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Friday, March 02, 2007


Hey Ya'll...whatz Krakalakin'?Anyway,onto the post...

News Corner:
President Obasanjo wants the country to be in the "top 20 countries with the best economies" by the year 2020...and to achieve this,He has mandated that all university students in Nigeria, regardless of their major, will need to study "Entrepreneurship".

Our new currency is not looking the best oh!It looks lyk "Monopoly Money"...LOL!But
Presido has charged all of us to "Respect the Naira" by not "Spraying" and/or stepping on currency notes at social functions and to "care for it lyk we care for the National Flag".The notes are the N5,N10,N20 and N50 denominations while the coins come in 50 kobo,N1 and N2 denominations.Check out Pictures of the currency ryt...now!

Stars on the Runway:
So sorry i 4got to update u guys on this event, which was shifted to 24th of March (due to a disparity between sponsorship and timing of the event). I so love the theme of the show: 60 celebrities, 12 designers and one runway!
This event will be held at the Lagoon Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria on Saturday the 24th of March 2007. Celebrities from the world of entertainment, sports and media, regardless of size or form, will be modelling exclusive designs in 5 categories; Players' Ball, Divine Divas, Movers & Shakers, Peculiar Pairs and Celebrity Couples. 10 top Nigerian designers (plus 2 selected up and coming young designers) will design pieces specifically for the celebrities to wear on the night. Stars On The Runway is the brainchild of Nigerian born UK television personality Ronke Apampa.
Everything bout it is still hush hush, some of the confirmed celebrities r; Julius Agwu(the stand up comedian)who will be modelling under the Players' ball Category, as well as Dare Art Alade. Actresses like Genevieve aond Omotola will be modelling under the Divine Diva's Category...and Toni Payne(a blogger and also an entreprenuer)will also be modelling....
The presenters of the nyt are: Stella Damasus Aboderin and Richard Blackwood(a British stand-up comedian, television personality, sometime actor and MC ad also a Dj)...n ooh by the way he's foine!!!!

Video of the Day:
One of dem, two of dem
See the crew of dem, I will wine dem
Could a three a dem, could a four a dem
Even more of dem, I will grind dem
See the whole of dem, see di whole a dem....friends (whole a dem friends)
Pack up mi gyal....dutty wine...eehh!

People see die hard...i'm so sure ha neck twisted, but no oh, babygirl no go gree!i thot she had a concussion when she stood up...but no,she continued!...u gats to watch this,very very funny!


Party We Hitting:

The Vault presents - Roots & Heritage every 1st friday of the month with Mumagee.(The Vault sure know how to promote artists...guess Soul-E's contract with them is out...)

Omoge wa jo: Sauce Kid ft Mike Okri
I was jammin to dis song last summer, love d song n Mike Okri killed his part, but he lookd kinda funny in the video or was it just me?...ai! IT'S NAIJA..lol!

I don't know about y'all, but i know this song was part of my childhood, all dem 'Aunty gimmie cake' parties...lol. wen i heard it again i was like 'i'v probably 4gotten all the words...but i found myself singing to it and getting all the lyrics ryt...oh good ol' days!

No matter how hard u try to hate on Beyonce...u cant deny the girl has it goin on....apart from ha acting! below r d two videos which premiered y.day! HO HOT HOTNESS!!!

Upgrade you ft Jay z

Beautiful Liar ft Shakira!

Caption This:
Atleast you cant accuse Segun Arinze of not having PASSION!!!



Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:17 AM


OMG. true! them dough be looking monopoly-style. happy partying this weekend.
By Blogger c0dec, at 3/02/2007
OH MY DAYS!! i laf'd so hard at d dutty wine gal(lol) im stil laffin. as 4 beyonce...talk abt overrated..she needs 2 lyv d scene 4 a minit nd den come back..hweva i do lyk d vids tho, especially "upgrade u". i xpected d vid 4 dat song a lil earlier nd more dance moves 4 it since its such an up tempo song...but oh well
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/02/2007
Lolll....forget the new money (naija vixen, u won't believe I just heard the news for the first time today...lol...I'm stale).

Awww...the fashio show w/ stars idea sounds really nice...I can just imagine Genevieve walking on d runway...

haaa...Beyonce and HOTNESS! "Upgrade U" I don't know...I just have to love Beyonce, cos she knows how to "work it..." I'm actually just seeing the video for the first time...(like the part where she was dancing with the guys and blowing the whistle)...loll...she suddenly changed to Jay-Z...lolll (that was funny).

Ahhhh...I want Shakira's booty...LOLLLL...(errrmmm...or shd I want Beyonce's). Loll, nah I like my booty too naw! Ooooh...the hottest part was when they were dancing together..."can we laugh abt it, its not worth our time..." Not bad!

Segun Arinze of passion? Hmmm...
By Blogger Jaycee, at 3/02/2007
LAWD GOD!!!! That girl was soooo selling i cant stop laughing...lol she mash up her self and try come back she cant even Dutty Wine..lol!! Hilarious!!

On the real i rate Aunty B 100% Looking Good as Usual.. she hard woking!!

Naija Money Looks Good Oh! So there is no more N200, N500, N1000 Naira Notes ehn!..

I been looking forward to Stars On The Runway.. it was supposed to have started by now but the date was moved forward. Cant wait to watch..

Thanks NV alway On TOP B!!!...
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 3/02/2007
This comment has been removed by the author.
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 3/02/2007
TThe first video is so funny i had to lol.
By Blogger SET, at 3/03/2007
Beyonce's Upgrade You video is nice as usual.

Segun Arinze looks funny, lol.
Man, bad gyal a dutty wine for dem! Sotey she loss shoe and knack head for ground. Oh lord, I needed to see that and laugh. Thanks for posting it. Will be passing it along to everyone tomorrow.

As for those naira notes - just wrote about how I don't understand why we still have 1 and 2 naira coin. I'd like to know what i can buy with them.

Thanks for giving me a much appreciated laugh!
lol @ the first video.

Have a wonderful weekend too!
By Blogger Nilla, at 3/03/2007
Loving your blog and all the news/info/gist on it! Have a great weekend!
By Blogger Vickii, at 3/03/2007
Beyonces 2 videos are great. luv em both man.. say what you will about her... but the babe is just a worker man.. lmao@your new naija notes.. i have nothing to say about em until i come in direct contact... but once again.. lol.. have a great weekend mami
That dutty wine video is funny!!
By Blogger Count Sky, at 3/04/2007
Heeeeehehehe. That dutty wine video beats the original "hands down"!

And our new money does look like monpoly money. Wonder who was the brain behind that venture.
I don't mind the idea of all university students studying entrepreneurship. I think it is actually a good idea
By Blogger Count Sky, at 3/05/2007
NV How far where u dey??... This over rocking on the weekend wey you no fit recover til wednesday na wow oh!! Nah you dey enjoy!!!..lol:)

I'm sure your sourcing all the good stuff for us sha just update us soon i beg i dey miss my Naija Fix...
Ciao sweety..xxx
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 3/06/2007
o ma she o
u r so right
it does look like monopoly
so does that mean we can sell it for dollars?
By Blogger Kafo, at 3/07/2007
Naija Vixen, where art thou? Hurry up & update!!
I concur with Vera.

Take care.
By Blogger Nilla, at 3/07/2007
Thank you all oh...we have updated now oh...we are not partying anymore...we are detoxing currently!

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