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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Just when you think there are no more avenues for pple back home to "Obtain" money ;-) A new service called "TopUpNigeria" will be launched soon and it basically does what it's name suggests...You can use the website to top up your loved ones and families mobile phones in Nigeria from anywhere in the world AND (here's d important bit) It will also be the fatest way to send money back home!!!!

The website will be launched in the UK on Mayday.Any queries, just contact Ropo on +447951536726.

Click HERE for the proposed website.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday said two British firms will manage the transmission of the results from the Presidential, Governorship, National and State Assembly elections slated for April 14 and 21.The British companies are Gilat and WITNESS.This comes as election observer missions numbering over 200, at the weekend, besieged the INEC headquarters seeking accreditation to monitor and observe the elections.

British Telecom (BT) has pulled out of the technical services agreement with Transcorp for the management of NITEL and MTel. Transcorp, with BT as its technical partner had acquired a 51 per cent stake in NITEL last year under the privatisation exercise handled by the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE).But in a letter to Transcorp, BT cited the unavailability of working capital needed to turn around NITEL and MTel, and the lack of adherence to corporate governance principles by the companies' management and their boards as the reason for its decision to withdraw from the agreement.In recent weeks,Transcorp shares recorded a slump with a drop from N9.71 kobo per share to N8.34 kobo per share.Since trading resumed last week,Transcorp's shares have slumped again,closing in at N7.93 kobo a share by end of trading last Thursday.

Election News:
This Saturday (14th of April) is election day for both Governorship and State Assembly and next Saturday for Presidential and National Assembly elections,so dont forget to "Use your Vote"!!! You can click HERE to view the full list of governorship candidates for each state (atleast 8 candidates per state...chai!) and HERE1 for the full list of the presidential candidates.

Person Of The Day:

We just love this chick!Beautiful...with or without make-up...She's real... no fake "American or English" accent when she's acting and she's not scared to act razz at all...but can do the Glamourous thing at the drop of a pin...She's come back on the scene in a massive way and is carefully picking her films...no crazy daft scripts for her...well maybe we just love her toooo much...But it's Genevieve Nnaji!!!

Khemistry ft Terry G: Shake

Tinapa has now bin officially launched...n hell yeah it was launched in a big way...its Naija now...anyways there r so many pictures....all courtesy of purefotos..
anyways first up some of the celebrities that hit the show.....

Grace Amah came out of hidin...lol, havnt seen ha anywia in a minute.shes still lookin petite n cute!!!!

There was also a fashion show...showcasing Lanre da silva and Ade Bakare's line n others...i didnt separate em but here r some of the fabulous outfits.....all kind of styles n they are actually wear-able....lol

Thats all folks.....hav a gr8 one

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 9:55 AM


what is this tinapa thing abeg?(lol) d pics r really nice tho...i see my men pete, and ramsey(lol)
By Blogger Im A Babe, at 4/10/2007
Go NV, these pics are banging, loving ramsey's look.... and as 4 d elections hopefully dis tym around it will be fair i think!keep d news coming....
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/10/2007
Tinapa is a shopping centre, in port harcourt. I can't wait to see how this election thing plays out. Genevieve Nnaji is one of my favorite actresses thanks for doing a spotlight on her...
great job blog sister!!! like the pictures sha! very nice work!
By Anonymous Omo Naija, at 4/11/2007
Nice post...NV as always!!!

Really loving all the election info...wasn't too sure of the few other unknown names contesting for my state’s gubernatorial seat…but now u have helped me.
One can only pray that it all goes well and smoothly.

Lol @ simply gorgoues..yes mabe Tinapa is shopping centre in PH…but the one the whole of Nigeria is talking about is the new business resort built under the Donald Duke regime in Calabar, Cross River State…check out http://www.tinapa.com/

Keep up the good work N.V!!!
By Blogger Dimples, at 4/12/2007
SG you had me confused for a while there about tinapa being in ph. Tinapa is a shopping city in CALABAR!! LOL!!!

I saw pics of the opening on linda ikeji's blog. Seems like the celebrities had fun there. Its Mma Giwa that caught my eyes. She must between 65-70 years but dosent look a yr above 40 and seems to be getting trimmer by the day.

You see the life of a lady? I'm not analyzing the pros and cons of the shopping city but busy analysing who was there, wore what or how they looked. NA WA!! LOL!!!
The link to Top Up Nigeria did not work but I'll look out for it and hope its a scheme that will be solid, reliable and last for along time too.

Genevive is simply as beautiful and classy as ever. I still remember how dark and beautiful she looked in her very first movie which was about some girls going for a party on a ship and murder and mayhem occuredd on the ship while it was sailing.
love ur blog.. always up to date.. that top up naija is scary o.. how safe is the site?? we go see..

well done.. great pics
By Blogger bimbylads, at 4/12/2007
I prefer to just buy d MTN top-up cards ojare.
By Anonymous wienna, at 4/12/2007
@Im a Babe---you knw!d guyz reppn this tyme...Tinapa is a business resort
@Anon---thanx!u knw im aktually feeln ramsey's look for the first tyme in years!and i hope d elections pan out well...fingers crossed!!!
@Simply Gorgeous---Tinapa is in calabar...dont let CG hear oh! ;-) Gene is a total babe isnt she?she's looking so gorgeous(see what i did there?) every day!
@Omo Naija---family!dont disappear lyk that again oh!!!thanx!
@Dimples---thanx,hav u seen how MANY pple are contesting for just ONE state?only in 9ja oh...!
@Calabar Gal---lmao...dont worry,the wrong has been righted...im so moving to calabar wen im done here...shame he has pulld out of the presidential race...imagine what he culd do for the country...but politics aye?The topupnaija link will be launched on the 1st of may...and i know the name of the film you are talking about....LAST PARTY!!!!
@Bimbylads---thanx...that topupnaija thing is going to make me stop picking up naija calls totally now!
@Wienna---i agree my sister oh...new ways to fleece pple sha!
oh i absolutely adore genevieve.. great pictures and outfits from the tinapa thing... great writeup
Grace Amah is so cute!!!

Genevieve Nnaji has been MIA.

The Tinapa commissioning looked like fun, nice and colorful.

I'm loving the topupNigeria idea, i was just talking with a friend about it.

Wow, never knew an artist like khemistry existed, nice nice!
By Blogger Omosewa, at 4/13/2007
i came a couple times i never left a comment cuz i should never make it to the end of the post finally lol
have a sup-splendid-delicious weekend
nice pics oh....

are u serious about that chicken noodle soup song? I DONT BELIEVE, IF U ARE GET IT AND UPLOAD IT FOR US lol

That pic of Genevieve in the mag, was that the cover of the mag or???
By Blogger Mona, at 4/18/2007
Well guys. topupnigeria is for real. It will be uploaded for public use this week. Our aim is to keep it solid and reliable.. you just watch out. we will be happy to receive reviews/comments from every one to improve our service.
By Anonymous Ropo, at 5/06/2007

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