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Monday, March 17, 2008

SHIIKANE, NAYO, Wande Coal Wins At HHW 2008

SHIIKANE -- Bamboo Dey Chop!!!

These three girls who make up the group "SHIIKANE", are poised to be "the U.K's next biggest export girl group"! Of Nigerian descent, they have been together for 2 years -- living and breathing music and brilliantly repping both the Nigerian and English culture -- Their sound is a fusion of R&B, Indie rock (yes listen out for the guitar strums!) and power pop! Check out and listen to their first single "Bamboo" underneath and let us know what you think!

As always, for more artiste info, check out their -- WEBSITE and MySpace and The Fan Site

Get It Girls!!!

NAYO -- "African Girl"

People, People...Nayo's album is out and selling! Cop that disc, support HOMEGROWN talent!!! So no excuses, you can get it through her WEBSITE, HMV, AMAZON.


No shes not my cousin..its just publicity in full swing lol

Wande Coal Wins Next Rated Artiste At (Hip Hop World Awards 2008)HHWA

Congrats to the man of the moment, Wande Coal on his award and prize, a Hyundai Sonata (Really? I need to start singing too oh!)...Check out some pictures of him and the rest of the Mo Hits AllStars. Will put up more pics from the show later.

Ok, as in i love Wande Coal...but his looks does not just match his voice, i mean 'm still trying to figure it out! Oh well his voice compensates for that.....i dont know why this picture above reminds of Baba S--- Lmao! ok i need to stop...but i love him still....

****Pictures. copyright of Adekeye Adeniyi****

Random News Of The Day:

Nigerian Artistes tired of the ever increasing rate of armed robbery attacks and the ensuing insecurity, last Monday staged a solidarity march in Lagos State. The march was led by 2Face Idibia, who has endured more than his fair share at the hands of robbers and had D’banj, Tee-A, Teju Babyface, Ego, Wunmi Obe, DJ Tee, Ayo Animashaun, Princess, Jedi, Joyce Howie T, and a host of others participating.

Taking place on Friday, April 11, 2008, from 4:00pm - 11:00pm;SHELL HALL, Muson Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. Cast Your VoTES HerE

Imo to Host the NMA:
Owerri, the capital city of Imo state has been favoured to host this year's edition of the Nigerian Music Awards scheduled for March 24 2008.

To be honest, there are so many Music award shows in Nigeria;...i guess its all a good cause of trying to acknowledge the efforts of the Artistes.

Quote Of The Day :
"The fear of poverty drove me to save like mad. I hate to be poor and my kind of person is too shy to look at anybody in the face and ask for money. So, if I don’t want to go begging, the best thing is to save."
--Tunde Obe, on his motivation.


Dumebi Agbakoba covers the front page of My Naija Mag (which i'm loving by the way) click on the images below for excerpts from the interview.

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Have a great day everyone! we will be right back!

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 8:18 AM


buahahaaaa....how could you be comparing Wande to baba suwe. Chaaaai....which kain yabbing be dat na. I do agree, his complexion is sometimes scary and even his eyes sef. But i can bet you that the amount of groupies who'r after him surpasses his looks pata-pata.
By Anonymous wienna, at 3/17/2008
Wande Coal looked better the time i saw him but i am glad for him and his award...His song Ololufe is one of my favorites of the moment....

Nayo's album..I am hearing good things about it...
By Blogger Uzo, at 3/17/2008
This comment has been removed by the author.
By Blogger chicala, at 3/18/2008
hehe, lol@ baba suwe, or isnt that what u meant? I hate to admit but its true mehn..........I dont like his 6 pack either, unattractive. Some pple sha, they'l still die to have him despite the shortcomings.......oh well, na the voice and God's grace save am...hehe......I remember hearing the voice for the first time, first thing that came to mind ...fine boy no pimples and all that sturvs. But mba......the irony is the case. Oh wel......

I love NAYO!
I reserve my other comments about the girl group(since I cant sing any better, lol). They try sha.
By Blogger chicala, at 3/18/2008
ye pari pa!! Baba suwe!!! ultimate diss (but i see were u are coming from). he is blessed with a beautiful VOICE...and im sure there are girls queing for this guy....!!! good on him for his award!!!

i love the nayo album cover!!HOTNESS!!!
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/18/2008
madam so ure back!

i hope u havent forgotten about me oh

im particularly loving this post

By Blogger Mona, at 3/18/2008
lol @ Wande's outfit. Girl, I feel you.

