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Saturday, April 28, 2007



Yes oh thats the Nigeria Top Model winner, and she really deserves it...she worked ha ass off on the runway....mane i could go on about the ...but i'm tired lyk crrrrazy!so we'll blog about the whole event lata on......
*These pics r from past modelling shoots and are copyrighted,so permission must be granted for them to be used*
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 3:18 AM


go ola...i have always believed in you...you know u rock...im so happy for you oooo....im serious abt the 25% ooo...so send them my way.....take care and all the best for the future...i hope to see u and aima on oprah soon.....Alakija Soulstar
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/28/2007
she's pretty
I've been reading your blog and find it to be interesting and informative. Here's to reading more stuff!!
she a hot mutha....
am justing saying
she's really beautiful
Oh my godness that mami is HOT and rawks the runway...infact vixen ur totally right and i really respect ur views..some friends of mine went for the show and apparently the best part of the show was the runway itself and nothing more but all the same respek to all those who partook in it cos we know its not easy at all...with all the hatin goin on...

Nigeria's Next Top Model? Wow I wish I had caught that. Have you been watching The Intern?
By Anonymous Ondolady, at 5/02/2007
@DaSoulStar---you are not serious! You need to write a poem for her oh,then we'll believe you!25% ke?Enny,so ara e o!!!
@Pink-satin---Thanks,will let her know!
@Akin Aworan---High praise,thank you so much!
@dairy of a G---Lol!thanks,will let she know
@wetindey4us---thank u oh,the modelling was guud,u shuld hav seen them with their gele!
@Ondolady---thank you for stopping by,i havent bin following the intern,hopefully i can start that soon,is it any guud?thanks!!!

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