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Friday, July 06, 2007


Hey guys..yay!looool.. i know, afta like a week..but believe it or not, we've both bin mad busy, n hardly get time off 2 gather information dese days..lol. Hope u guys r balling tho?lol..anyways........

Statistics given by experts on Wednesday show that Nigeria could lose up to one third of its entire land area over the next 50 years -- This could see Lagos,Bayelsa & Rivers states and half of Cross River and Delta states submerged in 50 years due to Rising sea levels from warming temperatures! And advancing desert climate could render economic activities impossible in Kebbi,Sokoto,Zamfara,Yobe,Borno,Adamawa and Taraba states. The doomsday prediction can however be averted if appropriate measures are taken to tackle the growing consequences of climate change.

After the school was closed for four months,the authorities of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Osun State,yesterday fixed Sunday July 9 as the resumption date for academic activities.The school was closed down on February 28 when students protest disrupted the semester examination.The students were angry that the authorities had failed to give them at least one week to prepare for the examinations as stipulated by the university's rules.

New Video Alert: Elbow Room--Mode9


Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria (UK):

EVENT: Most Beautiful Nigerian Girl UK 2007
DATE: Friday, 3rd August, 2007
VENUE: The Porchester Hall, Porchester rd, Bayswater, W2
TIME: 6pm - 1am
Guest Compere: Blacknights
TICKETS: £25 & VIP £45
INFO:Larry D +44 7944 906916
Bernadette +44 7944665869
Joan +44 79984327777
Nigeria office +234 8022707278

PRESS PASSES: email: presspass@mbnguk.com

Visit the WEBSITE to find out more about the contestants and see their profiles and to check out further infomation such as the official sponsors.


Black Eyed Peas In Africa:

The pop group will be visting the motherland between September and November this year on a tour that will see them grace Nigeria, South Africa and 11 other countries thanks to a deal that the group signed with Pepsi. It will the first time they will visit Nigeria and the second time they have been to SA.


Random News Of The Day:
About 2 weeks ago,a middle aged woman was stripped naked by an irate mob for attempting to steal the private part of a man!Eye witnesses said that three women had approached the man at Nwaja round-about opposite the Tantalizers restaurant Trans-Amadi,Port Harcourt and asked him to assist them with the sum of N100 as they have run short transport fare.The man who told them that he had no money later started feeling a sensation inside his body and in his own words "As soon as I told them that I had no money,I discovered that my penis was disappearing,so I raised an alarm."

Video of The Day:Dekunle Fuji ft Ikechukwu & Kobi -- No Lele

You prob'ly remember dude from Dare's "Fuji"Uhmmm...I know my thots on this video...I think the featured artistes are the best things in the whole song...wonder what everybody else thinks...lol!!! Very colourful at the least.


Stars On The Runway:

Finally,it seems there are not going to be any more delays to this show and 07-07-07 is the D-Day (tomorrow)! STARS ON THE RUNWAY is a fashion show with a difference, featuring celebrities and stars from Nigeria on the runway wearing and exhibiting creations from the best of Nigerian designers to raise money for charity.This event will be held at the Lagoon Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria on Saturday the 7th of July 2007. Hosted by Richard Blackwood and Stella Damasus Aboderin, celebrities from the world of entertainment, sports and media, regardless of size or form, will be modelling exclusive designs in 5 categories; Players' Ball, Divine Divas, Movers & Shakers, Peculiar Pairs and Celebrity Couples. 10 top Nigerian designers (plus 2 selected up and coming young designers) will design pieces specifically for the celebrities to wear on the night.The theme of this momentous event, as the name suggests, is to showcase the best of Nigerian design and fashion, coupled with the parade of stars, plus first class entertainment and effective networking by some of the stars on the runway all for a good cause.Stars On The Runway is the brainchild of Nigerian born UK television personality Ronke Apampa, and is produced by R70 World. -------------------------------------------------

Random Nollywood Tidbit:
Actor Mike Ezuruonye was once physically assaulted by an elderly fan for his role in a movie where he mistreated actress Chioma Chukwuka...The fan overtook his car and proceeded to give him two "heavy" slaps while screaming at him for mistreating Chioma!!! He resolved the "matter" by buying her lunch and they are good friends these days....people!!!LMAO!

And dont 4get, The 2nd Annual ThisDAY Music Festival is real close, grab ur tickets from ur nearest GTB[Bank]...have a great weekend!!!! take care..xoxo


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 9:44 AM


Sooooo great... M first. Going to the this day music festival and i am mega excited.....

