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Friday, March 16, 2007


Wots up y'all, wots gud, hows ur week bin....str8 2 d post....

Seriously!!!The stuff you can find on the Internet!Sum guy posted this message on NairaLand...apparently,he's got sum business which can only succeed if witches are involved...and he's having difficulty finding witches online whe are based in nigeria...IS HE SEARCHING PROPERLY???Enjoy the mesg oh,we are leaving all "grammer errors" better to read that way!

How To Fly To China As A Witch?

There's a business am planning on starting but i need assistance. To succeed in this business i think you have to be a witch.I would pay good money for the opportunity. The privilege few who are members should let me know. The possibilities of witches are endless.The ability to fly to China at night and returning before breakfast is what am talking about.I need this for a project am doing. I tried searching the internet but most of the witches i found were not in Nigeria, the nearest was in Cote'de'voire. As i said i will pay good money.Thanks for your help.

To read what people had 2 say in response,click HERE...

Made in Deptford Festival 2007:

The annual "Made in Deptford Festival" is gearing up for 2007 with auditions for musical talent,fashion designers,cooks and just about everything else getting ready to start.Xxpression Entertainments will be hosting musical talent at the Made in Deptford Festival this year and are currently looking musical talent from wide range of genres & culture to perform exclusively at this live outdoor event.Auditions will be starting shortly so if you wish to perform,visit www.xxpression.com,call 07946 400 980 or email info@xxpression.com. to take advantage of this opportunity.
The forthcoming 2-day community event will cover aspects of Music, Culture, Heritage and Foods of Deptford to be held on Sat 7th & Sun 8th July 2007. Pictures from last year's event below:

Date: Sat 30th Jun 2007
Time: 8pm - 4am
Venue: The New Connaught Rooms, 61 - 65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London WC2

Details: Most beautiful nigerian girl beauty pageant and Fashion Show. To contest please call 07908075232. This pageant will run every summer from next year and it's in aid of HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Nigeria.
Contact: 07944906916

our equivalent Backstreet boys...oh! with the moves n all..lol! i luv this song, but the video does nt do much justice 2 it.....with all the cheesy lines, the scissors cut outfit n Shifi's horsey ride dance...gotta luv Styl-plus...


Finally sumone seems to be listening AND doing sumthin about our aviation problems in naija...Old aircrafts(20 and 30 yrs) would be grounded by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority(NCAA)the end of this month *La gbara olorun* *Insha allah* *Chineke ma imela* !!! Airlines caught with old planes after the deadline will be denied their services as the reason for this is to clean up the system and reposition it for safety.

Sunday 25th of March,Nigeria will join the rest of the world to celebrate 200 years of the abolition of slave trade.Now although slavery in it's purest form may have being "abolished" we still have all the subtle forms happening around the world..may God help us and may we help ourselves too.

7 students have gone missing in 2 weeks at Adekunle Ajasin University and there are fears that they may have been used in ritual killings.Last week, four male students of the school were allegedly kidnapped by some men suspected to be ritualists when they offered the missing students free ride in their cars.The four students, according to a student, who sought for anonymity, were giving free ride by the suspected ritualists after the students had finished lectures around 5pm.
According to the source, the four students have not been seen since then.While the university was still trying the unravel this mystery, three female students got missing..

Swiss based Nigerian

Honestly dont ask me wot i think...i like d girls voice tho...n u wld think dat voice will b deeper but anyways....

On The Otha Side:
Ne-yo:Because of u
i luv me sum Ne-yo n noo its not cos of the fact that he's one of the Artists Nigerians r tryn 2 claim...cos his real name happens to be 'CHIMERE'lol...who knows..he myt be...lol

not really diggin dis one tho!


We are going to be interviewing fashion designer "Kosibah" -the bridal wear king ;-) next week and we have already got our questions,but if there are any questions you would luv to get him to answer,send an email(not comment) to naijavixen@hotmail.com and we'll put it in the interview.....

