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Monday, August 27, 2007

WANDE COAL **Updated**

Hey guys, it's Bank Holiday Monday, bet u guys in the Uk are still recovering from all the pre-parties and after parties for the CARNIVAL...and the celebrations continues today @ Notting Hill...bumping into old friends u havnt seen in one hot minute and hiding from those ones you still dont wanna c....lol! At least there are up to 4 more parties tonight, good luck to u guys going and waking up 4 work 2moz...probably will be worth it...ha! Lol!...anyhoo just to update u guys bout wots bin goin on and wots coming up all around the Nigerian circle...u know how we do...lol( I had too much coke so i'm kinda hyper typing this post!...by coke i mean soda oh abeg!!!)


Its bout time we profiled this dude who is making shock waves on the Naija R&B circuit!!! I really dont have too much info bout him but he is the latest signee to Don Jazzy's Mo'Hits records, making him label mates with D'banj! Hes featured on few songs off D'banj's upcoming LP on songs such as 'BOOTY' and 'MOVE YOUR BODY'. His vocal ability is straight up just undeniable...as heard on his solo offering "OLOLUFE" which is definitely the love song to have...forget "Oruka" and "Olo Mi" (Still great songs; don't get me wrong!) Seriously this is one helluva talent to look out 4 this year, I am even tempted to put up d song 4 u guys 2 download but i cant cos we have to start supporting home grown music...BUY THAT CD...LOL!!! so hit up his MySpace and u can listen to 'Ololufe' over and over again! yup its dat good!!!!



This year has been a crazy year for african music and our very own D'Banj as been nominated in the "Best African Act" category, so visit the MOBO AWARDS page to VOTE DBANJ AS BEST AFRICAN ACT and tell your friend about...lets help him get this award!!!

And please don't 4get to vote Four Kornerz for the Best Gospel Act Award! if u haven't heard of them,the core-band is made up of four sibling brothers: Deji (27), TJ (25), Vidal (23) and Daniel (21) who combined stunning vocals with a fresh approach to music production. check out their website also!


And Blak Jesus is still on his grind, to view part 5 and 6 of his series click here 4 Tambourine and Bay Bay! is it me or its not that funny anymore? Anyways cant knock the guy 4 doin his thing!!!


And on a cuteness level....

AWWWW!!!! These 2 very cute white girls are singing that old yoruba song "Iwe kiko"....toooo cute!!!



Miss Ibinabo Fiberesima was convicted of murder and sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the Lagos Magistrate Court with the option of paying a fine of N100,000 which she has since done (Did she get off too lightly?) She is also rumoured to be expecting a child with Fred Amata....but on a lighter note...please caption that picture...!


Pictures from the recent Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria UK which was held a few weeks back. These are pictures of the winner,1st and 2nd runner ups.


FELA Celebrations:
This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the death of the founder of Afro beat, Fela Kuti and it is being celebrated in Nigeria in a very big way. This event will celebrate his music, his life, and all the many truths he shared with his fans in his music. While there are several events planned around the world, by various organizations, to mark the 10-year anniversary of Fela's death, FELABRATION 10 will be the only one taking place in Nigeria, at the Shrine in Lagos, and hosted by the Kuti family. The event which has been tagged "FELABRATION 10" is a 5-day celebration from the 9th-16th of October 2007. The events scheduled include:
Tue October 9th: World Movie Premiere of the previously unreleased special movie of Fela "Suffering and Smiling" and Kick Off Party featuring celebrity DJ, Koffi.
Wed October 10th: Ladies Night. A day dedicated to the ladies to celebrate Fela featuring special performances by frontline Nigerian female artists such as Zeal, Sasha, Niyola, Asa.
Thursday October 11th: Classics and Yabis night featuring Veteran artists like Fatai Rolling Dollars and Victor Olaiya with ace comedians, Basket Mouth, Tee A and Julius Agwu. Friday October 12th: Featuring International hip hop artist, Nas as well as top Nigerian hip hop stars such as Mode 9, Ikechukwu, Naeto C, Thoroughbreds and Lord of Ajasa have already been confirmed to celebrate Fela, the hip hop way!
Saturday October 13th: Block Party. All roads lead to the Shrine for a Street Party featuring Damian Marley and most of the big names in Nigeria's music industry.
Sunday October 14th: Fashion for Fela by award winning designer, Deola Sagoe featuring International models Oluchi, Agbani and Nnenna amongst many others. This will be followed by special performances by Femi and Seun Kuti.
Monday October 15th: All day Free feeding at the Shrine by the United Nations World Food Project (UNWFP).
Tuesday October 16th: Music Business Conference. The conference will be held in honor of Fela with an aim to elevate the Nigerian music industry. The event will join major businesses, major players in the industry as well as International resource people. Issues such as piracy, distribution, broadcast, new technologies, international markets, regional markets, corporate support, the power of music to drive youth marketing and brands will be dealt with.

