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Friday, February 23, 2007


The Arabic inscription on all our Naira notes were removed to give way for other Nigerian Languages and to create a sense of national unity and common purpose as declared by the Deputy Governor,Economy Policy of Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) 2 days ago.The main ethnic languages will appear on the currency now.

Our new currency (coins and notes) would be launched on February 28th,and from that day till May 31st,Nigerians will have to exchange their old currency for the new ones.The deadline may be extended if the volume of old currency in circulation is still much.People,dig out your old clothes and search for dough oh!!!

The Lagos State monthly environmental sanitation exercise will hold on Saturday February 24 between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m...oh!!!Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello,is urging the entire residents of the state to stay at home to clean their houses, neighbourhood and drains.He also implored residents to dispose their refuse properly through registered private refuse operators.I miss this so bad!,should be fun oh!!!

Nneka- "Africans" from her debut album "The Uncomfortable Truth"

Upcoming Events:

All "Nigerian Models Nite" every 1st Saturday of the month @ 11b Akin Adesola St, VI-Lagos.N3000 4 VIP n N1500 4 normal entry.I'm not sure if its 4 models only...but i really doubt it tho!


Its here finally.Come March 3rd 2007,all roads lead to the Vault Night Club where Ruggedman drops his 2nd album.Its going to be crazy.TIME-10PM GATE FEE-N2000 and you get the new Ruggedman album,a Ruggedman 2007 Calender and a Ruggedman poster.SPEACIAL APPEARANCES BY- Paul Play,Abagana,P.square,Weird Mc,Original Stereo man,Neydo and many more.Full coverage by Sound City,NTA,Ait,Solid Vibes,Nigeze,Stv and all Nigerian print media.COME AND CELEBRATE WITH one of Nigerias Leading acts.1st 500 people get a can of Burn Energy drink;-).SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Who got the rhyme? presented by Mode9 will soon hit the airwaves...its a real hiphop show with real hiphop videos from the old school to the new...if u've got some hot material...send cds/dvds to Mary Oyakhire p.o Box 50088 Falomo Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria.Guud luck!!!

Funny Stuff:

I cant stress enuff that....Youtube is the very ish!!!put sum1 wiv loadsa tyme on their hand,a video cam and sum weird dance moves...and you get this!!!Watch out for the "MJ crotch grabbing move"!!!


Dont get it twisted,we are still hitting a party,just after this event;-)It's good to find events like this where you can actually come away with some more knowledge.It is a two-part event:a seminar @ 5.30pm with Dr Lawrence Tetteh and Dr Hans Djaba as speakers with "The Affects of Disintegration on the African Economy" as the topic and then a networking session @ 8.30pm.There's going to be African Cusine and Live Performances and it's all happening at the University of Westminster. The best part of it is that it's free entry!!!but there is a dress-code policy,so dress-to-impress!For more info visit their website here African Unity Conference


It's such sad news oh if it's true...that another star is in "splitsville".Leggy naija actress Stephanie Okereke has apparently parted ways with her footballer husband Chikelue Iloanus,they only got married in 2004...someborry,say it isnt so!!!

Paintings By Eniola Alakija:

I love Eniola's work:he is a great artist and poet,but today i'm concentrating on his art...hope you lyk them...enjoy!!!

My personal fave,"FREEDOM"---Thanx again Kobe for this present!!!;-)

For more info or if you have questions about any of the paintings,you can mail him at eniola2000@hotmail.com...thanx!;-)

Radio Spot:

Listen to an Interview with Sauce Kid this Saturday(tomorrow) by logging on to www.truspotradio.com

Truspot Radio Presents Sauce Kid on “In da Mix” Hosted by Naija DJs
Date: February 24th 2006.
1pm – 4pm (U.S.A Central Time)
7pm – 10pm (Nigerian Time)
8pm – 11pm (UK Time)

On The Otha Side:
Hia is a nu video of Ciara's new single..."Like a boy".I rily dig this video(in my eyes she can do no wrong),No doubt this girl's moves r just on anotha level...n it features a cameo from the very very Hawt "Reggie Bush"...hmm!

At times i rily do wish i was a guy....hmm things i will do...but m more than satisfied bin a girl/lady? :-)And on that note,have a great weekend!!!

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 11:40 AM


love the ciara video, and i love the 3d drawin the most it reminds me of peak milk thing...lol
By Anonymous dolapo, at 2/23/2007
love the ciara video, and i love the 3d drawin the most it reminds me of peak milk thing...lol
By Anonymous dolapo, at 2/23/2007
plz who's reggie bush? lyk d ciara vid 2, but her body..lets just say she needs 2 go bak 2 her goodies days.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/23/2007
Nneka is in Concert in the UK with Styl-Plus at the Astoria next month. It should be good!

