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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Parry parry rockn everywia!!

Tho i dont normally blog on tuesdays, just decided 2 hit u with the last minute party plans 4 vals day n beyond...
There are so many places 2 hit dis week,
heard bout this party a while ago...so we finally laid our hands on it, i think this one shldnt b missed
Valentines Lovers Nite by NightShift Colliseum :: 14th Feb. @ 8pm

Gunners4Life Party Jamz, organised for Gunners fans @ Motherlan-16th feb

Aima love it or hate it...ARSENAL RAWKS!!!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 12:29 PM


a gunners party?i have to go to that one o!will there be arsenal players there?
By Anonymous Linda, at 2/13/2007
Omo!!!GUNNERS for life oh. all u haters(ameboism)u may continue.....We remain one of the best and will still be on top of the game.....Its a great thing to serve the lord....its also as gud as supportn ARSENAL. Long live the entire fans of ARSENAL...we'll still be on top. no beef just keepin it real
@Linda--i doubt there are going to be any players there...prob'ly just supporters...shuld be fun tho!
@Codecmurder--na una sabi;-)whoz top of the league anyway?u and Dami are not serious!
are u serious? Why is it that all the fun things happen when ur back is turned! Abegi u go? Wetin happen?
By Blogger adefunke, at 2/20/2007

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