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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Naija Vixen 2....arghhhhh

Ok, Happy new year 2 u all...

mane i cant even start about how mad i am ryt now...

well blogger messed up wit the previous addy..naijavixen.blogspot.com, though it still shows some previous posts on it, u cant comment and u pratically cant do nadas on the blog and i am mad Pissed...and even here...most of the previous posts aint workin ryt...gosh mane! its kinda like wat Facebook did a while was not bad enuff cos apparently some one reported d name on Fb cos its not a ''real name''....now blogger too is at it..and the problem is that we cant even redirect d link to naijavixen2.blogspot.com, we even changed the name to 'naija hawtness' but realised 'naija vixen' is better cos we r used to dat name so just decided to add the '2' at the end cos m so used to the naija vixen name...oh well with time, hopefully pple will get to know the new site, though blogger is ''working''on it, it seems impossible cos apparently someone else is using the id but if u go to the site its still showing some of the archives...damn m PISSED! gooodness....mane m mad pissed infact my head is banging...hopefully wit time...we will adjust to it...

will be back soon, once blogger comes to a decision if we can reclaim the previous blog or not..(which i really doubt..cos its not lookin teew possible) but this is the new addy naijavixen2.blogspot.com brrrrrrr gosh its annoyin mane!

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:54 PM


God don finally answer my prayers
I was wondering what happend to u o
How have u been?

Happy New Year
May great things come your way
By Anonymous OLAMILD, at 1/16/2008
Babe, welcome back! jUST LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT THIS IS THE NEW SITE. your old site has, well, let's just say it is under seige by spammers.

Will be back.
Happy New Year and welcome back!
There might be a glitch in the html code for your blog template that you will need to reload a fresh one. You don't have to delete your present post.

Also if you don't want to go through all those wahala then you can temporary add a three (3) to your old blog link then take off the two (2) from the new blog...this makes your new blog have your original link to your blog without any one of your readers updating their links...well, that's what I did.
Ok, enuf of yadda yadda!!!
So I wasn't insane, because I tried going to ur site towards the end of last yr and I just felt like a virus had eaten up ur page!!!!

Glad u're good now...once 'naijavixen' always 'naijavixen'...no one can dare steal that name, it's so adequate for u...lol.

Happy NEW yr...cheers, and God bless u!
By Blogger Jaycee, at 1/18/2008
Hey Hun been missing your blog seriously oh! Welcome Back!
By Anonymous Abujababe, at 1/21/2008
By Blogger SET, at 1/29/2008
Happy New Year (late as well). Welcome back
By Blogger Babawilly, at 1/31/2008
They fixed it abi. Same thing that happened to Jaycee, happened to me. Oya please update, thanks much.
By Blogger Omosewa, at 1/31/2008
babe i thot u had dropped of the face of the earth!
i just saw ur mail!!
By Anonymous omo naija, at 1/31/2008
I like d vid... ikechukwu and co.

Happy nu year :)
By Blogger Sha, at 2/01/2008
ok now this explains a whole lot.
do u have a new facebook accnt by d way?
By Blogger Paris, at 2/09/2008

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