We'll update the pictures from The 12th Annual THIS DAY Awards 2007, which features performances from Lemar and Diana Ross..on Monday...take care y'all

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 3:02 PM


i think that song, hard to find, would have been nice if the girl had been the main singer. That squeaky male voice just wasn't doing it for me.
ok, you people have killed me with laff oh, that naija witch thing, ogini...lmao look at all the pretty fabric in that picture
By Blogger Kpakpando, at 3/16/2007
LOL! Those nairalanders are crazy, I just read all their comments and some of them were offering him websites to go to recruit withces from...Hella funny.
The dude is obviously on something tho...
By Blogger RJ, at 3/16/2007
Hi Naija, I am abosolutely shocked at the witch request. I am amazed that there are people like that. I am laughing too for it seems surreal. I emailed it to all my contacts to see their reactions.
By Blogger SET, at 3/16/2007
i kno.. wit all d hits he has been writing 4 oda folks, he shlda dum sumtin beta 4 himself. well d song myt actually grow on me tho. im talking abt ne-yo by d way. is his name really chimere?

n9ja nd deir ritual madness...I JUST HATE THE THOT OF IT!!!
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2007
This song from Mr. Amachey, well..... Wuna sure say na im sing am? It definitely sounds like a chick. If his voice wasn't such a distraction, it would be a decent song. Also, could he not find any beautiful African babes to throw in the video? Oh well.

As for searching for witches, maybe i should start a witches classified magazine or something. Maybe a witches union. LOL a beg I no know witch oh.

Can't believe that his business plan relies on a witch flying to China. Him no get money for buy ticket? Oh, no, he needs the witch to be back over night, right? Oh, no amount of plane can help with that. Na wa for my people. If this is a joke he should stop now before real witch come catch am for night.
the undoing of Africa- always looking for shortcuts- China by teleport, abi?
I hope the witches do him after they act as couriers for him.

I like the 'made in deptford festival' thing. Great idea. Wish it could be done in Nigeria.

funmi odulate- so Nigerian, so nice
By Blogger laspapi, at 3/17/2007
Hmmm....i can't stand dat styles plus video either, d costume, d choreography etc, d list is just endless. Still luv them though. I'm sure them too will be cringing watching it.

As for d missing students in 9ja, dis isn't an unusual thing over there. Y'all know dat election is coming around d corner. So, we all know the politicians/candidates will need to upload some more cash in their accounts for campaigns etc.
By Anonymous wienna, at 3/17/2007
You guyz kip repping d naija!!!you guyz are the best
By Anonymous Debbie, at 3/17/2007
By Blogger im a babe, at 3/18/2007
I like the girl's voice in Amachey's song.

Have a fab rest of the weekend girl!
By Blogger Nilla, at 3/18/2007
U had me in stitches. That guy is a joker!! Looking for Witches to help him fly to china indeed.

MBNG at The New Connaught Rooms huh? Thanks for the info babe. Have a lovely weekend.
This girl! U are still as fabulous as ever, even more fierce now! haha do ur thing hun

How have you been? Thanks for the bday message eh! Thanks ;)
By Blogger Naijadude, at 3/21/2007
@Chainreader---i know,that's exactly what i said...!
@Kpakpando---i thot it was a joke when i first read about it...cant wait to read bout how it all goes!
@RJ---he's on sumthin REALLY strong...!
@Set---surreal is the word!im actually scared for him now,what if witches start contacting him????
@Anon---i agree,it's the curse of the singer/songwriter...they seem to give their best hits to others...yeah his name is Chimere and his son's name is Chimere Junior...more pple to claim!!!
@SolomonSydelle---my thots exactly!!!witches will start disturbing dude now,and he wont knw what hit him...lmao at witches classified...dude shuld hav just let the chick sing abi?thanx!
@Laspapi---I agree oh,and i lyk to think we as a nation,are not lazy or afraid to work...we'ld rather just outsmart others...i hope witches dont get him guud oh!
@Wienna---Hmmn lol!that vid was a bad idea,they shuld sack whoever gav them that direction....(prob'ly all of the hanger-ons they've usually got with them...) shame bout the ritual sitch in naija,cant go home till after elections,i still lyk my head!;-)
@Debbie---Thank you oh,high praise!
@Im a Babe---Thanx!
@Nilla---The gurl can sing abi?thank you babes!!!
@Calabargal---I know oh,MBGn at the Connaught oh...we are stepping up oh!!!
@NaijaDude---Wow,thank you oh!!!im fyne...hope you had a fab day?

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