The tidbit with la cutie Michael is mad hilarious....
By Blogger Uzo, at 7/06/2007
I stopped by an hour ago and you were yet to update. glad to see the new info.

That no lele video is indeed colorful. the guy reminds me of t-pain for some reason.

Take care, will hopefully resume normal blogging operations in over a week so will stop by more often. later.
okay this dekunle song...the video is quite colourful and should i be shy to say i actually like the song
sup boo.. just stopped by to say wsup
I am a naija gal new to blogsville I have a question. How can I post the other naijarelated blogs on my own?
By Blogger joicee, at 7/07/2007
lol at the woman that assaulted mike,he must have really acted well for her to believe it was for real.
That lele song,i actually thot it meant something else b4 i listened to it,the only thing i can say about the video is that it's colourful like u said.
I hope they show the runway show soon on OBE tv though,looks like it will be fun
...you are the best!!!!! am excited , i totally love dekunle fuji, he goes to my church back home, and i even had his CD , which i had to give away when i way coming down here, i am super excited, i am goin to hunt him down on youtube.
thx girl, a new obsession begins...am off 2 youtube, later girl
I always enjoy your updates.

Lagos might be the new Atlantis by 2050? K'Oluwa ma so wa.

As for 'Great Ife', shame about the closure and all.
By Blogger laspapi, at 7/08/2007
wow!so den wan fap person private part again!na wa o!
Thanx naija vixen, by the way I added your blog to my favbloglist. Hope that´s cool.
By Blogger joicee, at 7/09/2007
ok i was going to say this before, but i've been busy and away from blogville... but i gotta do this

By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 7/09/2007
By Blogger SET, at 7/10/2007
I love that Dekunle Fuji ft Ikechukwu & Kobi -- No Lele

Looooooooooveeeeeeee IT!!
I think it is HOT
By Anonymous Ammee, at 7/11/2007
9ja & their stories of pipo nabbin' pipo's private part...thanx for always keepin' us info abt all the happenings around...
lmao... the michael gist is hilarious.. i suppose its difficult for some people to seperate fact from fiction...
Na wa o. U these vixens sha. U'd better step up your game o. :) Abi, u never finish your exams?
By Anonymous wienna, at 7/14/2007
Lmao@tidbit hahahah are u 4 real?

`Visited your page for the first time and I love the template.

By Anonymous lovita, at 7/15/2007
Update o...
Mike and his fan cracked me up...the MBGN contestants are looking good o. How now, long time. Make sure u update this week oo..Have a lovely week:)
By Blogger Omosewa, at 7/16/2007
By Blogger SCDQ, at 7/16/2007
Update nowwwwwwwwwwwww

babe where u @
By Anonymous ~mimi~, at 7/17/2007
Please, I'm in full support of the students protesting .... how can you not give university students at least one weeks notice before exams that might affect the rest of their future???

Your blog is really great Vixen, where do you hear all this info???
By Blogger Vickii, at 7/17/2007
I have seen pics and vids of the event,was cool...last year's seemed a lil bit better though.La Mike is a star now...lol!!!

Lol,thanks babes...been busy with work!Yeah,thats who i was tryna remember....he does look lyk t-pain...and the synthesized voices in check...lol!!!

Lol,the song's growing on me now...!

Toni Payne
Im alright babes,thanks for checking up on me...!

Glad i could be of help!!! Thanks

Lol...abi oh,he's acting too darn well...and the song's growing on me now...! And your wish is to be granted,show's on next saturday!

Blushing...thanks babes!!! You are Dekunle's official number one fan...!

Awww,thanks Papi!!! I hope not,i love my lagos...some other city abeg...loL!

LMAO....true story oh!!! Nothing wey we no go hear for naija!

Lol...you this chick! I knew sumone would spot it...you sha...well to answer your question...Nigerians!!!

Babes...we cant compete with your clear skin!!!Lol!

Thanks babes...Its growing on me...if only Ike showed his pecs,it would have been perfect...lol!!!

Miss Opeke
Lol...you know,weird stuff doesnt even faze me anymore cos of our country!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe
Lmao...i know oh...dude must be a good actor oh...he's my new naija crush now...move over Chidi Mokeme!!!

Lol....sorry!!! On friday babes,no vex...we've been busy oh...we need massages!

Yes oh,so darn true!!! ;-)

Thanks babes!!! We will,we will...i swear...dan allah!!! You too babes!

LOL>>>We will,promise!!!

I know,atleast the protest was for something that made sense...examz have started for them almost as soon as the school reopened...lol,we are just amebos...thanks!!!

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