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Friday, November 17, 2006


Its weekend time and pple spend it differently, for some its to kick back and relax, 4 some its to par-tay, 4 sum its sumthn else, well 4 my wkends i like to just cook my food in bulk and store it 4 d rest of the week( yea ryt) and also chill and relax n hav good time...anyways i will b experimenting on some snacks...naija style this wknd, so i decided 2 just drop sum recipes if anyone is interested at all....

puff puff
meat pies
sausage rolls
chin chin

Good luck...lol!

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 8:37 PM


how did the food rhing go?
By Anonymous nk, at 11/20/2006
The snacks were the Bomb!Thanx Nk,I would have put sum in the post..but oh well;-)

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