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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Richard Shoyemi, Storm All Stars, Wande Coal, Peelola Et Al

First of all, our condolences to the Okosun family, who lost Sonny Okosun the Highlife/Gospel singer to a battle with disease, may God be their solace in this distressing time.

Wow! Blogging sure does feel...alien after all these while, lol...but here goes anyway!


Well besides the obvious (he's Guyanese and Nigerian, so therefore he is claimed,lol) This dude right here is a fab stylist (he has styled Mariah Carey, Lisa Maffia, Kanye West and so much more...his ultimate goal is to style Beyonce "Her people get it so wrong sometimes) And while this in itself isn't extraordinary, one look at his own style makes him...unforgettable. He was the winner of the London’s Young Fashion Designer awards 04/05 and reading his thots makes him even more remarkable. At only 20 (he has been dubbed the world' youngest stylist), Mr Shoyemi has an impressive portfolio having been profiled in The Guardian, Metro, The London Paper, his work has been featured in Vogue, RWD and many other publications, he has moved to America to work with hotter stars...goodluck!!!

New Vid Alert:Storm All Stars - Made In Lagos

Yeah, yeah...it's Storm Records in the building, bringing the effizy with them...choppers and speedboats now people????
*Blank stare* @ GT tha guitarman being the ONLY one walking, im just saying...

General Tidbits:

Genevieve Nnaji can add "designer" to her lists of achievements as she launched her fashion line St. Genevieve earlier this month. The actress is part of a team, with her doing the designing while Lamide Ajayi of Iconola does the sawing. Plans for a boutique in Lag and other cities are in motion and the St. Genevieve line is currently stocked at Iconola, if anyone wants to rock Genny's designs!!!

Random Ish Of The Day: Omotola as Rihanna
This clip is from the "Rihanna Vs Beyonce Movie, and i shiver to think what the rest of the film is about if its anything like this...enjoy!!! (You need to have a facebook account to view the vid, soz!)

Video Of The Day:Peelola Ft Wande Coal - Only You

I like this track because we haven't got any real female vocalist making much waves in 9ja at the moment, so she'll do, and it doesnt hurt that Wande Coal is featured with that nice voice of his...song is a grower too, anyways watch and decide for yourselves!

Person Of The Day : Queen Temitope Oluwa

Wow, she is such a beautiful woman and she seems to do it all (she's a producer, an actress, a model and a business woman - get that cash!) She's starred in over 50 films, mostly Yoruba and produced a few as well - she doesnt't act in films she produces - Yay,lol! And she gets my vote purely for her answer to this question:

Q: Based on your own experience, is an average Nigerian man romantic?
A: They are not, probably because they are frustrated or something, I’m not sure. I don’t want to insult them. It may be due to the stress of everyday existence.

Yay, someone finally said it...stress is a passion killer,lol...have a great week!!!

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Wow...now that's a long ass post...hmmn....well noted on all counts...
By Blogger Charizard, at 5/27/2008
they r back!!!u guys need to stop disapearing on us!!i wonder wat genevieve desing will be like

i have seen clips from that omotola movie and i was speechless
wait a second, there is a naija flicked called rihanna versus beyonce, for real? wonderful!
I like the wande coal song,lots of female artists, heard a few good ones my self but for somereason, they don't make it as big as the boys. Wonder why?

The Okosun case is a tragedy. What a loss!
I heard about the movie beyonce vs rihanna... they must have ran out of story lines

Shoyemi is unique..gotta look him up
By Anonymous lovita.bravejournal.com, at 5/28/2008
Oh, my God...Sonny Okosun is dead???? I had no idea. Oh, my God! That is crazy.

That Beyonce & Rihanna movie wasn't actually terrible - in spite of its title. The title makes no sense; I didn't wanna see it coz of the title, but it wasn't actually bad compared to some rubbish they make. Their names were not Beyonce & Rihanna in the movies though - thank God. Omotola was Rhime (the Rihanna) & Nadia was Bernice (the Beyonce).

Anyway, my boo Jim Iyke (whom I'd loveeeee to act with... as his wife whom he will shower lotsa love on.... wat was I saying? Oh yeah!) Jim Iyke was in the movie. That's all that matters.
Lovely post vixens...keep it up, and please dont disappear on us again :)
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/29/2008
a du pe fun Oluwa, una don update!

Thank god! So, exams are over? Good. you have passe in JC's name. Amin.

BTW, Happy Nigerian Proclamation Day to you! Not sure what that is? Visit NIGERIAN CURIOSITY to find out.
I came looking for an update oh my sista...
Lol, we'll take care to make it short next tyme!

Sorry oh, we'll try really really hard! Speechless doesnt cover it at ALL!

For the love of me--
Lol, dont call it wonderful and encourage them producers oh! I know right, i think the music loving public dont think there's any worthy female singer doing her thing right now...iv heard a few decent ones but you never hear them making as much waves as their male counterparts.

Thanks! Great loss...all them naija film titles wear me out!

Vera Ezimora--
Really sad news, God will comfort his loved ones, amen. Really? Thanks for clearing that up Vera, but if i watch the film and i dont lyk it as much...im coming for you! Lol!

Thank you hun, will not run out on ya again ;-)

Sis! Lol, thank you oh...just chilling on results, but God dey on top throne oh! Of course we remember the Nigerian Proclamation! Wow, a year flies past lyk THAT! Update just for you!

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