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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SpotLiGhT - Banky W!

I was supposed to do a weekend special, but i had a lot of things to do...it was my friend's bday n u knw how it is...Anyways,a quick shout out to NONNY.....Happy bday sis...luv u!!!!, the special weekend edition will start nxt friday...so look out.

Anyways, some of u might be aware about this guy called Banky,hes a young(just 24 yrs)....singer,engineer and educated brother, he resides in d States.i rily do love his song "my regret" i was jammin it for one of my friends and she cldnt believe it was a naija guy......i hope he gets props in naija...jst bcos d lyrics doesnt contain pidgin or igbo,yoruba,hausa doesnt mean he's nt our own,cos i actually notice that some people r just enemies of artists like him, i remember sum day i went on youtube to check out lagbaja's "never far away"...n u had some people sayin in their own words that its too "americanized"...wots even "americanized?"...'m sure if he had spit some yoruba slangs pple like that wldnt make that kind of comment.....anyways his first video for my regret is coming out soon,nd i will hit u up 1st with it...i cant even wait n he reminds me so much of Marques Houston...anyways if u havnt heard of him...listen to his songs:

my regret

ay mami

and u can check his web and cop his cd hia.. click


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 7:42 PM


me a model, i dont think so lol y'all should check out nnenna in wild n out crazy stuvvz.
big ups damz this blog is crazy.
By Anonymous Nonne, at 11/20/2006

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