In other Kuti news,Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, added a new addition to his family. The baby boy named Adewale Abdulrasak Ayomide Anikulapo-Kuti was delivered by Bisi Ajala, daughter of the late Lagos socialite, Olabisi Ajala.



Terry Waya, the erstwhile "Naija socialite" in LDN was sentenced to 80 hrs Community Service for obtaining money transfers by deception in relation to a mortgage of £465k with G.E. money - money to buy his London property.
Eighteen men were arrested early this month in remote Bauchi state where they were found with women's apparel as they prepared for a gay wedding. They face a lengthy spell in jail following the tough laws in Nigeria against homosexuality.
President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua on Friday ordered the immediate stoppage of the Naira redenomination policy announced last week by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
Nigeria became the first side to reach the Round of 16 with nine points to their name, as Syria and Argentina joined the Golden Eaglets, Peru, Costa Rica, England, Brazil and Tunisia in sealing a place in the knockout phase.
Richard Mofe Damijo has being appointed as a legal adviser to the Delta State government...can we say big bucks?!?!?!


Person Of The Day : Steph Okereke

Just because she's a beautiful woman who has had the worst of life thrown at her this past few months and has managed to turn it positive...she's thrown the crutches away,written a new screenplay,moved on from a failed marriage and loving life!!!
Thats all folks...have a FABULOUS week everyone...stay safe!!!!

Yup! its back again 4 d second time..and u can begin to cast ur votes, Nigeria is always on the map and this is no exception...some of the Naija nominees are:
D'banj(Best male Video for Why Me),
Wierd Mc(Best Female Video for Ready 2 Party),
Faze and Sanchez(Best new Artiste),
P-Square(Best Group),
Maye Ft Buff and Igo(Best Dancehall Video)
De Indespensables(Best R nB Video for I love you),
Maye, De indespensables, Dj Jimmy Jatt, D'banj are all nominees for the Best West African Artiste category,
Jimmy Jatt and Eldee are also nominees 4 Best Hip Hop,
Soul E 's'' Baba dey ''and D'banj's ''Why me'' are also nominees 4 best special effect in aVideo.

Lastly D'banj's Why me and Maye's I-V are both up 4 Best Video Of The Year!!




Posted by Naija Vixen @ 12:43 AM


So many things to say:

Wande Coal is amazing. I heard him for the first time at a concert where he opened for Dbanj. Amazing voice and nice stage presence

Stephanie Okereke - I give kudos for overcoming so much

Ibinabo: Got off way to easily especially since she was driving drunk and was coming back from a club when the incident happened (that's what has been reported). N100,000 is way to small

Definitely will be voting for Dbanj...He actually deserves it

RMD is actually special adviser to the governor on entertainment and talent development (i have the inside scoop)...LOL

Am i first?
By Blogger Uzo, at 8/27/2007


Plenty Info..I'll be back with my Diary...I'll be back to jot down dates...
I was just raving about wande coal's ololufe on my blog too,i love that song so much
Steph okereke(?)-dont really feel her as an actress sha,maybe it's the way she talks and pronounces some words.
I've voted for Dbanj for the Mobo awards,hopefully he or 2face get it
dang you finally updated!!!!
Didnt you get my amebo email.!!???

anyway this is one of your best posts. I am only into music that i can dance to so i didnt go crazy over ololufe but CNG almost went into convulsions over the song. Now she plays it over and over again. Neway shes been looking for wande coals pic so I wil let her know you have it!
By Anonymous omo naija, at 8/28/2007
By Blogger SET, at 8/29/2007
finally, an update! yay! how far?
naija vixen, i just love ur blog too much!wecan always trust u to bring d latest news. ive voted 4 dbanj and my boyz fourkornerz(i love those guys)hopefully they win.

that video with the little girls singing "iwe kiko" was soooooooo cute, the cute lil girls singing yoruba in their cute lil janded accent..ahh

nyways luv,ope ur gud?
take care
By Blogger tiwalade, at 8/30/2007
Thanks for all the beautiful updates as usual :)

Managed to vote 4Corners for the MOBO awards...

