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Friday, June 01, 2007


Hey wots up guys...mane i cant begin 2 tell u how much blogger messed up dis post...as in everything was GONE!!! But picked up the bits and pieces anyways here it goes...

The Nigeria Discussion Series is hosted by CHXTA today "That we may not forget: Biafra". Click HERE to read his discussion and please participate by leaving comments too. Thanks!!!

Thanks to Natasha @ ted.com for the link!!!
The former Minister of Finance speaks about the positive side of African Nations such as Economic Growth & Business Opportunities as opposed to the usual negative images portrayed on the news...It makes for very interesting and compelling viewing as she is such a very good speaker without any airs or pretenses.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and it started out as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds (the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers) who are challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes.Their mission statement is "Spreading Ideas" and they are accomplishing this by making the best talks/performances available to the public for FREE...We say good on them!

They say pictures speak a thousand words...these pictures seem to reflect a myriad of thoughts going through all our minds...in one way or the other...

Uhmmm,prayers for the new goverment...


This song still hasnt lost its flavour after all this while...After "Sodi" this has to be the best BeeDee track for me...Eche,this is for you...is this a good substitute? LOL!
Turn that volume up...well not if you are at work...!

New Kid On The Block: UTCHIWALI
OMG...I heard this chick's flows...and I have to say she is the first artiste to really impress me this year! Her flows are effortless...She's in the Gospel/Hiphop genre and manages to make you listen to the songs attentively...none of that "Iv got the Maybach parked in my Gold-Plated bedroom (is there anything lyk that tho?lol) for UTCHIWALI,just straight up good music.

Real name:Utchay Allison Aguomoh.
Born in Port Harcourt, UtchiWali is the youngest member of the Malachi Records family who are really trying to do their bit to revolutionise music in Naija...She attended FGGC Abuloma (yeah,rep urselves;another student is a current pageant queen and another a budding Nollywood actress...lol!and u 'Na'....u know urself an aspiring House wife..lol got mad luv 4 u) and is currently studying medicine in University of Port Harcourt.

UtchiWali has got snippets of some of her tracks on her MYSPACE & Her WEBPAGE on the Malachi Records Website which you can listen too..."Da Cause" which is her main track, "Living 4" which she appears on with 3 other artistes & "Prayer 4 me" which is currently my fav track from her. Be sure to check out her page and show some love to this budding star!!!

Video Of The Day: Esmee

This is part of the 20% Non-Naija news on the blog...someone sent me this link to see and hear this gurl sing her heart out to Justin Timberlake's "What goes around". She sent shivers down my spine...and oh yeah,she's being signed to the same record label as J.T...She's currently the 23rd most popular youtube user,with her videos being viewed 11 MILLION TIMES! You can check her out HERE.

The Second Annual NEA Awards will present awards in multiple categories honoring the achievements of Nigerian Entertainers this summer at the Skirball Performing Center in New York City on July 21st.
Click Here 2 c d list of nominee...and sign in 2 cast ur votes!!! and Here to win some Goody bags, mixed Cds and tickets to d show.
Performances from: Amplifyd Crew, Madarocka,Mike Aremu,Blak Jesus(4rilz!!!)Tolumide,Iceberg Slim, Josephine.....'Special Suprise Guest?????'


Yea Idols is dunzo, dont worry u will still be glued to anotha reality show late summer. Though Big Brother Nigeria will not b back 4 another season dis summer but Big Brother Africa will be back 4 'Season II'. So we'll still hav a Naija Representa...can u guys remember Bayo?, how bout Mwisho????...dat season was so much fun 2 watch!!! lol anyways it will kick off in South Africa On August 5 and would be shown on DSTV,Channel 37 as usual!!

This is basically a variety show: Beauty Pagent, Live performances, Comedy.... Date: Sat 2nd June 2007
Location:LondonVenue: The Coronet Theatre

Address:26 - 28 new Kent Road, Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 6TJ.

Time: 10pm - Very Late Doors open:10pm but Show Starts:Midnight (Arrive early)

Performances from: Paul Play, Faze(m luvin his swagger on dis flyer), Chocolate Blonde, Omo Baba, Dat Nigga Raw.....
Ticket Hotline: Click Here and Here or call 0870 600 100 or 020 8503 1221
Ticket Types:Standing ************£20
Rear Balcony VIP*****£25
Front Balcony VIP****£35
Platinum VIP********£90

Rugged man's clothing Line:

Just a promo picture from Ruggedman's upcomin' clothing line.To be honest i dont have much info on the project yet. I guess its called '20th SEPTEMBER',
* Model: Dolapo Olorunsola* I don't think this pic is doin ha much justice, but this chick is always on ha game...shes Gorge!!! *click pic 2 enlarge*

There r so many par-tays happenin dis summer, everywhere...thanx 2 U guys dat sent down some of the flyers...everythin will be up nxt week... Hav a fanta-bu-lous weekend and oops...Happy new month!!!!

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 9:35 AM


NaijaVixen, thank God u're back..i don miss u... wrrin dey happen?

