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Friday, February 09, 2007


Okay by now it's old jist that Ghana beat us even wit all the juju...sorry prayers we did..God dey!(I've stopped talking to my ghanaian peeps dat wont let it rest!).But thank God that i chose to go and see portugal vs brazil live instead... buff portuguese and brazillian guyz in the stands...and the game wasnt bad!!!But onto todayz post:

For those of you who lyk your parties wit loadsa Nigerians,Naija music and general 9ja atmosphere...Dj Abass launches Funky Friday at Club Ntyce today and every friday thereafter...More info on the Flyer...and we might just see some of you on BEN tv as it's also Dj Abass's birthday today!

It's no longer enuff dat u pass the Bar examination to get into the legal profession.The Council of Legal Education is attempting to cleanse the profession by publishing the names of all the would-be lawyers and a request that members of the public with objections to their being called to Bar should furnish the Council with such information.Start begging pple you have offended now oh,b4 they start destroyn dreams!

Finally some good news in the fight against AIDS in 9ja.The National Action Committee Against AIDS's disclosed that the prevalence rate of the scourge has dropped in Nigeria when compared to other African countries.According to them,we are treating more people today than ever before and we have new programmes to address issues around prevention.This comes after some companies were condemned for laying off infected employees.Are pple still that ignorant?thinkn you'll catch stuff by touchn infected pple?

The Rivers state government has given N2 billion to provide free meals for pupils in ova 1000 public schools as an incentive to keep the children in the public schools.This move is intended to reduce hunger among school children,increase school enrolment,attendance,retention and competition,particularly of children in rural communites and poor urban neighbourhoods and improve the nutritional and health status of school children in the state.Good on them oh!Actually doing sumn to alleviate poverty.

Another financial scam is rocking the banking sector as two staff of a mega bank and two other suspects have been held by EFCC over a N113,150,000 fraud.Ezeali Michael head of clearing at the bank’s Abuja regional office,allegedly conducted a dummy posting of money into four different accounts at the Wuse branch of the bank.This pple are gettn bold oh!


Now it wouldnt be a throwback series if we didnt include this song...why,this song had us embracing naija culture and thinking it was cool to speak in a non-english tongue...ok 2 deep!But as an ode to both Lagbaja and Ego(who has decided to start an eagerly anticipated solo career),what better song than Konko Below???People are you ready?to do sumthin freakkkkky?!?!?!?!?!

Now get on down...UNDER!!!!

in d mode of celebrating Lagbaja, i decided 2 put up a download...an old skool one tho
LAGBAJA - Me n u no be enemy

Arknackya- Fulani feat. MADAROCKA

We spotlighted her...sounds lyk Lil' Kim?Remember now?Not that she sounds lyk Lil'Kim in this song.Like this video,but it had to grow on me...Watch and make your mind up bout it!

Ololufe-No more loss

Aww...dis is how you know Valentyne's is spiralling fast towards us...Enjoy...Ololufe!



Houston Party

Jedi & Friends in "Valentine Tickle" @ Agip Hall-Muson Centre @ 4pm & 7pm on 11/02/07

AK Entertainments presents...@ Cougar Pinks(formerly BROWNS)


Wots up with actresses dropping babies like its hot?...lol..motherhood is a gud n joyous thing, so u knw...anyways despite all the kasala that trailed her engagement,actress Georgina Onuoha recently got married to Dr.Charles Ifeanyi Igwegbe. she is now looking forward to d joy of motherhood.
Her husband is based in America,while she is based in Nigeria which means two homes, but she said it is not easy but out of sight is not out of mind as shes been able to manage with the situation.On why the two of them are not living together, she explained, that they are two professionals coming from different works of life,since she is an actress and as well a student and her husband a physician, he can't just relocate or leave his job to settle back in Nigeria.she has to round up her studies before joining her husband in America. Seriously how do pple manage distant relationships?
(She is set to star in a controversial movie; playing a lesbian lova role with Uche Iwuji)
Have a supa dupa nice weekend!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:34 PM


