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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yahoozee :Olu maintain


Hmmmmm, afta erbody has killed the hype of this song, the video is finally out! had high expectations 4 d video...but all the necessary effizy stuvvs were present...u know the Hummers, The Escalades...The Bmsss, the girls (invisible)....and all that Money! I luv the lil kids part... very cute...wit their yahoozee steppin' ! oh well.......

Riz ft Sauce Kid: Flex(rmx)

Gotta luv Sauce kid's swagger.........
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:17 PM


Welcome back.
wow too much effzz in the yahooo vidoe.
Nice concept, a lot of effort. me like.
Finally! Gosh men!

is it welcome back or welcome to blogville? lol
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 10/29/2007
Watched Video for first time today. Love the beat on Yahoozeee! Business plan not so hot- Hammer-Hummer-Enough effizziii will lead to broke.
That Fuji singer is very good.
Hmmm, I am not really feeling the Yahooze video. I would have liked to see more Yahooze moves.
I so dont like this Yahoozee song
By Blogger Uzo, at 10/30/2007
welcome back!They should have had more of the yahoozee dance sha.Not bad though
Welcum back to da block!!!
Finally ..... an update!!!
it seems like nigerians are in a fashion fever...designers and clothing lines are springing up from.....everywhere
By Blogger joicee, at 10/31/2007
First of, haba no apologies for your hiatus. Se aye l'en seyi sha?

D yahooze video, hmmm...i don comment on several sites tire. Was sorta disappointed with d outcome of d vid myself. Expected more input.

Chaaaaai....i've forgotten how cute Sauce kid is o. I really like d song sha. But d eff is with d video. It's worse than a porn movie. (Uhn???....wienna, your opinions sha,lol)
By Anonymous wienna, at 11/02/2007
ok first of all...pls dont pull that kind of stunt again!!! (i mean by goin away for like ever) the clothes are ok...nuffin special!!! them that durella guy (no comments-AWFUL) THEN to my new boooos!! Roz and sauce kid...they have swagger...riz is sooooo fuckin cute and sauce kid!!! well he is all th man that i need ...lol..the song is coolbut the swagger...damn!!!
By Anonymous fi, at 11/06/2007

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