Have a beautidful weekend, darl
I wish I could have gone to the Naija awards in New york. Right in my neck of the woods. Ironically, enough I be in Nigeria at the time...
Ok, am actually on my way out now. Ill miss your blog however ill try to keep following. This blog is another candle in my heart that is flickering with a brilliant glow. Please dont let anyone blow it out
good bye
nice package..let me go back n read well!so sad that pseudo is leaving..i made top 5
Lets hope Yaradua will live up to his billing. 'nuff said

BUt, wait oo, wat kind of Animal is that man holding on a leash. Geeez, h emust be a proper JAZZ man, abi?

I can't wait for BBA. I just hope there'll be a LIVE feed online, not daily video pod casts.
Are they still accepting application for BBA II...??? I shud go and join...it will be so much fun!!!
By Blogger 9ja Opeke, at 6/01/2007
Babe! ur always on point with your info! hhmmm... that Naija's Finest thing its in E and C ... woulda liked to hear Paul Play but I dont think those Endzz are safe (lol been paranoid lately jare,all these stabbings!) lol correct me if u dont think so,then i'd know its just me and my paranoid self
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 6/01/2007
great post.. like the way you carefully laid everything out.. its unfortunate that i am not able to attend some of these events.
have a good weekend
I'm still having problems watching the TED video :-(...slow internet is not good at all.

Love the post as always...

Have a wonderful weekend.
By Blogger Nilla, at 6/01/2007
I would have liked to go for that nigerian show,looks interesting.
Bayo was a character on that show,he was full of mischief
hello lovely lady..thanks for asking after me oo iv been sick for a while...but guess what ur blog was keeping me updated (wink) so i figured if naija vixen has the news then why bother since im sic...but im back now...loving the biafra article great insight...stay cool
d gurl that sang 2 'what goes around' has an AMAZING voice.
have a luvly weekend hun!
By Blogger Im A Babe, at 6/02/2007
im still loving ur blog template...nice info.rugged's label is named after his dob 20th september wears...it used to be rugged wears
ok wow! i love the new look of your blog! & i think Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is a remarkable person. Her family would be proud of her
By Blogger chidi, at 6/03/2007
so this is the kind of post you guys expect me to miss...na lie am going nowhere. I will not be leaving blogsville for some time going by the general consensus although ill be heading to naija in a week. I love you guys to bits and cant stay away. God bless.

btw: now let me go read
This comment has been removed by the author.
deleted comment: i was trying to say we should hang on to our hopes on Nigeria. We are getting there.
sister, how u de? l love the pixtures. Very cool. loving them all.
Oooh nice, good for the girl, who needs American idol,lol. I remember Bayo and Mwisho, and Cherise, and Abby, and Gaetano, i was an addict. Bayo was fun, until he messed up and deceived his housemates, that was very low, but yeah it's a competition. I wonder who's repping Naija this year, and if we're even being repped at all..
I see those crazy monkey tamers are still at it, weirdness. Have a great week.
By Blogger Omosewa, at 6/04/2007
you rawk girl.. new template.,.. may check out the paul play and faze thingy o...
good one.. UTCHIWALI needs to hit me up for some image consulting.. Looks like she would be fun to work with..reminds me of someone I know
@ExcitedJade-- Lol...examz are done and dusted with so blogging will resume as usual.Thanks!

@Simply Gorgeous-- Lol...i bet you that naija was more interesting!

@The Pseudo-Independent-- safe journey to Naija oh and holla whenever oh!

@Pink-satin-- Thank you oh! It is sad,altho he has said he'll blog from tyme to tyme!

@Ugo Daniels-- I'm with you on that Ugo. Lol,they are Hyenas...the kind of carzy things you'll see in 9j!!!

@9ja Opeke-- Go log onto their website but i think auditions are closed already. You for join oh,so that you'll be our claim to fame!

@~Mimi~ Thanks babes!Lol @ Animal & something....a friend was shot at @ the coronet 2 weeks ago...and he still went for this...his review was tres terrible!

@Ijeoma obu iheoma-- Thank you very much oh! Dont worry,loads more for you attend soon.

@Nilla-- Eya,this internet problem na wa oh! Thanks!

@Classybabe-- I just hope whoever is repping naija on the show this tyme maintains a LIL bit!!!
@WetinDey4Us-- Glad to hear you doing better now...get back to posting asap! Thanks.

@Im A Babe-- I got shivers oh with her voice! Papa God,give me voice oh...Wienna,are we not forming gurlband again ni...lol!Thanks!

@Linda ikeji-- Thank you,did you find any good ones on those websites?RuggedMan is doing well for himself!

@Chidi-- Thank you babes! Ngozi is a fab woman...simple and str8 to the point!

@The Pseudo-Independent-- LOL!Thank God you are not going for good!God will answer our prayers for our land and country.

@yankeenaijachick-- We dey oh...thanks babes...you still busy? ;-)

@Omosewa-- Lol....YOU KNOW!!! Im off to put my "renditions" on Youtube and get a record deal! You still remember them BBA contestants...you were an addict 4 true!

@BiMbyLaDs-- Thank you babes!!!

