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Sunday, August 12, 2007

NEW VIDEOS ALERT, BBA2 & Poye Clothing

Hello you guys...hope this week is the best yet for every one of us! New week, new challenges, uhmmm, we thank God! Got a couple of things to blog about today; music, fashion, randoms...you know the deal already...So with no further ado (I have ALWAYS wanted to say that!!!) Here's today's post!!!

NEW VIDS ALERT---2Face, D'Banj & Banky!!!

2face -- If Love Is A Crime

This is specifically for all the loyal loyal fans...nice video---the beach is very beautiful,the video vixen is gorge...and the song is great too...LOL!

My Love -- 2Face ft. VIP

Another 2Face video this time he's done a Collabo with the Ghanaian heavies VIP...body-shaker!!!

BankyW - EbuteMeta (Umbrella Rendition)

Everyone agreed that his version was the best out of all the other "Umbrella" versions...and now watch him performing the track...dude's got talent....get him to Naija ASAP to WOW them oh!!!!

and saving the best for the last...this video is dedicated to the ultimate Kokolette and my Blog Sis OMO-NAIJA...it's the KOKOMASTER...telling y'all to move your body!!!


Good tymes uhn? Lol!!!


Yep its back and hia now, live streaming on channel 37 , on DStv in Arica.Ofunnekama is repping Nigeria on the show:

AGE: 30
OCCUPATION: Personal Assistant
DESCRIPTION: a confident, intelligent, sexy woman who believes in giving her all to every situation.

WHAT SHE'D DO WITH D $10000 : would take my family away somewhere luxurious. Then I would use the rest to further my education and set up an NGO for underprivileged children.

To view other housemates' profile and other stuvvs click here......


Gulder Ultimate show:

The fourth edition of the popular television reality show, Gulder Ultimate Search, which transmission was initially billed to begin on Thursday, suffered a setback on Saturday with the death of one of the 10 contestants. A statement by the organiser‘s Corporate Communication Adviser, Mr. Chuma Igwe, on Sunday said the contestant, Mr. Anthony Mudiaga Ogadje, died ”in what appears to have been a drowning accident” in Shere Hills Lake, Jos, Plateau State. The statement added that all attempts by the medical team, the lifeguards and his colleagues to revive him failed. The deceased, aged 25, was a graduate of geology from the Delta State University, Abraka. His family had since been duly informed while efforts were on as at press time to conduct autopsy on his remains in order to ascertain the actual cause of his death. Meanwhile, the organisers of the search have suspended it until further notice.


Bring the Commonwealth Games to Africa:

For the first time too peeps...no African country has ever had the priviledge! It will be the largest multi-national Athletics event ever to be held on African soil with Nigeria and Scotland going head-to-head over the rights to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games as finalists in the bid.The winner will be selected on November 9, 2007 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
So how can you help Nigeria win the bid? You can visit ABUJA 2014 and then sign up for news, updates & reports on Abuja's bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Support Abuja 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blak Jesus : OLOMOGE!

Blak Jesus feat Iceberg Slim, Zara and Yesi...nice tune...not the real video though!


POYE CLOTHING By Kafayat Owokoniran

POYE which means blessing offers a blend of clothing that is unque to the sense. Designed for everyday people from students to aspiring professionals, people who wear Poye know true human feelings -- Love, Fear, Passion, Struggle... and express themselves through clothing that redefines the body's true features.
Poye's collection consists of dresses, suit, blazer, swimming suit, T-shirt, rib tanks, racer back tank, hats, tote bags and jeweries for both men and women. Poyeclothing won the best designer at The 2006 Africa Youths Award in Chicago.

For more infomation about Poye Clothing please do not hesitate to check out POYE FASHION for more pictures, how to order and general enquiries.



Random Video Of The Day

A micro clip of fans screaming and chasing 2Face at a recent sighting/performance in London...Blink-and-you-will-miss-it Cameo (lol) from Matthew Mensah... You know you are made when you can create a stampede....lol....Have a fabulous week everyone!!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 7:59 PM


First thing First...
I have really missed visiting your blog...thanx 4 cumin' by & reminding me what I have missed.
I really love the "If love is a crime" video...I was laffin' in d end...9ja don step up dia game...if only dis 419 pipo abi na 4-1-ten pipo will juz rest...
Any day, itz Banky W.'s version I will listen to...
Wow! U've really got a lot going on this blog...thanx fo sharin' dis infoz...
so you finally decided to blog..i was about to come over to your house after getting the address from aima..lolllll

awwwwwww i actually visited your page out of ritual wasnt really expecting anything.