Thanks lady loving today's post...ru u goin for any of the parties then? Have a good weekend

By Blogger Mona, at 2/09/2007
Thank Again Vixen with all the Jist as per usual, It's really good to hear that Nigeria is really doing something in fighting this terrible disease Aids although we still have a long way to go this is a very very positive start... Na wow for Rivers State they are leading in a lot of intiatives other states should follow there lead.. well done!! .. Konko Below Thats ma Tunee ooo!!... Have a Lovely weekend...:)
By Anonymous AbujaBabe, at 2/09/2007
hmm married couples living in 2 seperate places is not my cup of tea at all!
By Anonymous naijagal, at 2/09/2007
It is sad about the Law School Criteria and Ipray it is brushed under the carpet before it even comes into effect. Imagine all those that have bad belle for u will now petition u for no just cause delaying ur call to bar. Hisssss
i feel u on d buff portugese and brazilian dudes............i swear i only watched part on d match.

It was hard to concentrate with soooo many buff dudes around
Thx Vixen, My most successfuk relationships have been long distance,its hard my Dear. In her case, being pregnant, she needs to be with the Doc.
By Blogger SET, at 2/09/2007
The Arknackya song is off key, I am trying so hard to like it bcos its African but ugh kilode? I give up.
By Blogger Omodudu, at 2/10/2007
Didn't really feel the Arknackya song, but I love the beat sha.

Have a supa dupa weekend yourself too!
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/10/2007
Ko n' ko below...below...belowww...
By Blogger Jaycee, at 2/11/2007
Thanks for keeping us all up to date on events.your blog is now my first stop for events and i love that lagbaja song so much every one went wild when it was played at a party i went to this weekend
That law school bit was new to me. Glad I went through before these 'days of thunder'. I don't think people need fear however, except they were murdering cultists or something. The laws of evidence stipulate that 'he who alleges must prove'.

You're ahead on Nigerian entertainment- You even had Jedi's comedy 'tickle' thingy posted here when I'd asked the man himself to send a jpeg to my e-box and he had to go searching for his printer first.
By Blogger laspapi, at 2/12/2007
Yes oh....big girl just ride on with that konko below...that is so needed!
By Blogger Naijadude, at 2/12/2007
@Mona--thanx gurl,yeah im hittin d vals party in london...shuld be fun!
@AbujaBabe--d guud news is much needed,we r tired of hearn bout corrupt peeps...im prayn for more AIDS awareness for my pple...and if any1 ever needed any incentive 2 go 2 skl...think of d free food!luvs it!
@Naijagal--lol,im not sure married peeps in separate homes is ANY1's cup of tea!
@CalabarGal--i know oh!im dreadn going bak home now for nyse and law skl...pple dat i hav offended hav found a way to get bak @ me!!!It's sad because the aim of d criteria has been defeated.
@FlirtyGucci--you were at d match?it was so hard to concentrate oh!wat part of d stadium were u seatn...never mind the 59788 pple there.would hav found u!;-)hope u had a great wknd?
@Set--i agree,wiv raging hormonesshe's bound to work herself into a frenzy thinkn wat not...thanx!
@Omodudu---ROFLMAO!i forced myself 2 lyk dat song...sayn weird is guud...nd now i dont knw otherwise!
@Nilla---i concur,they culd hav done so much wiv d beat,wknd was guud!yours?
@Jaycee--...now get on down...under;-)
@LondonNaijaChic--thanx;-)konko below is a ryt timeless classic, wuld still bump 2 it 15 yrs from now!
@Laspapi--bro,i'm dreadn d law skl thing oh,4 wen i eventually hav 2 face it...God dey,hopefully pple "that offended" me wuld hav 4otten this by then...as per d Tickle show,im a real amebo...na work!
@NaijaDude---abi oh!no so we take see am...how u dey?
Dear what happened to your Feb 12th post?????
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/13/2007
@Nilla--lol,what do you mean?i dont know myself oh!

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