For more info, Click here
By Blogger Kush, at 2/24/2007
RE: Naira Notes
So what about the minor languages? Can we still call the step a "sense of national unity..."

The "Africans" by Nneka is nice.

Ciara is really looking like a boy in that video.

The African Unity Conference link didn't go through.

Nice one as usual.

Later girl!
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/25/2007
I'm Luvin It!! Luvin the weekend Digest as usuall Luving the Event you hitting i wish i had known earlier... You got to e-mail me such things next time B!...

Luving the art I am a sucker for fantastic art work especially African...

Have a Luvly Weekend...

Ciao Hunny..xxx:)
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 2/25/2007
I'm Luvin It!! Luvin the weekend Digest as usuall Luving the Event you hitting i wish i had known earlier... You got to e-mail me such things next time B!...

Luving the art I am a sucker for fantastic art work especially African...

Have a Luvly Weekend...

Ciao Hunny..xxx:)
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 2/25/2007
been trying since yesterday to get on here.
You've made me aware of "Nigerian" actors abroad I had no idea existed.
As for the Pink ladies/Destiny's child sha, we'll wait to see what they have to do before tearing 'em to shreds. hehe.
By Blogger laspapi, at 2/25/2007
Hey guyss, I loveeeee this blogg...It's quite interesting!!!

XxKeep it upxX
By Blogger Dammie, at 2/26/2007
s'up vixen? hope your weekend rocked! it's another monday again. sad.

liked the nneka song. would like to hear her sing something other than another "africa"-themed song though.

impressed with your video search skills. enjoy your week.
By Blogger c0dec, at 2/26/2007
where is the pink panther girls group music and stuff?
oooooooohhhh...seeing I love art so much, its no wonder my favorite section was when u talked abt Alakija's art...HOT STUFF! (I loved the 'calabash women...'
By Blogger Jaycee, at 2/26/2007
Loving this post times ten

I'll be back (love the paintings too)
By Blogger Mona, at 2/27/2007
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/27/2007
NV Girl Where You @??? Abi you no recover from weekend??? lol :)
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 2/28/2007
nneka is hot like fiyar! and i love the ciara video. the dance routine was superb. i've watched it five times already!
@Dolapo--Isnt Ciara just teww guud?lol at the peak milk reference...it's soo true!
@Anon2--Reggie Bush is a NFL player,and ouch at the Ciara dig,she still looks great!
@KUSH--thank you,shuld be a great show.
@Nilla--I agree bout the naira notes,but by removing the arabic inscriptions it is a step in the right direction and hopefully they'll incorporate minor languages too.I will luv 2 see Nneka perform live...and lol @ ciara luukn lyk a boy!
@AbujaBabe--sowwee!no vex, next tyme i'll email you bout stuff lyk that...and them Alakija Family are talented!
@Laspapi--Devil is a liar,he cant keep you away oh!;-)There are loads more naija actors doing guud outta homeland,will do more profiles on them with tyme,and as for ICE4,we shall not diss them,i repeat,we shall not diss them!!!
@Dammie--thanx Dammie,we try,we try..;-)
@Codec--nuffin much,just chilln....arent mondays such Buzz killers???Yeah,Nneka...wuld be interesting to see her perform live...lol at our "video search skillz"..we dey try!
@Confusednaijagirl--lol...just have a lil patience...i'll get it,i swear!!!
@Jaycee--Yeah,the calabash women was so nostalgic...I luv d artist's work(eniola is also related to Jide-the photographer...they are such a talented family!)Hav a great day!
@Mona--thanx babes...happy "blog-versary" too!
@Anon3--lol...thanx i know Bella's blog...it's a great blog!
@AbujaBabe--lol...we had to recover oh...it was a friend's birthday oh...but i've come back now!;-)
Chainreader--Lol,Ciara is a dancer abeg!im vexn too much sef!!!
i like ou blog.....alwas takes me back home.....really like the paintings too....big up Alakija
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/06/2007
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There are potential problems with the group design and style. For occasion, a successful deal could briefly swamp a modest organization with way as well a lot of customers, jeopardizing a possibility that consumers will be dissatisfied, or that there will not be ample item to fulfill the want. Hole, a large attire retailer, was capable to manage 445,000 price cut codes in a nationwide offer (even even though it expert server issues at 1 stage), but a scaled-down business could turn into out of the blue flooded with customers. One certain espresso shop in Portland, Oregon struggled with an enhance in purchasers for 3 months, when it bought shut to one,000 Groupons on the a single working day it was supplied, in accordance to 1 report. In response to relevant troubles, Groupon officers issue that 'deal' subscriptions ought to be capped in progress to a inexpensive range.

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