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Friday, February 02, 2007


Africa's Best Dancer With Channel O

Channel O is starting a dance show(Dance Africa) to find the most original freestyle dancer on the continent!.(Y arent we in 9ja @ d mo'?we culd be showing them badass moves!).There will be auditions across 7 African cities(Jo'burg,Cape Town,Durban, Maputo,Nairobi,Lusaka and Lagos),with 2 dancers from each city selected to compete in the finals in Jo'burg.The winner will receive an all expense paid two weeks training at South Africa's Dance Umbrella in Jo'burg,will feature in one of Chomee's videos which will be filmed later in the year as well as a chance to perform at the 2007 Channel O African Music Video Awards.
Audition dates will be announced at a later date.

The Party We Are Hitting Today:

And Saturday:

Back down memorylane,were d days of makosa, oh my Gosh n dis song was part of the action, errbody tryn to wind dier waist n do d damn dance n dose ones who were really gud at it; it was all fun; is it me or d song sounds slower now?
Magic System:PREMIER GAU

Ha ha ha, most of y'all in 9ja wld probably hav seen this already.since d elections r gearing up,dere r loads of campaign ads...both ridiculous ones and meaningful ones, anyways, make sure yall go out n vote...its ur ryt..(as long as its not bootlegged)really a vote does count!!!anyways heres a vid clip of Femi Pedro's campaign ad....funny!

Word On The Street:
RUMOUR(stressn it!) has it that some certain actresses are pregnant...Caroline Ekanem,Lilian Bach and Uche Iwuji.Also Rita Dominic,Opeyemi Ayeola and Ibinabo Fiberesima are said to b getting married,but remember..na RUMOUR oh,so if it turns out 2 b true,na BONUS!!!

Quote of the day:
"My mum doesnt believe in Santa...I mean she is Nigerian,there was no way she was letting a fat white man take credit for her hard work"--Gina Yashere.

Random Pictures:
No reason really to put up these pictures,except that they are just GORGEOUS!Here they are...
Gene Nnaji

Ngoli Okafor...Hubby No 8

Omotola Ekeinde

Modupe Ozolua

Proudly African

NILLA, thanx 4 heads up.If u had problems clicking d linked sites on d last post, u can check em again,it was my bad,but they all workin now!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 9:20 AM


Yay I'm first!!

Thanx for that Gau/Gaou video. I've been looking for it for a while now, but I didn't know who sang it.

Yeah, the version you uploaded is much slower.
But this version is faster and has a different video too. Do check it out.

Have a wonderful weekend Missy.
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/02/2007
Oh wow.. this is my first time on your blog i think.. it's fantastic!! I love it love it love it... Makossa is my life.. but i never even watch the videos.. this is my first time seeing this video.. its not bad at all.. awilo still rules my world tho!
"...will feature in one of Chomee's videos" who excatly is chomee?
By Blogger RJ, at 2/02/2007
@Nilla--thanx gurl, wknd was great..how was yours?Magic System are really guud,heard a couple more of their tracks.
@OWNB--thank you...makossa is IT!African music is taking over!
@RJ--Chomee is a South African artiste,he's supposed to be a big deal apparently.
lovely post, as usual.

but why, why, why do modupe's family jewels have to be on display all the time? I know she spent a lot of money getting them that way, but must they be on display always? I guess i should look at them in terms of advertisement!
Magic system was the song!! brings back memories, thanks for that! Lovely pictures!
By Blogger Biodun, at 2/05/2007

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