pic to add..
Naija Vixen's Facebook profile
Have a great weekend everyone.....

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:38 AM


na wah oh, so that tommy Hilfiger gist na lie... pple sha...
What's with dis naija artists giving themselves some weird nicknames abi na stage name de ni? Abeg, enough of them ojare. We need more female singers in dat country. It's like na only men dey sing for dat country.
As for d necklaces, i love them. I'm not usually a jewellery person but i love these. My fav is d Nia set.
Black Jesus na one funny dude o. He's even more popular than OBJ these days. Which party u wan do o? Make u no forget to send me an invite when d time comes o. :)
By Anonymous wienna, at 5/04/2007
you can so tell that sandra knows how to play this game so well. please how old are they?
By Anonymous dp, at 5/04/2007
Tnx for sharing naijavixen...P.E.A.C.E

@Wienna, u've been MIA on ma blog, wattagwan?
oko nkem. How u dey now? I'm sorry i've not been around lately. Started a new job on monday,which has kept me away from blogsville but dis w'kend i go catch up. Na UK's mayday bank holiday on monday, so dat's 3 days off. I just visited your blog not too long ago sha.
By Anonymous wienna, at 5/04/2007
"Oh, I think hey like me!" Man, na wa for Black Jesus, sha!

If there is one thing we Nija folks can do, it is spoil people's songs. I remember doing it all the time growing up. I like Adetunji and couldn't find any more of his stuff on Youtube. Any pinters, Ms. Vixen?

I need to send you a message as I have an idea i wanted to discuss with you. Will send it today. Have a great weekend!
This rapper guy do you think there may be a mental health issue perhaps? ;)
Lol Blak Jesus is funny as hell. As per the spice boys, their careers might be over before it even starts, with a name like that.
Those are beautiful jewels. I am impressed and love it when folks are creative and bring it to life.
By Blogger SET, at 5/04/2007
I knew about the tommy hilfiger thing years ago. The poor man just was bastardized....LOL
By Blogger Uzo, at 5/04/2007
@ExcitedJade---You know!See how one small rumour got so out of hand!
@wienna---LOL!cant u see i said "really?" aswell???Oh,they find new ways to provide laffs abeg!It's almost as if it's a bad thing for a gurlband to exist there...I want to start one...who's interested?!!!Your invite will be the first out dont worry and congrats on ur new job,we go wash am oh!
@DP---her command of words shey?I just hope they resolve this asap...the contestants are the ones hurting.
@Ugo Daniels---no problem!P.E.A.C.E 2 u 2.
@SOLOMONSYDELLE said---lol,dude is crazy with his hat and glasses!!!He's got about 3 more vids,i'll send you the youtube links in a few minutes,will look out for your mail!!!
@Morountodun---LLLLOOOOOOOLLL ;-)
@pink gloves---i know and OMG bout them spice boys,u are wicked oh!!! ;-)
@SET---i couldnt agree with you more,simplicity is key with her as well.How are you doing?
@Uzo said---Lol...i wonder how that rumour grew!!!
Spice Boys????????????????????Are you kidding me??????????????? BRINGING SPICE BACK??????????
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 5/04/2007
I love the dakari set jewelry..

WOW...about the gist of Tommy Hilfiger being false.

How are you Missy?

Have a wonderful weekend.
By Blogger Nilla, at 5/04/2007
Im so loving ur blog.And I love the jewelries
By Anonymous linda ikeji, at 5/04/2007
I am good Lady. I hope all is well with u.
By Blogger SET, at 5/05/2007
Seriously though, spice boys? What, sexy wasn't enough to bring back?

I'm loving Anne's collection, they are so nice

"This is why I'm black....I dont need sun block, I can stay outside parking in the sun for days"...LMAO!
By Blogger RJ, at 5/06/2007
i'm loving the jewllery will go and see if i can order some
nice blog! you should read stella damasus' blog really good too. check it out
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/07/2007
This comment has been removed by the author.
By Blogger Jaycee, at 5/07/2007
Ooooohhh I especially loved the MALAIKI set (not sure if I spelt it right, lollll)...

Ur posts never fail to inform us...I'm NOT even following the top models...West African idols plus school work is keeeping me busy...

Have the most beautiful week EVER!!!! Muah!!!
By Blogger Jaycee, at 5/07/2007
I will stab achick for the dakari set!
hahahahaha so this nonsense boy aka black jesus has infected you too. we always knew his trouble making self was good for something. the boy has turned to celeb o cos these days we have to collect visa b4 we can see his nonsense self.

"this is why i'm blacki oooooooooooo!"
By Blogger ChiefO, at 5/09/2007
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