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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday: Mixed Reactions on Nigeria's Top Model

By now,many people who attended the Nigeria's Top Model Event have their varying thoughts on the show....with most of them veering on downright negative. One of the Organiser's (Arieta Mujay) who was working hard behind the scenes has come out to talk about the treatment she has met in the hands of the shows organiser.Click HERE to read her account (scroll down to the comment section),it doesnt make for pleasurable reading and it disheartens us that when Nigerians try to do something positive for fellow man and country,something or sumeone does something to hinder progress. As of today,the free ticket to Nigeria that everyone thought the winner had was taken from her and we can only hope the 3 girls get their prizes.
You can check out BellaNaija who also blogged about this situation too. Hope the matter gets resolved soon.

Anyway onto lighter sturvs...comedy always helps...Laughter is Nigeria's principal medicine...you see where i'm going with this? ;-)
Tee-A's Live "N" Naked Show:
Thanks to ToniPayne for the flyers!

In the first leg of his 2007 comedy tour,Tee A will on May 6 hold his annual show Live N Naked at Porchester Hall, Bayswater, London, presenting appearances from Multiple award winning singer Tuface Idibia, returnee hip hop fusionist Weird MC, and cool singer Paul Play who only recently won four awards at the HipHopworld Awards 2007. Comedian Teju Babyface will join colleagues Basketmouth and Basorge Tariah Jr to thrill London residents.
The tour will continue in Lagos on May 29 when Live 'N' Naked returns to the Muson Centre, Abuja September 30; Kaduna October 1st. There are also plans according to Tee A, to take the concert to Sierra Leone and The Gambia.


Click flyer for more details.Event is happening the same day as the Live "N" Naked show.

News Corner:
On Monday,a 7-man gang abducted the elderly mother of the River State Governor-Elect Mr. Celestine Omehia from his residence but she was released late last night.Also abducted was a 16-year-old girl who later escaped and no motive for the abduction has so far been declared.

MTN Nigeria has announced plans to expand their network capacity to accommodate their growing list of subscribers.The network expansion will cost the company over $650million and should provide the necessary infrastructure for the 3G services which they have already acquired and paid for.MTN Nigeria was recently the first GSM operator to have paid and been awarded a 3G licence by the Nigerian Communications Commission and has since paid $150m for the license.

A Nigerian woman has caused further uproar in her home state of Kano by "marrying" four women last weekend and has had to one into hiding from the Islamic police with her partners. Under the Sharia law which is in use in Kano homosexuality and same-sex marriages are outlawed and considered very serious offences.The theatre where the elaborate wedding celebration was held on Sunday has been demolished by Kano city's authorities.

Video of the Day
Make dem talk...2shotz ft 9ice


Have a great drama-free day everyone!!!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 2:09 PM


lol at the top model thing,that is really funny
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/02/2007
the marrying four men thing is hilarious
I have finally updated sha. sorry for being MIA :)
By Blogger omo naija, at 5/02/2007
I have written in the past about the need for Nigerians to work as one, not work against each other. Will read Arieta's comments about her treatment later.

As for the lesbian marriage thing. I told my mother who lives in Abuja and she hadn't heard about it. Her comment, however, (once i told her that Muslim men can marry 4 wives) was "Okay, girlfriend!" Anyway, if the rumor is true and they catctch those women, it's one word only - BARBECUE! Sharia people do not play and I would never test them this way. Remember the madness that ensued regarding Ms. Universe?

BTW, thanks for participating in the Nigerian discussion series at my blog. Good looking out, girlfriend!
Hisssssssssssssssssss @ the NNTM thing.
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 5/02/2007
Nice blog, first time really.

will def. be back.
oga four women! even if d woman wanted to have a female partner....4!
It's a shame all that is happening with NNTM,and i thought for once naija could pull off something totally hitch-free.
By Blogger tiwalade, at 5/02/2007
na wa 4 nntm..
wish i was in 9ja 4 all dem live n naked show e.t.c..oh well
Yep, comedy does help. I loveeeeeee basketmouth, i hope many pple go out to support.Good for Bimi, who won. You go girl.MTN is doing good.Thank God the kidnappers left the mama alone, shoo.9ice has nice eyes,lol. I've never listened to that song till the end, i dunno why. Have a great day!
By Blogger Omosewa, at 5/03/2007
hmmm.. so this is 9ice.. not heard his music though.. ko de bad oh..lol

MTn dey try sha.. kudos to them
mamacita, check ur email.
Na wa o with all these naija artists wey dey come Ldn all of a sudden. Abi they all dey for summer holiday?
By Anonymous wienna, at 5/04/2007
@Anon---Lol,it shuldnt be funny,but it is sadly!
@omo naija said---Thank God u r back oh!!!Im coming to insult u on ur blog,dont disappear again oh!
@SOLOMONSYDELLE said---it's very sad,this situation.With every other nation,they dont care what state,tribe,family or compound ;-) you've come from,they'll just help,but with stuff lyk this you cant blame nigerians who refuse to work with their own.NDS series is a positive thing babes,so im always willing to read up,thanks babes!
@ ~Mimi~ ---LOL!Its getting serious now oh!
@Ugo Daniels---Thank you,your blog's nice too.
@tiwalade---it's bin a wyl oh,hope u ok?Wat can i say?the woman's gangstarr!i just hope they dont catch her!
@Pink-satin---Live N Naked myt come to America later this year,will let u know if this is definite.
@Omosewa---thank you oh, basketmouth must be the MC at my wedding!Have a great day 2
@ExcitedJade said---his music is guud and we've put up a better picture,you can see his nice eyes!
@Toni Payne---guud luuking out babes!
@wienna said---ROFLMAO!!!that culd well be the answer oh,never thot of that!

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