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Monday, April 09, 2007

Styl Plus New Vids, Bimbo Akintola,

Happy Easter ya'll!!!Hope you guyz are enjoying your roast turkeys,chocolates and our ever faithful Jollof/Fried RICE???Been a minute since we updated,so this is a Easter Special for you...Enjoy!!!!

Naija is a breeding ground for the rich...and it looks lyk many people realise this fact,which is why PORSCHE are extending its family unit to Nigeria before the end of this year.A rep said the move is aimed at Nigerian car freaks who want alternatives and thereby also competing with some established brands.As at Wednesday,12 Porsche Cayennes '07 reg had been ordered prior to the move....MY NAIJA PPLE!!!!

The 9th Kennis Music Easter fiesta started on Friday and ends today at Water Parks,Ikeja,Lagos.The event featured top Naija music stars like 2Face Idibia,Weird MC,D'Banj,K1,Marvelous Benjy,Azadus,Kenny Saint Brown,Baba Dee,Sound Sultan,Konga,Lord of Ajasa,Essence,DJ Vinnie,VIP and crew from Ghana,Tee A and Gbenga Adeyinka.Pics from the event will be uploaded soon.

2 Naija boys have been praised for their honesty when they found more than $6,000 and returned it.After finding the money in Maiduguri,the boys called their elder brother who gave it to a local politician Mohammed Tar who was passing by."Several people came forward but could not accurately describe the money"(Now this sounds familiar...lol).The boys were given a reward of $37 for their troubles ;-).

Videos Alert:
Finally!After everyone thought that there would be no videos for the "Expressions" album...Styl Plus finally decided to release the videos to the songs on their album, anyways here r 3 of 'em:
*There is lyk 10secs delay, so try n work arnd it*

Imagine That:

Iya Basira:

Home Within ur heart:

You know the images you have in your head for some videos that just never come to pass?Yeah,those ones...well,uhm...;-)

Person of the Day:Bimbo Akintola

No reason really....just that she's such a great actress and person and we couldnt let a good picture go to waste.She and some other Celebs were on a special episode of "Who wants to be a celebrity" this last Friday. Beautiful woman!!!

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 5:57 PM


queen of the spotlight has no name??! babe!
By Blogger c0dec, at 4/09/2007
Hi NV, Happy Easter. I like that Porsche is moving only because folks buy those types of cars and have to send back to Europe and America for parts since the lack the car actual dealership in Africa. They will make a lot of money selling them in Nig tho, I am sure that is the plan
By Blogger SET, at 4/09/2007
@Codec---oops,just assumed everyone knew who she was...it's Bimbo Akintola!
@SET---You knw!!!Happy easter too...they hav done their research properly and all and a spokesperson even confirmed that the move was for the rich car-centric peeps back there...!
Hey NV just wanted 2 commend d work u guys do here, its really entertaining, kip up d good work........
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/10/2007
Its true, their intentions are always to make a fool of us by making us spend money. I just hope for self control for us. I have had to buy car parts for family and friends in Afica and its frustrating for them that is all i am happy for. but people wants to buy cars they dont need then they are on their own. But those are nice cars tho, I am about to change my car. i am thinking.......lol
By Blogger SET, at 4/10/2007
Happy Easter girl xx
By Blogger Mona, at 4/10/2007
@Anon---thank u o jare...we appreciate it!
@Set---lol @ buyn parts!!!r u serious?remember me sha...dis one that you are upgrading to a Porsche!
@Mona---same to you babes!!!!

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