@Toni Payne-- Thanks! You shuld hit her up on her myspace...it's usually updated regularly.
Yu wanna see a video? lol! na me you dey mock like dat. I will ge even...lol!
a friend was shot @ ke???????? ha! he is not fearing for his life!!

meanwhile...send me ur addy,abi whose addy will i send it to,dami or aima's?abi i should just send two big chunks? lemme know, lemme know!! the people in my house have sweet tooth (didnt want to pluralize) so i cant guarantee the cake will last the next 5mins
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 6/04/2007
Nigerians plan so many events...Its unreal....
By Blogger Uzo, at 6/05/2007
update, update, update!!!!
By Blogger chidi, at 6/05/2007
In fact i don vex, Whats da 411 going on nah? I hate cuming thru and meeting same old post. I'm gonna sue ooo!lol!
gr8 post, i enjoyed it!!!
But update now, abi na fight?, lol.
By Blogger chicala, at 6/05/2007
@Ugo Daniels-- Yes,we wanna see a video...make it happen...lol! Its all love u know???

@~Mimi~-- Lol...he has "liver" wat can we say? Chai see love,so u let ur housemates finish all the cake? I'll get you for this!!!

@Uzo-- LOL...we are the real party nation...in midst of troubles we still throw a mean party!

@Chidi-- We will,We will...!

@Ugo Daniels-- Sorry,do you wanna come party in London...??? Lol!

@chicala-- Thank you very much,no vex for us!!!
I wonder if utchiwali knows what her name stands for? and is that an actual name, because i sure hope it's not a funkified way of spelling uche
By Blogger Kpakpando, at 6/06/2007
@Kpakpando-- She's based in P.H so i'm sure she's just using Utchay to stand out. Thanks for stopping by.
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- Евроремонт квартир ,дач и также офисных помещений с любым обьемом работ
- первоклассный ремонт, реставрация промышленых и жилых зданий
- капитальный ремонт также реконструкция торговых, игровых а также развлекательных центров,медицинских,финансовых и правительственных учреждений.
- все виды строительно-инженерных, отделочных работ,покраска,побелка,стяжка,поклейка обоев ,плитка и пр.
- контроль и также гарантия качественного исполнения работ,
Летние скидки на все виды работ
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/05/2010
Строительно-инвестиционная фирма ПРИОР предлагает :
- отличный ремонт квартир и офисов по низким (со скидкой)) ценам
- Евроремонт квартир ,коттеджей и офисных помещений с любым обьемом работ
- капитальный ремонт, обновление промышленых а также жилых зданий
- отличный ремонт и также реставрация торговых, игровых и также развлекательных центров,медицинских,финансовых а также правительственных учреждений.
- все виды строительно-инженерных, отделочных работ,покраска,побелка,стяжка,поклейка обоев ,плитка и пр.
- контроль и также гарантия качественного выполнения работ,
Составление сметы также Договора
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/05/2010
ПРИОР Ивестиционно-строительная компания предлагает :
- капитальный ремонт квартир и офисов по приемлемым ценам
- Евроремонт квартир ,домиков и также офисных помещений с любым обьемом работ
- отличный ремонт, восстановление промышленых а также жилых зданий
- качественный ремонт также перестройка торговых, игровых и развлекательных центров,медицинских,финансовых и правительственных учреждений.
- все виды строительно-инженерных, отделочных работ,покраска,побелка,стяжка,поклейка обоев ,плитка и пр.
- контроль также гарантия качественного выполнения работ,
Летние скидки на все виды работ
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/05/2010
Если у Вас : болит спина или появились боли в шее или разболелся позвоночник или болит поясница то вам поможет материл размещенный на нашем сайте [url=http://astreyasystem.narod.ru]поясничный остеохондроз [/url] и возможно Вас заинтересует секреты по излечению остеохондроза (и не только) с помощью методики АСТРЕЯ.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/06/2010
Строительно-инвестиционная компания ПРИОР предлагает :
- качественный ремонт квартир и офисов по доступным ценам
- Евроремонт квартир ,домиков а также офисных помещений с любым обьемом работ
- качественный ремонт, реставрация промышленых также жилых зданий
- Очень качественный ремонт и переделка торговых, игровых и также развлекательных центров,медицинских,финансовых также правительственных учреждений.
- все виды строительно-инженерных, отделочных работ,покраска,побелка,стяжка,поклейка обоев ,плитка и пр.
- контроль и гарантия качественного исполнения работ,
Составление сметы и Договора
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/06/2010
ПРИОР Строительно-инвестиционная компания предлагает :
- качественный ремонт квартир и офисов по очень доступным ценам
- Евроремонт квартир ,дач и также офисных помещений с любым обьемом работ
- высококачественный ремонт, реставрация промышленых и также жилых зданий
- высококачественный ремонт и восстановление торговых, игровых и развлекательных центров,медицинских,финансовых также правительственных учреждений.
- все виды строительно-инженерных, отделочных работ,покраска,побелка,стяжка,поклейка обоев ,плитка и пр.
- контроль и гарантия качественного исполнения работ,
Любая форма оплаты
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/06/2010

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