I love Nayo's album cover. I dunno what I love about it; I just really love it though.
Oh my goodness, this is my first time trying ur blog and its amazing!!! I love it, definitely adding it to my top favorite blogs.

wande coal is doing it big man
By Blogger NaijaBabe, at 3/20/2008
SHIIKANE look good!great post.xxx
Lol, biko nnu, dont put me in trouble lyk that oh! I love his voice to bits!

I actually saw a better picture of him yesterday...he must have been exhausted after the awards...his voice is still the best! You'll love Nayo's "Desert Storm"...very soulful.

Chicala said...
Lol, 6 pack? Where? The voice though, the voice! The girls voices are nice, the chorus is the main bone of contention for me...but goodluck to them!

Thank you babes! He sure deserved the award lyk mad! Nayo is fab too!

I'm back now and can never forget you ;-) left some comments on your blog...how are you doing babes?

Vera Ezimora--
Lol, you know...the shirt shows good tymes, you prob'ly love the album cover cos of its simplicity, too nice!

Hair Azara--
Oh my dayz thank you! Will check your blog out now, definitely loving the name!

You know! Now he just has to give his fans rides in the new car...

Thank you hun!
i dont know this coal guy... naijavixen.. make it happennnnnn!!! overwhelmednaijababe@gmail.com lol abeggggg...

@ chicala: I like how you saw you are reserving your comment but go right ahead and yap those babes anyway. lol! I also will reserve my comment and wait to hear their next single.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe--
Really? Where have you been? Lol, okay will make it happen...check your box on friday!

Lol, Chicala is wicked shey, finished them, politely too!
dont be disapearing like that now!!we need dail dail 9ja entertainment gist!!!will check out them shikane girls...where they born n bred in 9ja or they lived in england all thru?
Dami, depending on what you prefer, Wande Coal would be found attractive by some women. Met him before (along with the D'Banj Posse)and he's something like "Biggie", Tupaq's Nemesis.

However, seeing no one can claim credit for his or her looks, we've got to look to the talent. And he's got loads of that.

Love this post, great info.
By Blogger laspapi, at 3/24/2008
I just checked the naija mag & it's very good. I'm really hyped for the fashion spreads they've got & the cartoons at the end. I'll be back to listen to the Shiikane girls. I need to get headphones...brb.
By Blogger AnyaPosh, at 3/24/2008
As always...Excellent.
i need to check this Nayo chick out-seems to be a lot of buzz about her. I loveeee wande coal, but u right- pic and voice dont match so well
Which one is BAMBOO dey chop...isnt it baboon??? Anywhoo, i kinda like the song sha. Dumebi is looking good!

Have a lovely week babe!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/31/2008
Ok, I listened to the Shiikane ladies and I wondered the same thing. Isn't the phrase 'Monkey dey work, BABOON dey chop'?? did these ladies even grow up nigeria? If they did, they should know beta!
By Blogger AnyaPosh, at 3/31/2008
Wande Cole has a voice to die for but i agree with you on his looks.....not so great....

His love handles are off the hinges? LOL..
By Blogger doll, at 4/02/2008
Wande reminds you of baba suwe
you this winch ehn hahahahah
THat Brother can SANG.. sing is an understatement but ehmmm i reserve my coment sha

I am so proud of his achievement.

I'll check out shikene
this one wey everyone dey flaunt flat abs
imma have 2 hit the gym.

THanks 4 d updates
By Anonymous Lovita, at 4/05/2008
Bamboo dey chop?
Bamboo na person or animal?

Nice vocals though
By Anonymous u know now, at 4/05/2008
Haba this babe...update na...
Ms. Vixen, where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are...

i agree with u, wande's voice is so nice...but it sure dont match his face...lol..

the shikane gurls are cute o, never heard of them before.
By Blogger soupasexy, at 4/10/2008
please why is wande coal wearing a dress?
Babe, update na. I'm tired of seeing Wande Coal in his tight dress shirt.
wasssssup.. been a while..wil be bak to read
By Blogger Sha, at 5/04/2008
wow so dats wande coal... didnt knw,, bn seeing d black dude evrywhere i just thot he was one of dem mo hits ppl's bodyguard or somn.. lol he does look like baba suwe tho
By Blogger Sha, at 5/04/2008
Wassup?It's been a while
Wande is wonderful. His looks I think is also vey wonderful
Nice post seeing your photos just make me to remember D'banj and the Mo hit crew.They were good together.

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