:) good to have u bak!
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 8/12/2007
Miss Opeke--
Thank you...i missed blogging too...lol,dont you just love naija "r&b" vids? I was wacthing one recently which had the whole "rain" sequence...! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Lol! It was for that impending threat alone,I updated! Thanks,hopefully we'll stay a while...;-)
LOLOL. So thats what Black Jesus has been up to. I was wondering where he was. i swear i have a crush on that guy. lol.

D'banj. OMG... THAT MOVE YOUR BODY SONG IS oofffff the charts. Thats amazing... the video is hot too. Damn i'm quite impressed. Damn...

I'm sorry but that tuface video was one kind at the end. lol. See the way the guy flew lolol. and the girl just happened to know which hospital he was in. Thats so crazy juju right there. lolol.

Thanks for keeping me current on my naija music jo. Keep bringing 'em.
By Blogger O.šeyï, at 8/12/2007
By Blogger SET, at 8/12/2007
Your blogging is still as stunning as ever! Keep doing ur thing ooh, how u dey my dear?
By Blogger Naijadude, at 8/13/2007
I have seen that D banj vid before and I felt it was wack
but oh my
I love those attires you displayed ..
very lovely. I want all of them

thx 4 stopping by my blog
By Blogger Olamild, at 8/13/2007
welcome back welcom back welcoem back!hwre una go!!!!!nice package as usual! poye clothing seems good!funny name tho..welcome o
yeeh!!!! the VIDEO!! the koko masters video! did you see the part everything froze matrix style. too mad !! i loved this post sha!
i will update soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous omo naija, at 8/13/2007
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Thank God you are back i have mised youuuu!! i have checked this page everyday since your last post, wanting yearing feenin for my Vixen Fix!

Loving the post as usual! Poye clothing seems cool checked out there site like the dresses..

Great Post!

Missed you B! please don't keep me waiting soo long next na wow oh! :)

Have a Nice Day..

Ciao Ciao..xxx
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 8/13/2007
yee! i updated babe!
By Blogger omo naija, at 8/14/2007
Banky rocks...

Thank goodness you updated...Can Nigeria really host the commonwealth games flawlessly?
By Blogger Uzo, at 8/14/2007
Welcome back!It seems i am the only one that doesn't like that ebute-metta remix.
I love the poye clothing range
Off topic-Can u imagine what those boys did on sunday,after i had announced to the whole facebook that i was glad the premiership was back.Anyways e go better sha
lovely update...shall check out the fashion stuvvs......
By Blogger Jaycee, at 8/14/2007
lol @ the random clip, I see familiar faces, and err you dont need to blink to see Sir Mensah. The new 2face vid is hot, not trash like the no shaking video, and not boring like 4 instance, looks like Mr K is finally listening to the people, lol, something about the blue waters that does it for me tho and it doesnt hurt that the chick is pweety, havnt seen hot chicks in his vids since African Queen. Good to have you back vixxy.
This comment has been removed by the author.
By Blogger La Reine, at 8/15/2007
I think its safe to say u <3 tu face.
Mad props for showcasing some clothes for Poye, you had me wanting to try stuff on, lol.

By Blogger La Reine, at 8/15/2007
I depend on your blog to keep me updated on the latest Nigerian music because all I ever usually hear is whatever is playing everywhere when I go to Lagos at Christmas!

Great post ... as usual!
By Blogger Vickii, at 8/15/2007
sorry mami havent been here in a minute....poye is fab!

Cool vids too xxx
By Blogger Mona, at 8/16/2007
Hey Vixen, I knew I had definitely missed alot in terms of naija music. Now at least I feel updated...good stuff. Any more? The guy with the falsetto voice in Dbanj's vid sang well!
By Blogger Andy, at 8/16/2007
Back again

FInally got the chance to see that black Jesus vid... that guy get serious issues... lol was up wit the wig?
"Olomoge" has a nice tune and the ones he featured r good but black jesus no well at all... him need to stick to imitating/spoiling other pple's song o jare.

Oh yeah D banj's vid is very gud
but the song was wack.
By Anonymous LOVITA, at 8/16/2007
Finally an update.

