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Monday, April 23, 2007

More Election Mayhem, Uche Jombo, Naija Music Videos


Friday 20th April:
President Obasanjo admits to flawed Guber elections.

INEC probe Guber elections in Ondo,Edo,Imo,Enugu and Delta States.

Armed militants attack Bayelsa Government House where Dr Goodluck Jonathan(Governor and PDP's VP candidate) was in.No lives were lost,but the attack lasted 35 minutes and a combined team of soldiers and mobile policemen repelled the attack.

Saturday 21st April:
Truck Bomb which was set to crash into National Election HQ in Abuja was thwarted...no lives lost...just delay in voting...As at early that morning,ballot papers had not reached some parts of the country...with voting not starting till afternoon in some places.

Sunday 22nd April:
The largest independent observer group (Transition Monitoring Group with 10,000 monitors across Nigeria) denounce the presidential election saying rigging and incompetence had so tainted the process that only a new vote could correct it.Numerous cases of blatant ballot-box stuffing,intimidation and other apparent efforts to skew results were reported and they also said the election never occurred in 13 of the country's 36 states.

Moving on Swiftly....

Video of the Day:Kas-onova by KAS
thanx to EeeasyPeezy!

"una see me see trouble"...lol...im feeling this song big tyme! With his hat and eye-mask...u culd almost mistake him for R.Kelz in the first 5 seconds...almost i said...and for the "kokolettes" and "kokomasters in training" there is a cameo from D'Banj (no fainting abeg oh) and Don Jazzy...on the whole i quite lyked it...nd for the guyz,quite a bit of ass shaking going on ;-)...Enjoy!!!

African Version Of "Let me Luv You"
Crazy stuff...shuldnt find stuff lyk this funny...but there you go...Imeem and Youtube are the devils of today's world...not that we are complaining or anything!!!

Person Of The Day: Uche Jombo

She is a great actress who made her mark before the "Genevieves" and co...invaded the industry or Nollywood as it's now known,and then she disappeared for a while...but now she's back in a big way...starring in and producing worthy Naija films...Uche,we hail you!!!

Random Clip:

Oh my dayz!this guyz got moves...never mind that he is dancing to Bey's Upgrade U...watch out for the booty shake at "...thats a hood look"!!! Crazy ish!!!

Random Pictures:
Dakore Egbuson

Stephanie Okereke

Emem (of KUSH fame)

Uche Jombo

Modupe Ozolua

Musical News:
Obiwon (he of "Get 'Em Off Me","Streets Of Lagos","Get 'Em Up" and "Onyinye" fame) has quit his day job (banking) to concentrate on music full-time.He balanced his job well with his music previously,but he must be very confident of his music...he is releasing the "Overture Video Collection" soon and we wish him well!!!

Hav a great day everyone and feel free to drop a comment or mail...Later!!!

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:47 AM


heard Yar'adua has been declared winner...dont know how true that is...so if he is declared winner and the independent body are saying they are not accepting it what will happen? people having to vote again and more massacre of people??that country ......

on lighter notes...where did u get the youtube beyonce vid from? :)
By Blogger ~Mimi~, at 4/23/2007
I love Emem of KUSH fame. Whats she into these days?
ONLY WATCHED THE VID FOR DBANJ & MY HEART DID SOME PALIPITATIONS. The guy can go stand in the corner somewhere.. the kas person that is
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/23/2007
Dayuuuum, dat boy dancing to B's song is good o. I won't be surprised if he gets a dancing job due to dis clip. Americans r so weird like dat. He's even foooooine to which is a PLUS.
By Anonymous wienna, at 4/23/2007
yes o..Yar adua in d guy they dashed us as president...all my peeps in 9ja are like it is clear rigging.I bleed 4 my nation..yeah Obiwon quit his job a while back!have u hrd his onyinye song itis nice(francisca of Big brother nig fame)was d chick in d video
I love the Kasanova song, hehehe...

Uche Jombo rocks, i think she's sexy.

Wishing Obiwon all the best, thats a leap of faith.

Naija politics ti su mi...man.

I just saw your comment about me finding someone to get KSA for me, hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehe, no comment.
By Anonymous Omosewa, at 4/25/2007
Very nice collection here...yes, Uche Jombo is really talented.

Where did u get those nice pics of her?? The eyes one? :o)

Meanwhile I haven't forgotten your email oh will respond...

Politricks is what is on all of our tongues - dear oh dear, God help us in our contry....is it Election or Selection --- in the words of Laspapi?
By Blogger Mona, at 4/25/2007
My sista, eletion make me vex so I am happy to get my comic relief from your blog, lol!

Anyho, as for KAS, I was happy to see the switch to agbada. I do think that our artists need to start tapping into the very talented fashion designer pool we have. Would rather see them repping Naija threads than Marc Echo. Now that video was a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for booty shaking. All that behind was for the guys, nothing for me. But, at least his lyrics were respectable.

As for the dude dancing to upgrade u.... na wa oh! lol!
babe update oh i'm missing ur gist...xx
You know I always love ur space and ur site and me being a celeb awwww.....

hahhaha How are you doing hun? Lets do our own amebo on facebook ooh...soon holla!
By Blogger Naijadude, at 4/26/2007
@Mimi---yeah,it's true...but the opposition are hellbent on staging a protest on May 1st...so this is not ending anytyme soon...the things on youtube aye?;-)
@CalabarGal---Emem is rediscovering herself and she's an artist these days...read an article on her recently,and she seems to be doing well for herself
@Anon---i take it you are a Kokolette then?lol
@Wienna---lol,you know!fyne boy doing moves better than me sef!
@Pink-Satin---Obiwon quitting his job is a bold step oh!and Onyinye is a guud song...luvd d vid too
@Omosewa---finally sum1 who lyks the kasanova song with me!thank u oh!Uche Jombo is a fab woman and as 4 Obiwon...that's wat i said too oh!My folks will just kill me first!
@Mona said---babes,i got the pics from a recent interview she did...they are getting creative with their photography in 9ja big tyme!
@SOLOMONSYDELLE---lol...the only thing thats even vexing me is that in 4 years tyme,all this "wuruwuru" will happen again.Kas looked guud in the agbada shey?he shuld hav just rocked it thru'out...nuffin for us in the vid i agree...wen will they start making stuff for us oh?is their an office we can complain to? ;-)
@Life through rose-tinted glasses--sowwee!will update in a couple of hours for you,I promise!!!
@Naijadude said---you know you are our very own celeb oh...wen are you givn us that interview sef?;-)
We'll be hitting Facebook soon...will let you know,Amebo is very much needed!!!

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