Loved the epistle on the Most beautiful girl...the winner and runners-up are beautiful...

Hmmm..the story of Steph...quite touching, hope she remains strong.
By Blogger Jaycee, at 8/30/2007
Hi babe! you finally updated! good job :) so like, can we, like, make this, like, a bit more, like frequent?
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 8/31/2007
nice updates! loving it...Yep...To wande coal...cool dude, mad talent!Have a lil' tid-bit on him...got discovered by D-banj and his crew in a open mic contest...dude didn't believe he cld get chosen, felt like his competitors were better than him. He's still in shock...can't believe where he's at and where he's heading....Big ups to him and I will def. support this mad talent!
By Anonymous lab, at 8/31/2007
Pff! ignore my first post...
nice updates! loving it...Yep...To wande coal...cool dude, mad talent!Have a lil' tid-bit on him...got discovered by D-banj and his crew in a open mic contest...dude didn't believe he cld get chosen, felt like his competitors were better than him. He's still in shock...can't believe where he's at and where he's heading....Big ups to him and I will def. support this mad talent!
By Anonymous Labelle, at 8/31/2007
Thanks Vixen, always keeping us updated with the latest social events in Naija!!!
Aren't there better peeps that could be legal advisers than RMD...no beef oooh, just being sincere!
By Blogger Andy, at 9/02/2007
ibinabo kill person?
yeeee, where i bin dey when all dis dey happen?

why is d'banj's suit so tight?
By Blogger catwalq, at 9/02/2007
I am so loving this post
I find da 4 brothers very cool
It's nice that they are using their talents to glorify the one that gave it to them
By Blogger Olamild, at 9/05/2007
most beautiful girl in pink betta know that her pose is trademarked o. lol. she cant be all up in there with my signature pose. wait a sec and shes wearing pink too *** FAINTS***

Gosh felabration sounds like soo much fun, too bad I wont be there, nothing cool happens when I am in town.
Totally feeling this post
By Blogger La Reine, at 9/08/2007
oya update
By Blogger catwalq, at 9/13/2007
How are you, Dami? Hope you're doing well. That matter about the club owner/actress killing someone? I think I heard it in passing, but it took your blog to knock me in the face with it. Are you sure it was murder? Could it have been manslaughter? I'll go confirm, get back to you.
By Blogger laspapi, at 9/13/2007
Plz is there a way you can also get info for d happenings in Yankee also???
Anyways take care of you and have a blessed weekend...
Update Plzzzzz!!!
babe..update nowwwwwwwwwwww


i still manage to visit this blog like 3ce a week just to see if u managed to type one line saying hi :(
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 9/22/2007
oya update now, haba
By Blogger catwalq, at 9/23/2007
what is happening?where u at?!
babes where are you? been coming to yoou spot regularly even though I did not blog and you still refused to update!

ope ure good? I'm waiting for you oh!
By Blogger tiwalade, at 10/03/2007
U still dey BlogVille abi u don ja commot?
I dnt get d fascination with ibinabo

No beef o but y is she a socialite shes wowo she cant act

I just dont get it now shes a murderer (accidental) and a husband snatcher hmmmmm
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/11/2007
"9ja Vixen! 9ja Vixen!! where fort art thou 9ja Vixen"?
Honestly though....what's up with ya vixens lately? There'r no exams now, so wha gwan? I'm worried now.
By Anonymous wienna, at 10/16/2007
So much stuffs going on
Is it me
or is the US dry as a desert?

nice pictures u've got. I'll check out the new guy's music.

P.S: thanks 4 the song comments. I appreciate it. Very soon now u'll dedicate a whole post to the new celebrity- MOI
By Blogger Olamild, at 10/21/2007
In miss iyabo opekes words " naija vixen where forth are thou????

we need a word from u
By Blogger tiwalade, at 10/21/2007

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