Off to read.
By Blogger Nilla, at 8/16/2007
I agree with Pink satin, the Poye outfits are lovely..the name sounds funny..lol.

Too bad about the gulder search contestant that died. May his soul RIP.

Have a wonderful weekend dear!
By Blogger Nilla, at 8/16/2007
"olomoge oh, gba si be, oh!"

Omo, Blak Jesus just made me dance and reminded me of days when myself and friends would spoil songs and come up with silly songs for our entertainment. He at least has the talent to make his songs nice. I much prefer it to that new D'banj song (my apologies to his kokolettes).

Anyway, Ms. Vixen, I am glad you are back. Please do not keep us waiting for an update the way we waited for this one oh!
Plz don't let me beg u 2 update again...haba! we need to know where it is happenin' now...and whatz happening...share more...Plzzzzz! Tank U seven much...Love ya
i cant listen to music on this computer.. im gonna switch right now... how you doing this summer babe.. i hope great
that beach scene in tuface's vid looks so fake.

how u been hun?
By Blogger Im A Babe, at 8/18/2007
i have really missed visiting your blog. I used to get all my naija gist from your blog, but for a while now i've been out.Good to know you still keep with the flow. LOVE UR BLOG!!!
By Blogger chidi, at 8/19/2007
LOL,yes oh...he's gonna be a rapper by force!!You are crushing on him? No surprises though,he's got groupies now and all...lol!
D'Banj is doing his thing,go Koko!!!Lol bout the 2Face vid...well spotted...but thats 9ja vids for you! Thanks babes!!!

I missed you too babe...its been hectic!!I know you love your dresses,and you look hawt in them too!!!

Aww thank you Celeb...for you now,anything! Im doing okay,thanks!!

I love Kafayat's designs, homegurl's doing her thing!!!

Pink-satin said...
We just decide to waka pass small, you know now...;-) Thanks babes!!!

Omo-Naija said...
Lol...the ultimate Kokolette! D'Banj is in your zones, did you go to any of his concerts. Thank God you have updated,off to check it now!!!

Babes!!! I missed you teww teww much!! how have you been??? Sorry,we've been M.I.A...decided to have a lil rest,work was kicking butt!!!

Banky can sing his heart out! If only he'll go to 9ja and get "Star-ed" out!!! I seriously doubt they'll get the bid,not with all the security concerns...

Thanks babes...the red-devils are shaming me lyk crazy! I cant even go to my fcbk without seeing taunting posts...lol!!!

Thanks babes!!!

Toni Payne--
You know...the screaming girls just blocked out everything else for me...lol!!! About tyme 2Faces vid stand out oh!!! Thanks babes!!!

La Reine--
Thanks babes for stopping by!!! I will do crazy stuff for a Poye Tee...;-)

Thanks babes...! Xmas in Lag is going to be crazy this year though!!! Apparently there's going to be a "Charity Carwash"...uhm,lets see how that turns out!!!

Hey babes!!! How have you been???

Heyy,thank you very much!!! Lol,dont be no Oliver Twist,we'll give you more in due time!!! The guy with the falsetto is Wande Cole...he rawks!!!

Lol...Blak Jesus is an eccentric...no doubt about that!!
D'Banj's vid was all about EFIZZY...lol!!!

Heyy Babes!!! I know, may God grant the contestant's family the grace and fortitude to bear the loss.

Lol....did your lil one rawk to this one?!?!?! Blak Jesus is "guud"...lol. We'll try to update real soon,thanks babes!!!

Miss Opeke--
Lol...please dont beg,if you kneel down,i'll kneel down too oh!!! Update for you coming real soon!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe--
Please switch and enjoy all the very different kinds of "music"...lol! Im doing great oh,bin a while...how have YOU been???

Im A Babe--
Iv been great...how have you been? Lol @ the beach scene...are you accusing them of doing a "Styl-Plus"? :-)

Aww,thanks babes!!! We'll try to keep you informed on the regular!!! How have you been keeping though? Your blog RAWKS!!!
update oh!!!!
i am now a full time blogger! i updated again!!!!

so wheres my music oh! before i come a cyber bitch slap you through my lap top oh.
By Blogger omo naija, at 8/19/2007
I love ur page layout. Very inspiring.
It's a pity about the guy who died in the Gulder Ultimate show shoot. I wonder what really happened.
How far nah? Longest tym, no saw. Hope you're doing great. One!!

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